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#POTUS is and has been the most successful President of the United States. It has moved the masses of our country and world wide. That's what the DS hates the most! As much as they have wanted to knock him down, he remains like a standing oak.
[They] have released a "pandemic" to finish him! This 👑🦠 United the people WW! The Invisible Enemy has weakening. With or without vaccine, the American people will continue their course of freedom & progress and will rise to save the economy and the future of their children
Q !!
May 15 2020 10:30:43 (EST) NEW

This will never happen!
People are rising up!
[They] are traitors, criminals & losers!
Gallows are ready
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Let’s address contact tracing. First off the master (#faucifraud) has spoken and said an “overwhelming majority of people recover from the virus.”

Yet some states are going to start door to door contact tracing and removing individuals if you’re house cannot accommodate social distancing. I’m imagine this would also impact single parents with children.

IOS Update
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PLANDEMIC Part 1: Shut Down WHO, FDA, CDC, AMA and We&#8217;ve Got a Healthy World Again…
She says, "It is a conflict of interest and in fact, this is one of the things that I've been saying and would like to say to President Trump: Repeal the Bayh-Dole Act. That Act gave government workers the right to patent their discoveries. To claim intellectual property for...
...discoveries that the taxpayer paid for. Ever since that happened in the early '80's...
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4th month in 2020.

The devious and evil #NWO plan to create an One World Government is unfolding before our eyes.

The conspiracy is real
It’s against us
Humanity is targeted

[They] go all-in to control, silence and enslave everything and everyone.

April’s wrap up 👇🏼
#Gates says gatherings will not come back "at all" till people are vaccinated, his buddy #Fauci is pushing #vaccines as “Ultimate Game Changer”

#Fauci: Don't Assume #Chloroquine is a 'Knockout Drug'; #Vaccine is 'Ultimate Game Changer'
Dr. Evil #Gates programming the people with his hand movements and mantra; “Vaccines, Vaccines, Vaccines.”

Typical #FalseFlag Problem, Reaction, Solution strategy


Fear, “help protect us”

#Vaccines #Vaccines #Vaccines
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I don't just know these guys. I worked side by side with them during 12-hour night shifts in ER/Trauma for 2 years on my travel assignment in Bakersfield! These are my friends and are amazing docs.
I would trust them to care for myself or anyone I love.
Listen to what they have to say. They own 8 urgent care clinics and have been collecting data all about corona and questioning the lack of real science lately.
"Who says what's safe? Are you smart enough to know what's safe for you or is the government going to tell you what's safe for you? As soon as they use the word safe, it means control....
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#FauciFraud: TRUTH In A TimeLine (DIGG)

~ March '14 CDC shipment infected w/ H5N1
~June '14 CDC workers potentially exposed to anthrax
~July '14 CDC shuts 2 labs in the wake of several recent incidents in which highly pathogenic microbes were mishandled by federal laboratories
~Oct. '14 Moratorium put to eff with GOF research. The idea is to attenuate viruses but somehow they become more dangerous. (Report doesn't mention coronavirus).

They used this time to assess & develop a new U.S. Govt policy governing the funding
& conduct of GOF research
#Fauci Outsources GOF To... China Wuhan Lab 🩱

~ '15 #Fauci "America's doctor reportedly outsourced GOF research to Wuhan Institute of Virology

Of course of time NIAID provided a $3.7 million grant to them to study bat-borne coronavirus.
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🇺🇸 Dr. Rashid A. Buttar ~ Please share!

🙏 Great to see more Dr's speaking out!

💉 #Depopulation through #Vaccination…
No mandatory vaccines for US Citizens, No mandatory microchipping, No mass surveillance, under any circumstances.

✍️ Sign the petition:…
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'The Comprehensive Timeline of China’s🦠COVID-19 Lies'

📢Excellent eyeopening read!
RETWEET🇺🇸 #AWAKENING 2 deviousness #CCPVirus #ChinaMustExplain
@POTUS @VP @parscale @GOP @T_S_P_O_O_K_Y @njc0217
@CCTTruthChannel @ReElect20…
🎲 Crap shoot What the Hell?

UPDATE: US @NIH Awarded Wuhan Lab that Studied Bat #Coronavirus a 🤮$3.7 Million US Grant -- AFTER WARNINGS ABOUT THEIR RISKY TESTS!

Disgusting stuff = RETWEET
Was @BillGates the handler?…
🔍TIMELINE: The Early Days of #ChinaCoronavirus outbreak & Cover-Up🎏 RT

*If #CCPchina had acted 3wks earlier🦠virus cases could've been reduced📉 95% geographic spread!🔎
#ChinaMustPay #BioTerrorism
*(Many news source)…
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In early 2009, #ObamaBiden were so busy watching the #FederalReserve shovel #funnymoney to cover the #BushRecession, while moving troops from Iraq to Afghanistan, and resetting relations with Russia & Ukraine, they barely had time to ignore the emerging #H1N1SwineFlu pandemic.
In the spring of 2009, a novel influenza virus emerged. It was detected first in the United States & spread quickly across the United States & the world.
#CDC estimated there were 60.8 million cases, 274,304 hospitalizations, & 12,469 deaths in the U.S. alone due to the virus.
#CDC estimated up to 575,400 people worldwide died from #H1N1SwineFlu virus infection during the first year the virus circulated.
Since 2009, the H1N1 virus has circulated seasonally in the U.S. causing significant illnesses, hospitalizations, & deaths.…
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Dr. Scott Jenson and #Minnesota Senator says Hospitals getting paid more to list patients as #COVID19 and 3 times as much if put on a ventilator.

#Fauci is helping crash the economy and set up voting fraud by mail.
The Media says claims of #Fauci being a @HillaryClinton sympathizer are baseless, yet here he is sending her an email.

Fauci says her speech brought him to tears.

I'm not saying #Fauci
is not qualified for the job because he is.
What I am saying is the Fauci is friends
with all the same people who have attempted a Coup de'ta against @realDonaldTrump

He is friends with all the #ukraine players, #spygate players #Russia Hoax players, Impeachment hoax, and everyone involved in @ClintonFdn crimes.

Essentially everyone @potus want to lock up
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👉#SwineFlu #Fraud of 1976 ~ 60 Minutes

👉Are you #awake yet? Notice the #propaganda pattern?

👉100 yrs of #Plandemics designed to harm and #control!

👉4 words to learn & teach your #children: "I DO NOT CONSENT"

#DoNotConsent #Plandemic #Vaccine #FakeNews #Covid19

Jan '76, A virus was detected in a single military base at Fort Dix, New Jersey which led to 1 death and 13 to be hospitalized. The 1 death was a soldier who experienced influenza symptoms & had just participated in a forced five-mile march. He collapsed & died during the march.
Feb '76, Samples were tested by the NJ Dept of Health. A few isolates of the samples were atypical & sent to the CDC which found evidence of Swine Influenza A. After WHO was informed, CDC Dir. David Sencer drafted a memo calling for mass immunization for the swine flu. Image
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#WeThePatriots WANT THE TRUTH TO BE TOLD 💯✝️🇺🇸

We are SICK of these people 👇

The ONLY way the will wake up & stop being so DENSE is 2 SHOW them the TRUTH


Rt if you AGREE

@realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse
How much more can this country take watching the DS at all these briefings like #FauciFraud #BirxTheBtch
All these people do is THIS - time for the VEIL to be LIFTED!
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A lot of u been asking me to do a thread on Bill Gates & his evil NWO vaccine plan. It's a DEEP rabbit hole, but I will Cliff Note some of the things that should open ur eyes to this man's motives in this thread
2/ I'll start off w/ one of the most well known sources for exposing deep state operations, Im sure u are familiar w/ Anonymous (follow @YourAnonNews). Here is a recent video about Gates from 2 wks ago

STOP & WATCH THIS 4 MIN VIDEO before u proceed!

3/ For those who aren't old enough to remember the rise & fall of Bill Gates 20 yrs ago, you probably only know the rise, but go down a rabbit hole on ur own to find out how many things Gates fucked up back in the "windows 98/Vista" days. here is my current favorite meme.
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“If I get the #coronavirus, I’ll probably be OK.” said #MaxBrooks. “But if I give it to [my father, #MelBrooks], he could give it to #CarlReiner, who could give it to #DickVanDyke, & I’ve wiped out a whole generation of comedic legends."…
Why #PanicMongers like #Newsom, #Cuomo, #Fauci, & false accuser #MaxBrooks are full of ignorant crap when they blame #Trump for delaying mitigation of the spread of #SARSCoV2 virus.…
“The U.S. government relied on the Centers for Disease Control to produce a test; they failed ...
#CDC said they would handle it ...
Leaders at the CDC lied to both the HHS secretary and the president #Trump. And as a result the nation got weeks behind.”…
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"The official asked the Thais for help—only to be informed by the puzzled voices on the other side of the line that a U.S. shipment of the same supplies, the second of two so far, was already on its way to Bangkok."…
"The administration has also placed a moratorium on overseas shipments of USAID’s stockpiles of protective gear and is asking that the equipment be sent to the U.S. instead"
USAID: “They’re really trying to walk a fine line between making sure Americans get everything they need and then starting to provide assistance elsewhere, and the vice president’s oversight is slowing down the decision-making process"
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The states are still not taking this pandemic serious enough. Setting up a room of cots makes for good pictures, but there remains massive voids in the medical supply chain & contingencies of public services. None of them are taking on that bigger problem. The feds aren't coming. ImageImage
POTUS activated the reserve today. The details are sparse. "Exactly which individuals will be recalled were not immediately released... the executive order regarding the move said officials could recall up to 1 million individuals for up to 2 years"…
"Army officials said that more than 9,000 former soldiers with medical training expressed interest in assisting with the coronavirus pandemic efforts.... More than 12300 Army National Guard and Air National Guard have already been mobilized in recent days to help state officials"
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Anons 🐸Let us take a 👀Fauci🤡 > Short thread👇
#FauciFraud Absence From Task Force Briefing Turns Heads…
Flashback👉From 1988 >41 honors little known [DS]🤡 Dr. Fauci for his work w Aids #Qanon #WeAreTheNewsNow
👉From 2008 >43 honors [DS] Fauci 🤡w/ Presidential Medal of Freedom #DarkToLight…
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Meet the Director General of World Health Organization who Severely Overstated the Fatality Rate of the #coronavirus Leading to the Greatest Global Panic in History
He Nominates DiCaprio, Fonda and Greta in fighting
#COVID19 #TruthMatters
This is the Chief of World Health Organization who declared the pandemic! The WHO is partnered with the UN - Above the CDC
Tedros Ghebreyesus with some more friends
The swamp runs deep🐍 #COVID19
Trust the Plan - MI in Control #StPatricksDay ImageImageImageImage
The man who declared the #coronavirus pandemic, Chief of the WHO with Podesta, Kerry and working with CHAI! (Clinton Health Access) #COVID19
Clinton Foundation conflicts of interest
WHO is the enemy 👇Literally
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