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10 Lessons From The #Tragedy of #Karbala

1. #Hussain (as) stopped in the middle of the battlefield to perform his obligatory #prayers with arrows shooting at him… the least we can do is perform our daily prayers on time.

1/10 🧵
2. #Hussain (as) #sacrificed his family including his six month old for the sake of Allah (swt)...the least we can do is sacrifice our worldly desires for the sake of Allah (swt)!

3. Lady #Zainab (as) prayed Salatul Layl (the night prayers) in the state of sitting down on the night of #Ashura after the tragic loss of her entire family… the least we can do is pray Salatul layl in our peaceful nights!

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Baru sekali saya menonton liputan @tvOneNews dengan judul " Ramai Penolakan, Syiah Tetap Berjalan" liputan ini cukup menarik ditengah banyak gonjang-ganjing mengenai syiah sendiri, yg di judge "sesat" oleh sebagian masyarakat di indonesia #syiah #SyiahBukanIslam
Saya akan awali dengan membahas mengenai sejarah aliran Syiah sendiri di Indonesia, sebelum membahas mengenai isu kekinian terkait kesalahpahaman atau narasi "sesat" kepada kelompok syiah #syiah #SyiahBukanIslam #Hussain
Syiah di Indonesia bukanlah aliran yang baru muncul di negeri ini, bahkan kedatangan Syiah lebih dulu dibandingkan "Islam Pembaharu" dlm perjalanannya syiah hadir sejak Abad ke 7-8 M di Nusantara, mereka membentuk kesultanan pertama di Aceh bernama Pereulak pd th 840 M
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Kisah Pembantaian Cucu Nabi

Pada hari ke 10 bulan Muharram, di tahun 61 H, selepas menunaikan
shalat subuh Al-Hussein keluar dr tenda dan menaiki kuda kesayangannya

Ketika itu sebagian besar musuh telah hadir
Al-Hussein menghampiri sambil menatap pasukan yg tengah mengepungnya
Mulailah Al-husain berpidato yang
begitu indah dan menyentuh hati:

أما بعد، فانسبوني فانظروا من أنا
ثم ارجعوا إلى أنفسكم وعاتبوها
فانظروا، هل يحل لكم قتلي وانتهاك حرمتي؟

ألست ابن بنت نبيكم ص وابن وصيه وابن عمه،
وأول المؤمنين بالله والمصدق لرسوله
بما جاء به من عند ربه!
او ليس حمزة سيد الشهداء
عم أبي! أوليس جعفر الشهيد الطيار
ذو الجناحين عمى! [او لم يبلغكم قول مستفيض فيكم:
إن رسول الله ص قال لي ولأخي: هذان سيدا شباب أهل الجنة!] فإن صدقتموني بما أقول- وهو الحق- فو الله

ما تعمدت كذبا مذ علمت أن الله يمقت عليه أهله،
ويضر به من اختلقه، وإن
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“If #Hussain (as) had fought to quench his worldly desires…then I do not understand why his sister, wife, and children accompanied him. It stands to reason therefore, that he sacrificed purely for Islam.”
-Charles Dickens
"If india wants to be a successful country, it must follow the footsteps of Imam #Hussain "
-Mahatma Gandhi
“When Yazid encouraged people to murder Hussain and ordered them for bloodshed, they said: How much would you pay? But the companions of #Hussain (a.s) said to him: “We are with you; even if we get killed 72 times still we would like to fight along with you and get killed again.”
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Since most people are unaware of the significance of #Muharram or the sacrifice of Hussain please bear with me as I recite the history of #Karbala every day

Karb ( anguish) and Bala ( calamity) were the name given to the land of Nainawa where Imam Hussain and the male members of his family ( excluding an ill son) were martyred along with his companions. The ladies were imprisoned & taken to Syria
#Muharrum #Karbala #twittermajlis
When Yazid son of Mu'awiya declared himself as a ruler over the Ummah, he demanded Imam Hussain 's allegiance . Imam
flatly refused
Yezid floured the tenets of Islam as taught by the Prophet and #Hussain said,
"Someone like me, does not pledge allegiance to someone like him”.
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#Muharram is not a month of grieving nor lamenting.

To learn the lessons of the Martyrdom of Hussain (radyAllahu anhu) at Karbala is not an act of mourning, it's an act of learning and remembering loved ones and commemoration of courage against tyranny. Image
One way to reflect and relate to Islamic history is that not a month goes by except you tie it to events that took place in that month and you remember and reflect over them.

Muharram notwithstanding, many events took place in this month in Islamic history.
Allah gives us Ramadan for yearly spiritual detox & renewing our vows

Shawal to celebrate our achievements

Dhul Qidah to prep for the greatest days to come

Dhul Hijjah to embody the 5 pillars Islam is founded on in our human journey symbolized by Hajj

& Muharram to be freed
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After 30 years of Muhammad's death Muavia became Calipha of Syria & took revenge by killing Muhammad's son in law, Ali who had beheaded Muavia's grandfather & uncle in Ghazwa Badar!
After Ali, his older son #Hassan became Caliph but Muavia killed him within 6 months.
After Mauvia,his son Yazid became Caliph of Damascus
Ali’s younger son #Hussain refused to acknowledge him,challanged him & tried to grab power
got killed-multilated with 70 members of Hashmite clan at #Karbala near Kufa on day of #Muharram
Holy war of peace of peaceful cult!
Why are most Persians Shias & most Arabs Sunnis?
Hassan & Hussain’s mother was the 3 yr old captured Persian princess Shahrbanu, gfted to Ali by Caliph Umar
to keep ancestry of H & H to Arabs & suppress Persian element of their ancestry,their motherhood is attributed to Fatima!
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