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EU Council President Michel has invited US President-Elect @JoeBiden for a virtual summit with EU leaders soon after he takes office, to be followed by an in-person summit with EU and NATO in Brussels in the 1st half of 2021.
Tomorrow EU diplomats will discuss a paper on EU-US relations gong forward, distributed by President Michel on Friday.

This is in preparation for a discussion on the topic by EU prime ministers and presidents on 10 December.
EU diplomats had their discussion about resetting EU-US relations this morning.

They agreed 5 🇪🇺🇺🇸 "building blocks":

😷 Fighting #Covid19
📈 Enhancing economic #recovery
♻️ Combatting #ClimateChange
🇺🇳 Upholding #multilateralism & shared values
☮️ Promoting #peace & security
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What’s it like in a #drug and #alcohol #rehab? What is recovery? #advicefromdrugandalcoholcaseworker #aod #recovery

The people who do best in rehabs are those who don’t get involved with drama, and talk openly with staff if they feel there is a problem.
You can see recovery behaviour very easily. It’s often pro social in nature, and authentic, pro-self care and pro seeking help. Even strong, opinionated personalities who act authentically but put people offside, tend to do well. I’ve seen behaviour & coping changes in 2-3 weeks.
Rehab is hard, but it’s also the best way to stay sober. It’s a controlled environment. And yeah, it’s not like home. There are strict rules, it can feel unfair, and staff can make mistakes. The hard rules are for the one or two members who occasionally do the wrong thing.
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I have a lot of clients struggling with isolation, especially during COVID. They often feel as though something is wrong with them for not wanting to be more socially engaged. A lot of the work I do looks at human behavior through an evolutionary lens. If we look at social...
behavior this way, it's hard to see why we would have evolved any drive to aggressively seek interaction with others. In the early era of nomadic humans, we were always surrounded by others. Our fellow humans were just THERE. Sure, we have a strong drive to stay together, but...
seeking others is not hard-wired. In fact, it would make sense that we DON'T want to seek others in an effort to avoid any form of tribal conflict. In modern society, however, we have to WORK to socialize with others unless we happen to be highly extroverted...
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Steve Hilton gets it
... The #Democracts Norms: "from deplorable to despicable, 4yrs on non-stop hate, they want #Americans they dismiss & demean to rollover & pay homage to the new regime, No"

Real power 'when you change the way people think'
#Thatcher, #Reagan, #Trump -ism
... Triumph of #Trumpism
#American's want #Trump 2nd term on the success of the 1st on its substance & on its results, one of most successful in history: issues addressed (#China #Manufacturing #MiddleEast #OpenBorders #EndlessWar)
... Trumpism is
pro-#Business on #Tax & #Regulation
pro-#Worker on #Trade & #Immigration

Andrew Sullivan: "Trump's core message was seared into one of our major political parties for the foreseeable #future & realigned #American #Politics"
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🔥Comment on prend en charge les patients COVID-19 en novembre 2020 ?
Pas de recette miracle, de la pratique d'infectiologie générale et quelques adaptations pour cette infection virale sévère
Je vais concentrer sur ce que je connais, les patients hospitalisés.
Nos critères d'hospitalisation sont simples :
- patient avec COVID-19 et besoin d'oxygène supplémentaire
- les autres patients, sauf cas particuliers, on est obligés de les laisser rentrer ac consignes claires
L'adaptation du débit d'oxygène au besoin est primordiale. On n'est pas en réa mais on a à disposition :
- Lunettes
- Masque à O2
- Optiflow
- CPAP (Boussignac) : une forme de ventilation non invasive

Objectif est d'éviter l'hypoxie (diminution O2 dans le sang lié à pneumonie)
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How I reconnected with God after a lifetime of abandonment, neglect, and abuse -- A Thread.

#childsexabuse #childsextrafficking #humantrafficking #healing #recovery #therapy #emdr #savethechildren #survivorstory #cpts #pts #osdd #triggerwarning
My parents lived on a cult compound for the first decade of their life together. Upon leaving, they turned inward to meet their religious needs. When I was old enough to attend school, they decided to introduce religion into our lives. I received a scholarship to attend a...
private Lutheran school starting in second grade.

From that moment, I was raised in fear. For a Lutheran church, they were rather fire, brimstone, and damnation. I convinced myself that every horrible moment in my life was a form of penance for my impurity...
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The 2PM virtual town hall is getting ready to begin. Check out this thread for updates! @mhakentucky @ACLUofKY
Public comments can be submitted thru Nov. 6th. Participate here:…
Leslie Hoffman w/ DMS gives background for #kyga20’s HB352 that directed Dept. of Medicaid Services & the Dept. of Corrections to develop & submit an 1115 waiver to cover SUD treatment. #SUDWaiver
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A lot of excitement about the #recovery of manufacturing especially in the Eurozone and in #China , but is it real?

For three years, we have been trying to get the message of this figure through in the financial media with limited success.

Now, one more try (thread). 1/10
In 2017, while mulling through the global economic data, we had an epiphany.

Not only had #China led the global economic expansion that started in -09, but it had accomplished this with unsustainable debt stimulus. 2/
The speedy recovery of the global #economy after the mini-recession in 2015 had baffled us. Why did the world economy suddenly jump off the brink of a #recession ?

We found the answer from the 'shadow banking sector' of #China .

In 2016, in just one year, its size tripled. 3/
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Time to share some thoughts and questions following the .@medrxivpreprint first release of results from the #SolidarityTrial that compared local standard care to #remdesivir, #HydroxyChloroquine #lopinavir_ritonavir and #interferon for treatment of patients with #COVID19
I have read the #solidarityTrial preprint:…

Its supplementary…

its posted protocol:…

The CRF:…

The final report from #ACTT1 for contrast:…
Everyone has focused on the results, which is understandable, yet understanding the specifics in #SolidarityTrial design compared to the #ACTT1 design, may bring light into the differences reported between trials and may give a way to do better in #COVID19 #therapeutics
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The preprints of the #SOLIDARITY trial are out on MedRxiv. While many may lament that all four drugs tested did not show benefit, this is a remarkable trial for many reasons. Thread
First, this was another #MultiArmMultiStage #MAMS study design; @MRCCTU made this highly efficient trial design globally acclaimed with #STAMPEDE. The more recent #RECOVERY trial was another example of this.
@MaxParmarMRCUCL @Prof_Nick_James @PeterHorby @MartinLandray
What the #MAMS design does is enable testing multiple drugs simultaneously, flexibility to drop unpromising ones & add new promising ones even midway during the trial. This was crucial in the #COVID__19 pandemic where the situation has been constantly evolving
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17 months ago I had a total hysterectomy + bilateral ovary removal for severe PMDD - I honestly believe that surgery saved my life, yet I definitely wasn't ready for the mental health rollercoaster of surgical menopause + HRT that followed (thread)
17 months on + finally my hormones are in range, following surgery I thought my mental health battle was over, I am so much better, I don't self harm or need to be in hospital for my safety anymore. I am living independently, I can drive + hold down a job (2/?)
Yet I am still awaiting for the day I feel "better". There are many days I feel broken + whilst I have no regrets about my surgery, I feel it changed me in ways I could have never expected. I often feel zapped of energy (3/?)
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Great pleasure to join the @isirvAVG Therapeutics Meeting.
Thank you to Alan Hay & Fred Hayden & Organising Committee.…
1) Critical need for therapeutics for COVID19 in prevention, treatment & to halt progression of illness. Understandable focus globally on vaccines but even when we have vaccines we will still need therapeutics (& Diagnostics & Health Systems to make them available).
Always good to remember that for many infectious diseases we do not have vaccines despite many years of great effort & we know therapeutics can play critical role in reducing transmission, burden disease & save lives - HIV, TB, Malaria, Dengue & many others.
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🔥J'avais promis un thread sur ma présentation orale au congrès européen sur #COVID19 #ECCVID @ESCMID :
#Hydroxychloroquine: pros and cons
Congrès qui remplace @ECCMID annulé cette année

1/n Image
Le début de ce délire collectif autour #hydroxychloroquine peut être tracé au 25/02/2020 lorsqu'un microbiologiste français affirma
"une amélioration spectaculaire" ac #HCQ l''infection pulmonaire la plus facile à traiter" et a conseillé de courir en cherchesr d les pharmacies Image
Le 25/02/20, déjà impliqué dans la recherche thérapeutique #COVID19 je me souviens avoir couru sur #PubMed @NCBI chercher les données cliniques que j'avais manquées et qui permettait d'affirmer cela.
La recherche fut rapide : Image
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🔥Thread sur le cocktail d'anticorps REGN-COV2 que reçoit Trump. Des résultats ont été publiés le 30/09 par Regeneron suite à analyse intermédiaire.…
Il s'agit d'un cocktail de 2 anticorps monoclonaux REGN-33 et REGN-87 qui ciblent précisément la protéine #Spike du #SARSCoV2 et permettraient d'empêcher l'entrée du virus dans la cellule.

Cible thérapeutique très prometteuse
D'après Regeneron, environ 2000 patients sont inclus dans des essais cliniques visant à tester ce traitement.

On voit que #Recovery du @NIH a inclut ce cocktail dans leur essai clinique
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Sind WHO-Studien für Übersterblichkeit verantwortlich?

Durch ein neueres Interview mit d Kieler Arzt und Internisten Dr. Claus #Köhnlein mit dem Sender RT Deutsch stoßen wir auf neue, brisanten Aussagen, die Testreihen der WHO im Bezug auf d #COVID19-Epedemie betrifft. In dem /2
Interview wird erklärt, dass #WHO bereits im April Testreihen auf d Weg gebracht hatte, um eine schnellen Behandlung durch #Hydroxychloroquin zu ermöglichen - ein Medikament, dass aus d #Malaria-Behandlung bekannt ist, aber nur über eine schmale therapeutische Breite verfügt. /3
Diese Testreihen waren #Discovery, #Solidarity, #Recovery und #Remap genannt.

Köhnlein kritisiert in dem Interview die von der WHO bestimmte #Eingangsdosierung von 2,4 Gramm mit anschließend 800 Milligramm täglich für d Tests, d seiner Ansicht nach viel zu hoch gewählt war. /4
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September 2020 flash PMI in one thread, in following order

#US 🇺🇸
#UK 🇬🇧
#EuroZone 🇪🇺
#Germany 🇩🇪
#France 🇫🇷
#Japan 🇯🇵
#Australia 🇦🇺

+Note on diffusion indexes like the purchasing managers indexes, or #PMIs.

#economy #recession #recovery
🇺🇸 #US #PMI September 2020 (August)

Solid rise in private sector business activity in September

Composite Output 54.4 (54.6)
Services Business Activity 54.6 (55.0)
Manufacturing PMI 53.5 (53.1)
Manufacturing Output 53.3 (52.7)… Image
🇬🇧 #UK #PMI September 2020 (August)

Recovery loses momentum and business outlook drops to its weakest since May

Composite Output 55.7 (59.1)
Services Business Activity 55.1 (58.8)
Manufacturing Output 59.3 (61.0)
Manufacturing PMI 54.3 (55.2)… Image
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1/ Governments are largely not making #ClimateChange action central to their COVID-19 recovery packages, despite some signs of good intentions - our new briefing for #CWNY, released today
2/ We've analysed the post-#COVID_19 #recovery packages of 5 countries: #China, #EU27, #India, #SouthKorea and the #USA. Only two lean towards using the pandemic recovery to address the global #climate crisis: the EU27, and South Korea. First, we looked at overarching packages.
3/ We assessed 106 domestic measures across the 5 countries, differentiating between overarching packages & individual interventions, and rated them. The picture is not the most encouraging.
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🟢 What is the State of the European Union #SOTEU debate? It's an important moment of #EU #democracy, when MEPs hold the @EU_Commission to account, checking on work done & the #FutureofEurope.

🎞️by @Europarl_EN

#NextGenerationEU #EUGreenDeal @boell_stiftung @boell_EU_USA
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Pour 2ème audition @Senat :
Pr Yazdanpanah
Pr Costagliola
Dr D'Ortenzio
Mme Marie-Paule Kieny

Tout le monde a juré de dire la vérité.
Quelques points marquants seront repris dans ce thread.
@DgCostagliola commence par détailler avec bcp de transparence ses activités notamment sur le VIH, en pharmaco-épidémiologie et les activités menées pendant COVID-19
La vidéo peut être vue sur le lien suivant :…
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DR commence fort. Après avoir juré de dire "la vérité que la vérité", il prétend qu'il n'a jamais fraudé.
On rappelle qu'il a été interdit de publication par tous les journaux de l'American Society of Microbiology pendant 1 an.
"Il me manque une case sur la signification symbolique des choses" ?!
Il dit que son papier Gautret et al. a été le plus cité dans la littérature mondiale COVID. Sans préciser qu’il a été cité ds la plupart des cas pour critiquer sa méthodologie et dire qu’il ne valait rien.
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Talk about a strong start ⁦⁦@In2gr8mh⁩!

In conversation with #mentalhealthstigma researcher with #livedexperience, Patrick Corrigan:

“I think one of the best things to happen in the last 10-15 years in mental health is peer support.”
Also check out 10:50-11:30 on the effect of the “us and them” on outcomes for people accessing services.
...and 15:09-16:10 on "The Clinician's Illusion" in mental health and it's impact on how we perceive the possibility of people living their best lives.
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I’ve been watching with increasing concern at the trend of new daily diagnoses of COVID-19 in India over the past two weeks. To me, this reflects general public mood which seems to have begun to ignore the threat this virus poses. Thread
While the good news is that our death rates haven’t been as bad as some of the other countries (we might debate the accuracy of death reporting), but with a population of 1.35 billion people, the absolute numbers are still sobering. And rural India is just beginning to get hit
What I’d like to see is reliable “Excess mortality” and a P score which will quantify the true impact of the pandemic on deaths in India. We know that Mumbai had an excess mortality of 13000 deaths between Apr and Jul 2020. We don’t yet have data for India as a whole.
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No benefit of convalescent plasma in a randomized trial of 464 patients… @medrxivpreprint
Larger trials are pending, such as #RECOVERY from @UniofOxford. I'd be very surprised to see more than a modest impact on survival given the heterogeneous antibodies in convalescent plasma, most of which are not neutralizing—have no effect on the virus…
Now, in full alt-facts mode, a member of the @WSJ editorial board writes about how the data-dredging convalescent plasma preprint was so important and a randomized trial "might have obscured" the results.…
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Long Thread:

Amazing to see divisiveness continuing. Reductionist views from activists of both #harmreduction and #recovery. Both saying most recover on their own. Fair. What about the rest. More, people are dying and can’t get the help they want and deserve! 1/12
Addiction Medicine is more than supporting acute care. Do we focus only on finding magic pills? Or forcing people into recovery program? Both can help some and fail others. Neither is an answer in its own. People need and deserve publicly funded evidence based treatment! 2/12
What does that look like? In many cases Rx is a helpful tool of recovery. Sometimes it is an amazing harm reduction tool. Access is important and can be life saving while helping build a life worth living. But it is often is not enough. 3/12
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