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Looked at prevalence of "භූමදානය, burial, ආදාහනය, cremation, cremate, bury, Muslim" terms across ~2.3k #Faacebook pages I study, from 1 Jan-31 Dec '20. Snapshots of data follow. Search terms highlight a key issue over '20 & Govt's policies #SriLanka #lka
From the time of Govt's announcement in April…, content spikes feat. these terms correspond to the 2 waves of #Covid19SL in #SriLanka in 2020. Focus on cremation of Muslims much more pronounced during 2nd wave & in Dec.
#Facebook acts as a feeder to content published on respective websites feat. these terms. When reading through comments to posts, clear many haven't read related article (i.e. clicked through) & that conversation feeds off from how the first comments framed (i.e. echo chamber).
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Complementing 2020's observations of #Covid19SL… did a quick survey of pandemic's coverage on #Facebook. Worth noting that after Oct. '20, cases/deaths saw a much greater & very troubling spike in #SriLanka than 1st half of year…
Searched for කොරෝනා, Covid, Covid-19, Coronavirus, quarantine, නිරෝධායනය, cluster, පොකුරු,, ප්‍රජා සම්ප්‍රේෂණය, සම්ප්‍රේෂණය, community transmission terms amongst the ~2,300 pages on #Facebook I study, from 1 Jan to 31 Dec. Some snapshots of data follow. #Covid19SL #lka #SriLanka
Bewilderingly (though caveats follow in this thread) content/conversations (measured by # of posts published) pegged to these terms *declines* over 2020, even after emergence of far deadlier 2nd wave post-October. Distraction, strategic silence & denial emerge as leitmotifs.
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Disturbing thread that in #SriLanka’s media ecology manifests itself as groupthink defined by overt partisan identity tested by how vocal one is, independent of substance. Banality (more than hate) of junk news subsumes critical discourse, by design of political entrepreneurs.
There is no evidence (not discounting severely constrained reach of mis/disinfo upon flagging/debunking/labelling) #SriLanka’s hyper-partisan junk news infodemic in ‘20, founded on myth, rumour & racism, operated to same logic(s) as liberal democracy…
In #SriLanka, cognitive & critical appreciation of media is undergirded & informed - nearly completely - by hyper-partisan content that overwhelms democratic frames. Out-group shock/disbelief/violent othering is basis of mainstream media producers across airwaves, print, SM.
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Who wants to know about BOTs and Robot #Racism?
There is an interesting case study on @AzzamAmeen’s Facebook page. BOTs can fuel racism and this is how it’s done.
In this case study:
BOTs with some Muslim names come n make haha😆 reactions to a serious sensitive post
When the post get trends with so many post engagement with haha fake reactions, people start noticing it on their wall. This is how FB algorithm works. Then they are curious and comes to judgement and assumptions. Sleeping cells are watching the scene. Bots are active!
Then these blog posts, FB posts and group attacks start based on the original news creators @AzzamAmeen ‘s ethnicity, religion or personality. And #Bot game continue.... hope all of you learn something about Bot #racism & how public react without fact checking🙏🏼#BuduTips #LKA
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Gegen 9:30 Uhr kam es zu einem Überfall auf einen Geldtransporter. Dieser befand sich nach ersten Erkenntnissen am Hintereingang eines Möbelhauses am #Sachsendamm.
Ein Sicherheitsmitarbeiter soll hier beim Verlassen der Filiale am #Sachsendamm von mindestens 3 Verdächtigen angegriffen & mit Schusswaffen bedroht worden sein. Die Täter flüchteten unerkannt mit ihrer Beute in einem weißen Audi.
Zahlreiche Einsatzkräfte, unter anderem unsere Spurensicherung des #LKA, Ermittler und Ermittlerinnen des LKA 4 und der #Polizeihubschrauber sind am #Sachsendamm im Einsatz.
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Der umdekorierte #Putschpanzer ist heute in #Dortmund #do0912
Die #Querdenken Crew wird von ca. 10 Teilnehmenden erwartet. Der #Umsturz steht bevor ^^
Da wird die #Spendenbox vom #coronalovebus wohl leer bleiben.
#Coronaleugner & #Coronazis
Die 900 Euro pro Tag für den #Putschpanzer werden wohl vor 10 Leuten kaum einzutreiben sein. Also packt #EvaRosen von der #Querdenken #Frauenbustour noch einen oben drauf. Ohne #Quellen oder #Belege behauptet sie, dass sich bereits 16 #Busunternehmer das Leben genommen hätten.^^
Und wieder #Opferrolle von #EvaRosen in #Dortmund. Sie leiert die immer gleichen #Querdenken #Narrative herunter. Der "#Anschlag" von gestern auf den #Putschpanzer sei von #Faschisten & Opfern der #Medien verübt worden.^^ Es kommt einem schon zu den Ohren raus. #Coronazis #do0912
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When the racists said Muslim businesses sell clothes stained with "වද බෙහෙත්" to sterilise Sinhala women, I expected the Sri Lanka College of Gynecologists to come forward and say there is no chemical in existence in medical science that can do that. they didn't!!
When they said Muslims put the same sterilisation pills into food sold in Muslim restaurants, I expected the government or any official body to come forward and say such pills don't exists. They never did.

When Dr.Shafi was arrested on false sterilisation charges of 8000 women
I expected the Sri Lanka College of Gynecologists or any medical body that knows basics of childbirth to come and say that this is never possible, but they never said.

When @hejaazh Hizbullah was arrested without procedure & kept without any evidence being presented, and even
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An incident which demonstrates how the systemic racism works towards minorities in this country.
A Muslim in Galle who had a renal failure has died while he was undergoing dialysis in Kalubowila hospital where he gets his treatment regularly. (1/6)
#SriLanka #racism #lka
He was covid cleared before the dialysis. After the death, authorities have said he had covid, quarantined the family, PCRs done & all came negative. Authorities have forced the family to sign the paper to cremate the body. Since the person hasn't (2/6)
person hasn't been anywhere except to the hospital & all the family members were negative, they have refused to sign & asked for the PCR report. While they refused to provide that, somehow they digged in & found no PCR has been done except for the one done
#lka #racism
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Jaffna Magistrate Court issued an Order today banning any kind of commemorative events to observe #Maveerar Day after #Kopay & #Jaffna Police moved motions separately. #Kopay police & Jaffna police named 37 & 14 persons respectively as respondents while filing B reports.#lka 1/
Senior ASG Haripriya Jayasundera submitted to court on 3 grounds arguing allowing such events pose threat to National Security:activities that would revive a terrorist organization banned under PTA (48);cites 2011gazette banning LTTE & prevent any rememberings of its cadres. 2/
ASG also argued that allowing these events might lead to disharmony among communities violating clauses of 3 (1,2) of ICCPR in which SL is also a signatory. She also requested Magistrate Court to ban such gatherings under Code Of Criminal Procedure 106-public nuisance. #lka 3/
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One Year Later: Militarisation, majoritarianism and authoritarianism seem to be the hallmarks of the current Government. @PSaravanamuttu #lka #srilanka #pandemic #COVID19SL #SL20A
@PSaravanamuttu One Year Later: There is a fear that restrictions on freedom of assembly and freedom of movement will be used to curb dissent and human rights work under the pretext of COVID19. @rukitweets #lka #srilanka #pandemic #COVID19SL #humanrights
@PSaravanamuttu @rukitweets One Year Later: The militarised pandemic response has huge implications for governance, the rule of law, rights, and democracy in Sri Lanka. The concern is, what is in store after the first year? @bfonseka #lka #srilanka #pandemic #COVID19SL #humanrights #SL20A
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Takeaways and Parallel Lines: 2020 US Presidential Election and Sri Lanka… by Shenali Pilapitiya #lka #srilanka #USAelection2020 #pandemic #USElections2020
Takeaways and Parallel Lines: 2020 US Presidential Election and Sri Lanka… by Shenali Pilapitiya #lka #srilanka #USAelection2020 #pandemic #USElections2020
Takeaways and Parallel Lines: 2020 US Presidential Election and Sri Lanka… by Shenali Pilapitiya #lka #srilanka #USAelection2020 #pandemic #USElections2020
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A Year in Cloud Cuckoo Land… by Tisaranee Gunasekara #lka #srilanka
A Year in Cloud Cuckoo Land… by Tisaranee Gunasekara #lka #srilanka
A Year in Cloud Cuckoo Land… by Tisaranee Gunasekara #lka #srilanka
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What Death Can Teach Us… by Devika Brendon #lka #srilanka #healthcare Image
What Death Can Teach Us… by Devika Brendon #lka #srilanka #healthcare Image
What Death Can Teach Us… by Devika Brendon #lka #srilanka #healthcare Image
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In my ideal world, we would increase testing capacity enough to 1. test all people who come to hospitals with COVID symptoms (fever OR respiratory symptoms), throughout #lka. With further expansion 2. We would ask people in the community with symptoms to come and get tested. 1/4
It's "targeted" to find clusters earlier, rather than when there are 1000s of people and we stumble upon it from the current surveillance testing that is done (it appears this cluster was (thankfully) detected by such surveillance testing). 2/4
The point is, it potentially could have picked up much earlier if we had expanded testing, as there are reports that people related to the cluster were having symptoms even in late September. Early detection limits spread and hence limits the size of the cluster. 3/4
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One of the core problems in Mehta’s new movie Funny Boy Is the cast. What’s sold as diversity is div. in the absence of any Tamils. Mehta may tell us that she did her best to incl Tamils in the film. But if this is her best, then she should stop making films about other people.
Funny Boy’s casting was network-based. It wasn’t an open casting call. How else can you explain that Mehta decided to hire a banal, pale Pakistani actor after two Tamil actors fell through. If it was an open casting, the results may have looked entirely different.
Mehta, who is based in Toronto, the city with the largest Eelam Tamil diaspora, had access to plenty of Tamil talent. The movie was shot in #lka, where there is plenty of Tamil talent as well.. But Mehta didn't care enough for Tamils to tell a Tamil story.
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Pandemic responses of Pavithra Wanniarachchi in particular & Govt continue to attract significant derision on Facebook. This level of open & public ridicule unseen since Mahindananda Aluthgamage's allegations against Kumar Sangakkara #Covid19SL #SriLanka
Pushback includes hilarious skits… ridiculing Pavithra (& other @PodujanaParty MPs) dumping water "blessed" by the Prime Minister's personal physician (not from any clergy!) to random rivers to stop the pandemic… #Covid19SL #SriLanka
Post by @AzzamAmeen 13hrs ago (at the time of writing) already generates ~7.8k interactions.… Over 900 comments are their own story. #Covid19SL #SriLanka
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It is estimated that since March 2020 the GoSL has received in excess of US $774.6mn (Rs.142bn) for urgent medical needs to combat the COVID-19 virus from foreign governments and agencies.

What have these funds been used for?

#lka #COVID19SL
Breakdown of funds received:
•March 2020- Chinese government gave US $500mn loan.
•April 2020- World Bank released US $128.6mn to the govt.
•September 2020- World Bank reallocated US $56mn to improve medical infrastructure.
•October 2020- China provided US $90mn grant.

Where have these funds gone? Why hasn't the Minister of Health allocated these funds to necessary upgrades of our medical service to help prepare the country for the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak?

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New blog by @charith9… promising. History esp on SM v. emotive & risks froth over reason. 1st post lays out an excellent terrain of inquiry & I hope author explores role (social) media plays in rewriting history by amplification & marginalisation. Image
The importance of someone like @charith9 doing this cannot be understated. Peace theorist Lederach speaks of an insider-partial perspective, which Herath brings to table, esp. in the consideration of the first point made in post.
Trust author will locate how dangerous it is to propose versions of history that contest dominant Sinhala-Buddhist narratives in #lka. And, accelerating at pace over past decade, how pervasive+persuasive SM/digital propaganda breeds a violent intolerance of alternative views.
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#facesofsrilanka - an ongoing thread curated by me to showcase existent diverse faces in #lka media to increase visibility.
All handles unless tagged are for Instagram.
#visibility #diversemedia
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Looked at some data on New Zealand's parliamentary election 2020 #NZElection2020 across #Twitter, #Facebook & #Instagram from 16-18 October (election day+day after). Some comparisons to #srilanka's 2020 parliamentary election (on 5 Aug) will be made, based on doctoral research.
#Facebook's Ad Library Report introduced to #NewZealand this year… (same as in #srilanka). Over past 30 days, top 5 advertisers spent NZ$ 918,754 on 1,706 ads. Of total # of ads, @nzlabour alone ran 896 - the largest # by far, though just 3rd in spending.
Fascinating to see (from Sri Lankan perspective) that @ElectoralCommNZ spent more than 3 other political parties to push out content on voter education. #srilanka's campaign spending on #Facebook showed no comparable outreach by @ECSriLanka whatsoever.
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Good to see the enthusiasm to challenge the 20A. But the SC can't decide the impact of the 20A on #lka democracy. The role of the Supreme Court is limited to saying whether the Bill requires a referendum or not. Even if the SC determines that the Bill requires a referendum (1/3)
The government can always call for a referendum (this hasn't happened before but it can happen). So the ultimate decision is with people. This is where political parties can play an important role in building public support against the Bill. (2/3)
Use the public interest around the Bill to raise awareness of the public about it's implications. Don't wait for the SC to kill the Bill, it can't. (3/3)
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*යාපනය වසන්තපුරම් ප්‍රදේශවාසීන්ට වැසිකිලි පද්ධතියක් ඉදිකිරීමට දායක වන්න!*

යාපනය, වසන්තපුරම් ග්‍රාමයේ පවුල් 86ක් වාසය කරති. මෙම මුළු ගමටම ඇත්තේ වැසිකිලි 2ක් පමණි. මූලික සනීපාරක්ෂක අවශ්‍යතා සපුරා ගැනීමට නොහැකි වීමෙන් මෙම ජනතාව බොහෝ සෞඛ්‍ය ගැටළු වලට මුහුණ දෙති. 1/7

මීට සති කීපයකට පෙර මම මෙම ප්‍රදේශයේ සංචාරය කලෙමි. පසුගිය ඉරිදා, උක්ත කරුණ සම්බන්ධයෙන් අවධානය යොමු කෙරුණු පිණිස සිදු කල විරෝධතාවයකදී මෙම ගැටලුව විසිදීමට මාගේ මැදිහත්වීම අපේක්ෂා කරමින් ලිඛිත අභියාචනයක් ඉදිරිපත් කෙරිනි. 2/7
මෙයට විසඳුමක් වශයෙන් මවිසින් වසන්තපුරම් ජනතාවට වැසිකිලි පද්ධති 10ක් ඉදිකිරීමේ ව්‍යාපෘතියක් ආරම්භ කිරීමට කටයුතු කර ඇත. 3/7
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1/3 Gegen 17:20 Uhr betrat heute ein Maskierter mit einer Schusswaffe eine Bankfiliale in der Frankfurter Allee in #Friedrichshain und forderte Geld. Mit seiner Beute flüchtete er auf einem Fahrrad. Dabei wurde er von Zeugen verfolgt.
2/3 In der Weserstr. wurde der 42-Jährige von Einsatzkräften festgenommen. Er hatte in der Bank einen verdächtigen Rucksack zurückgelassen, der nun von Spezialisten unserer Kriminaltechnik untersucht werden soll.
3/3 Die Frankfurter Allee ist daher zurzeit zwischen der Möllendorffstr. und der Silvio-Meier-Str. in beiden Fahrtrichtungen inklusive der Gehwege #gesperrt.
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Is the Sri Lanka Army's Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol (LRRP) the 3rd best in the world? According to @TimesOnlineLK, @Dailymirror_SL & @SriLankaMirror (quoting Daily Mirror) they are. But is this true, or are @sjayasiri et al at Wijeya at dishing out #misinformation? #lka
Things start to go awry when, not for the 1st time, the story disappears off @Dailymirror_SL's website soon after publication. However, it's still on the e-version of the newspaper, went up in print, is archived on Google Cache & still on @TimesOnlineLK's site. #lka
Source of ranking is site called The site has 0 details of ownership, authors, location or method used for ranking. There's *0 credibility to site*, mirrored on FB page. Screenshot sent to me indicates FB page once had Kandy listed on it, since deleted!
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