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Public celebrations of #Navratri in #Maharashtra began in 1926 & are linked to reformers Prabodhankar Keshav Sitaram Thackeray, Dr #BabasahebAmbedkar & Rao Bahadur S.K. Bole. This was a form of counter-culture against #Ganeshutsav, which was then dominated by #Brahmins
Incidentally, #Ganeshutsav was popularised by #LokmanyaTilak in the backdrop of the Hindu-Muslim riots in 1893-94. It soon replaced #Muharram, which was then the most popular festival in the Bombay Presidency, with massive participation from Hindus
The #Ganeshutsav at #Dadar in #Mumbai, saw donations being collected from people across castes. However, the organising committee was dominated by Brahmins, who kept other groups away from it. The singers and religious orators were also Brahmins. In short, they ran the show.
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While #GaneshUtsav is celebrated across #Maharashtra & India, few know that the genesis of these public celebrations lie in the communal conflict that happened in the late 19th century.
#LokmanyaTilak #Ganapati #Muharram #Hindu #Muslim #Pune #Mumbai #GaneshChaturthi #Tilak
In August 1893, there was a massive communal riot around the Hanuman Temple at Pydhonie in #Mumbai. The #Marathi textile mill workers entered the fray, and the violence intensified. The army was summoned, but more riots were reported from places like Raver and Yeola.
As @BharGo8 notes: Before industrialisation, #Mumbai was a #Hindu minority city. The demographics changed due to the influx of the Marathi workers from the Konkan after the launch of the textile mills. The 1893 riots (not those in 1992-93) changed the social fabric of #Mumbai
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روایات بتاتی ہیں کہ جن گھوڑوں سے امام حسین(ع)کے جسم کو پامال کیا گیا وہ عرب کے مشہور گھوڑے "آواجیاع" کے طور پر جانے جاتے تھے۔
ان کی خصوصیات دیگر اسٹالینز (ایک اعلیٰ نسل کے نر گھوڑے)سےبھی اعلیٰ تھیں۔
ایک محقق نے ان گھوڑوں پہ تحقیق کی تو اس (1)
کو ایک جرمن گھوڑوں کے ماہر کی کتاب "دنیا کے سب سے مضبوط اسٹالینز" ملی، جس میں لکھا تھاکہ: اسٹالینزکی ایک خاص نسل آواجیاع کے نام سے مشہور ہیں, اور ان کی خاصیت یہ ہے کہ ان کی ایک ٹاپ کا وزن 65 کلو گرام ہوتا ہے اور اس کا مقصد اس کے نیچے آنے والی چیز کوکچلنا اور پیسنا ہوتاہے"
جب کہ ایک اور تحقیق کے مطابق اس کھوڑے کی ایک ٹاپ کا وزن 125 کلو گرام ہوتا ہے۔
پھر راوی نے کہا کہ مجھے یاد ہے کہ ابن سعد کی فوج کے ایک گھوڑ سوار نے بتایا کہ میں نے حسین کی پسلیوں کے چٹخنے اور ٹوٹنے کی آواز سنی کہ جس وقت وہ ہمارے گھوڑوں سے پامال کیے جارہے تھے۔
وہ لوگ جو ہم سے (3)
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Día 19 de 21 Días Donde Hablaremos de Calendarios Mundiales.

Hoy Hablaremos del Calendario Musulmán o Islámico.……
*Calendario Musulmán o Islámico*

El calendario musulmán o calendario islámico (en árabe, التقويم الهجري - al-taqwīm al-hijrī) es un calendario lunar.
Están en el año 1442.
Comienza en el año 622 del calendario gregoriano y del calendario juliano, año en que Mahoma, profeta del Islam, tuvo que huir de la ciudad de La Meca hacia Medina (Hégira), por la persecución de sus adversarios.
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THE embers of #hate are once again being stoked. To prevent history from being repeated and innocent blood spilled in the name of religion, the government must act urgently and decisively. Image
The PPP’s parliamentary leader in the Senate, @sherryrehman sounded the alarm in the upper house on Friday when she brought up the intensifying anti-#Shia campaign and described it as “extremely shocking that this issue is not being raised”.
The state’s silence is indeed inexplicable. It appears to have wilfully chosen to close its eyes to this sinister development. Recently in Karachi, three ‘Azmat-i-Sahaba’ rallies were taken out on successive days — by #Deobandi and #Barelvi organisations, and third by #AhleHadith Image
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Secular Mob Attacks #Hindu Houses while carrying #Muharram prossession in West Bengal. They Vandelised a Shiva Temple ,All this happened in presence of police which was busy escorting the mob.Twenty Hindus have been gravely injured in this one sided Clash!!
Not only this when these #hindus came on roads to protest against Isiamic imperealism. Instead of Consoling them the police did lathi Charge on them
These Hindus are asking is it crime to be a hindu in west bengal?Y Entire state machinery works only for the muslins?
Police neither protected them
Wen they tried to defend themselves they were nested too ?!
What country we are living in?
Is it completely taken over by Sharia ?
No one cares about Hindus or their lives
It's same from Kashmir to Kanyakumari !!
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All those spreading news of violence in Muharram Processions needs to look at these pic:

Shia Procession from Haanjiveera Payeen to Salabani Pattan #Kashmir.
Around 2500-3000 people gathered between 8 to 9 am after Permission of SDM #Pattan.

@neeraj_rajput @sandythapar ImageImageImage
Peaceful #Muharram Procession taken out today from Hagerpora to Ahmadpora lmambara #Kashmir.

@gauravcsawant @neeraj_rajput @hussain_imtiyaz ImageImage
Peaceful #Muharram Procession carried out with the support of the Local Administration in #kashmir:

Let us spread the message of peace in this holy month of Muharram & desist from violence. Because Allah is merciful to those who desist from taking wrong actions
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#Pulwama #PostponeJEEAndNEET #Muharram #PenguinSavingKillers #Moratorium3 #ModiBureDinWapasDo
As a Pro BJP guy who supported every act of BJP I feel ashamed now. As BJP member From today Im no more will be in @BJP4India & surrender my membership
In past through my tweets if I hurt anyone knowingly or unknowingly please forgive me
#Pulwama #PostponeJEEAndNEET #Muharram #PenguinSavingKillers #Moratorium3 #ModiBureDinWapasDo
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Since most people are unaware of the significance of #Muharram or the sacrifice of Hussain please bear with me as I recite the history of #Karbala every day

Karb ( anguish) and Bala ( calamity) were the name given to the land of Nainawa where Imam Hussain and the male members of his family ( excluding an ill son) were martyred along with his companions. The ladies were imprisoned & taken to Syria
#Muharrum #Karbala #twittermajlis
When Yazid son of Mu'awiya declared himself as a ruler over the Ummah, he demanded Imam Hussain 's allegiance . Imam
flatly refused
Yezid floured the tenets of Islam as taught by the Prophet and #Hussain said,
"Someone like me, does not pledge allegiance to someone like him”.
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#Muharram is not a month of grieving nor lamenting.

To learn the lessons of the Martyrdom of Hussain (radyAllahu anhu) at Karbala is not an act of mourning, it's an act of learning and remembering loved ones and commemoration of courage against tyranny. Image
One way to reflect and relate to Islamic history is that not a month goes by except you tie it to events that took place in that month and you remember and reflect over them.

Muharram notwithstanding, many events took place in this month in Islamic history.
Allah gives us Ramadan for yearly spiritual detox & renewing our vows

Shawal to celebrate our achievements

Dhul Qidah to prep for the greatest days to come

Dhul Hijjah to embody the 5 pillars Islam is founded on in our human journey symbolized by Hajj

& Muharram to be freed
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Thu August 20th is the 1st #Muharram

Marking a New Islamic Year - 1442 years since the migration of our Beloved Prophet peace be on him from Makkah to Madinah

This is a sacred month
Ashura - 10th of Muharram encouraged to fast ImageImageImage
The Story of the Islamic New Year & Calendar

Productive Muslim in collaboration with The Legacy Institute - @MohammedAFaris hosts.

- the importance of the Islamic calendar

- A practice of the pre Islamic Jahili Arabs was: Nasi': Corrupting the Calendar
- Prophetic implication to set the calendar at Hijrah
- Correcting the calendar in the life of the Prophet and Farwell Pilgrimage
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After 30 years of Muhammad's death Muavia became Calipha of Syria & took revenge by killing Muhammad's son in law, Ali who had beheaded Muavia's grandfather & uncle in Ghazwa Badar!
After Ali, his older son #Hassan became Caliph but Muavia killed him within 6 months.
After Mauvia,his son Yazid became Caliph of Damascus
Ali’s younger son #Hussain refused to acknowledge him,challanged him & tried to grab power
got killed-multilated with 70 members of Hashmite clan at #Karbala near Kufa on day of #Muharram
Holy war of peace of peaceful cult!
Why are most Persians Shias & most Arabs Sunnis?
Hassan & Hussain’s mother was the 3 yr old captured Persian princess Shahrbanu, gfted to Ali by Caliph Umar
to keep ancestry of H & H to Arabs & suppress Persian element of their ancestry,their motherhood is attributed to Fatima!
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#Thread 👇 on misinformation spreading after the government's proposal to revoke #Article370 in #JammuAndKashmir and bifurcate the state. #FakeNews @boomlive_in (1/n)
#JammuAndKashmir: Old Video Of Artillery Tanks Being Moved On A Freight Train Revived #FakeNews #JammuAndKashmir @mstqalander @boomlive_in (2/n)…
No, This Is Not A Photo Of Pakistani Soldiers Signalling A Truce #FakeNews #JammuAndKashmir @SwastiChatterje @boomlive_in (3/n)…
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