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In this time of reaching out across the aisle, I would like for each of you to remember that Trump did this:

Lifted the ban on the importing of elephant trophies and endangered species

Knowing that elephants are sentient animals with families who mourn their dead
Took back Bears Ears/other sacred native lands for fracking & oil

Lifted restrictions for clean water & allowed chemicals from mining, fracking, & oil to pollute the earth & waterways

Approved bear baiting/killing of hibernating bears, cubs & wolves so his own kids could hunt
Lifted bans on #chlorpyrifos which eat our human babies' brains. Google it.

Lifted restrictions on safety at chicken and pork plants. Took away protections from the farmers and gave them back to the chicken and pork sellers. Made it ok for us to eat tumors/cancer in our chicken
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8 y/o Juana, a victim of our family separation policy, ripped from her father's arms, was held in a Trump internment camp for 11 mos with her father deported to Guatemala. Our legal team rescued & returned her home. We won't forget the harm she suffered.…
Juana's family has been broken by Stephen Miller, in making her a poster child for Trump's policy of child terror designed to dissuade persecuted migrants, "the poor & huddled masses", from seeking shelter in America. We will continue to #NotLookAway. Help us make Juana whole. Image
We will show that we are not Stephen Miller. That Americans are generous, kind, & accountable. Juan deserves our help - American reparations for the cruelty, the pain, the suffering inflicted on a mere child by our government as a matter of policy. Image
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BREAKING: We have filed suit in federal court in Sacramento to free a Mam Guatemalan child from government internment due to the dangers of COVID. Please follow the thread to read more. We need your help to make it happen. 1/…
Mariano is a 16 year old child who has been interned in 4 different facilities by the government for over a year. He reached his 16th birthday in detention. We plan to release him very soon, with your help, so that he may celebrate his 17th birthday as a free boy next month. 2/
The family of Bryce Tache from Minneapolis stepped forward & applied to sponsor Mariano, after a series of video calls where the family & Mariano met each other. The government denied Mariano's release because the family was not related to him. We sued 3/
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"Children are stacking up in detention camps because ORR won't allow qualified American families to take these children in," de Anda said. "I know, just from my practice, how many Americans are willing to open their doors."

But ORR shuts the doors tight.…
If you don't have US relatives you are interned until age 18, then turned over to the tender mercies of ICE, and summarily deported. One by one we have beaten them in court and will do so again.
Please join us as we #FightLikeAMother to #FreeTheChildren.…
"Unfortunately, I have well over 4,000 of those children in my care at this time at the Office of Refugee Resettlement," director, Jonathan Hayes, told CBS News.

Please #DontLookAway. 4000 innocent children in prolonged internment. We fight back every day to free them 1 by 1.
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A taste of the fascism raining on the border. I have an EMS friend in Laredo who was called to a drowning on the Rio Grande. When their unit arrived, they found an 11 yo child wet & shivering, crying for her mother on the riverbank - who had just drowned. My friend covered...1/
...her with a blanket, took her inside their warm unit, gave her hot tea, & comforted her as well as he could. In about 10 minutes a border patrol unit drove up. BP went into the EMS unit and brusquely took the child, handcuffed and arrested her. All while the search was on...2/ retrieve the body of the child'sndrowned mother. My friend said he walked back into his unit and broke down in tears for what seemed like an hour. He told me he could not be comforted by his mates. "I have a daughter the same age" he said. 2/
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UPDATE: Sweet, sweet Mari is home after 10 months of cruel government internment.
Thank you to the #Resistance for helping make Mari's release possible.
#FreeTheChildren Image
Please join us, as we provide pro bono legal services to refugee families seeking protection under our asylum laws, because #NoOneIsIllegal.…
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BREAKING: ORR has agreed to release Mari, age 10, to her brother after 10 months of government internment in a West Texas camp. Mari will be released on January 6th for a grand family reunion. Please welcome Mari, our newest American, to the Land of the Free.
Mari was separated from her brother at the Texas border in February, 2019, because the government refused to accept they were siblings, despite Mari's tears, and having to be pried from Jeiner's arms. She was disappeared in the child internment system.…
Ever wonder what you can do to help #FreeTheChildeen? Mari's is a case study of how the #Resistance is making a difference. Jeiner was refused contact with his sister for 8 months, until we were hired by Mari's Guatemalan mother. We submitted reunification applications...
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Mari is a separated child lost & invisible in the government's child internment system for 8 months, before we reached her. Now she's on the cusp of being released to her 24 year old brother. She needs Help to find @APlaceForMari. #FamiliesBelongTogether.…
Mari fled Guatemala to the US as a 9 year old with her 24 year old brother, after her father was killed by criminal gangsters. They pled for protection on the Texas border in February, but were separated & jailed. Mari is unbowed, and is happy to receive greetings from children. ImageImageImageImage
Mari was interned in far west Texas, isolated from & kept away from her brother because he was not a parent, and thus suspect as a child trafficker. But we were not deterred. The search for #APlaceForMari enlisted the services of the #RAF (Resistance Air Force) to visit her. Image
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#Throwback to @childrightsprof & @juliemlinton's interview on @cnn with @donlemoncnn last month, where the conditions & impacts of migrant child detention were discussed. (thread)
Children being "put on buses in the middle of the night and being driven across state lines, to locations that were hours and hours away from where their parents were, having siblings dropped off at other locations...being just terrified"
"this administration is breaking the black letter law. The TVPRA clearly requires that children be placed in the least restrictive environment possible, in the child's best interest, and there is no question that [these facilities] are not in the children's best interest..."
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We're at the endgame on reuniting Byron with his father - thank you Judge Sabrow. Now we're raising funds to fly David to the Land of the Brave and help him and Byron relocate to their new life in the SF bay area.

Please help us reunite a refugee family.…
Sweet, sweet victory against the Machine - defeated by the rage of a separated 8 year old refugee child.
Byron slayed the government in federal court and won his freedom the old fashioned way - by fighting back.…
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RICARDO, 9, GUATEMALA. He and his father were held in a detention facility for five days.
"I was tired. My feet were hot. I was afraid when immigration came.
I thought they were going to kill me."…
Ricardo is my client - reunited with his family after months in an internment camp. He is now undergoing therapy because of his fears of death at the hands of BP.
This is the regime's violent policy of deterrence in full display.
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Our 4 year old client was detained by BP on Friday, separated from her aunt, and placed in BP's McAllen Hielera (processing) where she fell sick. Her mother is a refugee living in VT. The child is now in a hospital, but BP won't tell us where. 1/
The child's mother is desperate to be by her side, to participate in her treatment, to be asked for her consent before medicating her child - basic rights afforded to all mothers by law. BP won't even tell the mother why her child is in the hospital. 2/
BP is out of control. Children are dying in their "care". Children are caged in fetid diseased conditions. BP's overriding purpose is to sow terror. This won't stand. We fight back.
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Lights for Liberty #50States #CloseTheCamps
#LightsforLiberty #Lights4Liberty

THREAD of all 50 States & DC
Find your State's & Retweet it to your Senators (I've tagged) & Rep
All Twitter Handles here:
In the "very red, very small" town of Anniston #Alabama

#LightsforLiberty #Lights4Liberty
#AL @brookecarbo
@SenDougJones @SenShelby
THREAD #50States
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@SecNielsen @CBP @ACLU @HomelandDems @RepBarragan @RepEscobar @RepBonnie @DLind @ImmJusticeNOW @axidentaliberal @ifindkarma @SirineShebaya @jomareewade @mle_goldman @Alyssa_Milano @DemocracyStorm @TrinityResists @HMAesq @yashar @TrisResists @JynErso_Patriot @SusanBChurch11 @BryanDawsonUSA @RAICESTEXAS @JeffMerkley @hr_indivisible @AdamParkhomenko @SaysHummingbird @brycetache @maydaymindy9 @LiteraryMouse @kathygriffin "A baby bottle filled with milk can be seen in one photo next to a child sleeping outside on dirt, and in another, a woman is seen sitting on rocks leaning against a wall clutching a child."

CBP says they don't have capacity to deal with all the migrants.…
@SecNielsen @CBP @ACLU @HomelandDems @RepBarragan @RepEscobar @RepBonnie @DLind @ImmJusticeNOW @axidentaliberal @ifindkarma @SirineShebaya @jomareewade @mle_goldman @Alyssa_Milano @DemocracyStorm @TrinityResists @HMAesq @yashar @TrisResists @JynErso_Patriot @SusanBChurch11 @BryanDawsonUSA @RAICESTEXAS @JeffMerkley @hr_indivisible @AdamParkhomenko @SaysHummingbird @brycetache @maydaymindy9 @LiteraryMouse @kathygriffin I am beating a dead drum about this, I'm sure, but DHS was allocated over $400MILLION in February for humanitarian aid, including for more personnel. Why, in all the Circles of Hades, are they not using it?

Why are ripped, open-sided tents being used to "shelter" people?
@SecNielsen @CBP @ACLU @HomelandDems @RepBarragan @RepEscobar @RepBonnie @DLind @ImmJusticeNOW @axidentaliberal @ifindkarma @SirineShebaya @jomareewade @mle_goldman @Alyssa_Milano @DemocracyStorm @TrinityResists @HMAesq @yashar @TrisResists @JynErso_Patriot @SusanBChurch11 @BryanDawsonUSA @RAICESTEXAS @JeffMerkley @hr_indivisible @AdamParkhomenko @SaysHummingbird @brycetache @maydaymindy9 @LiteraryMouse @kathygriffin Why are they not contracting out to a service company to provide care for the immigrants, especially for the women &children, instead of pulling CBP Agents off their Border Patrol duties?

This was asked by the @HomelandDems during their visit a month ago & never answered.
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@DebbieforFL @DWStweets @RepDMP @DonnaShalala This information came out a week ago, but it tracks with the concerns I mention upthread about "teachers" only required to be fluent in English and Spanish.

But if NO ONE at Homestead can communicate with indigenous children...

Shame on them. Shame.
@DebbieforFL @DWStweets @RepDMP @DonnaShalala My Senator's reaction. @SenJeffMerkley has been all up in the issue of prisons for children since he first tried to gain access to a Southwest Key facility in Arizona a year ago (and was denied, and raised a stink, and got people's attention.)

@DebbieforFL @DWStweets @RepDMP @DonnaShalala @SenJeffMerkley This....whooooop. This is no place for a child. I just... Thank you, for writing the article, @britsham, but man, it's a hard one to take.

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This is how it started. A crushing "knowing" which tore at my comfort. A knowing that there was no going back to my humdrum law practice; that fascism was upon us. I've dedicated 8 months to this battle & there is still no light at the end of the tunnel.
We've reunited dozens of families in the US and placed them in the care of Americans. Many are now our neighbors and citizens to be. Some are back home in the loving arms of their separated parents.
But it is not over. Th children desperately need our help. We work absolutely free of charge but need help to carry the expenses. Please help us push back against the fascist nightmare. Help us to #FreeTheChildren
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This is Byron. He was separated as a result of the zero tolerance policy and has remained in detention for 7 months. He deserves a warm, loving home in which to await his case but isn't allowed. Here is our family's story: @RAICESTEXAS
We have been trying to keep things quiet while we go through this process because it is deeply personal and confusing to navigate, But our ultimate goal was to get Byron out of detention and into our home by Xmas. We have a power of attorney from his parents to care for him.
Byron is a sweet 9-year-old boy who walked over 1,600 miles from Guatemala to escape the violence and direct threats from gangs in his town. Last year, his dad was attacked by these gangs and left for dead.
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Blood red FRAUD against the black sky.

Are you feeling it, #Resistance?

Are you ready to Protest?!

Day 85 at the #KremlinAnnex begins NOW

Come to Lafayette Park! The Neverending Protest has been described as Cathartic. Group therapy. Loud!

Live feed from @KremlinAnnex OF #KremlinAnnex Day 85 is here, if you're interested in watching from home.

"Hit the polls!" is the current chant as I type. And ya damn well better, is all I can say.

@KremlinAnnex You have to realize this is the only way to get the country right side up again, don't you?

It's #VoteThemOut.

A beautiful pic, by @ramseyfay, per usual. And the sign of the times.

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Billions are being spent to detain immigrants. What a colossal waste on an immoral, hateful policy.

How many in the path of #Florence could that help?

"Southwest Key has received $1.39 billion..Baptist Child & Family Services has received $942 million.…
How many could it have helped in #PuertoRico?

How many people complaining about jobs and the economy could've had their lives improved?

How many mass shootings could've been stopped?

How many roads and bridges could've been built?

How much could we have improved health care?
How much more secure could we have made our elections?

How many climate disasters could we have ameliorated, if not prevented?

How many people could've been retrained for better paying jobs?

Think elections don't affect you?

They do, whether you know it or not

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