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Opportunities: Page of Pentacles
All court cards appear in your life as yourself, a situation, or another person. Take a moment to sit with the imagery of this card and decide how you think it's manifesting in your life. There are no wrong answers, it's a gut reaction.
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Wondering how to carry your activism forward in the wake of #Lights4Liberty? Start here.

1. Donate to a local host organization in your area that is doing frontline support work for migrants and those in detention. Make it a monthly donation if you can.
2. Call your US representative and senators daily and demand an end to US concentration camps, accountability for DHS, ICE and CBP, and an end to human detention for all migrants.

(202) 224-3121 is the Congressional switchboard.
3. Volunteer with a local immigration rights advocacy organization. Our host organizations are a good place to start.
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People across the USA (and world!) peacefully championed human rights and kindness on July 12, 2019.

We lit candles, sang, and prayed.

We vowed to #EndUSConcentrationCamps.

Lights For Liberty began with a moment.

Now @Lights4Liberty is a movement… 🗽

(photo @NatDaviswriter)
1/ “We are a justice seeking people, and we are singing for our lives.”

All over the world, people sang for immigrants, for refugees, for children taken from parents, alone and afraid.

We sang for justice.

We sang for our lives.

#LightsForLiberty ✨🗽

2/ @Lights4Liberty advocates gathered in all 50 United States.

Our community quickly became a massive movement, united together against the culture of cruelty.

This was the first of many peaceful events.

#Lights4Liberty ✨🗽

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Lights for Liberty #50States #CloseTheCamps
#LightsforLiberty #Lights4Liberty

THREAD of all 50 States & DC
Find your State's & Retweet it to your Senators (I've tagged) & Rep
All Twitter Handles here:
In the "very red, very small" town of Anniston #Alabama

#LightsforLiberty #Lights4Liberty
#AL @brookecarbo
@SenDougJones @SenShelby
THREAD #50States
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Back in 2008, I had a quote on my wall in my little apartment in NYC. It was this:

"Love is not a fluffy thing, it’s got edges and teeth. Love refuses to play small or sell out." – Julia Butterfly Hill

It feels important to say this tonight:
There is no ceiling or floor on the ferocity of love. That love fights for the dignity of every human being. That love stands arm in arm against a wall of injustice.

It is so high we can't see the reach of it, so deep we can't feel where the roots end.
It holds every one of us together. It is not weak. It is not soft. It is a force so powerful it cannot be broken.

And when it is put into motion, it is relentless, unstoppable, and failsafe.
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Every American should read this.

"We were so shocked by the number of children who were there, because it’s a facility that only has capacity for a hundred and four."

CBP is housing 350 kids in a warehouse with no windows. Keep reading.…
"And it appears that that one warehouse has allegedly increased their capacity by an additional five hundred kids."

"And so what we did then was we looked at the ages of the children, and we were shocked by just how many young children there were."
"There were over a hundred young children when we first arrived. And there were child-mothers who were also there, and so we started to pull the child-mothers and their babies, we started to make sure their needs were being met."
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When you are confronted on social media with a person who is saying that what is happening at the border is systemic overload, this should be your response:

You don't rip the clothes off of children and hand them back to their mothers naked because of "overload."
You don't turn down the temperature to freezing in rooms where people are crammed in so tight they can't lay down because of "overload."

You don't strip people of their personal belongings because of "overload."
You don't deny mothers baby food because of "overload."

You don't take medicine away from children because of "overload."

You do it because you want people to die.

#DontLookAway #EndUSConcentrationCamps @Lights4Liberty
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Two companies, @CoreCivic and @WeAreGeo, are profiting off of US concentration camps run by our government.

"According to federal government data, GEO Group receives more taxpayer dollars for immigration detention than any other ICE contractor."…
"In FY 2017, GEO Group received $184 million, followed by Corrections Corporation of America/CoreCivic that received $135 million for immigration detention related service obligations."

Both have been accused of using migrants as slave labor for profit.…
Moreover, GEO runs the facility in Homestead, FL for migrant children, where kids aren't allowed to hug, play outside for more than hour a day, receive and education OR MEET WITH LAWYERS.
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IF YOU CARE ABOUT WHAT TRUMP IS DOING AT THE BORDER, you need to read and share this thread.

@jacobsoboroff @JuliaEAinsley please read this.

I have just gotten off the phone with a friend who is a legal volunteer in Border Patrol facilities.

Don't look away.

My friend has done two tours now volunteering as a legal advocate inside CBP facilities.

She passed along information about what is happening there that indicates that the Trump Administration is violating every basic human right, and is moving toward military "solutions."

So that folks understand the process: CBP has outposts on the border. Refugees seeking asylum travel hundreds of miles on foot, including with infants and small children, and turn themselves in at these outposts *on foot.*

Here's what happens next. Don't look away.

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