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More from @DPSNewsNow presser: Weigh against the real epidemiological data (of spread) We need to come together as a community (to get this under control).
the conversations are every week. hope is that Level 3 restrictions will drive cases down
keeping younger students in school: Incredibly challenging for younger students who haven't develop reading foundational "blocks" to make on-line reading successful.
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@DPSNewsNow Super Cordova delivers tough "painful' return to remote learning rationale for most Denver students.
using "frequent" surveys to improve remote learning and meet family needs
Berman ' Case rates have increased' "Community transmission is quite active"
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Sur le vote anticipé pour la présidentielle US #Trump/#Biden, la comparaison significative n'est pas avec le vote anticipé en 2016- déjà dépassé 54 millions de voix v 47- car avec la généralisation du vote par correspondance pour cause de #COVIDー19, il ne pouvait que croître...
2)... en 2020, 7 Etats ont ainsi autorisé 1 vote par correspondance sans justification ou au seul motif de l'épidémie de #COVIDー19- comme à New York, 17 Etats ont décidé d'envoyer à TOUS les électeurs formulaires d'inscription au vote par correspondance ou bulletins. Pas en 2016
3) Bref, la possibilité de voter librement par correspondance concernait en 2020 1 nombre bien plus important d'Etatsuniens qu'en 2016, d'où 1 croissance logique du nombre de votes anticipés.
En 2016, 20 Etats réclamaient 1 justification pour 1 vote par correspondance. 5 en 2020.
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#Colorado #Residence;

Please vote #No on Prop 114, the ballot measure to introduce wolves into Colorado. Colorado Parks & Wildlife has study this issue for 10+ years and has officially been opposed to this plan since 2016.

When the wolf folks couldn’t get the professionals to agree to their desires they took it to the uneducated public in the form of a ballot initiative.

Introducing wolves to the western slope of Colorado will devastate the largest elk population in North America,
and is a terrible idea to manage wildlife, not to mention what it will do to ranchers on the western slope.

#Montana #residents agreed to introduce wolves in 1995 with restrictions on the total number allowed in the state.
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Independent Survey.
Please reply With Your State and Thoughts. Thank You!
In AMERICA Knowledge is POWER! Ignorance is a Choice!

Complete News Source!

#amd0917PLUS #KAG #POTUS

Complete News Source!
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#tqphusstates #2020election

#Alabama #Alaska #Arizona #Arkansas
#California #Colorado #Connecticut #Delaware
#Florida #Georgia #Hawaii #Idaho
@americandream09 #POTUS


#tqphusstates #2020election

#Iowa #Kansas #Kentucky #Louisiana #Maine
#Maryland #Massachusetts #Michigan
#Minnesota #Mississippi #Missouri
@americandream09 #POTUS


#tqphusstates #2020election

#Montana #Nebraska #Nevada #NewHampshire
#NewJersey #NewMexico #NewYork #NorthCarolina
#NorthDakota #Ohio
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Who Are You Voting For President?

AMD09 Independent Survey. Kindly reply with your State and thoughts. Thank you!
In AMERICA Knowledge is POWER! Ignorance is a Choice!

Complete News Source!

#amd0917PLUS #KAG #POTUS

Complete News Source!
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Who are you voting for for President?

Independent Research. Please respond with your state. Thank you.
In AMERICA Knowledge is POWER! Ignorance is a Choice!

Complete News Source!

#amd0917PLUS #KAG #POTUS

Complete News Source!
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1. News: U.S. Urges Nuclear Negotiations With North Korea After Kim Jong Un Reveals 'Monster' Missile 🙏
-Thread 10.10.2020… @realDonaldTrump #Peace #NorthKorea
2. News: Yes, Hillary Clinton Orchestrated the Russia-Collusion Farce… @realDonaldTrump #Spygate #JusticeSoon
3. News: 'Insufficient': Pelosi REJECTS latest White House COVID RELIEF AID OFFER 💰… #COVID #Stimulus #AID #Pelosi
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Happening: Oct. 10, 2020 - 1:30pm
#Colorado, #Denver, #CivicCenterPark.
#DenverProtests, #DenverProtest, #DenverRiots. ImageImageImage
From the DenverProtests sub-Reddit: Image
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El 80% de los votantes de origen mexicano pueden votar en #Elections2020 . Son el 60% de los latinos que pueden votar.

Si tienen conocidos allá (uno de cada tres mexicanos tiene un familiar directo en EEUU), llámenles y que voten, por quien quieran, pero que voten.
Fechas en que vence plazo para registrarse a votar en estados con más mexicanos.

🗳️#California: 19/octubre.
🗳️#Texas: 3/octubre.
🗳️#Arizona: 5/octubre.
🗳️ #NewMexico: 6/octubre.
🗳️#Illinois: 18/octubre.
🗳️ #NY: 9/octubre.
🗳️ #Nevada: 29/octubre.
🗳️#Colorado: 26/octubre.
🗳️#SouthCarolina: 4/octubre.
🗳️#Washington (el estado): 26/octubre.
🗳️#NewJersey: 13/octubre.

Que la opinión de padres, madres, hermanos, sobrinas, primos, tíos y tías de mexicanos CUENTE.

No solo son paisanos. Para muchos, aquí, son sus familiares.
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🙌🗳 Let’s vote these hypocrites and enablers out of the U.S. Senate and #FlipTheSenateBlue!!


#Kentucky 🐎 @AmyMcGrathKY
🙌🗳 Please vote for Jaime Harrison @harrisonjaime for U.S. Senate in #SouthCarolina 🌴
🙌🗳 Please vote for Doug Jones @DougJones for U.S. Senate in #Alabama 👨‍🎓🏈
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This afternoon, activists with the Party for Socialism and Liberation @pslweb protested in front of the White House against the arrests of #BlackLivesMatter activists especially #Colorado protesters charged with felonies.
Multiple protesters mentioned the Democrats specifically, noting that the Colorado defendants are being prosecuted by Democrat prosecutors in a Democratic state.

One even said that Dems use Trump as a scapegoat for political oppression they perform themselves.
Journalist @MaxBlumenthal condemned "undead Jaba the Hut impersonator" Bill Barr for claiming that " the Black Lives Matter movement doesn't care about Black lives."

He adds DC Mayor Bowser (D) has demanded that Trump administration act in "more draconian fashion" toward BLM.
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6 New Reports from #Aurora #Colorado #riots 6/27, 7/12, 7/25.…

Charges include - attempt to commit 1st degree kidnapping, inciting a riot, attempt influence public servant.

4 of the 6 arrested are leaders of "The Party for Socialism and Liberation"
The charges come from 3 events (dates listed above)

Important to note the 7/25 one was where Samuel Young opened fire at a fleeing vehicle. He's charged with 1st degree attempted murder.

Based on every article we've read, he missed the vehicle with every shot.

He did however hit two allied protestors. One in the leg, one in the the head.
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Four #GOP senators caught running ads that lie about preexisting conditions

Sen. Martha McSally (R-AZ)
Sen. Cory Gardner (R-CO)
Sen. David Perdue (R-GA)
Sen. Steve Daines (R-MT)

Sen. Cory Gardner (R-#Colorado)

Cory wrote the bill that does NOT GUARANTEE pre-existing conditions — his bill only prohibits insurers from charging more or denying certain procedures — it would still let insurers deny people coverage altogether, which the #ACA does not.

Sen. Martha McSally (R-#Arizona)

Her ad says, “[Dem] #MarkKelly’s attacks on me are false. And shameful. I will always protect those with preexisting conditions”

She voted for a 2017 bill, the American Health Care Act, to DEMOLISH the #ACA’s pre-existing condition protections
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14/09 > Un gaz associé à la vie découvert dans les nuages de #Vénus via @Sciences_Avenir #LaMethSci Image
[L’étude à découvrir] 14/09 > Gaz #phosphine dans les ponts de nuages de #Vénus via @NatureAstronomy #LaMethSci
09/09 > Plus de chats pourraient être positifs au #CoVid19 qu'on ne le croyait au départ, selon une étude via @ScienceDaily #LaMethSci Image
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New Report from #Colorado Springs 8/3 #Riot…

Sherrie Smith - A member of the far left Militia - Redneck revolt and reported member of Colorado Springs #Antifa. She's charged felony menacing, possessing illegal weapon, riot, and additional misdemeanors ImageImage
Additionally Lloyd Porche was charged with Armed with rifle, engaged in menacing behavior toward the occupied vehicle of a citizen, Menacing - felony, Engaging in a Riot – felony, & Additional misdemeanor offenses Image
Charles Johnson, 20, of Colorado Springs is accused of trying to take a cell phone from someone worth approximately $900. He is charged with attempted robbery and inciting a riot, both felonies. Image
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"#Chinese intelligence services have been very very active, as have the #Russia|ns" @CISAKrebs tells #BillingtonCyberSecurity
#Russia, #China, #Iran, others also active with #disinformation, pushing conspiracies like martial law takeovers, #5G towers spreading #COVID19 - "complete garbage" per @CISAKrebs
#cyber schemes moving more toward disrupting functionality as opposed to compromising data, per @CISAKrebs
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"Smoke plumes rising tens of thousands of feet into the air over #California could be seen from outer-space ... as massive wildfires that touched off this weekend amid a statewide heatwave triggered dramatic rescue efforts for hundreds"… Image
#California: "at one point, people trapped by the flames were told to jump in the water as a last resort should the flames get too close"

"By noon Sunday, the #CreekFire was reported to be at the Shaver Lake Dam, about 5 miles from the center of the community ... Shaver appeared to be a ghost town, except for a few vehicles streaming down to lower elevations"… Image
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Sen. Cory Gardner campaigned at a maskless gun rally with Colorado GOP Chair Ken Buck, who wore a “Kill ‘Em All, Let God Sort It Out” t-shirt, and Lauren Boebert, a GOP congressional candidate who allegedly allowed an underage employee to be armed. #coleg…
At a July event, Sen. Gardner said, “Boebert knows to fight for what she believes in.” 

What does Boebert believe in? Well, she has a history of minor arrests and skipping court dates. She opposes gun safety, despite broad support from Coloradans.
And she advocates far-right stances on a range of issues beyond guns, including mask-wearing (she says it should be “strictly optional”), and said peaceful protesters demonstrating for racial justice in Rifle, Colorado, were “paid and bussed in.”
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🧵Young People killed or Critically ILL by COVID - Volume 1⃣. "These are young strong guys they are not going to be affected by the virus" This misinformation by Trump is killing young adults who think they are immune, until they go into heart failure.
Season ended for Georgia State quarterback from heart condition due to #COVID. Multiple student athletes suffering from COVID myocarditis reported by @espn. This is insane! Stop jeopardizing the life of our children. #MAGA
Mother of incoming freshman Brady Feeney describes her son's horrible battle with #COVID. "Now we are dealing with possible heart issues!" Stop jeopardizing the life of our children. #MAGA…
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ICYMI my husband @viva_verde is incredibly talented and made these beautiful state coalition graphics for #BidenHarris supporters. More otw and he takes requests for priority! RT your state if you're #RidinWithBidenHarris 1/8 #Alaska #Arizona #California #Colorado
ICYMI my husband @viva_verde is incredibly talented and made these beautiful state coalition graphics for #BidenHarris supporters. More otw and he takes requests for priority! RT your state if you're #RidinWithBidenHarris 2/8 #Delaware #Florida #Georgia #Illinois
ICYMI my husband @viva_verde is incredibly talented and made these beautiful state coalition graphics for #BidenHarris supporters. More otw and he takes requests for priority! RT your state if you're #RidinWithBidenHarris 3/8 #Indiana #Kansas #Louisiana #Maine
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“In many ways, the #GrizzlyCreekFire is a public works fire, threatening the viral #infrastructure for millions of westerners”
“ground crews are not fighting flames in the precipitous Glenwood Canyon. They can’t even reach them.”

#firefighters #firefighting #cofire
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1/3 August 19 #Wildfires Update
Another long day for fire crews and residents evacuating or preparing to evacuation. There are over 300 fires in #California
2/3 The largest fire in the #US is the #PineGulchFire in #Colorado, burning 125,252 acres.
For more on wildfires check out #FireMappers, a collaboration between .@napsgfoundation .@GISCorps & CEDR to map wildfires across the US.
#OR #AZ #NM…
3/3 CEDR is also crowdsourcing and mapping evacuation centers. Put in your address and find the center closest to you.
Stay safe.
#Sonoma #Napa #SanMateo #Solano…
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