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Ever wish there were social science illustrators like we have #scicomm illustrators, #SciArt?

Feel like @Prugelmeister and his work exactly fits that bill

Just look at the quality of these illustrations! ImageImageImageImage
This is something that I also need to work on. ImageImageImage
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For #SciArtSeptember ‘earthly’: Danish #seismologist Inge Lehmann (1888 – 1993) demonstrated that the Earth's core is not a single molten sphere, but contained an inner solid core, in ‘36, in most succinctly named P’ paper! She later discovered Lehmann Discontinuity in mantle. Linocut portrait of Inge Le...
For #SciArtSeptember I chose a scientist who is far too little-known, despite her enormous accomplishments: biochemist Marie Maynard Daly (1921-2003), 1st Black woman to earn a chemistry PhD in the US, made important research contributions to our understanding of the biochemisty Linocut portrait of Marie D...
of the cell nucleus & cardiovascular issues. Interest in the nuclear proteins lead to important contributions to knowledge of chemistry of histones & protein synthesis. She published original research establishing that "no bases other than adenine, guanine, thymine, and cytosine
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NEW PIECE: Visualizing the Biomass of Life 🐂🐬🐝🐠🦩🦨🐢🐄#sciart #biomass #scientificillustration #illustration #animals #dataviz #datavisualization #visualjournalism #biodiversity
Read more about this topic here:…
Original data from 2018 paper by @yinonbaron, Rob Phillips and Ron Milo…
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I've been thinking a lot about #illustration and #graphics in #scicomm and the place they play in design.

Like text, images hold info. I like to think of my images in terms of question-centered design as well. Here's a system of levels I've made to help me organize images:
1. Observational, descriptive. What something is, its inherent form, materials and characteristics. (what, who) Pen and ink drawing of a lithic
2. Contextual, locative. Puts the subject in a setting, either placing it in geographic or temporal space. Gives us the position relative to time or location. (where, when) lithic drawing, with leader lines placing it on a timeline a
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Ahhh #storyboarding! Will touch on this a bit later this week! But a teaser...

Don't worry about the hero's journey first.
Start with a #narrative timeline:
1. Who is your protagonist? Immune cells?
2. Antagonist or supporting players? Bacteria?
3. Define setting...
(1 of 5)
... where are you? The lungs? (maybe start with a wide angle, then zoom in, and in).
4. Define your problem. Bacterial infection spreading!
5. Counter action. Immune system attacks!
6. Overcoming, or reaction. Bacterial infection shrinks?
7. Wrap up ...
(2 of 5)
... call to action? moral? "That's how..." explainer

Basically, the thing to remember with animation, #1 mistake is writing out of linear time order. Unlike text, your timeline is more rigid. Can't see the immune cells attack until that character is introduced to us.

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#Design for #Sciviz Tip 1:

Keep it simple (as you can). No.1 issue I run into with clients is they want to put every bit of their research in every image. Maybe ok for numbered figs, but not in your visual abstract, not in your PPT presentation!
At each step, whether working with a #sciart designer, or DIY, ask yourself "what is most important here" and "how can I #communicate that most clearly?"
Ask yourself what is noise in your message, and may prevent your audience from understanding (or even reading) your work. If it is unreadable, there is NO POINT in having every detail in there!
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After Antarctica and some backpacking, my Antarctica money ran out. Luckily I had a job lined up at Çatalhöyük @catalhoyuk_arch - a posterchild site for post-processual #archaeology!

My first full time #sciart gig as a archaeological illustrator!
I'd like to spotlight the ongoing #archaeological #illustration of Çatalhöyük illustrator @kjkillackey who was a great help in showing me the ropes, and her incredible work!

(Katy hope you don't mind I pulled this image from your feed.) Image
Also part of our little Çatalhöyük #sciviz office there was @jasonq, archaeological #photographer whose work you can see here: (screenshot here)

Jason did a lot of climbing in scaffolding to get useful overhead shots of the dig! Image
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After college, I spent some time traveling and working, and improving my #sciart skills.
The first place I went was Amundsen–Scott South Pole Station in #Antarctica (the #southpole).
I worked as a dishwasher, met my future husband, and saw some pretty neat climate science! Amundsen–Scott South Pole S...
During the summer, most operations workers at #southpole live in "Summer camp" a half mile from station.
It is a cluster of Jamesway tents on the ice flat. Home sweet home!
The warmest day that summer was -9° F, and the coldest as I left was about -60° F. That is cold! Image
One of the coolest things down there is @uw_icecube IceCube Neutrino Observatory, doing some #neutrino #physics!

Sensors deep in the ice can catch neutrino interactions in ice (heavy water also works in mine shafts)!
Here's a nice #sciviz by Fermilab
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I'm a #sciviz freelancer...

Institutions & individuals contract me for help communicating science. I collaborate with researchers, designers, journalists, or comms to execute the right visuals for the audience.
This #sciart for @TheScientistLLC Recent cellular illustratio...
On any given week I may be juggling:
Multiple Figs and visual abstracts
Journal cover submission
Patient ed animation
Biotech campagin storyboarding
Zoo sign species ID #illustrations
Helping craft a @NatGeo #infographic
Kids puzzles!
#Textbook graphics
Science #editorial
... Image
I'm a generalist, with a #science and #medical background, and #editorial experience. So I communicate a wide range of #scicomm topics. My superpower is turning #data into #dataviz.

Many in my field are much more specialized! I'll tweet share colleagues work in a bit!
brb! Image
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Today here at @iamscicomm I'm focusing a bit on my world - the world of science adjacent #sciart and #sciviz folks who support researchers with graphic #scicomm.

I mentioned yesterday I stared down a STEM career path, but found what I really loved was communicating that science!
So where does a person go from there? For the record, everyone thought this was a poor career choice. I
1. Dropped my minor
2. Dropped the weed-out pre-med courses
3. Started drawing every day
4. Started teaching myself software
5. Started contacting #sciviz folks for advice Starting down the road of s...
Asking advice is important when considering a #STEM career. I had access to a lot of people in research and medicine to talk to and help me.

Unfortunately, this is not as easy for everyone. How do you make yourself accessible for students or potential entrants to your field? ❓ The road from student to pr...
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As many of you may know, I will be retiring from @HarvardForest at the end of June.

But I won't be disappearing!
I'll continue to use @AMaxEll17 for my adventures w/ #sciart #photography #Travel and more regular updates and blogs on
But if you want to keep up with my science, please follow me and my start-up @SS4SSci, my new home for initiatives in student-centered research, #DiversityInSTEM, #scicomm, science #projectmanagement &c.:
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🦠O sarampo é uma doença infecciosa causada por vírus responsável por mais de 140.000 mortes por ano no mundo.

💉Vou contar um pouco sobre como é essa doença prevenível por vacinas! ⬇️

#scicomm #sciart
Na figura, estão o nucleocapsídeo (azul) e seu material genético (roxo) de RNA.

🦠Embora cause uma doença péssima, é um vírus lindo com uma estrutura helicoidal dentro, diferente daqueles vírus cujas estruturas internas ou externas são "esféricas" que estamos tão acostumados.
🔬Quando o vemos no microscópio, ele tem essa forma redonda, com umas manchas escuras no meio.

🦠Isso porque ele é um vírus envelopado de 120-150nm de tamanho, com uma membrana celular derivada da célula infectada e, dentro, proteínas envolvendo o material genético (acima).
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Hi guys, this is the latest update for the vaccine cards. Mostly small tweaks and updating the data. I included a legend card to provide a bit more explanation. #sciart #scicomm #CovidVaccine [1/3] ImageImageImageImage
[2/3] ImageImageImageImage
[3/3] ImageImage
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Anybody else here doing #sciart? If yes, what inspires you? What tools are you using? Are you using your art in your actual scientific work in some way?
I really got into science cartoons/sketches - the most successful so far was the PhD bathtub: 1/4
I've been doing a lot of (traditional) drawing and painting back in school and at the beginning as an university student, but I stopped later due to stress & all the (international) moving and tiny apartment of first the PhD and then postdocs. 2/4
I then heard of sketchnotes & graphic recording and loved the idea. I first tried them on paper, then bought myself and ipad. Never actually managed to get into proper graphic recording, but science doodles turned out to be fun! 3/4
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My name is Fancy and I'm taking part in the #GlobalScienceShow
Today I'm going to show you some of my #SciArt works combining industrial design to communicate science!

Check @GlobalSciShow and follow for the whole show ✨🔬✏️👋🏽

#scicomm #comunicacienciachile #industrialdesign
I’ve always been passionate about #science but I also loved #art and wanted to create products, so I studied #industrialdesign, art and #architecure and now I use different techniques & disciplines I’ve learned to express ideas and to explore new ways to communicate science
#IndustrialDesign is a PROCESS OF DESIGN applied to products where design precedes manufacture. Is the #creative act of determining & defining a product's form and features and as an applied art focuses on a combination of aesthetics, user, form, function & physical ergonomics
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Hey! It's Takita here! I’m taking part in the #GlobalScienceShow #SciArt special! We love to wear our #SciArt plus, #LondonFashionWeek is next week so let's get making! Follow this thread and the whole show for more...and check out @AbigailByford up next!
Them: How does Maths even relate to fashion?…


…and this is just the beginning!
The invention of the jacquard loom revolutionised the making of woven fabrics…and technology!

Here’s another weaving activity for you to try, this time exploring optical illusions and fashion.

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Earlier this year, @Scient_Art collaborated with us to produce one of the first detailed 3D models of the #SARSCoV2 virus particle. To round off 2021 she's updated her model, and it looks great (1/N) Image
... the first model drew heavily on existing work on related viruses (SARS-CoV-1 and MHV). The updated model has an improved representation of the spike protein, building on the detailed model from @RommieAmaro's lab (…) (2/N) Image
The spacing and flexing of the spikes was also updated based on cryoEM data, particularly from the labs of @BriggsGroup ( and @drlisai (…) (3/N) Image
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Bonsoir ! 👋 Merci encore pour vos nombreux retours enthousiastes & partages, hier. 😊💚 Aujourd'hui, on va parler des #compétences requises, des #contraintes & #avantages du métier (d'où la photo ci-dessous, vous allez comprendre) !

🔽🔽🔽 #sciart #scicom
On a déjà vu ces derniers jours que certaines compétences techniques sont requises dans mon métier : maîtrise des outils de création, veille #naturaliste, entraînement régulier, etc. 🖌️
Mais le métier d'#illustrateur·rice #scientifique réclame bien d'autres compétences que ce qu'on appelle trivialement "savoir #dessiner".
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Bonsoir ! 😊👋 Après avoir évoqué mon parcours et proposé un tour d'horizon de mes #illustrations hier, je vais partager avec vous aujourd'hui les #coulisses de la création. C'est parti ! 📗🖍️🖌️

🔽🔽🔽 #scicom #sciart #IllustrationNaturaliste Image
Pour dessiner, j'utilise mon #critérium fétiche, dont la pointe fait 0,03 mm. ✏️ La mine est très, très (très) fragile mais elle permet un trait extrêmement précis... Et discret, ce qui est un plus, car un trait de contour trop visible peut nuire au réalisme d'un sujet ! ImageImage
Évidemment, comme je travaille chez moi, je bénéficie parfois d'un soutien moral bienvenu mais un peu... Encombrant. Regardez-moi ce face à face entre deux fauves. 😸

#pôtichat Image
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Would you recognize a Neanderthal if you met one on the street?

Have a look at my painting of a Neanderthal woman and compare her features to yours. 1/14

#SciArt #neanderthal #illustration #Archaeology #portrait Digital painting of a Neanderthal woman in profile, looking
I had the chance to study Neanderthal appearance while creating this portrait for the Stelida Naxos Archaeology Project (SNAP) @stelidanaxos. 2/14
SNAP, run by Dr. Tristan Carter @AnthroMac, has found evidence for Middle Pleistocene activity at the chert extraction site of Stelida, Naxos. Mousterian stone tools, dating to the Middle Palaeolithic, suggests Neanderthal use of the site. 3/14…
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Back to some #SciArt again. Here's a #cartoon series/#thread based on our #ubercool research work on #leopards in #Karnataka #India (1/10)

#SciComm #AcademicChatter
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Today is the day for #InternationalSlothDay! I've drawn #SciArt of #sloths including giant browser Megatherium, giant digger Lestodon, freshwater swimmer Ahytherium, and tree climber Bradypus! More will be added through this thread...
Also i add my other drawing for the sea #sloth, thalassocnus. This one was used for Palaeocast Art competition, but i didn't win anyway...
Here's my size comparison of the #sloths i've been drawing, sorry if the scaling is innacurate...

Now we go to my Deviantart links and other facts about these sloths!
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Happy Tuesday! It’s @MeredithSchmehl and today I'm going to switch gears to focus on science communication - #SciComm! SciComm is all about sharing science and improving access to science 1/10 A schedule graphic for Mere...
There are many forms of #SciComm, including in-person outreach, writing, broadcast media, and #SciArt. Some people also place science policy (#SciPol) under the SciComm umbrella 2/10 A photo of a camera filming...
I got my start in #SciComm as an undergraduate at @CarnegieMellon, where I was involved in community outreach with a student group. We'll talk more about outreach tomorrow, and by the end of the week we'll discuss several other forms of SciComm 3/10
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Here it is!

#Inktober2020 day 1 in my #PathogenPortraits series. After years of studying this in cow bums, it had to be #EcoliO157

It causes bloody diarrhoea & if that wasn't bad enough, sometimes kidney failure & death. More info @…
#sciart #microbiology Inktober2020 E. coli O157 c...
#Inktober2020 day 2 in my #PathogenPortraits series. 'The Clap' (Neisseria gonorrhoeae) b/c who doesn't 💚 green purulent discharge?

It's sexually transmitted but also from mother->newborn during birth to cause blindness.
More info:…

#sciart #microbiology Image
#Inktober2020 day 3 in my #PathogenPortraits series. The very 💛golden💛 #MRSA.

Minds it's own business on your skin, but if it gets inside, methicillin won't do a thing to stop it.

More info at #sciart #microbiology Methicillin resistant staph...
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