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A medical record is like a time capsule.

In July 2008, after a few grand mal seizures & being admitted to the hospital, my best friend's dad drove a few hours to be with me... for a few weeks straight.

An RN documented: "Father at the bedside."
Some of you know I kind of raised myself.
Dad left when I was 1.5.
Latchkey kid at age 5.
Older siblings moved out when I was 8.
Left alone for entire summers starting at 14.
Moved out when I was 17 & a half.

Survival skills? Be a good kid, follow rules, never drink/do drugs.
That's why, at age 29, it was REALLY hard/weird for me to accept help after receiving a brain tumor diagnosis.

However, you kind of NEED help when suddenly diagnosed with a life-threatening condition and are having seizures.
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On #FathersDay we spoke to @JoeHMK about flexible working and balancing work and life. It’s a thread! 👇👇👇 @flexnhs #flexappeal
Hello, my name is Joe @JoeHMK and I’m the dad of 10-year old twins as well as being chief executive of Milton Keynes University Hospital @MKHospital. It’s Father’s Day in the UK and so @flexNHS asked me if I’d write a few words on flexible working and balancing work and life...
So first up, flexible working isn’t only for parents - in fact, for me, a lot of the flexibility I’ve needed at work over the past year or so has been around hospital appointments and care for my elderly dad.
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तुमने ही तो सिखलाया था, ये संसार तो छोटा है 

तेरे पंखों में दम है तो, नील गगन भी छोटा है 

कोई न हो जब साथ में तेरे, तू बिलकुल एकाकी है 

मत घबराना बेटा, तेरे साथ में पप्पा बाकी हैं 
पीछे हटना, डरना-झुकना, तेरे लिए है नहीं बना 

आगे बढ़ कर सूरज छूना, तेरी आंख का है सपना 

तुझको तो सूरज से आगे, एक रस्ते पर जाना है 

मोल है क्या तेरे वजूद का दुनिया को बतलाना है
पिता हारकर बाज़ी हमेशा मुस्कुराया
शतरंज की उस जीत को मैं अब समझ पाया

न हो तो रोती हैं जिदे, ख्वाहिशों का ढेर होता हैं
पिता हैं तो हमेशा बच्चो का दिल शेर होता है
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After a jam-packed 2 days at #SciOut18🌪(thx @ASBMB & @rockedu_!) it was time to reflect! 🤔 Reflection is so important, but it can be hard to find ⏰ to really just think! 💭 Some of my thoughts 👉
#365DaysOfScience #biochemistry #scicomm #sciout #science person looking thoughtful in front of mirrornotebook pagenotebook pagenotebook page
What’s inside? 🧐 It’s FORMAMIDE! 🤗 Formally removing RNA’s form with formamide! 🤓 FORMAMIDE in loading buffer breaks up & replaces the bonds between bases holding RNA's shape together 👇
#365DaysOfScience #biochemistry #scicomm #lifeinthelab #science person looking through safety goggles with formamide drawn on themformamide RNA denaturant explanation
Bring on the heat! 🔥 To help denaturants get to the huddling hydrophobic bases, we add heat ♨️ 👉 gives molecules more energy so they can “pull apart” more easily ⏩ easier access 👍 More 👇
#365DaysOfScience #biochemistry #scicomm #lifeinthelab #science person putting tube in heating block
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