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Since the conference committee will not, it appears, release an agreed-upon version of the #StudentOpportunityAct this week, here’s an #FBRC thread from yesterday’s #70on70 presentation, #MAEdu
(This isn’t all the slides, just the SOA ones):
I do think that it is crucial to note that the main source of disagreement LAST session—which was both most of the money and most of the equity—was simply agreed to this session (and if you are not writing about that, you in my opinion are missing the story):
I can’t emphasize enough that all the goal numbers are PRE-INFLATIONARY, so these are not going to be the actual FY27 dollar amounts.
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H. 4137 House deliberation thread starts here:

The bill is here:

#FBRC #MAEdu #mapoli
warning you in advice that I cannot identify most members of the House. Sorry.
I do, however, spot @RepJimODay on the floor in his usual sartorial splendor.
My phone is plugged in behind me, so if you need me, please use something that will come to my laptop.
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I'll thread livetweeting the #StudentOpportunityAct off of this post, so the two stay together. I'm only promising the use of #FBRC, though.

We have a few more Senators coming in, including Sen. @SoniaChangDiaz.
Believe it or not, there's also still seats in the gallery.
the Senate has been called to order and they're passing resolutions honoring people
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As one who sympathizes with the "tell us all of it right now" types, let's talk through why the Governor thought this #MAEdu spreadsheet drop was going to be a bombshell and why we shouldn't let it be.
First, as has repeatedly said by many, including both @RepAlicePeisch and @SenJasonLewis (and me), local REQUIRED contributions are, yes, going to go up.
But check your budgets: the number of districts in the state that aren't ALREADY well in excess of foundation can be counted on about one hand.
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S. 2348

It earns the sticker.
First things first:

Health insurance: average rate of growth of employer share in GIC over prior 3 fiscal years
(that's a check on #FBRC)
in-district sped to 4% of most districts/5% voke

out-of-district sped goes to $35,547 by the end of the term, so 78% of approved costs on $45,793 in FY20 (and it's tied to inflation)

(that's a check on #FBRC)
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First up, this is the Governor with his same bill. Same thing as January:…
TBH, I feel as though no one ever has tackled the dual nature of his bill (aka: there’s some reasonable language changes in there that clearly are DESE Finance not wanting us to have to pass the language in the budget every year) BUT the Governor doesn’t, either, so—
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Last night, the Leg broke for August with no #FBRC bill. @massgovernor defended it, saying ppl don't give credit for “how difficult it is to change that formula.” I was also characterized as criticizing my colleagues for delay.

So I want to be clear.…
@MassGovernor It is a hard political exercise to change the #MAEdu Foundation Formula—no question.

Just like it’s hard to forge multiple years’ worth of academic gains for a low-income 3rd grader in one school year, when she started far behind her peers.
@MassGovernor And just like it’s hard to get a 10th grader who’s lost 2 friends to street violence to focus on the quadratic equation when he’s struggling with major trauma.

But these are things we rightly ask our schools to do – even though they’re hard.
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Okay, my best guess on what the Education Committee’s discussion is on the #FBRC bills.
Caveat: I genuinely have no real information from the committee. This is an educated guess.
And this is nothing official, of course. Just me.
This is also going to get wonky, so please do ask if any of this doesn’t make sense, #MAEdu.
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It’s House Ways and Means budget week, #MAEdu, and I think we are due for a gif thread on what to look for!
First, I’m tracking the K-12 #mabudget accounts over here:…
I’ll update that after House Ways and Means is released on Wednesday.
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Periodic tweeting as warranted from the @worcesterpublic @WorcCPPAC meeting on FY20 at @WorcesterArt
@worcesterpublic @WorcCPPAC @WorcesterArt CPPAC is going to need a new co-chair at the end of the school year: parents needed!
...and we're jumping right in with a review by one of the chairs reviewing the #PROMISE Act
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Walking into @worcesterpublic budget presentation juuuust in time to catch #FBRC Bill impacts
(Luckily, I already know the #FBRC recommendations, so, okay there)
Updated presentation has updated funding gaps, which starts with JUST sped and health insurance being $70M short.
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Okay, I just stuck the House foundation budget bill in my Dropbox here:…

thread following
#FBRC said in-district to 3.75% for regular; 4.75% for voke
House bill says in-district to 4%; 5% for voke

That's your sugar to help the medicine go down, because there is no other good news here.
Health insurance change DOES add retirees and ties to three years of GIC, so...sure.
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Okay, the House is going to take up a "foundation budget reform" bill, we're told.

For what should #MAEdu be watching?
Well, the first thing is, while we may pick it up, so far the House is being pretty careful about references to the Commission (which I'm echoing by not tagging them with #FBRC).
Where's the references to the Commission?
Three years out.
Work of more than a year.
Hours and hours of testimony.
Pages and pages of research.
Hours and hours of discussion.
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4 o’clock. Tea time. Time for some #FBRC myth busting.
The first objection I hear all the time to passing an #FBRC bill is:

"We don't have the money!"

The bill calls for a phased-in implementation done by annual meetings to agree among Gov-House-Senate on that year's implementation.
It's a commitment and it's a plan.
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Heading Worcester City Hall-ward, as the school budget is before City Council at 4-ish.

Tweeting to follow.
Liveblog will go up here:… Some "things to look for" already posted.
if you're a WPS budget bingo player, you'll want to have:

"largest sector of the Worcester budget"
(the person saying it gets minus points for somehow thinking they're allocating Ch.70)
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Ok, @MA_Senate budget tweeting thread is going to be spotty today, but here's a few things:
$30/pupil minimum increases
$40/decile on the low income rate #MAEdu
There is BOTH a regional district budget review commission AND a local contribution review commission (the Senate is really opening some cans of worms there!)
There is NOT #FBRC language, so it looks as though @MA_Senate is putting all of its eggs in this basket today.

(sorry, getting carried away on the animal metaphors)
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