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BIG NEWS: Apple's Vision Pro headset is here!

A whole new world of "spatial computing" awaits us.

Say hello to the future of tech, blending reality with the digital realm.

#AppleEvent #WWDC23
This isn't just another gadget you stare at - this is a device you EXPERIENCE!

Control a 3D interface with your keyboard, game controller, or even simulated apps within Xcode.

Your home view is now 360-degrees!
How it works?

- This tech marvel has been engineered for developers, with app support playing a crucial role.

- Developers can create immersive 3D apps that were once a dream.

#TechTrends #AppleVisionPro
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More #VisionPro Thoughts
1. If anyone else launched with a cable & external battery, they'd be criticized heavily. Why does Apple get a pass?
2. Many say $3500 isn't a lot for a first gen product for a new category. Even if it was, most of those were business devices, this isn’t
#VisionPro is not a first gen device, it’s Apple’s first gen device. Magic Leap would’ve been a better candidate for first product in the category and comparing that price, even though it was originally pitched as consumer, it ended up being a business device as well.
Many new categories begin as business devices, which mitigates price concerns since ROI is easier to justify higher costs. I don’t think Apple could’ve built #VisionPro at a lower price with these specs. But it has clearly decided to go ultra-premium first for the best experience
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HOLD UP: Apple just dropped Apple Vision Pro.

It’s a whole AR computer in your headset.

Say goodbye to reality as you know it.

#WWDC23 #AppleVisionPro #AR
This is the “first Apple product you look through, not at.”

You can interact with the 3D interface using your eyes, hands, and voice.

The home view is like a hologram in front of you.
How to control it:

- Forget about controllers- you only need your eyes, hands, and voice.

- Gesture, gaze, and gab with your hands, eyes, and Siri to make things happen.
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1/5 🚀Apple has just unveiled its brand new VR headset, the Apple Vision Pro, at #WWDC2023. Entering the realm of virtual and mixed reality, this premium device promises to reshape our digital experiences.
#Apple #VisionPro #VirtualReality Image
2/5 🌐The Vision Pro introduces "spatial computing," a novel form of computing that creates virtual desktops around you, blending #AR and #VR for immersive interactions with the digital world. #SpatialComputing
3/5 🎥Imagine watching movies in unique virtual environments, all controlled by your eyes, hands, and voice. The Vision Pro promises just that, adding a new dimension to your digital media experience. #MixedReality #WWDC2023
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#ACNH—亚数行1:1锚定离岸人民币的数字资产,现已登陆 #everPay
解锁流动性,摆脱 #Web3 内卷,为下一个亿级用户做好准备!👁

🤝与 #everPay:亚数行提供支付通道,支持 #everPay 业务,实时无 #Gas 费⚡。

@Permaswap:亚数行整合 #ACNH 进入 @Permaswap,间接提高资产流动性🌊。 Image
📌1️⃣ 探秘 #ACNH 发行方 —— 亚洲数字银行🔍

👋大家好!#ACNH 是亚洲数字银行发行的数字资产。

亚数行@AsiaDigitalBank致力于将传统银行业务与 #Web3 解决方案相结合,专注于利用区块链技术实现安全便捷的交易。

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📝💡 𝐖𝐞𝐞𝐤𝐥𝐲 𝐇𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐥𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭𝐬💡📝
Here's your roundup of top #CarbonDioxideRemoval News Articles / Scientific Papers from the past week: 🌱🪨🎛️🌊

1/10 Image
1️⃣ 💵 @Microsoft & @Orsted ink “one of the world's largest” carbon removal deals as Microsoft buys 2.76 million tonnes of #CarbonRemoval from Ørsted using #BECCS. To be delivered over 11 years.

2️⃣ 💸Buyers working through Frontier have binding contracts for $53 million with the startup @CharmIndustrial to remove 112,000 tons of CO2 between 2024 & 2030.

*“Charm turns waste biomass into bio-oil & stores it underground for +1000 years.”

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"#NegativeEmissionsTechnologies are needed to achieve #NetZero emissions, but their deployment will depend on regional & national circumstances, technology availability, & decarbonization strategies."

In this regard, a new study is done. Details below in a 🧵
1/7 Image
The recent paper reviews "the literature and maps the role of Process Integration (PI) in #NETs deployment."
2/7 Image
"Techniques such as mathematical programming, pinch analysis (PA), process graphs (P-graphs), are powerful methods for planning #NET systems under resource or footprint constraints."
3/7 Image
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#VisualBlocks from #Google is an open source graphical programming framework for rapid prototyping and experimentation of production ideas powered by machine learning. Learn how to use it in my brand new how to video right here: Image
It enables developers and decision-makers alike to work together to solve problems through powerful reusable building blocks, iterate, and then deploy with ease for all to try. You can build an end to end ML pipeline to share with your team in minutes!
From creating your own social media worthy #AR effects on a live webcam feed, to running LLMs and generative models in a #Colab powered by this visual framework to experiment chaining inputs, other models, and outputs together in powerful ways, the options are limitless
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Get an exclusive inside look into @cyberpunkcity!🕵️‍♂️

We sat down with their Community Marketing Manager @jackmelar36 this Wednesday and delved into their #Metaverse, in-game economy, and the potential for Web3 gaming!

Here are the top 3 key takeaways from our conversation🧵…… Image
@cyberpunkcity @jackmelar36 Q: What lessons or insights have you drawn from other successful game titles in the development and design of Cyberpunk City and how have they influenced your approach?
@cyberpunkcity @jackmelar36 A: Drawing on the experiences of various successful game titles and developers, we have gained several key insights that have influenced our approach to Cyberpunk City.

Firstly, observing small and independent game companies, we've come to understand that passion for the game……
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Revolutionizing the World: 20 AI & Machine Learning Startups You Need to Know. 🧵...
1/20: In this thread i will try and explore the fascinating world of AI and machine learning startups! Discover some of the most innovative companies pushing the boundaries in this space. #AIStartups #MachineLearning
2/20: First up is @OpenAI, the team behind the groundbreaking GPT series.

With GPT-4, they're developing even more advanced natural language processing capabilities to revolutionize human-computer interactions. #NLP #OpenAI
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1/ 🎉 Day 8 of #AllinAI: As someone who's always been fascinated by #AR #VR and 3D scanning, I'm excited to explore Neural Radiance Fields (#NeRF)! NeRF is a game-changing AI technique that has transformed the 3D scene reconstruction & rendering. Let's dive in!
2/ 📊 Traditional 3D scanning methods like #photogrammetry & #lidar faced challenges like noise, inconsistencies & limited detail. NeRF uses AI to help overcome these by creating high-quality 3D renderings from 2D images.
3/ 🌐 How it works: Take a few pictures of an object. NeRF's deep neural network optimizes the radiance field to match the 2D image, combining color & volume density to create a stunning, detailed 3D rendering.

Created using @LumaLabsAI @SirWrender 👇

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在之前的投资表中,做简单修正。剔除了 #HNT#AR#ZRX#UNI。增加:#RNDR#FET#GNS#STG(跨链生态一直很犹豫,是#MULTI,上一轮的百倍币,还是新秀#STG ,实际使用体验来说#MULTI做的更好)。完整表格看下图
#UNI 我也抛弃了。创新者窘境。团队是否躺着数钞票,乐不思蜀,让我很疑惑。而我对#GNS的创新和不断的迭代,异常兴奋。下一个周期的逻辑点,证券代币化,衍生品代币化,实物资产代币化,是一个好的故事。#GNS正在这么做
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Curious about virtual reality? See how UAB is providing opportunities to engage with this technology across campus. 🧵
A recent story highlighted how surgeons in the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery are using virtual reality headsets to prepare for delicate procedures and explain the operations to patients.:

On Feb. 28, the UAB Marnix E. Heersink Institute for Biomedical Innovation hosted a Metahealth Symposium exploring how UAB uses VR, AR and mixed reality to educate patients, create training simulations and redefine online classes at @UABHeersink.
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I wanted to imagine how we’d better use #stablediffusion for video content / AR.

A major obstacle, why most videos are so flickery, is lack of temporal & viewing angle consistency, so I experimented with an approach to fix this

See 🧵 for process & examples
Ideally you want to learn a single representation of an object across time or different viewing directions to perform a *single* #img2img generation on.

For this I used (2021)
This learns an "atlas" to represent an object and its background across the video.

Regularization losses during training help preserve the original shape, with a result that resembles a usable slightly "unwrapped" version of the object Image
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Ten new age technologies built on #opensource

AI or Artificial Intelligence
Cyber Security Methods
Cloud Computing
Big Data and analytics
Blockchain Technology
Full Stack Development

#Python #Web3 #AR #VR #devops #Iot #FullStack #AI #neuralnetworks #IT
AI is like having a really smart robot friend that can help us do things faster and better! 🤖👍 #AI #RobotFriend
AR and VR are like magical glasses that let you see and interact with things that aren't really there! 🤓👓✨ #AR #VR #MagicalGlasses
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Wanna know bout the effect on national security & global stability of #QuantumHacking in #Web3 #Crypto #AI #VR & #AR by nation-state-backed hacker groups like #USCyberCommand, #NorthKorea, #Iran, #Russia, & #China?

You do? Here's you're TL;DR to minimize your Units of Attention
APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) groups are a prime example of nation-state-backed hacker groups

#CozyBear (APT29), #LazarusGroup (APT38), #DoubleDragon (APT41), #FancyBear (APT28), and #HelixKitten (APT34) are some of the most well-known APT groups
These groups have been known to carry out cyber espionage, intellectual property theft, and sabotage. For instance, the #FancyBear APT group was responsible for the alleged 2016 US election interference
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1/4 So what's the idea of the "universal #AR tracker" I'm working on?
We have:
- Surface tracking (including multiple points on vertical and horizontal surfaces)
- Image tracking
- Spatial (device) tracking
- Head / Face / Hand / Body / etc.
2/4 I'm working on a wrapper that allows seamlessly passing objects from one to another, let's say grab an object by hand from surface/image/space in #AR.

To do it, all objects are processed in world space and the wrapper has methods to smoothly attach them to various trackers.
3/4 This is very different from animations or reparenting: the transition of position and rotation is always smooth in any conditions and looks super natural.
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The #metaverse is inevitable and it's going to be worth TRILLIONS

BUT there’s one huge problem – our current infrastructure can’t support it

Protocols such as @RenderToken aim to fix this and, as such, have the potential to increase in value by 30x – 80x

Here’s how


🧵 Image

Render is a decentralized “marketplace” that allows users to rent out unused #GPU processing power to #render 3D objects (we’ll explain this in a second)

It has a MC of $123M, FDV of $260M, and its $RNDR token trades at $0.48

In 2021, the token price hit $8.76

This thread will cover the following:

• Industry overview

• What problem does Render solve?

• How does it work?

• What are its plans for the future?

• Who are the key players in the ecosystem?

• What are its #tokenomics?

• What’s the potential value of #RNDR?
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A vote I'm watching in #AR: whether or not voters will amend the state constitution to essentially give people a religious opt out from *any* law. (You read that right.)

With 26% of the vote in, the ballot measure is down about 8.5 pts.
In case you think I'm exaggerating, here's the language. This would apply strict scrutiny to literally every state action in Arkansas, as long as the objection is rooted in religion. This would be a nightmare for enforcement of civil rights protections and... well, every law. Image
You can follow along with the results here. Right now, this ballot measure is running waaaay behind Sarah Huckabee Sanders and John Boozman. Shows just how out of step and extreme it is.…
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SDKs I recommend for #AR & #VR with details that makes each of them unique & useful for different use cases:

📌 MRTK (Microsoft Mixed Reality Toolkit): one of my favorites and it is a powerful open source project that accelerates cross-platform mixed reality creation.

🧵 Thread Image
MRTK provides a lot of features and supports a large amount of XR devices such as HoloLens 2, Meta Quest, Windows Mixed Reality, SteamVR, and others.

More information about MRTK:…
📌 AR Foundation: a super useful cross-platform wrapper around augmented reality SDKs that allow you to work with a common set of APIs.

The idea of AR Foundation is to use XR Plugins such as Google ARCore XR Plug-in (on Android) Apple ARKit XR Plug-in (on iOS), and others.
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Apple’s VR technology has been slowly revealed to us over the years, right under our noses. #apple #AppleEvent #VR #AR #VirtualReality
I’ve written a little about this but will elaborate a little more… Time for another thread. So grab a snack…
Last week I read a bit of that interview of Mark Zuckerberg where he was talking about their next VR headset. He went on to talk about how right now, they are getting their Avatars to be more expressive… such as Mouth movement, eyebrows… etc. Sounded a lot like…
…A lot like what apple showed us in 2017… Animoji. They had the Mouth and Eyebrow thing nailed down like 5 years ago, just think of where they are at right now. In 2017, they didn’t call it an Avatar, and they certainly didn’t talk about a Metaverse.
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The iPhone Killer will be made by Apple.
#Apple #vr #ar #VirtualReality #AppleVR
I think most people look at the VR headsets that exist today, and think that nobody is going to be walking around with that huge thing on their face. What they don’t see… is 10 years from now…
10 years from now, when this tech has matured and been shrunken down into a pair of glasses… ok… maybe slightly larger than glasses but that’s the goal. In 10 years… using a device that has a large screen on it will start to seem silly.
Many people have huge TV’s in their house… large computer monitors… and they get upgraded/replaced often enough to continue filling up landfills. People dedicate so much space in their home for TV watching, and for their computers…
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