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A toxic/abusive person will try to control you, demand loyalty & limit w/whom you interact.

Ex: Such an abuser will order their unfortunate followers to block or shun another.

When an abusive person no longer controls you they will try to control how others see you.
A friend pointed out, the narcissist abuser uses a carrot & a stick tactic to keep her followers obedient, demanding “loyalty.”

If a follower is “disobedient” the abuser instigates a brutal smear campaign, not only to emotionally abuse that disobedient person, ...
The narcissistic abuser will not only hope to emotionally decompensate its victim, but also use that abuse to serve as a terror tactic to keep its other followers silent as they observe the abuse.

The abuser will even encourage others to join abuse of the abuser’s victim.
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(1) The only thing to do is to stop listening to FAUCI. He is telling you, that life, your divine DNA is the problem and they will find any excuse, even the most crazy acceptable alibis for naive people to consent to their poison (continued)
(2) Their virus vaccine is to change your DNA (using the CRISPR-CAS9 Technology... ) and replace the divine link with a simian one.
COV ID (Certificate Of Vaccination IDentification/ number) was designed for that, to have a vaccination identification (Continued)
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🚨Bill Gates wants to pour "smart dust" (Chalk being the name of a neuroscientist), nanites, cytokines like those in vaccines, directly in the air you breathe to prevent rays of divine energy ( Christ warriors)from reaching...…
(1) and awakening consciousness, thus slowing down the number of awakened (=to cool down the Earth). On a small scale, Bill Gates wants to know, because all is experimental, how nanites/ cytokines (soluble proteins glycoproteins) interfere and react in the atmosphere...
(2) His experimental project over Sweden is planned in June with scientists from Harvard University BUT experts are divided and even terrified because it could cause a deadly cytokine storm...Are they beginning to understand he is totally insane and wants Humans dead? 🕊️
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Based on a @nytimes report, a fake "Eritrean" collective, (@EriFoundation1) which no members are Eritreans but Tigrayans (North-Ethiopians), was able to block EU development aid funds for #Eritrea ...
TPLF diaspora :
Tigrayans with stolen Eritrean ID @EriFoundation1

Paid Lobbyist :
@emieljurjens lawyer
@MatinaStevis @nytimes
@leonard_vincent @RFI
@SimonPetite @LeTemps

Cyber Force :
@mvreisen @BenoitLannoo @EriFoundation1 #ChangeInEritrea

Target : @MicheleRivasi @eu_eeas
@EriFoundation1 :
❌Mulueberhan Temelso Mengesha,
❌Dessale Berektet Abraham,
❌Beyene Gerezgiher,
are all TPLF Tigrayans (Ethiopians) !

This is a FRAUD orchestrated by a known TPLF member @mvreisen (Mirjam van Reisen) in Netherlands !

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🚨So many lies...Do U know that the Atlantean Gods, the Grail bloodline, were known as the "shepherd Kings"(the Basque land (Euskadi)in Nazara/Nazareth/Navarre)and are rising again...…
And if you knew the basque land.... you will understand why it was named Nazara/Naiara/Naxara... Naza in Euskara means "dam", Euskadi/Navarre and the mountains stopped the waters of the Great flood, the Santutegi (in Euskara, sanctuary in English)...
Do you understand that here is the "Santu Euskadi", the "Santu Nazareth". And Euskadi remains today beautiful with its green valleys (it will always remain a sponge...), its sheep and the famous Pottoka....I know the place ETXE-RA...
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🚨IT IS THE DEFINITIVE PLAN TO STEAL THE REALM and IMPRISON/TRAP 10% OF ORIGINAL HUMANS ( WITH SOULS/SPIRITS) FOR EVER AS SLAVES. Speaking of new breeds of Humans is nonsense but they want to steal too the reproductive system of humankind they can't mimic.. (to continue)
Humans are one and unique race. Humans on Earth take the shape of a compound : a Human spirit/soul within a flesh vessel regularly changed to live new experiences, to learn and grow in that environment...
Now Humans have reached full maturity (they had a date with the Creator, if you really are a Human, you can't have missed the call and it was written). Maturity is reached with all the successive experiences they have lived and undestood, (like Tom Thumb coming back home...
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Australia`s parliament is to resume on March 15th

An auspicious calendar date that saw Julius Caesar killed by Senators in the Roman Senate 2,065 years ago

The Australian Senate can do the same the to Scott Morrison Liberal lead government
How can this be done?

By using parliamentary privilege to out the #CabinetMinister named in the letter sent to @SenatorWong & @sarahinthesen8

The governments presumption of innocence line they using with the help of their media mates
was not used for #Robodebt victims

It was not used for #AsylumSeekers

In fact this government ignores #HighCourt rulings against it #HomeToBilo

If ever victims of injustice deserve members of parliament to act for the betterment of the whole country
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“Lock up Dutton, throw away the key. We won’t stop until we free the refugees”: A protest out the front of Carlton’s Park Hotel. Scott Morrison and Peter Dutton locked up in cages made to stand trial over the unlawful indefinite detention of refugees.” 1/15 #GameOver #Auspol
“Organised by Whistleblowers, Activists and Communities Alliance (WACA), aimed to convey Australia’s politicians and the police that are a threat to human rights. And just like on top of the truck, the real Morrison and Dutton should stand trial for their crimes.” 2/15
“At the Mantra, I had a window and I could see people,” Kurdish refugee and current Park Hotel detainee Mostafa Azimitabar in a statement. “I think this is one of their plans: for us not to be seen by people outside smiling at us – waving at us. Here, there is no window.” 3/15
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Fazel Chegeni wanted 'nothing but peace'. Instead he died alone in Australia's island prison. Ian Rintoul, said Chegeni’s death was “another needless detention death, this time of a refugee who should never have been in detention.” 1/16 #GameOver #TimeForAHome #Auspol
“The delay in processing and releasing him is inexcusable. He is a victim of the punitive regime detention regime that cares nothing for the human rights of asylum seekers and refugees,” he said. 2/16
More than 700 pages of the Faili Kurd’s immigration department file show how Fazel Chegeni was trapped in a bureaucracy that did not care for him. Over four years, scores of people within Australia’s immigration department pleaded on Chegeni’s behalf for him to be helped. 3/16
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“Below, we've included the email addresses for the Labor and Liberal party leaders. Please take a quick moment to send an email about indefinite detention to make clear that resolving this crisis must be a top priority.” 1/8 #GameOver #HomeToBilo #AusUPR20 #Auspol
“We recommend emails brief &polite. In parliamentary offices, staffers track the subject/opinions in each email & report back to senior staff. We want to make sure opposition to indefinite detention remains on that agenda, & our power is in making our voice heard together.” 2/8
Prime Minister Scott Morrison:
Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese:

Some key messages you may wish to use: 3/8
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The Forgotten Children: National Inquiry into Children in Immigration Detention 2014: This inquiry investigated how immigration detention affects the health, well-being and development of children. 1/8 #GameOver #TimeForAHome #EndChildDetention #RaiseTheAge #HomeToBilo #Auspol
The inquiry also assessed whether Australia’s laws, policies and practices for children in immigration detention were consistent with its obligations under the Convention on the Rights of the Child. 2/8 #GameOver #TimeForAHome #EndChildDetention #RaiseTheAge #HomeToBilo #Auspol
Overarching finding: prolonged, mandatory detention of asylum seeker children causes significant mental and physical illness and developmental delays, in breach of Australia’s international obligations. 3/8 #GameOver #TimeForAHome #EndChildDetention #RaiseTheAge #HomeToBilo
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Mr Dutton’s phone number is: 02 6277 7860. Talking Points: My name is  _____, I live in _____. I am calling to ask Mr Dutton to use his Migration Act powers to bring Priya, Nades and their QLD-born girls home to Biloela immediately. 1/3 #GameOver #EndChildDetention #HomeToBilo
I understand the Department of Home Affairs recommended that the Immigration Minister consider granting this family a visa to remain in Australia almost two years ago. Over 350,000 Australians have called for this family to come home to Biloela. 2/3 #EndChildDetention #HomeToBilo
I do not support a Government that is detaining this family, trying to force them from Australia to danger, or that keeps children in detention. Mr Ditton must use his Migration Act powers to bring this family home to Biloela immediately. 3/3 #EndChildDetention #HomeToBilo
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#AusUPR20 Score Card: Australia undermines the institution of asylum by intercepting asylum seekers at sea and implementing rapid returns, w/ rudimentary screening and w/out access to legal advice or fair process.
Australia has returned people at airports 1/11 #GameOver #Auspol
w/out properly assessing their claims. Asylum seekers who arrived by boat after August 2012 (and not sent to Nauru or Papua New Guinea), are not eligible for permanent protection and have no pathway to citizenship. 2/11
Australia must ensure its asylum processes and border management policies fully comply with its international obligations, including the principle of non-refoulement. 3/11
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It’s time to #EndChildDetention for Tharnicaa and Kopika, to #RaiseTheAge of the incarceration of children from 10 to 14 years, and it’s #TimeForAHome for those who came to Australia escaping danger and instead were detained indefinitely for never ending years. 1/10 #HomeToBilo
Australia went before the United Nations Human Rights Council for its Universal Periodic Review in Jan, 2021. Over 40 countries criticised Australia’s refugee policy, that Australia’s abandoned it’s human rights responsibilities. 2/10 #GameOver #EndChildDetention #HomeToBilo
27 countries urged Australia to raise the minimum age of criminal responsibility from 10 to at least 14 years. Australia's age policy disproportionately affects Indigenous children who may already have inter-generational trauma. 3/10 #GameOver #EndChildDetention #RaiseTheAge
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Khodayar Amini was a 30 year old Afghani man who sought asylum in Australia. After experiencing Australia’s draconian Immigration system he sent this message to his friend, urged his advocates to go to the media, and then set himself on fire: 1/6 #GameOver #HomeToBilo
“I Khodayar Amini write the following few sentences with my blood for those apathetic so called human beings. Yes they did this to me, with slogans of humanity, sentenced me to death. My crime was that I was a refugee. 2/6 #GameOver #HomeToBilo
They tortured me for 37 months and during all these times, they treated me in the most cruel and inhumane way. They violated my basic human right and took away my human dignity with their false and so called humane slogans. 3/6 #GameOver #HomeToBilo
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The Andrew and Renata Kaldor Centre for International Refugee Law at the University of NSW Sydney is the world’s leading research centre dedicated to the study of international refugee law. 1/10 #GameOver #HomeToBilo #Auspol
Beautifully, the Centre was founded in October 2013 by former “refugees” Andrew and Renata Kaldor who were awarded honorary doctorates by the University of NSW Sydney in November 2018. 2/10 #GameOver #HomeToBilo #Auspol
The Centre undertakes rigorous research on the most pressing displacement issues in Australia, the Asia-Pacific region and around the world, and contributes to public policy by promoting legal, sustainable and humane solutions to forced migration. 3/10 #GameOver #HomeToBilo
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The #TimeForAHome coalition will present this petition to parliament next week requesting the immediate release of people seeking asylum and refugees from detention and into a safe home by World Refugee Day. Please sign:
1/9 #Auspol #GameOver #HomeToBilo
“We call on the Government to immediately release people seeking asylum and refugees from immigration detention facilities, and commit to their resettlement in a safe, permanent home by World Refugee Day, 20 June 2021.”2/9
No matter where we’re from/how we got here, everyone needs a safe place to call home. For the past 7 years, successive governments have enacted harmful policies against people seeking asylum, including the indefinite detention of everyone who arrived by boat after July 2013.  3/9
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Ethiopians should be grateful for Digital Woyane. We are bringing to light the invasion of Eritrean troops which @AbiyAhmedAli did not expect to reach this level. He can't do anything because he doesn't want to upset his sponsor @MohamedBinZayed, who has invested a lot Eritrea.
ENDF can't kick out Shaebia troops from Tigray due to various factors. But Shaebia must go. Since @AbiyAhmedAli is unwilling to negotiate with TPLF, the only other entity that can stop this mess are UN Peacekeepers. But Abiy won't admit to that in order not to offend Isaias/MBZ.
.@AbiyAhmedAli has been checkmated. #GameOver actually applies to him. But he shouldn't be dragging the rest of the country to hell with him. He needs to allow peacekeepers in Tigray. Then Sudan will behave as ENDF can focus on the rest of our borders. Then Ethiopia can breathe.
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Scott Morrison is not my hero. My heroes are the refugees that’ve been detained by the Australian Government for up to eight years. The world’s most vulnerable people are not even welcome to step on Australian soil. Instead, indefinite detention for no crime. #GameOver #Auspol
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🚨January 20th, 2021 at the WH : the last script for the movie, the last bonus chapter at the end of the book...

As I warned you, all was fake : the inauguration, the guests (actors & singers), and a film was made and recorded.

Foreign Presidents were not here, only the previous US Presidents who led the Corp. to the bankrupt....and played their roles, they had no choice.

Very little things were broadcast live. Biden is not the President and never signed anything legal, but he played his role
since they are all in cahoots. They all belong to the same House, same Family : the Empire of the City, the "Crown", Rothschild.

Democrats and Republicans are just two wings of a same bird... D Trump was a Democrat before, like his father....
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Prevent global lockdown from happening, we can do it ! The hybrid Luciferians have planned it on January & are waiting (their volition) for a worldwide pandemic. It's the reason why they have a fixation on numbers ...

Numbers appearing on their screens (they all are statisticians). Stop any exponential increase of the number of deaths created by their shots. It is easy : reject the vaccine for yourself and your elders today in carehomes (Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca...).
Inform other Humans with love. They are targeting today the "useless elderly"and the staff working there, and in all the countries at the same time. It would be enough to declare the global pandemic according to the pandemic standards they have elaborated.
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Marketeers are geniuses: "And what if we tell them our product is in their best interest?"👼

"Companies that aim to win converts to green products need to convince consumers that they’re also acting in their own best interests"…
You can't make this up: "Beyond Meat’s founder...has long preached this gospel: The quest to get people to save the planet has to include the promise they are saving themselves" 😜
@ImpossibleFoods' CEO further inflating the $$$ bubble

"Our mission is to completely replace the use of animals as a food technology by 2035. We’re dead serious about it ... It’s #gameover for the incumbent [meat] industry—they just don’t realize it yet”…
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🚨JFK JR is associated to the NUMBER OF THE BEAST 616 😡😡😡 it was the missing code of the Bible.

The Number of the Beast is not 666 but is 616 (I already explained) which is JFK JR number who died on July 16th precisely in 1999 (on the 16th like (6)-16)

And his red & white type Saratoga aircraft sunk.

Several members of the Family, the Kennedys belonging to the Rothschilds, work together in that plot. :

Q Anon is the Galactic Federation of Light headed by JFK Senior named ORITQ (Q) and Q+ is President D. TRUMP.
S. Trump often writes 2020, 2Q2Q !

And "2020" in Gematria also indicated that "he will come in a red plane" and at the "first snow of the year" like you have in the US... And the red the saratoga jet.
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McEntee, who was escorted out of Whitehouse by John Kelly over security clearance problems, threatened to fire agency staff 4 cooperating w/ transition process too
YO @SenateGOP
As #TrumpVirus RAGES, Dr. Fauci says any delay of transition is HARMFUL 2 PUBLIC HEALTH

Trump doesn't give a flying fu*k if we live or die

His thug McEntee is firing staff HE deems disloyal & anyone willing 2 help #BidenTransition
Trump's so busy taking a wrecking ball 2 democracy that he's "tuned out" the #Covid19 pandemic

U know who doesn't get that luxury?

✔10.9 MILLION INFECTED W/ #TrumpVirus
✔11+ million out of work &/or facing eviction
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