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👩‍💻 Holo Dev Update 👩‍💻

1/8 In the Dev Pulse last week, we shared about major upgrades to Holochain that have now been incorporated into the version Holo is using for Elemental Chat.

#dapps #Holo #HoloPort #Holochain
2/8 These improvements to the core code are now being evaluated in both automated and manual runs of the chat app on Holo's hosting infrastructure.

#dapps #Holo #HoloPort #Holochain
3/8 The Holochain tests demonstrated fantastic results related to improvements to gossip and the database migration from LMDB to SQLite.

#dapps #Holo #HoloPort #Holochain
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Şimdi madem #holo kazandı biz de proje araştırmamızı yapalım söz verdiğimiz gibi 2. incelememiz de bu sefer #IOTA olacak ona da 2. sırada yer verilmişti.

Herkesin isteklerini gördüm. Zaman buldukça hepsini değerlendirmeye çalışacağım;

Gelelim Holo'ya:) Haydi başlayalım.. Image
Holochain en kısa tanımıyla dağınık uygulamalar için bir çerçeve çizmeyi amaçlayan bir projedir. Holochainin farkı diğer blockchainler genellikle data merkezli çalışırken kendisinin temsilci merkezli çalışması. ++
Aslında temel anlamda farkı geleneksel blokzincir yapılarına alternatif olarak daha büyümeye açık ve kişiselleştirilebilen bir yapısı olmasıdır Holochain kendini blockchain olarak tanımlamıyor aksine holozincir yani holochain diyerek farklılaştırıyor.++ Image
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1. Alright, guys here we go. Today we had an interesting development that will affect the whole #stockmarket in general, but in particular, it will affect $GME and $AMC the most. It is important you are up to date on this because it will help solidify your understanding why ...
2. the market is falling, why #AMC / #GME are being attacked like crazy now, and where we are going moving forward. We will cover a ton of material in this thread, but it will be super easy to understand as I have taken a lot of time to break it down for you Apes.I ask one thing
3. and one thing only, like & quote retweet every part of the thread for one sole reason: The reason hedge funds are powerful is because it’s a monster made up of a synchronized multitude of teams collaborating together. I see many Apes stranded around not having information
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Anyone out there who doesn't "get" #Holochain, what it is, what it will do, who will use it etc.

Firstly Holofuel supply is dynamic, it expands & contracts.

There isn't one big Holochain its a purpose built architecture for building distributed applications.
Applications built on #Holochain can collectively do things nothing else can;

1. Be hosted peer to peer, no data centers
2. Able to fully function without Internet access (Mesh-Networking)
3. Ensures all users own their data & can remove it & deny access to any app they choose
4. Scaling is unlimited with torrent like membrane
5. DNA contains high level of security through DHT functions, peer validation, gossip & cryptographic signatures.
6. Ability to have 100% peer to peer hosted application accessed via regular web browsers; this is a world first!
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Most new #Crypto invents new words to be compatible with their product and services, some of them unless you follow it closely are just plain weird.
#Holochain being new also has it's own idioms but thankfully they are self-descriptive, below I have added and linked the main👇
words along with their descriptions. #Holochain is complex yet also understandable once you are able to put all the pieces together in your head and visualize it.

But for a new form of #Crypto a Million times faster than #Ethereum one has to expect some degree of intricacy.👇
What is #Holochain

What is #Holo

What is the difference between Holo and Holochain

What is #Holofuel

1% or less Transaction fee 👇
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⚡️Let's talk HoloPort & HoloPort+ 🔳Setup
There are 14 steps to set up your HoloPort, this thread will list them all 😍
Step 1 - HoloPort & HoloPort+ 🔳Setup
Open the boxes. Remove the device, USB drive, network cable, power supply, and power cable.

#EasyPeasy #HoloPortSetUp #HoloPort #Holo
Step 2 - HoloPort & HoloPort+ 🔳Setup
Connect the power supply, power cable, and HoloPort, then plug them into a power outlet.

#HoloPortSetUp #HoloPort #Holo
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🚨Thread Alert! 🚨
Yes we are at this again!

Let's talk #HoloFuel ⚡️

In the recent events of #HoloPorts being shipped by the end of 2019, everyone's asking about the HoloFuel. We know you want to know so here we go 💥

#Holochain #Holo
▶️1/2 This week we’re taking an in-depth look at the HoloFuel transactor, which operates “under the hood” of the HoloFuel UI we discussed in the Dev Pulse 52. This will give you some insight into how HoloFuel’s agent-centric design has an advantage over other digital currencies
▶️2/2 Understanding how the transactor works is important, not only for hApp devs, but also for promoting network user adoption as a way to provide asset backing of the currency. Holo & Holochain are promoting HoloFuel as the micro-currency that powers the Holo Hosting network.
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#Holochain thread: Let's learn about @H_O_L_O_ and @holochain

In the world of blockchains where everyone is fighting for a better consensus algorithm and higher TPS, Holochain brings about a new paradigm, there is no global consensus required in the Holochain architecture.
Holochain uses an Agent Centric approach rather than a Data Centric approach. Here’s why you should really pay attention. Part of a much bigger project: Metacurrency Project - ( (started in 2004) and Ceptr - ( (started in 2006)
Holochain was probably the only ICO which conducted benchmarking tests to decide what their token should be fairly priced at.

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