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Hawaii —Home of the Samoans
McLovin’ ..

#RED & #BLUE BELTS (Political False Reality world) Of Truth ImageImage
The writing about the past were never about the past, it was always about the future/now/these times we’re all living in.

Time Travel is Fun.

The future took all the data needed back to the past as far back as they could & preserved the truth of what the future held ImageImage
So that each generation could do everything that needed to be done in time to counter evil, the light would pass down the information from generation to generation to those trustworthy ..
which is the exact same thing that’s been done with wrestling & mostly every other layer
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More to say about the end of Times, more to say about the yesterday 88 portal...

The Lion/Leo's Gate 88 (yesterday on the zodiacal level) offered the opportunity to close major cycles, outdated and obsolete patterns were to be closed permanently.

That gate purged and closed the pre-Flood era of Leo (Atlantis) which should have been completely locked and "sealed" before the age of Pisces began...
Doomed predators, unclean spirits infiltrated the next era, coming from Atlantis before it was sunk and disappeared...
(Read Platon to know more about the violence and perversion of the end of the Atlantis).

The 4 lions on the Alexander III 's bridge in Paris symbolize the era of Atlantis... This bridge, their evil "rainbow", spans the Seine. It's also the stage (Homophony in French ...
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🚨For the Church, it is Build Back Better from the Middle Ages, dreaming of Charlemagne when State and Religion worked togehter...

And this is quite true when you hear the discourse of some Catholic priests in France who have an audience on social networks.

Their discourse is completely political. One of them went back to the Baptism of Clovis, to that period when the clergy had all its power, insisting on Charlemagne's Carolingian dysnastia which had been programmed since Clovis. Charlemagne, Karl the Great, was a Franc/k
a tribe of Germani (Germans/Goths of the North and Occidental Germans) and he was very tall, a characteristic of that tribe.
At the time of Diocletian, the Roman Empire was south of the Regnum Ostrogothorum (in Russia, the "oriental Germans") ...
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🚨 Il y a, à Hollywood (Holly wood est le bois de houx pour les baguettes magiques des Druides) une compagnie contrôlée par la CIA et les acteurs sont alors des agents de la CIA, un glissement des services "Postaux" Britanniques du Royaume Uni aux USA (fil)
depuis les fameux 007 (l'espion qui voit tout comme l'Amiral Nelson du haut de la colonne à Trafalgar Square), les OSS 117 jusqu'à l'anonymat des meilleurs acteurs/illusionnistes/espions de la CIA. La Disney Corp est presqu'un monopole. Cette porosité entre le monde de l'illusion
et les SS (Services Secrets) n'est pas nouvelle... Même Houdini (Ehrich Weisz) s'est retrouvé piégé, lui qui avait été approché à New York (dans l'Ancien Waldorf Astoria Hôtel détruit en 1929 et remplacé par... L'Empire State Building 😈) comme tant d'autres dans la misère...
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🚨The COV ID hoax doesn't work ... He underestimated the IQ of humans, always thinking that they were the only ones with a brain and able to deal with complex problems. And Humans have something that Yuval, and all the "Adversary"will never have, Humans have Heart...

Their vanity and arrogance are part of their downfall : they could never consider the possibility of being dominated!

The time had not yet come for Humans who had to wait for the critical moment to manifest, letting the arrogant and proud global "Adversary" play their cards ...
one after the other... until they were short of them, letting the "Adversary" think they had won.

Humans, clean spirits, have never believed in that hoax and were really surprised by the reaction of "people" around them, thinking they were joking but they were not...
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🚨Inside the den of the Freemasons... Understand the rituals.The God of FREEMASONS is named today LUCIFER. The apprentice learns what are the secret hand signs and the secret word "Boar".The new candidate receives a Masonic badge & the symbolic tools : a ruler and a GAVEL.
Isn't it a strange coincidence that in Courts (and therefore well know by the Templars) as well as at auctionners, a similar GAVEL is used . It no longer looks like the HAMMER, the tool of a mason working in the building trade ! ...
They just kept the symbolic tools to assert their (fake) authenticity that only the Masters from the 33rd degree and above, know. The latter celebrate the forgery, the spoils of war originating with the towns of Sidon and Tyr....
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🚨Tomorrow, May 15th is a important date for D Trump : 2 years ago he released OPERATION WARP SPEED (2020). If you have forgotten, read that article (Cont')…
And the 1912 Event with the (fake) Titanic ocean liner tragedy. The ship sarted to sink on the 14th but definitively sank deep at 12,000 feet, on the 15th ! It was not the Titanic but the damaged sistership named the Olympic ...
and JP Morgan, who was the owner of the White Star Line made the swap, plotting with the banking lobbies who wanted to get rid of three wealthy bankers, Astor, Straus and Guggenheim. The latter, refused to extend the power of the previous Central Bank Charter in a monopoly...
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🚨"Uncle Sam" is Samael Bélial, the master of the Fallen Angels 😈and the United States are the country of Uncle Sam! Isn't it a nice "May 13th" day to annouce it to the 13 Illuminati Bloodlines?

Today is the day of Freya,Samael's partner in the Germani/Norse Mythology(Cont') Image
And of course you know Freya with other name since she is Lilith, Freya, Aurora and linked to the demon Kali (Demons ruled the World during Kali according to the Hindu apocalyptic vision with the Archons/Fallen Angels (Cont')
Today May 13th, is the Destruction of all the evil of Kali Yuga (Era of Anu-Yahweh's deception)

Even if it can be nice to have hens in your garden, Humans won't come back to Feudal Times ! We have other projects :

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🚨He announced it a few days ago and he did it on May 3rd : it became Law on October 2000 , 22 years ago ! The one who claims to be "the boss" will never be a "leader", Go and Let's go are different !
He told you, it must be Biblical and he must appear as the Saviour to People. But he is not, he is a compulsive liar, a deceiver and a gambler who is playing his trump card enforcing Peace with the Giant prison of high security (to them, Economic Security)...
the electric grid/octopus/spider binding the connected living (IoB, internet of Behaviours) & connected "things"(IoT) to the blockchain, generating piezoelectricity with hydrogen sensors connected to palladium nanites/quartz/ topaze (in their "illusion"= gold,silver...
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🚨All the flues have been designed !

They're doing the bird flu thing again and do U know why? They don't want U to be self-sufficient with a vegetable garden and a couple of hens (to have eggs).They want U to be dependent & need them. No, that's it ! U don't need them (Cont')
Let them know! And that's why they want to destroy land ownership (to be dependent) and prevent people from living in the countryside (you don't have the right to be happy), concentrating people on top of each other, in "batteries" so that they can easily control them (Cont')
They consider Humans like animals (they want to erase Human rights) that they can breed in batteries. They make fun of U, mocking the Creation. Smart cities are Human farms with high control. Say NO to all those bans, NO to the slaughter of private poultry. (Cont')
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@violaonlygood Judaism and Hinduism(and later Buddhism) share the same principles, Indo-Aryans go on using the mudras (= hand symbols in Sanskrit) originating from India and which are within the Vedas...
@violaonlygood Vedism is a "religion" (with rites) of ancient India and "practised" by the Supremacist Indo-Aryans or Indo-SCYTHIANS or Indo-Sakas nicknamed the ROYAL SCYTHIANS who came down from the plateaus of Iran (after their migration from the Indus Valley) (Cont')
@violaonlygood And, from the 5th century BC, the kamiarka fortified settlement near present day NIKOPOL in UKRAINE, has been established as the capital of SCYTHIA ! (understand why we say they are building the "New Jerusalem" for their god state) (Cont')
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🚨 Musk and the Cabal👿, they "play" G-d (74) and he has just bought Twitter (444)
And he has just bought Twitter
Watch his hands, they tell you many things !

Judaism and Hinduism (and later Buddhism) share the same principles, Indo-Aryans go on using the mudras (= hand symbols in Sanskrit) originating from India and which are within the Vedas...
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🚨Les images de l'intérieur des avions qui vont vaporiser les produits chimiques dans l'air que nous respirons (chemtrails), des images la plupart inédites jusqu'à présent. Vous trouverez la liste des composants toxiques, des noms, des brevets et des pistes à approfondir. (Suite)
La race humaine/ humanoïde à laquelle nous appartenons, est la plus élaborée et l'air que nous respirons a été spécialement préparé par le Créateur, pour nous. Il est composé de 21 % d'oxygène, de 78 % d'azote moléculaire (nitrogène) et le solde principalement de l'argon (Suite)
mais aussi un peu de dioxyde de carbone, de l'hélium, du néon, du méthane, de l'hydrogène, du krypton. Lorsque nous inspirons, nous utilisons l'oxygène ; lorsque nous expirons, nous expirons les autres gaz que nous n'utilisons pas...(Suite)
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🚨Alice went head over heels in that Wicked and Mad world named "Wonderland" but recovered from her trauma and escaped.

-Thread- Image
"Alice in Wonderland" which is so dear to D. Trump playing his trump Card today on February 22, brings us back to "Babylonian times" with the Rabbits...
The Illusionist, an imitator, had searched revenge from his fall...
and created that "wonder" scam in which you dive deep into madness, since they had been made nearly mute and no more than animals (read what I have written today about the Tower of Babel). We have rabbits, we have white hats, we have the black & white masonic checker board ...
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🚨A the beginning ot the Creation, the Creatures had been poisoned by the same evil spirits coming form other Houses. Now they go farther since you no longer have interest for them and they have planned to kill you all. They are not your family and hate you ...

because you are becoming wise and will soon compete with them. They do not want the Creator to succeed, they are so jealous. The Creation with the Creatures is being fulfilled, Humans have grown up, and have reached a level of consciousness allowing them to remember who they are
and who is their family. The Earth is like an incubator and Humans had to grow up progressively to succeed in their different states of metamorphosis, leaving the previous states for ever. Each state like in Project Management had to be fulfilled ...
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🚨 SUPERBOWL- Their people are preys trapped in their mono eye (money) mythic circus, playing the Pergamon game (alliances & marriages) of merchants, pirates & warriors, in which Kings contest their abilities to become the sword bearers as Masters of the year.(cont')
A two-level gambling : one for the public who bets on sportsmen and teams on the field and the other one, the Superbowl Ads, the Advertising Event. It gathers the marketing world and sponsors, with advertisers, communication agencies, players,designers and Junior designers...
Designers must create the right message that will resonate with people and make them buy the poduct or service. They program them and create the need that must become an Essential. And the advertisers aim to deliver a night of ads, heavy with celebrities, movie effects...
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🚨 From "Pious" to PIUS : The Pious A.M Rothschild (1773-1865) made Pope PIUS VII, one of them. He reinstated the Company of Jesus, the Jesuits, who had been banned previously. Those hypocrites played on words! (cont')
In the image which has been erased it was written that "A.M Rothschild (1773-1855) was a wealthy German jewish Banker, close to the Orthodox and Jewish circles, and was referred to, by Easterne European Jews as the "PIOUS ROTHSCHILD" !!! (Cont')
And now if you have a close look at the Popes named PIUS you understand.... And I discovered many other things and the explanation :

"For a Rothschild, beginning of a banking career is entering into a priesthood" (with pious intentions speaking of the GOLD they worship)

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🚨 All those demons are hypocritical liars, parroting the same speech. For the occasion of Christmas, they've chosen to do it this time with sweetness, taking falsely compassionate airs..


The initial script was given a few days ago by the Demoniac Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby.

The motto is : "Everyone must be vaccinated". Presidents of Application have to "embellish" the speech with elements from the Bible on this Christmas Day, to be heard...
J. Trudeau then said, "Let's encourage our friends and family to get vaccinated and booster shots," making sure to emphasize that "we showed up for each other"...
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🚨Q doen't mean Queen but it Q-uran, "Michael" Jackson became "Mikael" after his conversion to Islam.

Crislam is their mind-control Religion in their new High Security Prism : equity & inclusiveness for all the slaves (Continued)
The landlords of his House are "Green" and sovereign. D Trump is to be crownd King Cyrus III, successor of Cyrus The Great, from the Babylonian Empire of Persia.

Remember the Abraham Agreements to build "Peace at all cost"
And He built symbolically the third Temple, the Second Temple being an abomination was erased at the time of Cyrus The Great (and he was beheaded)
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🚨GLOBAL FREEMASONRY, Freemasons are AntiChrist but Christ has already won, LOVE has won!

Freemasonry has hijacked the Earth,
Freemasonry is the Vatican, adoption of its motto,
Freemasons ? The Jesuits Popes are !
Freemasonry controls the governments,

Freemasonry controls the Institutions,
Freemasonry turned religions into ecumenism
Freemasonry is the Banking Cartel,
Freemasonry hunts the Christians,
Freemasonry are ANTICHRIST,
Freemasonry is the Adversary !

WE ARE AT WAR, a spiritual war against FREEMASONRY.
The Earth is controlled by Freemasonry,
The Jews/ the self proclaimed ELite, have always been AntiChrist.
The people are Christians.
The Earth is a Realm and belongs to Jesus Christ.
The Creator, God, and the Christian warriors, the faithfull, are taking it back !
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🚨And "OMICRON" matches with "Its all fake "in Jewish Gematria (262) as well as "Faked signs" (262) ... THEIR SCAM IS TOTALY DOWN ! And laugh too, they are in shortage of needles in some areas ! 🕊️
There is no deadly "Omicron" virus for you, Children of the Earth, hence don"t listen to them.Each time they have a "financial problem", it is because of "Climate change", the CO 2, YOU! Well, you must dig and find.

OMICRON is the AYIN letter, in the Hebrew Alphabet ImageImage
The Adversaries are afraid, the Ayin, symbolized with an eye
is the "whole seing one", revealing all of them and all their deeds (the mirror of the Queen in "Snow White").

What is bad for them is good on the other side.Light is gaining power while they fall...
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🚨They go farther in their dystopia and it starts in UK in January 2022.

They want people totally dependent upon them, "addicted" to them. The brain has become the playground of mad scientists.

1- Their control system is also an experiment and exploration in the psychophysiology of the brain.They want to find out all the secrets. It is an experiment on a giant scale. humans have become the rats in Pavlov's cages...
2- They go on what the Nazi White Coats had started. Everything is measured.The notion of conditional reflex has led to experimental research in that field. Objectivist/behaviourist psychologists, attached to physiological manifestations (motor reactions), have adopted Pavlov's
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🚨 The most powerful Sci-fi plots are the outer space mixing reason and dream. But in the 60s the dream became reason (first with Russia) but the USA cast the spell in 1969 with the power of the magic box, TV, the images : Sci-fi became Science. What a deceit.! (cont')
That is the most evil "American Dream", a synthetic inversion of the organic reality, an illusion which has maintained you so far in a coma / death-like state within their "Truman Show"and all the continents have been infected. That "Science" has become the Establishment (Cont')
"In Science we trust", the Academic Elites governing minds. And they are building "space"/Martian colonies technocracies (of ants, of bees : Hive Minds are linked individuals with no ID (=no free will) and are mind-controlled, extensions of the Central Hive Mind/ Queen (Cont)
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