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EXPLANATION: Q did not predict this, the DS used Q's August is HOT posts in an attempt to frame TRUMP/Q for the shootings. Just like they tried in the past with the BOOM Q posts and the Tx mail bomber.
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(Updated with Pelosi reference)

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#Holochain thread: Let's learn about @H_O_L_O_ and @holochain

In the world of blockchains where everyone is fighting for a better consensus algorithm and higher TPS, Holochain brings about a new paradigm, there is no global consensus required in the Holochain architecture.
Holochain uses an Agent Centric approach rather than a Data Centric approach. Here’s why you should really pay attention. Part of a much bigger project: Metacurrency Project - ( (started in 2004) and Ceptr - ( (started in 2006)
Holochain was probably the only ICO which conducted benchmarking tests to decide what their token should be fairly priced at.

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Uzun bir araştırmanın ardından elde edilen bilgileri içeren #holochain #hot ile ilgili flooda hoşgeldiniz. Biraz uzun oldu ama tüm yönleri ile anlatmak istedim, çayınız kahveniz hazırsa buyrun lütfen.
Holo chain nedir?
Basit bir ifade ile anlatmak gerekirse Blockchain ağı üzerine yer alan her hangi bir coine değil, bizzat sistemin kendisine yani Blockchain’e rakip, alternatif bir ağ projesidir. Gerçek anlamda merkeziyetsiz ve dağıtık yapıda olması, işlemlerin çok hızlı
yapılması ve depolama kaynaklı bir sorunu bulunmaması hedefi ile selefinden ayrılmaktadır. Ico’sunda özel satış yapılmamış, bonus verilmemiş, balinaların tokenleri toplamasını önlemek için özel bir algoritma yazılıp önlem alınmıştır. Bunun dışında ekip pazarlama faaliyetleri
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A story written with no plan or script through nano-chapters using the prompts from #vss365 #AmWriting #SunScribbles #SunWIP #SciFi #Satsplat #BadWordSat
#Swim steady and firm”, 15 yr old David told the others. They had been prepared. Their go-bags had the clothes approved by Deplorables and they had a small list of safe-houses in the mainland. All the adults in the island died do make their escape possible. #vss365 #AmWriting
In the mainland, it was safer to marry the kids to each other. They would live with their assigned parents according to the fake identity genealogy. What used to be known as the #cycle of abuse had been normalized. They had to blend in and hide in plain sight. #vss365 #AmWriting
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Centuries ago, like now, there were hostels, posadas or taverns where food was served in exchange for money, as in a thermopolium in Rome (snack-bar) where we, readers of @LRB @TwitterBooks @nytimes @NewYorker @washingtonpost, would often go
After the #fall of the #Roman #Empire in these businesses food was served in shared tables and consisted of a fixed menu, according to what was already prepared. Even the nobility, like celebrities today, would frequent when traveling.
But, when did the concept and business of restaurants truly begin?
It began with Paracelsus (1493-1541), a brilliant Swiss physician who modernized medicine with rational clinical judgment and changed the way we eat in the #Western #world.
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