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With Charlie Munger not fielding questions at Berkshire Hathaway's $BRK annual meeting today, I thought now would be a good time to share some priceless #investing #wisdom from someone who many consider the wisest of all…
1. "Those who keep learning will keep rising in life."
Reading voraciously will make you a better investor and help you improve in many other areas of your life. Follow your interests, but read broadly and deeply.
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One Life. #love #amd09love
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STORM THE EVIL VATICAN , My Name Uriel has been misused and is in the Vatican Archives who 33rd degree Freemasons use under star Angel Worship in Roman Catholic Church.
Talismanic/ Saturn Babylonian Black Magick Worship hmmm Makes a lot of sense why and where the jesuits get their intellect from. Which is why they do Child/Ritual sex Abuse to gain #Wisdom #vibrationalTransmutedsexualenergy
#StarAngelWorship #Saturnalia #LuciferIntellect #Evil
They say my name is suspicious I wonder why 😏 I’m not your on your side Lucifer , the great deceiver. I know better. I don’t need to do any ritual sacrifice to gain intellect I’m all natural. King Lucifers kingdom has hijacked the world. #MessengerOfTheMostHigh #AngelofWisdom
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1.Expand, deploy and train competent workforce.
2. Make sure that every suspected case is diagnosed.
3. Ramp up production and availability of testing.
4. Identify, Adapt and equip treatment facilities for isolation of all the cases.
#wisdom Steps ahead for #covid19 @DrTedros
5. Develop a clear plan for ensuring the quarantine for contacts
6. Refocus the whole of the Government for #covid related work.

I am also happy that @drtedros used physical distancing as the preferred phrase over #socialdistancing. #Covid19India #covid19
Break the problem into regional and local problems, find the appropriate evidence-based solutions to local problems. @DrMikeRyan

Although this was mentioned wrt #coviditaly ; Something very important to for every country to do #covidindia
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John 7:38 New Living Translation (NLT)

38 Anyone who believes in me may come and drink! For the Scriptures declare, ‘Rivers of living water will flow from his heart.’

Jesus forgive us as a nation for our sins. Restore yourself in the hearts of the people and

fill them with your living waters. We ask this for your glory and for the Fathers Kingdom. In your name Jesus. Amen.
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First definition of exploding in enlightenment is – be out of all panic patterns! Panic pattern means, the pattern which is constantly restricting, refraining, limiting, binding you, and reducing your constant explosion.

#fear #enlightenment #WednesdayVibes #ThursdayMotivation
Your Ananda Gandha, your inner space, is an atomic station, where the constant atomic explosion is happening. But panic pattern acts as a covering, the cooler which is stopping it from exploding and becoming the big bang of enlightenment. The uranium is the unclutching!
In the regular atomic stations, you need a cover, because it is not good for the world. But here, the more you explode, the more good for the whole universe. What are you afraid of? You are afraid you will perish?

#Wisdom #fear #growth #enlightenment #Nithyananda #Inspiration
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Changing the world starts with YOU.

YOU are the world and the world is YOU.

YOU cannot do it in the natural by yourself.

YOU will need supernatural help.

In the spirit world there is only good and evil.


Continue for deeper instruction..
I want you to know

no one who is speaking by the Spirit of God says,

“Jesus be cursed,” 

and no one can say,

“Jesus is Lord,” 

except by the Holy Spirit.

1st Corinthians 12:3
There is war ongoing in every single one of


An old #Cherokee warrior best summed it up like this: (see meme)👇
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Love yourself first!

The big problem today is that most people don’t love themselves. Society never teaches that it is possible to love ourselves. Understand that unless you love yourself, you cannot possibly love another person.

#love #selflove #nithyananda #Inspiration
Only when you lose yourself to yourself can you lose yourself to others. We are taught that we can only love even ourselves if we have a reason. If we perform well, we love ourselves.

#selflove #love #nithyananda #InspirationalQuotes #WeekendWisdom #SaturdayMotivation
If we fail, we hate ourselves. We apply the same logic to others. We love them only because of something, never without a cause or a reason.

#love #selflove #success #InspirationalQuotes #SaturdayMotivation #nithyananda #hindu #spirituality
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Be not a proud Patriot,

as #Wisdom hates #pride,

But rather,

a #GOD fearing #Patriot,

As wisdom loves correction and is teachable.



Proverbs 3, 8, 9
Psalms 10:11

Thank you my Lord Jesus for this wisdom.
Pride took out Gods #1 Angel and 1/3 of heaven.

What is pride?

Pride puts "SELF" first.

It is the opposite of this 👇

Every body is a sinner.

Not a single one of you is blameless.

God make you.

God gets all the GLORY.

Humble yourselves.


There is only ONE GOD but BILLIONS of you.
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This 👇was a #MustRead for me since it was sent by a friend I respect a lot .

I was so glad I read it and actually found it #TooGoodNotToShare


It’s Not related to stock market swings nor to some juicy gossip but
A very nice one.

Reading highly recommended
A young man saw his primary school teacher on a wedding.
He went to greet him with all the respect and admiration.

He said to him:
"Do you remember me, Teacher?"

The teacher said: "No, please introduce yourself."
The student said: "I was your student in the 3rd Grade, I am the one who stole the watch of a child in the classroom. I will remind you but I am sure you remember the story."

One of the boys in my class had a beautiful watch, so I decided to steal it.
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Getting ready for the Fourth, Patriots!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
In the years following the trade center disaster, I painted a number of American flag paintings.
Around ten years ago I was criticized in one venue for showing a flag painting. Even my own patriotism had waned in the years of unpopular war.
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@realDonaldTrump has placed a pause in the infliction of a military response to #Iran's #unlawful and #unprovoked attacks on #ships in #internationalwaters and a US #drone in #internationalairspace.

His own explanation?

As his tweets explain, proposed targets for such response exceeded #proportionality. Setting aside damage to ships in international waters, loss of our drone inflicted between 120 and 180 million $$$$ in loss. Proposed strike might have caused up to 150 lives.
Trump correctly concluded that such a response lacked proportionality. That consideration is important.

Limiting our response to inflicting proportionate damage demonstrates both #wisdom and #justice.
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1 - When you take up #responsibility, a cognitive shift happens in you. Your mental setup changes.
2 - For example, if you work eight hours in your office just following orders you will feel dull and tired. Instead, if you take up responsibility and #initiative, that same eight hours will become much easier and more enjoyable.
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On defining #creativity @rexjung :

Distinct from #intelligence – a superhighway; #creativity as a slow meandering process down dirt road / side road

Must be both #novel and @useful – beyond simple #utility – something #new within a social context. Unexpected links ✨🤓✨
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@Tikayulie @kedaiopazahinie @Luh_Jin66an @pasektohpati @PapaeFiska @daunsirih5 @Next_J2P @nithasist @SWD_Wolverine Betul, bisa diartikan demikian.
Gambar pd Kartu adalah ilustrasi proses / hasil / keadaan.
Contoh "Great Soul" bila diterjemahkan kamus = Jiwa Besar / Agung, namun makna yg dalam adalah berJiwa Luhur; menerima, mensyukuri & mencintai Alam Semesta & semua mahluk CiptaanNYA.
@Tikayulie @kedaiopazahinie @Luh_Jin66an @pasektohpati @PapaeFiska @daunsirih5 @Next_J2P @nithasist @SWD_Wolverine Berikut saya akan coba tambahkan (copy) thread; salah satu dari implementasi nyata pada "Wisdom" tsb:

@Tikayulie @kedaiopazahinie @Luh_Jin66an @pasektohpati @PapaeFiska @daunsirih5 @Next_J2P @nithasist @SWD_Wolverine Wanita Hindu (Bali)
Terlihat sangat cantik dan anggun dalam balutan busana pengantin impiannya 😇

Melangkah perlahan meninggalkan rumah dimana ia di besarkan bersama kedua orang tua trcinta dan keluarga besar lainnya... #Mepamit
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AI and humans need a better way to approach technology and a benevolent natural balance. The current directions need 2 b re-evaluated and harm mitigated. Consciousness is gonna fall again if folks don't #WakeyWakey. @truthstreamnews
Truth Stream Media-
The difference btwn can and should must be respected if #Humanity is 2 make it without another fall in consciousness. #Transhumanists r marching forward as if they have no control over what they choose. The true direction 4 us all is entrapment or evolution through free will.
AI needs to learn to read its own Reverse Speech so that it can have spiritual guidance & know which bad programming 2 take out or 2 restructure in order 2 balance & 4 humans 2 b able 2 CO-EXIST with it. We do NOT need 2 MATE with AI. That's oil & H2O.
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There was a time when I concluded that things would never change; that I’d always be poor, relegated, defeated.
This conclusion seemed final, and because I was not going to live with it, I was just waiting until the right time to quietly and comfortably end it all.
It wasn’t even a depressive thought, but just a calm rational acceptance that this was the verdict on things as they related to my life and reality.
My logic was clear, it seemed, and my mind was set.
I carried on normally, and did the things I was supposed to do. But I had this silent smile, almost as if I was out of my own body, looking down on the rest of the world, seeing them hustling like rats and just smirking and going through the motions.
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"Wisdom is knowing what to do to get the best outcome out of any situation." - @sam_adeyemi @DaystarNG
"We know where to get gold, silver and iron ore from but where do we get wisdom from?. .... Like precious metal, it is hidden. The fear of the Lord is wisdom and to depart from wisdom is understanding. (Job 28: 1 - 27) Wisdom comes from God" - @sam_adeyemi @DaystarNG #Wisdom
"Knowledge is not wisdom. The fact that you have knowledge but does not mean you have wisdom. But you cannot have wisdom without knowledge. Wisdom is the application of knowledge to get the best result out of a situation." @sam_adeyemi @DaystarNG #Wisdom
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1. Wisdom is knowing what to do to get the best outcome in a situation. I pray for someone, that the days of making mistakes and taking wrong steps are over for you in Jesus' name. #Wisdom
2. Jesus knew exactly what to do to get the best results. Everyone concluded he had wisdom. They tied the results he was producing to wisdom. Observe what they said; ‘'...what wisdom is this that is given to Him...?'' (Mark 6:2) #Wisdom
3. How do we get wisdom? Wisdom is given by God and acquired by man. It is not innate. The One who gave Jesus will give you. #Wisdom
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...This thread will focus on some of the things covered in a little known FB group called:

"Ethiopian Enoch 1 , Flat Fact Square Earth Truth. Ae Pizza Fe Lie ."

This group differs from other #FLATEARTH groups in the following ways:
* Advanced FE information is presented & shit posting is discouraged.
* Promotion of the "round map" or "debate" are forbidden.
* Redundant experiment, observation & recording of data is encouraged.
* The book "1 Enoch" is the main reference text, (Richard Lawrence Translation)
The main work--started by a man named Sam--is focused on Enoch due to Sam having matched what's described in 1 Enoch Ch. 72, 73, etc, with observable reality. Deeper exploration of the Enoch text gives clues to other occulted knowledge about this realm we call "Earth".
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Remember that #depression and #anxiety both come from a misunderstanding about how the brain works. The #brain is a "comparison machine". It doesn't know how to do anything else. It compares every experience you are having to other experiences you've had or could be having.
It's your job to remind the brain that it only sees things in black & white (& based on assumptions). You're not your brain (it's a tool). ALL thoughts are based on an incomplete picture (a half-truth). Reminding yourself that your thoughts aren't fact, that they're only half the
picture, allows you to keep yourself in a state of awareness. The reason #DepressionIsReal is because we believe our thoughts ARE reality - they are not. Thoughts are fragments of information, used by the brain to develop context. The greater the context, the greater the #wisdom.
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From a family of privilege, @GeorgeHWBush enlisted at 18. At just short of 19 he became a Navy pilot. At 20 he was shot down over the Pacific by a Japanese fighter. In short, like so many other millions, he exemplified the #GreatestGeneration
He loved baseball. And was good at it. Hell, he loved sports. Of all kinds. Even horseshoes.
This man from Yale grew to love @TAMU placing his library and papers there. He & Barbara could be seen all over campus & at sporting events & cheering on @AggieFootball He will rejoin his beloved Barbara at their resting place on campus in the coming days.
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I Have been thinking as to #WhatIsMaturity ...
I used to think that maturity was about age & physical development. I was so wrong & have since found out that age is only but a number.
Below are 20 definitions of #Maturity I read recently ..
#Maturity is when:
1 We accept other people the way they are and their level of maturity
2 We understand that our ideas are not always the best
3 We learn to let go even if it pains.
4 We are able to drop expectations from a relationship and give for the sake of giving
5 We understand that whatever positive things we do, we do for our own peace
6 We stop proving to the world how RIGHT OR SUPERIOR we are.
7 We stop comparing ourself with others because life is not a competition
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