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1/🧵 Real-World Long COVID
🔹She got COVID Oct 2020
🔹59 y/o walked 5mi 4x /wk
w no prior cognitive problems
🔹“I got better but 4 mo later my memory faded. I struggled.
🔹HR came after me, ‘You can’t do your job.’”
Husband: “I want my wife back!”

(Pics & story w perm)
2/ Could her new #dementia be unrelated to COVID?

Maybe, but…
Her excellent neurologist feels her negative work-up, young age, speed of demise, temporal onset in relation to COVID all fit LongCOVID-related brain dysfunction & not a pattern of Alzheimers.
They want to share
3/ Husband through tears: “I want my wife back.”
Her Description – “I walk down the hall & see pictures of family & trips. I feel like a ghost because I don’t remember. My husband cries because I seem gone to him.”
“I’m trying to figure out who Barbara 2.0 is going to be.”
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1/🧵Gratitude is Pain’s big brother
▪️Prof Greg teaches me to accept life on life’s terms
▪️ICU pts teach me how to traverse pain
▪️Gratitude is their close companion
▪️Gratitude is not just a tenet of etiquette – it’s an essential quality of well-being

Pics w perm Image
2/ I can’t pay gratitude w a checkbook, only from the ❤️

📍My Gratitude Ledger is in deficit because I don’t nurture #Wisdom
 📍I underutilize this superpower of recovery
 📍Gratitude is Greg’s antidote to victimhood
📍It helps him rise above any situation

#TheLuckyFew Image
3/ Gratitude can’t be reduced to verbal or written acknowledgment of a gift 🎁
Greg has a deep sense of awareness of his interdependency on others, you & me, his sisters & brothers.

He’s gracious in heartfelt appreciation despite living w great disabilities.

#FindYourTribe Image
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The 4th🗞️of the #GenderEquity series I had the privilege to lead w ⭐️#WomenInGI⭐️ is out


🎯Closing the #GenderGap in #GILeadership: The need for effective & comprehensive #Allyship @SiwanTG @AmyOxentenkoMD

A🧵& a 📣to action
1/ Let’s talk numbers #GenderDisparity in #GILeadership

#WomenInGI make up
⚠️19% of fellowship PD or Division chair

⚠️20% of Editorial boards of journals

⚠️5 or less Presidents of 🇺🇸 #GI societies founded >70 yrs; @BritSocGastro founded in 1937 had 2 & @my_ueg (‘1992) one
2/#GenderDisparity in #GILeadership
It’s not a pipeline🚰 issue
🧑🏼‍⚕️👩🏽‍⚕️Make up
🔺50% med students
🔺33% #GIFellows

🔺40% of graduating🧑🏼‍⚕️👩🏽‍⚕️ enter academia

⬆️ # of women in GI is not enough to close the gap

💎#Allyship from women leaders,men, institutions & self-promotion is needed
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1/🧵 Beauty in the Now…

While normally Greg doesn’t #worry, in this case, he succumbed to fear of change.

He was screaming and Crying in Fear - see tweet below.

How did he get through it?
What did he teach me?

#NothingDownAboutIt #DownRightPerfect #UpSyndrome #Tribe321
2/ Greg held his head in his hands and trembled with worry.

We were disrupting his usual Saturday of watching “I Love Lucy.”

Think Rain Man type of dependence on routine &
that’s Greg.

So when Kim and I took him to the mountains, it totally messed him up.

What happened?

3/ At first Greg got angry with us for taking him on this trip.

I mean, REALLY angry.

And we know that #ANGER is just one letter away from #DANGER.

He was heading in a dangerous path of rejecting something that could be healing & good in his life.

#TheLuckyFew #FindYourTribe
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1/🧵 Are you happy?

My brother w #DownSyndrome is teaching me tons of life lessons.

In medicine & in life, I make big decisions based on guesstimates of other’s Quality of Life #QOL.

What do adults w #disability teach me about TRUTH?

Can I learn? Image
2/🎥 How do we “calculate” someone’s #QOL?
#Confession: I get it all wrong when I impose MY judgment onto THEIR life.
Greg, my 57 y/o brother-in-law with Down Syndrome, has a better QOL than I do.


Digest this…read on…
3/ My working definition of QOL is “the ability to give & receive love.”


Greg understands the Law of the Gift: Treasures GROW when we give them away.

It’s the opposite of hoarding.

Yet, giving ourselves to others can be SCARY. Greg ponders deeply these emotions. Image
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