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Ethnic #Germans are ‘#dying out’ and #migrants ‘will #inherit#Germany | Jan 18
- An Iranian celebrates the “dying out” of ethnic Germans in a controversial hate-filled article in one of the country’s largest newspapers…
#Replacement. ‘Ethnic #Germans Are #Dying Out And #Migrants Will #Inherit Germany’ | Jan 27
- An Iranian refugee in Germany wrote a piece celebrating the demographic replacement of Germans in Germany's largest newspaper.…
#Iranian #Muslim celebrates the “#dying out” of ethnic #Germans in a hate-filled article in #Remix | Jan 24
- “We are here not just for your #pension #funds - we make sure that the #Aryan nightmare never becomes a reality in this country,…
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It’s pretty safe to say I speak for all our shelter pets when I say their New Years Resolutions are to find love and leave the shelter. But these nine dogs have some extra asks!

We’d love to find rescues to help them with their extra medical needs! They need more than the
shelter is able to provide.

Give us a call at (281) 342-1512 if you’re able to help any of these cuties.

More details about each can be found on our website

#newyear #newyears #newyearsresolution #newyearsresolutions #dog #dogs #shelterdogs
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A lovely #NewYear 🧵

Do you want to develop HABITS to become a more SUCCESSFUL version of yourself?

Well here are my top 'life-hacks' for 2023 that will make you an instant SUCCESS and a BETTER human.

You are welcome.

#NewYears #NewYearsResolution #NewYear2023 #RandomCaps
1. WAKE UP EARLY! Getting up at 4am means you're up an hour earlier than those losers who get up at 5. Even if your kid has been awake most of the night and you've had 90 minutes total sleep, rise and shine, you lazy git. You can use the extra hour to be MORE SUCCESSFUL at life.
2. GET 8 HOURS SLEEP EVERY NIGHT. Sleep is... oh, wait, if you're up at 4, that means going to bed at 8. Uh... you'll figure it out, because you want to be SUCCESSFUL, remember!

Maybe soundproof your kid's room so their night terrors won't disturb your sweet, sweet slumber.
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20 2022 Trends That Need To Be Thrown Into The Sun
#newyears #2022

1. Going for a car ride and then a person in a lab coat taking your testicles.
2. Hearing something drop on the ground and finding out it is kale.
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#NewYears is on Shabbos - aka, as Jews we have rich traditions on how to celebrate at home.

One of the most beautiful parts of Jewish year-cycle rituals and celebrations, is the "do at home" parts.

This year, let's #StayHome and put it to use celebrating New Year's as well 🎉
Some traditions to put to use:

- if you can, prepare foods that "set the mood" for you. Whether historically traditional, or just traditional for you.

- set the table. Traditionally on Shabbat that means a white tablecloth, candles, etc. Use what sets the table for you.
- structure the meal. If that helps (it does me) start the meal with some reflections or song (religious, spiritual, or secular). And wrap up with something similar.

- dress up! My favorite part of every Shabbos. Wherever I am, the power of dressing up can't be overstated.

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So as a little side project, I've been giving psychic readings, and apparently I've gotten good enough to start charging. If you let me know you heard about this from Twitter, I'll give you a reading half off:
Another project I'm launching: Cacao Conversations, an event series combining deep intellectual discussion & the spiritual traditions of #cacao ceremonies. People in LA, please come to the first one Dec 18 at my place in Santa Monica & invite your friends!…
I created a #Meetup group for my Cacao Conversations so you can stay informed of future events. Please sign up here!…
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Trying out #Minecraft for the 1st time with 5yo. No idea what's going on. We just killed a cow with our bare hands.
He just hit a pig with a steak until it died.
Now he's drowning himself trying to kill a fish with a pork loin.
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After a jam-packed 2 days at #SciOut18🌪(thx @ASBMB & @rockedu_!) it was time to reflect! 🤔 Reflection is so important, but it can be hard to find ⏰ to really just think! 💭 Some of my thoughts 👉
#365DaysOfScience #biochemistry #scicomm #sciout #science person looking thoughtful in front of mirrornotebook pagenotebook pagenotebook page
What’s inside? 🧐 It’s FORMAMIDE! 🤗 Formally removing RNA’s form with formamide! 🤓 FORMAMIDE in loading buffer breaks up & replaces the bonds between bases holding RNA's shape together 👇
#365DaysOfScience #biochemistry #scicomm #lifeinthelab #science person looking through safety goggles with formamide drawn on themformamide RNA denaturant explanation
Bring on the heat! 🔥 To help denaturants get to the huddling hydrophobic bases, we add heat ♨️ 👉 gives molecules more energy so they can “pull apart” more easily ⏩ easier access 👍 More 👇
#365DaysOfScience #biochemistry #scicomm #lifeinthelab #science person putting tube in heating block
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