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#SatanicNewMoon 7-28-22
#CommonwealthGames opening #ritual depicted worship of the #ApisBull This is extremely important because the #PriestKings are advertising their control of the masses. #AgeOfTaurus

Let me explain.
The #PriestKings bloodline date back to antiquity. This sun worshiping pharaonic cult hails from the era of the bull (Taurus) which predated Christianity by 4k+ yrs. This is the era in which God created Adam.
Below is their vassal Bull General #KlausSchwab @WEF
#KlausSchwab is the military general exercising the will of the #PriestKings and their #DavosAgenda. World dominance by means of global government infiltration and subversion under false pretenses #Plandemic #ClimateCrisis #GreatReset #SocialJustice…
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#RoeVsWade should be the moment “Gender Critics” snap out of their radicalisation. Their “leaders” JKR, KS, AB, HS, HJ etc have been canoodling with the very same people who have helped make this happen 1/9 🧵🪡
They liaise & accept funds from the far right, religious orgs, the media & corrupt governments. Please reflect on their hate & who they are pals with. This is a crossroads for you all to stop & join in fighting the real dangers facing women and society 2/9
See that they want to control you & strip away your rights just as much as they want to strip away the rights of the LGBTQ+ community. 3/9
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The biggest discrimination in India is #EnglishApartheid. The State funds medical colleges, engineering colleges, MBA, High Courts, in English-medium *only*, excluding 90% of the population.

If you care about #SocialJustice why not #Reservation for Tamil-medium instead?
The fact is all the "Tamil pride" of the so-called "Dravidian" parties is for lip-service only. The agenda is English and Christianization. That's the #DravidianModel (itself a colonial construct). That's what the @PWilsonDMK et al fight for.
I thought they made them English medium, at least partially.

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Thank you @IWS_Network! It's an honour to be invited to #IWSVoices spotlight.

Certainly important to raise the visibility and amplify voices of #WomenInSTEM globally and 🇨🇦#immigrants 🇨🇦. Kudos for relentlessly growing & nurturing an engaged #Network!
I was born & grew up in #Baguio "City of Pines" (P. insularis), #Philippines summer capital, regional ctr of mineral-rich Cordillera Admin Region. Site of US military Camp John Hay hillstation.
Elevation: 1500 m ⬆️ sea level
Ave temp: 18.3°C
Pop: 370,218
#IWSVoices #WomenInSTEM Map of the Philippines from...View of Baguio City nestled...Pine trees (Pinus insularis...
Digital-free childhood: our playground was wide expanse of hills & mountns. Roamed freely & safely. Being close to nature ignited curiousity & wonder, igniting my love for #EarthSciences #Botany #Chemistry. 🍃🌿🍀🐜🕷️
#IWSVoices #WomenInSTEM @IWS_Network
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முதுகுளத்தூர் ஊராட்சி ஒன்றியத்தில் வட்டார வளர்ச்சி அலுவலர் ராஜேந்திரன் அவர்களை போக்குவரத்துதுறை அமைச்சர் ராஜகண்ணப்பன் பட்டியல் இனத்தவர் என்று பலமுறை கூறி அவர் மீது சாதிய ரீதியிலான தாக்குதலும், அவரை ஒருமையில் பேசி அதிகாரத்தை துஷ்பிரயோகம் செய்துள்ளது கடும் கண்டனத்துக்குரியது.
இதுதான் விடியல் கட்சியின் #சமூகநீதி #SocialJustice
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🧵A thread - Same birthday gift three years in a row: a lesson in public health and politics
1/ It was the evening of Thursday, March 12, 2020. I was out shopping with my daughters. My youngest daughter had a gift certificate tucked in her purse. She was eager to find something to spend it on.
2/ Having turned nine years old, the day before, she was still bouncing with happy birthday joy.
Walking through the aisles of toys, I heard a notification on my phone. A text from a friend relayed the news that schools would remain closed after the upcoming March break.
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We're excited to announce a new Writers' Collective course titled Collaborative Advocacy.

This course will help you understand anti-oppression and how writers can build a stronger #AnimalRights movement by collaborating with other #SocialJustice movements. Meet our speakers 👇 Image
Editor and writer @zane_crittheory is a scholar-activist with a BA in History and MA in Political Science.

He is an experienced organizer and has worked in the spheres of public policy, government relations, and #animal law in the #nonprofit sector. Image
Deniz Kavur is an activist w/ a BA in sociology & MA in political philosophy and is certified in international labor law & organizational analysis.

She has worked for @BeyondCarnism, @ProVeg_Int & @animalsavemvmt and is the co-founder of RARA—Rights for #AnimalRights Advocates. Image
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#BlackHistoryMonth wraps up today but we can engage with #BlackExcellence round the year via these #BlackTwitter accounts.
Wherever you live, we invite you to learn more about these #Communities & institutions that are shaping the story of #Canada.
🧵with favourite accounts.

Join them in their goal to “reduce the racial disparities in health outcomes & promote health & well-being for people from the diverse Black communities in Canada with emphasis on the broad determinants of health, including racism." #BlackHistoryMonth

@blackartndialog is "dedicated to supporting, documenting and showcasing the artistic and cultural contributions of Black artists and cultural workers in Canada and internationally." #BHM

Explore their incredible FREE for the public gallery here:
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1/🧵 Paul Farmer has died.

It is so heartbreaking 💔. Let us collectively mourn his passing - one of the greatest #PublicHealth figures in the history of Medicine.

His @PIH is a tribute to a kinder gentler way to love each other.

2/ Dr. Farmer started his vocation of #SocialJustice by serving the beautiful people of Haiti, the world’s 1st Black republic. He looked in their eyes & saw their needs…HIV, malaria, Tb, hunger, poverty, neglect.

In response he took action…

(paintings below by my daughter)
3/ Paul Farmer is the central figure in Kidder’s 📚 “Mountains Beyond Mountains.” If you haven’t read it, order now.

Through his drive and insights we learned to say “Yes” to bringing modern medicine to the most remote settings of human life on Earth 🌍
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The path towards #SocialJustice was not made in a day, but painstakingly laid over the decades, stone by stone, with sweat and blood of various trendsetters like Dr. Natesanar, Dr.T.M. Nair, Sir. P.Theagarayar, A.T.Paneerselvam, Panagal Arasar (1/n) Image
Thanthai Periyar, Perarignar Anna, Kalaignar in Tamil Nadu and Jyotirao Phule, B.R. Ambedkar, VP Singh in India.

It was this heritage which made DMK take the cause of depressed societies to restore their rightful seats in medical education in all states and not just Tamil Nadu. Image
To further continue our journey in the path to achieve the welfare of depressed and oppressed, we need to implement Social Justice all over India.
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We need to go through what has taken place ignored by the professionals who failed this family, as @ukhomeoffice @pritipatel allows @IOPC_Help Mr Lovett who was the line manager to #CindyButts and Butts manager to Jennifer Gillian.

@CPSUK @MaxHillQC has been involved ImageImage
in just about everything in reference to @BarCouncilChair @thebarcouncil @barstandards @sra_solicitors #RuleOfLaw , am I correct in assuming this is the case @factchecknet?

@MayorofLondon @SadiqKhan am I to assume you meant what you said surrounding @KidsMatterUK ImageImage
as I am assuming the @EduPolicyInst would also agree it's your jobs #MayorofLondon #MaxHill #cps to ensure the @VictimRightsLaw @GoodLawProject @JolyonMaugham who had a hell of a lot to say in the @grenfellinquiry as @DLawrenceOBE has who both are a strong team
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My name is Noeleen Cox @Coxy26094374 and I am sharing about the recent and ongoing experience of my pregnant granddaughter who was recently diagnosed with covid19 in regional country SA. I am disgusted and angry 😡with SAHealth and the SAGovt and how they have treated Aboriginal
country covid patients who have been flown to Adelaide to be quarantined in a covid Medic hotel.
My grand daughter is 3 months pregnant with her first time pregnancy. She was held overnight in a health facility in Ceduna and then flown in the morning from Ceduna with 8 other
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You do realize that your telling the truth about why #VoteBlue is pointless when even the #Democrats get a Supermajority, they won't get anything done?

Because that's what your admitting here, your saying "You shouldn't vote for us, because we still won't get anything done!"
We could've had #MedicareForAll or a #PublicOpinion under the @BarackObama Administration. But what we've gotten was a Right-wing #Healthcare Plan by the the @Heritage Foundation that kept the For-profit #HealthInsurance Companies in Control!
That was @MittRomney's Plan & it was supported by Right-wing idiots like @ChuckGrassley & @newtgingrich.

If @BarackObama cared about #SocialJustice, then he would've gone the Franklin D. Roosevelt & Lyndon B. Johnson route to make Democrats pass his Bills! But no.
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#decolonizedecember #18dicembre #Giornatainternazionaledeimigranti #InternationalMigrantsDay
#Violenza, #tortura #razzismo e #morte,
La politica di difesa dei confini dell'UE è razzista e rafforza le strutture di potere coloniali e capitaliste. Frontex e il sistema che rappre-
senta devono essere aboliti ADESSO. La politica militarizzata di fortezza UE ha ucciso oltre 44.764 persone dal 1993.
Annegati nel Mediterraneo; uccisi al confine; morti per suicidio in carcere, torturati e uccisi dopo l'espulsione - l'UE ha le mani sporche di sangue.
Frontex è
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After taking a Twitter sabbatical (things have been busy), I thought I would take a note from @jurijuri and discuss my insights into #meetups...since I run @WhoMeetup. A thread. /1
Meetups, at their heart, are socially-oriented.

There's no rule that says you *have* to show a video, or *have* to do anything.

Too many people act like "meetups don't matter"...and they do.

#Meetups can provide a low barrier of entry to fandom /2
At its heart, @WhoMeetup doesn't "compete" with Gally or Chicago TARDIS...

we take our cue from groups like @chicagonerds, @RaksGeek, and @DownInFrontLive and focus on *community* rather than "commodity".

And we've done a lot since I took over @WhoMeetup in 04/2012. /3
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Narcissist or Cluster B thread 🧵 These people do not and cannot talk ‘with’ you or their children. They talk ‘at’ YOU. There is a huge difference. They can't truly communicate. They do NOT have the capacity. Genuine communication is ‘two sided’. Talking ‘with’ vs. ‘at’
If you have someone, some group, in your life who talks ‘at’ you, you have some reevaluating to do. Notice #socialjustice groups. Do they talk ‘with you’ or ‘at’ you? Notice #transgender #transactivist groups. Do they talk ‘with’ or ‘AT’ people?
Genuine communication is ‘two sided’ with both interested in hearing and seeking to understand the other with respect. Narcissists are one sided, one way & one dimensional ONLY.
They are ‘adversarial’ communicators & conversationalists. It is in their words & in their language
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💸 Is hyperinflation a reality? How to protect yourself?

Money may well depreciate at times. This has already happened before, even in developed countries. #Inflation in developed world is accelerating, and the authorities are carried away by populism. Image
• In the #US, inflation has already accelerated to 6.2%
• In #Germany, it reached a 28-year high of 4.5%.

Authorities of developed countries put above #inflation problems of #SocialJustice in labor market (employment in all minority groups is important) and #climate warming. Image
Populist views are capturing the minds of monetary authorities, which only fuels #inflation. This was the case in the #USA in the 1970s: prices almost tripled.
And sometimes it was much worse: in Israel in the 1980s, prices for goods jumped ~10,000 times. Image
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🥦Following our earlier post for #COP26 on #vegetarianism, we wanted to share some insights & quotes from #suffrage activists who *were* #vegetarians 🥒🌶🍅

☮️ Vegetarianism was associated w/ peace, & standing up against the poor treatment of fellow living creatures 🐄🐑🦆🐖
📣This quote from MrsDespard describes how #vegetarianism was linked to #socialjustice:

​🗣“The #women ’s movement relates to the other great movements of the world…The awakened instinct which feels the call of the sub-human, which says ‘I am the voice of the voiceless.'"
🥖🐁Some #vegetarian #suffragettes who went to prison got better food. Nancy John describes prisoners declaring they were vegetarian to avoid eating mouse-eaten bread.
​🗣“When they said they were vegetarians they were given milk - it was really the milk that kept them alive.” 3/
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Participated in the protest organised in Kalburagi demanding the release & implementation of Socio - Economic and Educational survey report prepared by Karnataka State Commission for Backward Classes.

The survey by Karnataka State Commission for Backward Classes is not just a caste census, but also socio-economic & educational survey of all the families in Karnataka.

The survey is free from bias & prejudice. Enumerators were teachers, who were not from any one particular caste or religion.

This survey is not against any caste. This is to ensure Social Justice.

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I’ve been out for the past 6 months.

I think I want to write about it.

Deep breath: here is my #LongCovid story.
You may remember this tweet from April of 2020.

Gandalf let me down, and I ended up getting #COVID19 just 3 weeks after getting H1N1 influenza. (I am a doctor and toddler mom, pretty germy).
The night that I got #COVID19 it felt like broken glass was running through my veins. No fever but just that icy chill. Horrible, rotten smell in my nose. And strangest of all a buzzing feeling, a restlessness. It made me want to crawl out of my skin. I couldn’t sleep that night.
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பெரியாரை இழிவு செய்வதாக நினைத்து சங்கிகளும் , நூலிபான்களும் , நாம் ஜோம்பீஸூம் , சில புலம்பெயர் இலங்கையரும் எடுக்கும் அவதூறு மணியம்மை - பெரியார் திருமணம்.

"வயதான பிறகு திருமணம் செய்தார், திருமணம் நடந்த போது பெரியார் வயது 70 - மணியம்மை வயது 32 , வளர்ப்பு மகளையே திருமணம் செய்தார்"
என வாட்ஸ் அப் இல் தின்ற வாந்தியை கழிந்துக் கொண்டிருப்பார்கள்.

திருமணம் என்பது ஒருவரின் தனிப்பட்ட சங்கதி என்றாலும்,

மணியம்மை பெரியாரை திருமணம் செய்த கொண்ட போது 32 வயது , அவராக முடிவெடுத்துதான் திருமணம் செய்து கொண்டார்.
தவிர மணியம்மை - பெரியார் திருமணம் என்பது அந்த காலகட்டத்தில் இரத்த சம்பந்தமான உறவுகளுக்கு அன்றி யாருக்கும் சொத்தை மாற்றி தரமுடியாது என்ற சட்ட பிரச்சினையினால் ,

வாரிசு இல்லாத பெரியார் தன் கொள்கைகளை வழிநடத்தி செல்ல சொத்தை மாற்றி எழுத ஏற்படுத்திக் கொண்ட ஒப்பந்தம்
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