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#SupremeCourt to shortly hear pleas regarding amendments to #BCCI constitution to do away with mandatory cooling-off periods between tenures of administrators.

Bench of Justices DY Chandrachud and Hima Kohli to hear matter.

#Cricket #CricketTwitter #cricketnews #IndianCricket
SG mentions matter

SG: I'm sorry I've been bothering your lordships with this for indulgence. Had mentioned yesterday also. May take it up.

SC: We'll hear it after the transfer Petitions? How much time will you need?

SG: Atleast 20 minutes.
SG: Mr Sibal and I are on the same side for once.

SC: Who are you representing Mr Sibal? What is your stand?

Sibal: Tamil Nadu Cricket Association my lords. We support the amendments.

#SupremeCourt #BCCI
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#SupremeCourt to hear matter of amendments in #BCCI Constitution to do away with cooling-off periods between tenures of holding lead posts.
SG: Item was to be heard after fresh matters today. But I'm ready to argue it now.

SC: Who are the parties?

Adv: They are proceeding with elections without getting Court's approval for the amendments. That's the pressing issue.
SG: Earlier Bench was pleased to pass order that only one IA was to be listed, but lordship has listed every IA.

Counsel for Mumbai Cricket Association seeks to argue.

SG: here others are not opposed, lordships may see what amicus has said.

Adv for respondents: We are.
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1/ #DannyCasolaro #DonaldTrump #JeffreyEpstein

What does the death of Danny Casolaro have to do with Donald Trump?

On February 8, 2022 it was reported that Trump had improperly taken 15 boxes of presidential records from the White House to Mar-A-Lago.…
On February 8, 2022 there was an overwhelming number of people reading the obituary of Danny Casolaro.

I took a screen image showing the spike in Casolaro's New York Times obituary on February 8, 2022.

#PROMIS #Inslaw #DannyCasolaro #OctoberSurprise #BCCI Image
Danny Casolaro's NYT obituary can be read here:…

He was working on information that 30 years later most of us know to be true.

BCCI, the October Surprise and that Promis was illegally taken over by the Justice Department.
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Who is the biggest beneficiary of the IPL Media Rights sale, the @BCCI or the Teams?

Let's find out in this thread-

Total Revenue- ₹48,390

From the broadcasting rights revenue-
🔸Franchises receive 40%, and
🔸the balance of 60% stays with the Board.
👉Take a look at the calculation-

🔸BCCI will receive ₹29,034 crores (60%*₹48,390).

🔸Balance ₹19,356 crores will be divided among each team in 5 years.

🔸So, The cumulative yearly earnings for the IPL Teams will be ₹3871.2 crores (₹19,356/5 Years).
🔸Hence, each Franchise will earn ₹387.12 crores per annum for the next 5 years starting in 2023, an increase of 138% from ₹163 crores last year.

🔸On top of that, each team qualifying in the Top 4 will get an additional 10% from the media rights revenue.
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I wanted to do a thread on my interactions with Shane Warne. Will do one but before that, something more imp needs to be shared right now.

Here’s a #thread on #BCCI and the current media reports of a BCCI official attending selection committee meetings.

Chief selector Chetan Sharma should now come out on record and speak if any individual sat unconstitutionally in team selection meetings. In fact, he should add whether or not the selectors felt intimidated by someone’s presence. I know for sure they were not ‘comfortable’.

For the record, no office-bearers of the BCCI – other than secretary, who convenes meetings – are supposed to sit in selection committee meetings. I don’t think anyone would’ve dared do this if the likes of Amarnath, Vengsarkar, Srikkanth, Patil were chairing the committee.

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Why I think #IPL should go to SA…
#BCCI has said that as much as possible, they will try and host IPL-2022 in India, unless Covid forces a shift again. Their desperation to host it in India is understandable. After all, it is the ‘Indian’ Premier League. (1/25)
However, I’ll try and share my thoughts on why I don’t think IPL should be hosted in India this season either. Point No.1: If the IPL if once again forced to be played without crowds, then what is the single-most important priority? It must look good on television. Right? (2/25)
Only if crowds are allowed for matches does hosting of IPL in India make any sense. If it’s all about watching the tournament on TV, doesn’t matter whether it’s played in the UAE, Sri Lanka or South Africa – as long as it caters to India’s prime-time viewing. (3/25)
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As I tweet this, the BCCI and CVC Capital, and their respective lawyers, are locked in a meeting in Dubai. There has been some serious discussion going on all day. As I said earlier, it’ll be a travesty if CVC are forced out of IPL. (1/22)
The Private Equity Company has close to 24 offices globally and they operate under the laws of that country. Similarly, in India, they’re bound by the law of the land here. CVC ticked all eligibility criteria before submitting the bid. (2/22)
BCCI, in its tender document had submitted a list of eligibility rules. The BCCI also went through checks to see if all bidders were meeting the eligibility criteria. I went through the documents to see what exactly is the eligibility criteria. Here’s a full list. (3/22)
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The Psychology of Human Misjudgement - Charlie Munger Full Speech via @YouTube
well, if one can get around the accounting and auditing systems, you can commit fraud on a massive scale.
That is what rogue traders do!
But, financial institutions have invested big time in hiring quants who can write codes and Greek symbols which board members don't comprehend
It's brilliant if your standard fraud risk assessor aka auditor and the quantitative risk manager can use the #Benford #Law to identify, proactively measure and control fraud risk-related predicate financial crimes.
But, first, do the basic work, before leapfrogging.
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عمران خان صاحب کو بات سوچ سمجھ کر کرنی چاہئیے کہ پاکستان کا آئین بنیادی طور پر قرآن و سنت پر مبنی ہے لہذا کافر فرانسیسی خونریز انقلاب کی یا ایران کے مولویوں کے خونریز انقلاب کی اسلام قطعی اجازت نہیں دیتا | ریاست مدینہ کی بات کرنے والے ذرا بتائیں کہ فتح مکہ پر کتنے قتل ہوئے تھے
Dear Mr Imran Khan please be careful while quoting “ Heathen #FrenchRevolution & Iranian Cleric Revolution in connection with Pakistan” | Revolution & Bloodletting are not allowed in #Islam | Both the example above are invalid | You talked of State of #Medina | Tell us about that
1 - Reality of the so-called #Islamic Revolution of #Khomeini in #Iran | America's secret engagement with Khomeini… Naya Pakistan looking for Iran like revolution, says Imran (The News April 23, 2019) US Declassified Documents on Iran's alleged Revolution
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Bigger than #ElChapo bigger than #PabloEscobar 💉💊☠️💰

Big news then, I guess 👀


Huge numbers! $400 billion+ pa 🌎🌍🌏
National security type influence.

Social - Political - Economic

Where does all that money go? 🤔🔁💸
When illegal drug operations get this big, they cross borders, networks become huge & they need protection/assistance

According to well documented incidents, intelligence agencies sometimes oversee 👀

Political expedience
#VangPao #Laos #KhunSa #Golden🔺
There are loads of other well-documented episodes

The untraceable huge sums of 💰 from drugs come in very handy for clandestine funding of "off the books" type operations


When you're fighting for national interests, can it be justified? #ColdWar ImageImageImageImage
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#Thread #Cricket

It's important that credit should be given to the right individuals where 'coaching' is concerned. Let's not be blind to some leading contributions that have come from lesser-known names.
#TeamIndia #coaches
Blindly crediting a Rahul Dravid or a Ravi Shastri for years of hard work someone else has put in is not fair. Here's a list of individuals responsible for the success of Team India players...
#TeamIndia #coaches #AUSvsIND
Shubhman Gill -- his father Lakhwinder Singh.
Rohit Sharma -- his childhood coach and go-to man Dinesh Lad.
Cheteshwar Pujara -- his dad Arvind Pujara
Ajinkya Rahane -- Pravin Amre
Virat Kohli -- Rajkumar Sharma, Ravi Shastri
Rishabh Pant -- Tarak Sinha, Ricky Ponting
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Here's an extensive #thread on how #BCCI put the bio-secure bubble in place when franchises first landed in #UAE for #IPL2020.

The Board issued a circular underlining dos & don'ts for the tournament & strict protocols to go with it. Below is the circular in detail...

As advised in the Overview of Health and Safety Protocols for #IPL, each team was required to form a Bio Secure Environment and to follow all the #BCCI protocols which will include: A) Testing; B) Health Passport; C) Contact Tracing.
#Testing: Delhi-based VPS Healthcare Group undertook all #Covid testing in UAE. Exclusive Testing room was set up in each Bio-Secure bubble and qualified nurses, wearing full PPE kits collected nasopharyngeal samples from team members.
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The first Indian commentator I loved and respected was the one and only SMG. Not so much for his skills as one but for his courage to "stand up" to the big boys aka England and Australia on air.

He made his debut in 1990 and while it was expected for ex players to be neutral
on air, it was essential that someone stand up to the double standards going on in world cricket at that time.

His most famous story, which I think occurred while he was captain, was when he refused to allow batsmen to get drinks in between overs on their own. The argument was
that the English and Australian players were not used to the extreme heat and needed additional water to sustain themselves on the field.

His response was that the Indian players were not used to the extreme English cold and so they should also be allowed a heater in the slips
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#Epstein #Maxwell #Wexner #BCCI

The CIA gave the Washington Times a "story" on its involvement in the BCCI bank scandal.

Except it's claims were nonsensical and amounted to nothing.

Same thing they've done in the Jeffrey Epstein scandal.…
What is true, however, once we comb through Congressional reports and old, old newspapers that have been made to disappear is that child sex trafficking played just a big a role as drug smuggling and money laundering.

The sad moral of the story is that even after caught,
It's always back to business.

Another name.
Another front.
Another scheme.

Different children.

JFK once said:

“Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country,” challenging every American to contribute in some way to the public good.
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#Epstein #Maxwell #Wexner #Biden #Riklis #BCCI

Joe Biden's unreported scandal. BCCI. CIA.

Joseph Biden has been a Delaware Senator since he won the 1972 election. He served as the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee from 1987-1995 where he had oversight authority for
for the Department of Justice at the height of the S&L scandal, and the investigation into BCCl, dubbed the Bank of Crooks + Criminals by Robert Gates, at that time the Deputy Director of the CIA.

He, also, served as an influential member of the Foreign Relations Committee.
Biden's connection to prominent figures in the Savings & Loan disaster dates back to the mid -70s, when he was a political favorite of Jake and C.H. Butcher, tycoons in the S&L industry until the collapse of their banking empire in 1984, which cost the Federal Deposit Insurance
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Who is Anurag Thakur? What is going on with him⁉️

But, we have seen him during cricket matches.🤔 What has this bigot got to do with Indian Cricket Team then?⛔

Well.. read on..

#IndianCricketTeam #TeamIndia .@bcci
.@imVkohli .@msdhoni .@SaketGokhale .@ravishndtv @thewire_in
Anurag Thakur was the President of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (.@BCCI) until "Supreme Court of India Sacked Anurag Thakur" as President on 02/01/2017. 😳

Wait, how did he even get there?? 😲🤷⁉️

#IndianCricketTeam #TeamIndia
#IndiaAganstHate .@BCCIdomestic
Himachal Pradesh had a Cricket Association since 1960, but obsolete. 🚱

So, Anurag tried his luck in Punjab cricket team in 90's. And after failing, he shifted his focus to the cricketing business in Punjab.💸

But, in vain🤷

#IndianCricketTeam #TeamIndia
#IndiaAganstHate @BCCI
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#Epstein #Maxwell #Wexner #Clinton

Some people are too big to jail.

-Ghislaine Maxwell
-Hillary Clinton

What else do these two women have in common?

They both have ties to the Mossad.

-Ghislaine Maxwell from the time she was born.

-Hillary Clinton from the time she became an attorney in Arkansas.
Billionaire Little Rock Arkansas Clinton-supporter Jackson Stephens, brought BCCI to America with the legal representation of the Rose Law Firm. Their attorney was Hillary Rodham Clinton.

*Note: This is superficial information to lay the groundwork.*…
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I enjoyed ⁦@JohnKerry⁩ memoir more than @elilake did (and you can hear that in my interview of fmr SecState…) and it probably b/c I am older and lived a lot of Kerry’s early political life. My first campaign experience was w/…
Republican Rep Paul Cronin doomed re-elect campaign in ‘74 when I was a freshman in college and volunteering. He was beaten by Paul Tsongas whom @JohnKerry chose not to contest for nomination but whom he would succeed in Senate. Lots of odd coincidences in memoir e.g. Bob Mueller
prosecuting #BCCI, Paul Manafort and Roger Stone representing Marcos when Kerry was helping Reagan —yeah you read that right— oust the dictator. Of course we don’t agree on much but many details worth reviewing. Transcript of interview will post later.
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