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Erudit in mislec Cesar Tort pravilno izpostavlja, da je osredotočenje na žide, tj na JQ pristransko, necelovito, in da zavaja. Četudi ga je do vznika #AR le malo ljudi sploh poznalo oz sploh pomislilo na žide kot sapo jemajoče posebno nevarno raso, kot da aliens.
A obtoževati le žide je moralizirajoče zavajanje. Izgovor za lastno—nedecovsko—pasivnost.
Saj je pravo Q drugje: kak da je pasivna kar mrd žrtev židovskega manipulantstva in so Nemci dobesedno pred očmi vseh nas žrtvovani v Morgenthau genocidu? In z njimi mi Evropejci R1, I1, I2.
Židje so plenilci, z instinktom kanibala zavohajo priložnost. Koj vidijo, kak zlahka je R1 možno nasrati s par poceni triki, npr likom židovskega hipija ali jim naprtiti vitalnost srkajoč mit o nekakšnem iz r potegnjenem Izvirnem grehu. Da pol umsko hirajočim lažje dominirajo.
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Follow along as I do a series of structured @Apple RoomPlan tests and share my findings/notes in this thread.

First up, I tried tricking RoomPlan with a large mirror. Surprisingly it wasn't fooled! Also, it was way off on french doors height.

#WWDC22 #AR #ARKit #AI @Scobleizer
Test #2 - vaulted ceilings. I noticed that the wall shapes have to be rectangular. It could not follow the slant angle of the ceiling line. This made parts of my walls much taller than in reality.

It did a great job at picking out the desks and bedroom furniture.
Test #3 - cramped closet. It did a great job at figuring out the walls when almost NOTHING was visible. It couldn't pick up the bend in the wall between the mirror and the door.

Most surprising note: couldn't fool mirror #2!

If my wife sees this thread I am in the doghouse.
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Extremely low light RoomPlan worked like MAGIC on my iPad Pro. You know what I’m doing in the morning! Scanning the whole house! #WWDC22

#ar #AugmentedReality
Feels like Tron
I’m still blown away by how well this works despite the room being as poorly lit as possible. This is important for industrial applications where lighting is harder to control.
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#AWE2022 starts! Awe stage
@comogard kicking us off in style

#AWE2022 Ori Inbar on stage at AWE
OI: AR bracelets with haptics to play air guitar

#AWE2022 Ori Inbar playing air guitar
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People with #CommunicationDisability Striving, Thriving and Surviving as Technology Advances. Selected slides for my Keynote at @ASSBI1 Conference today #ASSBI2022 "Getting on with the business of living." #TBI #DigitalTech #DigitalAutonomy
1 - Can't include this level of detail in my 30 mins but lots of researchers have informed this presentation, you can see many of them here. #ASSBI2022 THANK YOU for your captivating work in #VR, #AR, #SmartSpeakers, and 3D food printing.
3 - Remember this model, based on a systematic review of 95 studies led by @LissBEE_CPSP for her #SLPhD encompassing all types of communication technology for people with #TBI. A useful model to reflect upon as you hear about advancing technologies (There are others). #ASSBI2022
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Mega RE-CAP 🧵
@RaoulGMI & @Punk6529

Full interview, 2hr22 @RealVision
CAUTION: Knowledge bombs 💣🤯

NFTs are critical to our freedom.

Crazy? Hyperbolic? Read on.

2/ #NFTs 101 📚

All modern society runs on databases. Our lives are organised by thousands of databases connected to the internet. Bank accts, Uber, Airbnb, Google, etc.
3/ 1000s of trusted third parties (TTPs) can access your data.

The amount of money in your bank account. Property ownership. Citizenship. All centralised systems. TTPs control your digital identity.
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Now that the first quarter of the year is over, it’s time for a quick review for our community on what the @holoride team has achieved in Q1/2022 👇
🚙 Completing the @Hyundai_Global Zer0ne Accelerator Program

As the only 🇩🇪 startup being selected for the competitive program, we worked closely with the Hyundai team in their HQ in Seoul + Hyundai CRADLE, their Innovation Center based in Berlin.…
💎 Launching a powerful $RIDE staking program - earning HODLriders attractive rewards

Based on our rationale to incentivize and support our ecosystem partners, users, and fans, the Metastaking program is a community-focused reward program.…
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Augmenting perception: How artificial intelligence transforms sensory substitution… by @louislongin and @OpheliaDeroy; #AI #AR
"When implementing AI methods into the classic vOICe architecture, the final auditory signal can now convey much richer and more accessible information"
This is why The vOICe for Android apart from "raw vision" via visual-to-auditory sensory substitution also includes a talking GPS locator for street names, as well as talking object recognition, face detection and real-time OCR for reading short texts… #AI
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The Metaverse - ULTIMATE 🧵

#Metaverse, like #Blockchain, is a word that is becoming more popular but is hardly fully defined.

The intersection of self-sovereignty, limitless networks, VR/AR, data, commerce, #tokenomics, and other concepts is still evolving.

Interested? 👀👇🏻 Image
1/The next big step as an interconnected society is here:

7 billion digital minds capable of living almost fully online and contributing to a society influencing virtual economy

Imagine it.

@daolectic attended the @Everyrealm course on #Metaverse & NFTs

Get ready for it! 👇🏻 Image
2/When Facebook released its @Meta makeover, the #metaverse soared in popularity (and its aim of building its own metaverse).

@Google trends come in our help📈

In the metaverse and #web3, we are presently aiding various new businesses

However, what is web3 compared to 1 & 2? Image
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1/ A few things will happen as #web3 matures, attracting more developers to build on DLT-based storage.

The general pattern is that digital assets will begin to blend with existing content, behaviors, and even the physical world.

Here's some evidence...
2/ Supporting the thesis is @Twitter's support for verifying NFT PFPs held in $ETH wallets.

This shows how #web2 centralized and #web3 decentralized content will be blended together.
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Este sábado di una charla titulada “Qué Metaverso ni qué Metaversa” en la @BilboStack, con el objetivo de reflexionar sobre cómo están convergiendo un conjunto de tecnologías (#blockchain, #smartcontracts, #IA, #5G, #IoT, #VR y #AR),...
1/9 Image
y cómo esta convergencia tecnológica construye la nueva era de Internet, donde la web descentralizada y el Metaverso son protagonistas.
El paso de WEB2.0 a WEB3 no será inmediato, sino algo largo. Pero desde ya va a ser una trepidante transformación tecnológica y social.
2/9 Image
Hay muchas cosas por hacer.
Por un lado, los primeros pasos hacia la web descentralizada, propiciada por la tecnología blockchain, se traduce en un cambio de paradigma, no solo tecnológico sino también en los modelos de negocio.
3/9 Image
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Le clavó unas tijeras al padre de sus hijos. Secuestró a sus hijos. Acusó falsamente tanto a su exmarido como al padre de él. Las causas fueron sobreseídas.

Hoy, la producción de @elprogramadeanarosa ha decidido ponerse del lado de la justicia. #anarosa #AR #ARe27

Ha decidido ponerse del lado de los niños. Ha decidido ser valiente y oponerse al relato hegemónico con los datos en la mano. Los datos de la VERDAD.

Hoy, desde hace meses, José Manuel Ortiz, afectado de nuestra Asociación, cuyo caso está en manos ⬇️
de nuestros abogados, ha tenido la oportunidad de defenderse como es debido. Esta mujer, que es tan fácil de localizar para los medios de comunicación, está en búsqueda y captura por la propia @policia (que además constata que los niños NO están escolarizados ⬇️
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1/ 🙋‍♀️Probably Nothing. This just IN. 'Women in the Metaverse VIP day' Jan 18th, 2022. Anyone who wants to learn about #NFTs, #Metaverse brand strategy, building communities & Virtual Worlds, #Crypto, and where to get started.… Image
2/ 👋 Say hello to Godmother of the #Metaverse @CathyHackl. (As seen on @Adweek) Learn about the Female #Metaverse, what you need to know and wear! 👗 #Web3.0 #futurist… Image
3/ We believe #WAGMI. New to #NFTs? Or not.. Come learn the terminology and get smarter. Immerse yourself into the culture of the #NFT world because of WAGMI! @Forbes dubbed “Queen of Clubhouse,” 👑 @swansit on NFT’s… Image
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Yo les kheys ! Nous y voilà, dernier jour d'une année 2021 qui aura été exceptionnelle à tous les niveaux. Je profite de cette occasion pour vous proposer mon bilan de l'année, mes échecs, mes réussites et mes objectifs pour 2022. Let's go 🧵
Pour ceux qui ne le savent pas, je suis arrivé relativement tard sur le marché crypto (fin Janvier 2021). Avant cela, j'étais surtout sur de l'investissement traditionnel (ETFs et assurance vie notamment) comme tout boomer qui se respecte (j'aurai 30 ans en Janvier).
J'avais déjà quelques connaissances sur la technologie de la blockchain, ayant rapidement travaillé sur le sujet lorsque j'étais chez Ubisoft, mais je ne m'étais jamais intéressé à l'aspect spéculatif de la chose.
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The story of the #BuildBackBetter has yet to be written. Let’s examine the 50 Republican US Senators who are voting against lifting children out of poverty, education,elder care, affordable prescription drugs, child care & family leave? What does this mean for YOUR STATE? Image
#ALABAMA Sen. Richard Shelby is voting against the #ChildTaxCredit “The Center on Budget &Policy Priorities found making the program permanent would benefit 93% of #AL children,lift 162,000 #AL children above/closer to poverty line & benefit 480,000 #AL children under 17. Image
#ALABAMA Sen. Tommy Tuberville has offered you no solutions; he has admitted that he “wouldn’t have a clue” how to address the current pandemic and recently told people that $600 per week in federal unemployment benefits was just “too much.”… Image
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昨天 @realsatoshinet 真本聪老师推文提到了 #Arweave #AR, 正巧最近几天在研究整理。今天就跟大家分享下这个个人认为很有潜力值得关注的项目。 (纯属分享个人学习成果,不具备投资建议)


#AR 解决方案:通过为矿工创造加密经济激励机制来存储尽可能多的数据(不像其竞争对手是通过在用户和存储提供商之间建立合同来实现。),利用区块链不可篡改的特性,直接把内容写入区块进行存储。同时用多种经济手段促进了数据的存储和分享效率
1. 先发优势
2. 投资团队阵容强大
3. 多项创新
4. 现有布局
5. 矿工体验良好
6. 保证数据存储平衡,避免资源浪费
7. 价格波动对节点的影响受控
8. 拥有更阔的应用场景
9. 细分赛道价格敏感度低、粘度和需求大
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“The $WPP owned #media buying giant and content production agency are teaming up on an addressable content practice that will tie together performance targeting with personalized messaging and content”

“The alliance is based on the fact while 50% of media placements will addressable by 2025, currently just 3% of ads are delivered addressably.
“That is an imminent opportunity,” said Jill Kelly, global CMO at GroupM”

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#متاورس - از 0 تا 100😉

خوشحالم تونستم امروز یه وقتی رو خالی کنم و این #کریپتومان رو در قالب #رشتو در بیارم.

تمام تلاشم اینه که هرکسی مطلب رو بخونه بتونه یه اسکیمای ذهنی از آینده پیدا کنه - چه دور چه نزدیک .
کلمه #Metaverse از ترکیب #META به معنی لایه بالاتر و خود ارجاع هست و #Universe به معنی جهان و هستی هست. نتیجه میشه جهانی فراتر از بعد فیزیکی ما که ارجاعش به خودش هست (شاید چیزی شبیه به #DAO که براش تصمیمات خرد جمعی بگیرن) نه اونچیزی که فیسبوک ادعا کرده ( حداقل تا الان)
کلمه متاورس اولین بار سال 1992 در رمان Snow Crash اثر Neal Stephenson's بیان شد. از نظر مفهومی ما همین الان هم نسبتا داخل #متاورس هستیم. هرچه قدر بُعد فیزیکی (مکان) کم رنگ و بُعد غیر فیزیکی (زمان) پر رنگ بشه ما به متاورس نزدیک و نزدیک تر میشیم .
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Given the #metaverse announcements today, I've published a timely article to share with you, from the new Stanford Journal of Online #Trust & #Safety: The Problems with #immersive #advertising : In #AR/#VR, Nobody Knows You Are an Ad.….
You've already experienced #AugmentedReality ads if you watch sports. The billboards behind the players in the stadium are different from the billboards that your family, watching from home in another state, will see. (2)
XR hardware pioneer @avibarzeev and I discuss what immersive advertising looks like, and trace its evolution through techniques used in film, sports, and gaming. My favorite is @CocaCola Cola's "Pepsi Invaders" -- like space invaders, but the enemy robots spelled out @pepsi. (3)
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#Censure numérique ou chasse aux #Fakenews !?🧐:
1/ Du côté de YouTube, la balance est claire :les chaines des détracteurs des stratégies "provax only" seront désormais suspendus / virés, surtout si leur arguments sont forts et leur audience large...…
#Censure numérique ou chasse aux #Fakenews !?🧐:
2/ Le Pdt Macron lance la commission Bronner contre la "désinformation et le complotisme". Le discours officiel ▶️ par la nouvelle chaîne d'Etat...
#Censure numérique ou chasse aux #Fakenews !?🧐:
3/ Cette commission Bronner, au vu du casting de ses membres, a déjà -avant même d’avoir démarré- un goût très Orwellien de Ministère de la vérité à la sauce ♨️ PCC🇨🇳. Analyse cinglante mais lucide d'1 auteur de @libe #miniver ▶️
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China has warned investing in Metaverse stating its still infancy and could likely end in tears for investors

Meanwhile ByteDance has bought VR gear maker Pico for $1.4 billion

#China #Bytedanc #Metaverse #Pico #VR #VRChat
#Pico was valued by PE investors in March 2021 at nearly $155 Million and now #Bytedance has purchased Pico at $1.4 Billion… a very aggressive valuation for a VR gear manufacturer
VR is the interface of Metaverse, but at present, the most widely used scene of consumer VR is games.
#VR #Metaverse #AR #GamingNFT
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1/10 This is a knowledge dump about mobile #AR #opensource #XR etc. To get this look at…
1 The state of #AR for public works often focusses on images
2 More interesting experiences (walking) focus on spatial audio
3 Building in web has limits, but pays off
4 The client will want exact tracking of 3d spatial #AR objects
5 GPS variability across devices won't allow exact tracking
6 Open source strategies introduce adaptability & immediate testing on site
7 App stores are dead ends for dead apps (18 month cycle) @closeandremote
8 The sweet spot for 'locative' media is integration of the senses, in Eleanor as you walk along the River Wensum the boats & oars are panned left @SandyNuttgens
9 Sound design for software is a potential growth area, it needs people who get software & sound
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We need to talk. @DanWhitCongress is running for Senate. You must learn & understand what are his Policies & compare with his opponent's Policies. Know them.

You have to vote by Policies which will help you & others. Not by a particular Party.


I am not done. @DanWhitCongress is running on Policies that will improve your & everyone's life. These include:

Demilitarize The Police
Increase Teacher Pay
Rank Choice Voting
Living Wage

+ More. Now. Where does his opponent stand on these?

#AntiEstablishmentDan! ImageImageImageImage

No. I am not done. More of @DanWhitCongress' Policies are:

Tax The Rich
Tuition Free Colleges
End Citizens United
Abolish ICE
Abolish CIA
Whistleblower Protection
Green New Deal

+ More. Now. Where does his opponent stand on these?

#AntiEstablishmentDan! ImageImageImageImage
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