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#TurckerCarlson divulga pesquisa da #Lancet q constatou problemas #cardíacos #permanentes (#miocardite) em jovens entre 12/29 anos. Cerca d 26% ficaram c/ problemas #irreversíveis e terão q conviver c/ a #inflamação p/ o resto da vida.
Tradução gerada por I.A. Segue o vídeo...
Continuando o Vídeo. #TuckerCarlson expõe propaganda do Hospital Presbiteriano onde se trata com "normalidade" o fato de uma garota saudável ter sido acometida pela Miocardite. Ele vai chamar a atenção p/ o fato de q a pesquisa já identificou q a causa e o experimento. Segue...
A despeito de médicos renomados tentarem avisar ao #CDC que os danos poderiam ser maiores que o esperado, a Agência minimizou os danos dizendo que só 30 ou 40 crianças teriam #Miocardite, enquanto na Europa eles
#baniram a #Moderna. Segue...
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🇺🇬 Ugandas Gesundheitsministerium sagt, dass die Zahl der Todesopfer durch einen Ebola-Ausbruch im Land bisher 11 Menschen getötet hat.
Am Freitag wurden drei weitere Todesfälle gemeldet, da sieben weitere Todesfälle im Zusammenhang mit dem Ausbruch untersucht wurden.
Benachbarte ostafrikanische Länder haben den Ebola-Schutzschirm entlang der Grenze erhöht, um die Ausbreitung zu verhindern.
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Transcript: The Rachel Maddow Show, 3/29/21… via @msnbc
CDC Real-World Study Confirms Protective Benefits of mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines
Study involved health care personnel, first responders, and essential workers in six states…
Interim Estimates of Vaccine Effectiveness of BNT162b2 and mRNA-1273 COVID-19 Vaccines in Preventing SARS-CoV-2 Infection Among Health Care Personnel, First Responders, and Other Essential and Frontline Workers — 8 U.S. Locations, December 2020–March 2021…
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Un article récent résout ce casse-tête en identifiant une faille systémique des données dans la convention de déclaration qui obscurcit l’impact fatal immédiat des injections de #Covid_19, où d’importants décès par « vaccin » ont été attribués à tort aux « non vaccinés »

Récemment, @realDrBirx , coordinatrice du Groupe de travail de la Maison Blanche sur le coronavirus (WHCTF), qui a défini les stratégies pour les premières réponses américaines à la #Covid_19 copiées par une grande partie du monde, a publiquement déploré la mauvaise qualité
des données américaines sur la #Covid_19 et a déclaré « C’était une pandémie motivée par des hypothèses et des perceptions, plutôt que par des données et de la science ».
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@MartinKulldorff @MartyMakary Thanks, Martin.

I will leave this video here as a comparative reference to cross-check with Marty's article.

Dr. Anthony Fauci on COVID-19: Lessons Learned and Remaining Challenges | Rhoads Medal Lecture 2022
@MartinKulldorff @MartyMakary Here are some of the claims made in statements by the author, @MartyMakary
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About the fate of those who refuse to participate in the world debt reset program, healthpass or the #vaccination schedule: "Indefinitely" in isolation until one complies and having "all their assets seized"
- a 🧵 Image
You can see how they are tracking the progress of their agenda on the lower left corner of the document. Image
The fake pretense for isolation and asset seizure: the "Shielding Approach" Image
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Quién podría imaginarse que la gran democracia occidental que es aún los #EEUU 🇺🇸 tenga en su agenda dominar al Departamento de Justicia y al FBI?
Qué ellos “importen los pañuelos verdes” un invento de #Arge🇦🇷?
Qué @CFK y #Fernández lo llamen “Juan Domingo”?
Que en su agenda principal en los #EEUU 🇺🇸 también se discutiera firmemente la apertura de las Escuelas públicas cerradas por #Biden?
Que llamen “racista” a los candidatos afroamericanos cuando son del partido republicano?
Que se discuta idioma inclusivo?
Que hayan votado algunos muertos en 2020 y antes, como en los países bananeros?
Una desilusión!
Que en las escuelas se adoctrine?
Que #Disney de 50% de contenido trans?
Si, y hasta le quitaron el apoyo ($) al @GovRonDeSantis!
Pero esto no lo dicen los medios acá?
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🌎 USA 🇺🇸

Non vi è alcun presupposto per sottoporre i bambini e ragazzi ad inoculazione del vaccino contro monkeypox, il #JYNNEOS, eppure, la #FDA vuole consentire ai medici di somministrarlo a tutti i giovani al di sotto dei 18 anni.
"L'epidemia"riguarda esclusivamente i gay.
La stessa #OMS ha ammesso che le persone a rischio sono gli uomini che hanno rapporti sessuali con uomini (MSM) ed ha ammesso, inoltre, di non essere sicura del #vaccino #JYNNEOS, in quanto in fase di sperimentazione clinica.
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Important 🧵 about the #CDC, #COVID, the #opioid crisis, & #pain:

This article does a great job of showing how the CDC is easily influenced by whatever political party is in charge and whoever is paying for the current narrative.

At this point, it should be clear to nearly all Americans that claims/guidelines/etc of the CDC are rarely crafted solely for public health.

The bull💩 claims about the opioid crisis is as politically/financially driven as any. It’s time for Congress to force the CDC to:

1) end current & expose previous private funding

2) have meaningful oversight

3) most importantly - WHEN (not if) scientific (or any other type of) fraud is discovered, any guidelines or actions based on the fraudulent or skewed data must be rapidly and publicly reversed.

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This is what concerns me. Bear with me in this thread. Prior to #omicron sub variants, I could reassure patients & tell them they probably had a few months of protection. Not anymore. Cause if you had omicron, you are not likely protected against the newer BA.4 & BA.5 strains.
Hence your risk of infection & then reinfection is now very high. Why? Cause these #variants are escaping the #vaccines.
So for those living their lives & not trying to avoid the virus, your risk of #longcovid is very high.
I am especially pleading to the young population, the last thing you want is suffer from #brainfog & #shortnessofbreath for the rest of your lives. We don’t have a cure at this point for #longhaulers. Your goal should be to AVOID this virus but if not, avoid getting reinfected!
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Das Impfberatungskomitee des US-amerikanischen #CDC hat heute einstimmig dafür gestimmt, die Impfstoffe von #Biontech/#Pfizer und #Moderna für Kinder unter 5 Jahre zu empfehlen. Hier ist die Präsentation, mit der diese Empfehlung untermauert wurde.…
Insgesamt sehr lohnenswert zu lesen. Ein paar interessante Folien, zb: der Großteil der Covid-assoziierten Hospitalisierungen bei Kindern 6 Monate bis 4 Jahre war WEGEN #Covid_19.
Etwa die Hälfte der hospitalisierten Kinder hatte keine Vorerkrankung.
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I might lose my internet access for posting this
But, hey #Lubbock, did you know that one of the world’s first and maybe most famous computer #hacker super groups started right here in the LBK?
That’s right, Cult of the Dead Cow, a world famous group that was founded in 1984…
Cult of the Dead Cow was founded by Grandmaster Ratte AKA Swamp Ratte (who’s official title was Imperial Wizard of ExXxtasy) Franken Gibe and Sid Vicious. The group also had Jesse Dryden, the son of Jefferson Airplane drummer Spencer Dryden and grand nephew of Charlie Chaplin
COTDC are basically the pioneers for modern hacktivism. Their members started #HoHoCon the original hacker convention. They were spotlighted in Sassy magazine. The declared war on the Church of Scientology. One member “Mudge” even advised President Clinton on cyber security.
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Let us do a #WaybackWednesday for this week. The Roger Adams Collection at the #UCSF #IndustryDocuments library. Image
That collection is where this was found.
Big Sugar 💝 Big Dentistry.
#SealantsAndFluoride. You know, #SugarScience.…
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For Monkeypox CDC has made available a lot more testing capacity than there is testing going on. The bottleneck? Doctors sending samples. So CDC is undertaking broad campaign to raise awareness among patients and providers. There is probably undiagnosed cases. Some background 1/n
While #CDC has test specifically for monkeypox, any one of 60+ state labs in CDC’s “Laboratory Response Network” can test for orthopoxvirus

Since monkeypox is only circulating orthopoxvirus, any positive is presumed monkeypox. It equates to capacity to do 8,000 tests a week 2/n
Testing requires awareness, special handling. Doctors must send secretions from vesicle or scraping of scab. Key is to increase sampling of suspicious vesicles. In most cases monkeypox isn’t presenting as disseminated rash, so may be getting overlooked 3/n…
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There is a lot of confusion about what #LymeDisease tests under the #CDC #twotier standard are actually designed to diagnose. I’d like to elucidate for all but am feeling kinda lazy, lol. Let’s see here. 1/x
Some think #lymeDisease diagnostics are geared toward #earlylyme only, while some say #latelyme or #LymeArthritis. It’s more specific than that & there is a reliance on timing & interpretation of results to exclude as many cases as possible. 2/x
First of all, one must understand that #LymeDisease & diagnostic test outcomes vary based on people’s genetic makeup, among other factors. People with certain HLAs (studied in-depth by #AllenSteere) tend to have a stronger immune response. 3/x
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Solved - Gulf War syndrome mystery: U.S. Gov-funded scientists blame SARIN released into air — #veterans #military #GulfWar #healthcare #science #ToxicExposures…
Researchers believe #troops’ exposure to sarin gas is to blame for the mysterious unexplained collection of illnesses known as Gulf War syndrome. About 250,000 #veterans have complained of chronic symptoms like fever, fatigue, #memory problems, body pain, etc… #GulfWar #research
According to the #CDC, sarin gas is one of the most deadly chemical agents. — #veterans #military #GulfWar #ToxicExposures
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Thread 🧵: Reflections of a Parent/Caregiver After Six Years Implementation of CDC Guidelines (warning long but I am very interested in feedback)

Since babies, my kids, have intimately known #pain. At one time their #pain was intermittent & #acute. Sadly, they now struggle 1/
#chronicpain & are young adults. Our kids 1st 13/16 years of life, our family had a #safetynet, their #pediatrician. He was highly intelligent, compassionate, he challenged the system & in the most authentic sense #partnered with families. #Pain was not a major concern when 2/
the kids were under his care. The nature of their disease often brought us to the ER & hospitalizations. The hospitalizations resulted due to inability to manage #pain, dehydration, & other issues caused by a flare in their #disease. My husband & I attempted to minimize the 3/
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The U.S. CDC has issued a nationwide alert for medical professionals to report any cases of #hepatitis in #children. The alert was made after a cluster of 9 severe hepatitis cases was identified in children aged 1-6 in Alabama. #CDC #CGTNAmerica Image
In Alabama, several children developed liver failure and two had to receive liver transplants. #hepatitis #children #CGTNAmerica
Severe #hepatitis cases among children were also found in Denmark, Ireland, the Netherlands, and Spain after a report last week in the U.K. that found 74 cases in #children since January. #CGTNAmerica
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We have another skittish little #bunny! Our beautiful Tony here is v #shy about sharing #sources, and since I am v #gentle, as an act of #goodfaith, i’ll go first and see if we can ease him in!

A #funfunfun "I'll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours" game for #SundayFunday🎀
Before we really get going... #Muffin were you aware that #Omicron is leading to a big increase in #pediatric hospital admissions?…
#Bunny, you weren’t #serious about #Covid re: children, were you?

Researchers "have found elevated levels of a biomarker related to blood vessel damage in children with SARS-CoV-2 infection, even if the children had minimal or no symptoms of COVID-19."…
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I am Rafee. An indigenous activist and herbalist.
My mission is reconnecting the indigenous American, falsely classified as black, back to land history and culture through the use of indigenous remedies. #FBA #ADOS #SaveMasonTN #SecureTheTribe order here👉🏾
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Let’s take a look at @CDCDirector Rochelle Walensky and her shady dealings...shall we? 👀 (thread 👇)

#CDC #COVID #Fauci #Pfizer #vaccine
1️⃣ Rochelle Walensky is married to Loren D. Walensky, a renowned pediatric oncology researcher at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute at Harvard. 👇
2️⃣ In October 2019 Loren Walensky became the scientific co-founder and a member of the Board of Directors of Lytica Therapeutics, “an early-stage biotechnology company working on an innovative platform for developing next-generation antimicrobials.” 👇
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🧵The Biden Administration's new Covid plan is comprehensive, forward looking, well crafted.

It focuses on key capacity building for future contingencies that'll provide greater assurance we're prepared whether Covid remains a low level threat or takes new, more menacing twists.
This includes new efforts to build and sustain readily accessible, domestic biological manufacturing capacity to ensure an adequate supply of vaccines and biologics for future contingencies. It also includes guaranteed markets for diagnostics to ensure continuous supply.
The plan underscores need to make consumer access to information and tools easier, with new consumer-facing portals. This was lacking before.

It also commits new efforts to vulnerable populations, especially those who are medically vulnerable because of age and health conditions
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.@WHCOVIDResponse briefing coming up at 10:30amET with someone different today: #HHS @SecBecerra, who's joining @CDCDirector Walensky, #NIH Fauci, Jeff Zients to discuss a roadmap to enable US to move forward safely & sustain/build on progress #COVID19😷
.@WHCOVIDResponse #COVID19 briefing seems to be running a bit late to get started.

#COVID19vaccines #MaskUp #HHS #NIH #CDC
#HHS @SecBecerra, @CDCDirector Walensky, #NIH Fauci & Jeff Zients together in same room today at #COVID19 briefing! That's a change, too!

#MaskUp #COVID19vaccines 😷💉😷
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"Throughout our history we’ve learned this lesson – when dictators do not pay a price for their aggression, they cause more chaos. They keep moving. And, the costs & threats to America & the world keep rising.

Excerpt from @POTUS @JoeBiden #SOTU address.

#Ukraine #Russia #Putin
"American diplomacy matters."

Excerpt from @POTUS @JoeBiden #SOTU address.

#Ukraine #Russia #Putin
"#Putin’s war was premeditated & unprovoked. He rejected efforts at diplomacy. He thought the West & @NATO wouldn’t respond. And, he thought he could divide us here at home.
Putin was wrong. We were ready."

Excerpt from @POTUS @JoeBiden's #SOTU address.

#Ukraine #Russia
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