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🧵"China wants peace" is too simplistic a narrative.

Weeks before the #China-brokered deal b/w #Iran & #SaudiArabia was announced, Beijing sent its top envoy, Deng Xijun, to northern #Myanmar to meet top ethnic rebel groups & convince them to sign ceasefire deals with the junta.
And last week, Xijun travelled to Nay Pyi Taw to meet the coup leader, Min Aung Hlaing. Beijing wants to tell the US (which has sanctioned "non-lethal" aid to the democratic resistance) that it has more access in Burmese power corridors.…
For Xi's China, "peace" in #Myanmar only means ceasefire between a rogue junta & powerful ethnic rebel groups that have sway over the Myanmar-China border regions. Beijing wants them to stop fighting so that it can resume work on its own projects.
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Fucking warned you not to trust any of these shitstains.…
Now you see why I refused @Meta's money when I ran Snopes. I knew exactly what they were trying to do. I'm a woman and I know my history.
@Meta This is also why women have been attacked and driven out of counterdisinformation (and journalism) en masse. What, you didn't notice? Must be nice.
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🧵#Israel/#Myanmar: In wie weit ist der israelische #Spyware Hersteller #Cognyte an der Ermordung von der #Rohingya-Bevölkerung in Myanmar verwickelt? Klage am obersten Gericht gegen #Cognyte und ungenannte Beamte des Verteidigungs- und Außenministeriums eingereicht. 1/x Israel/Myanmar: In wie weit ist der israelische #Spyware Her
2/x Fest steht, dass das Unternehmen eine Ausschreibung zum Verkauf von #Spyware an #Myanmar vor dem #Putsch gewann.
3/x #Israel|s #Cognyte Software Ltd hat einen Monat vor dem Militärputsch im Februar 2021 eine Ausschreibung zum Verkauf von Abhör-Spyware an ein unterstütztes Telekommunikationsunternehmen des Staates #Myanmar gewonnen, wie aus geprüften Dokumenten von @Reuters hervorgeht.
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#DelhiHighCourt to hear plea filed by Khushi Rainbow Home for Girls & Umeed Aman Ghar for Boys, run by Centres for Equity Studies (CES) of which Activist& Writer Harsh Mander is director.
The plea has sought quashing of inspection report of @NCPCR_
In Oct 2020, the @NCPCR_ raided the children's home and allegedly sought to know whether the children participated in the anti-CAA protests, about foreign funding, and whether shelter was given to Rohingya children at the two places.
#Rohingya #children #shelterhome #CAA
As per @NCPCR_ report of 2021, it stated that there were many violations of Juvenile Justice Act and other various irregularities at the two homes. It also stated that there were instances of child sexual abuse at the home for boys.
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🧵 Today is #WorldMentalHealthDay.

Our research published in 2020 found that #Rohingya refugees in #Bangladesh continue to experience severe mental health impacts of genocide and atrocity crimes perpetrated in Myanmar, affecting their lives after physical wounds have healed. 1/ Image
Most Rohingya survey participants reported experiencing “recurrent thoughts or memories of the most hurtful or terrifying events” (97.6%), “feeling as though the event is happening again” (96.6%), and “recurrent nightmares” (82.2%). 2/

📸 Saiful Huq Omi, Counter Foto Image
Rohingya reported experiencing symptoms of anxiety and depression, incl “worry[ing] too much about things” (92.5%), “feeling sad” (91.3%), “loss of interest in things [they] previously enjoyed doing” (89.5%), & “feeling tense” (88.7%). 3/

📸 Saiful Huq Omi, Counter Foto Image
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#Poland🇵🇱, #Italy🇮🇹 and #Denmark's🇩🇰 respective declarations of intervention are now available on the #ICJ's website:………
Some observations 🪡 #Ukraine #Russia 1/27
To begin all three states invoke their "right" to intervene under art 63 of the Statute, while Denmark and Italy also invoke the nature of obligations in the Genocide Convention. All three also try to add their respective personal touches. 2/
🇵🇱 invokes its "history of supporting efforts to prevent and punish genocide", following "genocide perpetrated on Polish nationals during [WWII] by Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union (the predecessor of [Russia])", while noting Soviet perpetrators were never held to account. 3/
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@ajaishukla @narendramodi Thread:
Col. Ajai Shukla (retd) had floated a conspiracy theory about the #Pulwama attacks, claiming that ‘Pakistan Army & ISI carried out the attack to get Modi re-elected’ as Modi in power. Shukla claimed that, Pulwama being an ‘inside job’ by PM Narendra Modi.(1/10)
@ajaishukla @narendramodi Col. Ajai Shukla (retd) had made bizarre statements that the Indian Air Force “diluted” the specifications for trainer aircraft perhaps to favour a particular vendor, #Pilatus. (2/10)
@ajaishukla @narendramodi Col. Ajai Shukla (retd), had been complicit in spreading fake news that Gen. (retd) V. K. Singh touched Amit Shah’s feet.(3/10)
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In 2017, a brutal military crackdown on #Rohingya Muslims in #Myanmar’s Rakhine State forced 730,000 people to flee into neighbouring #Bangladesh.

5 years later, conditions in the camps are dire and prospects for repatriation remain low.

[Thread] 🧵👇…
Nearly all of the #Rohingya who fled Myanmar in 2017 remain in sprawling refugee camps across #Bangladesh’s #CoxBazar.

To date, not a single refugee has returned to Rakhine State through the formal repatriation mechanism.
#Myanmar’s government has so far proven unable to provide the #Rohingya with sufficient guarantees around their security, access to citizenship and livelihood opportunities upon return.
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Our live Q&A session between camp based #Rohingya and the accountability mechanisms has begun.

Victims from within the camp begin by expressing their wish to learn more about the investigations and cases being conducted in their names.

Arselan Suleman, counsel for The Gambia before the @CIJ_ICJ answers questions on the progress before the case against #Myanmar before the International Court of Justice.

Explains that #Myanmar must provide its written submissions by April 2023.
Chantal Daniels, International Cooperation Advisor at the @IntlCrimCourt notes that justice for those who were displaced five years ago will never be fast enough. But reminds that #ICC team and prosecutor @KarimKhanQC were on the ground in February, and investigations continue.
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Deena Kaur, daughter of Gurcharan Singh was abducted, converted & forcefully married to a muzlim in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa yesterday!😡

Whose responsibility are the Hindu Sikhs who were held in Pakistan as hostage population, post 1947?
Ashok Kumar Bajaj, caretaker of a Dayaram Darbar Sahib dharmshala along with residents, were attacked by muzlims in Rohri, #Sindh .

Pakistan is a live hell for Hindu Sikhs
& the only Land of Hindus in the world, fails to call Herself #HinduRashtra
What do we need to #WakeUp ?
How different is the situation of Hindus at the hands of muzlims in India?
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Hardeep Singh Puri did not slip up. If he had, he would have deleted his tweet about Rohingyas. Those two tweets are still there.


Thread begins…
Both Puri's assertion and the MHA clarification are correct. The MHA used the adjective "illegal" before refugees, who it said would not be given state privileges but instead be kept in detention centres until their deportation, which implies… Hardeep Singh Puri's tweetMHA clarification
… that there are legal #Rohingya refugees too, whom Puri's tweets had referred to — without his feeling the need to precede the word "refugee" with "legal".

However, there is a problem. India is not a signatory to the UN Refugee Convention of 1951. So…
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1. Thread: Astonishing circular issued by Cox’s Bazar District Judge, Mohammed Ismail, re #Rohingya refugees. Circular criminalises entire #refugee population & effectively urges against bail. Changes are specific for Rohingyas alone.…
2. District Judge Mohammed Ismail accuses #Rohingya in the camps of “indulging in various heinous crimes including drug trade, murder, disappearance, rape, human trafficking, robbery, kidnapping.”
3. Circular states that common people around the camps live a “life of fear” and that “law and order forces are struggling to maintain law and order or suppress crime in the #Rohingya camps.”
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Meta Whitewashes Human Rights Impact In First Annual Human Rights Report

"Meta/Facebook always puts PR first, and today’s first ever “Human Rights Report” is a master class in spin and obfuscation."

Full statement here…
Ignoring their long-delayed Human Rights Impact Assessment on violations in India, Meta instead issues an inadequate “summary,” whitewashing the religious violence fomented in India across their platforms Image
Beyond India, the report is a work of fiction, denial and willful ignorance, on

1. Content moderation in Kenya and brave whistleblower #DanielMoutang Image
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“'Every piece of real estate in #Bangladesh is populated, and this entire area is underwater,' said Sheldon Yett, the United Nations Children’s Fund representative to the country, referring to the northeast."… #Sylhet #FinnegansWake
1/ "But this year, the #rains have been especially intense, a harsh reminder that #climatechange is bringing more extreme weather around the world."
2/ "In #China, where recent #flooding has displaced hundreds of thousands of people, the state-run news media reported this week that water levels had surged beyond flood levels in more than a hundred #rivers."
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Today @StateDept formally announced that violence perpetrated by Myanmar’s military against the #Rohingya constitutes genocide and crimes against humanity. This should bring renewed attention to the role of Facebook @meta in fuelling the #Rohingya genocide. 1/6
It has been 5 years of promises from @meta to “do more” and “do better.” So, are they? No. @Global_Witness had 8 ads with explicit hate speech about #Rohingya approved for publication. 👎👎👎AP News: 2/6
This negligence is unacceptable. I saw this behavior over and over from Facebook - it ultimately led me to become a #whistleblower. @meta chronically underfunds and understaffs the teams responsible for keeping us safe — especially in the most vulnerable places in the world. 3/6
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The public hearing on the #Rohingya #genocide case at the Int’l Court of Justice (#TheGambia v. #Myanmar) resumes today. We’ll hear today from The Gambia on why the case should proceed. Begins momentarily: 1:30pm The Hague/ 7:30am ET / 7pm MYA. Watch via:…
Needless to say @NUGMyanmar should be represnting #Myanmar at the court & not the junta, but we stand w The #Gambia & more importantly #Rohingya people everywhere in seeking to justice. Defeating the junta at the ICJ will be a massive step toward justice. #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar
The Gambia’s state agent set the stage, clarifying its interest in responding to the #Rohingya #genocide & the considerable support for the case. Now hearing from Gambia counsel Paul Reichler on the coup & the importance & effectiveness of the provisional measures.
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THREAD: The significance of the UN Special Rapporteur report on arms transfers to the #Myanmar junta can't be overstated. It exposes who supplied weapons to the military since the Feb 1 coup & since the #Rohingya #genocide. Link to the full report via:…
The report includes types & in some cases specific amounts of weapons certain states have transferred to the #Myanmar military. Since the coup, when the junta began attacking & murdering civilians nationwide, #China, #Russia, #India, and #Serbia all supplied weapons to the junta.
The report provides legal analysis: States that authorized arms transfers "knew, or should have known, that their arms would be used to target civilians. As such, these arms transfers to the Myanmar military are not only reprehensible, they also likely violate international law."
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Hearings resume today in the #Rohingya #genocide case at the Int’l Court of Justice (#TheGambia v. #Myanmar). We’ll hear today from the Pres of the court as well as the #Myanmar junta’s objections to the case. Begins 1:30pm The Hague/7:30am ET / 7pm MYA:…
Here is the 160-page report by @FortifyRights, “They Gave Them Long Swords,” showing how the #Myanmar military planned for and carried out the crime of #genocide against #Rohingya.…
The junta imprisoned #Myanmar's former State Agent at the court, State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi. And its legal team has changed. Int'l lawyer Christopher Staker will represent the junta and I'm told will be joined by lawyers Robert Kolb & Stephan Talmon.
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The #Myanmar military will appear at the #ICJ in The Hague on 21 February 2022. Their interest does not lie in defending the country against #genocide allegations. #whatshappeninginMyanmar…
In this post I hold that after the attempted coup of 1 Feb 2021, the #Myanmar army "has at no point achieved full control of the country". I further reiterate that @NUGMyanmar "have established working relations with many states and international organizations, including the #UN"
The @NUGMyanmar declared that Ambassador U Kyaw Moe Tun is the only person authorised to represent #Myanmar in The Hague. They announced that the previous preliminary objections by Myanmar to the lawsuit should be withdrawn, thus encouraging the efforts to proceed with the case.
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UN Special Envoy calls for non-military-led dialogue with all parties to agree a power sharing agreement as first step towards long-term military transformation.

Reasonable common sense suggestions but lack attention to practical realities...

This is exactly what the UN has been calling for since the 1990s (at least) and what has been consistently blocked & avoided by the military.

This is not an accident. The military could not be more explicit. It knows what is best for Myanmar and its power cannot be questioned.
The closest Myanmar has come to power sharing is the '08 constitution.

The SLORC/SPDC held National Convention but dominated proceedings like a petulant monarchy, offended everyone, took no one elses suggestions and - of course - did not let the UN anywhere near the process.
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In the coming week, I will release a song called: "The #Rohingya", I produced for SOULOGIK 🇺🇸, DAMOLA 🇳🇬 & CIRCUS RECIPE 🇱🇸. Mixed and mastered by LTIP 🇿🇦

Cover #Art by ABUL KALAM 🇧🇩

Cc @Soulogik, @CircusRecipe, @LTip_, @kalamabul408 🔥🔥🔥🚀😎
#PEACE & #RESPECT to ABUL KALAM @kalamabul408 in Bangladesh for the amazing work he's doing on the ground to shine light on the desperate & heart wrenching plight of The #Rohingya.

It's an honour & privilege to work with him on our upcoming release:…

Guest appearances: SOULOGIK 🇺🇸, CIRCUS RECIPE 🇱🇸 & DAMOLA 🇳🇬

Mixed and Mastered by L TIP 🇿🇦

Cover #Art by Internationally Renowned Photographer 📸; ABUL KALAM 🇧🇩

Cc: @Soulogik @CircusRecipe @LTip_ @kalamabul408 🔥🔥🔥🚀😎 Image
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THREAD on #Myanmar army sending 2 large convoys (80+ trucks each with armoured vehicle escort) to Chin State.

- HUGE human rights / humnitarian concern

- Potential int' security concern for #India

- Unlikely to be strategic victory for MM military

This is a relatively small unit of troops. Report say max. 120 trucks. If 25 men per truck, that is 3,000 troops.

I'd expect only a handful of support personnel (comms, medics, intelligence) for every 100 and they will be greatly isolated, hens the long, high-profile journey
MAJOR THREAT that this relatively weak and poorly supported infantry force will lean into Tatmadaw strategem #1:

Abuse, terrorise, destabilise and disperse the local population, destroying food stores, clearing people from the region, and instilling terror in those who remain.
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Judge Furuqui of US DC District Court has ordered @Facebook to release content that related to #Myanmar govt dangerous speech targeting #Rohingya minorities. Judicial order at the @asilorg #ILIB link 1/
@Facebook @asilorg 28 USC §1782 allows requests of statements or documents for proceedings in for/int'l tribunals, subject to Stored Comms Act (SCA). SCA relies heavily on who is a "user" under the 1986 US Congress understanding of comms tech 2/
@Facebook @asilorg Gambia v. FB decision notes that SCA is not an internet privacy statute, but instead focused on comp networks instead (citing @OrinKerr's 2004 User's Guide to SCA from @GWLawReview). Gambia tries to argue that #Myanmar govt is not a "user" under SCA 3/
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We finally have the long-awaited decision in #TheGambia’s lawsuit in US federal court against #Facebook seeking disclosure of material for use in its pending case against #Myanmar at the #ICJ (alleging genocide against the #Rohingya). Here's an overview. 1/30
In brief, the federal magistrate judge handling this matter rejected #Facebook’s statutory & policy arguments and granted an order compelling Facebook to produce to #TheGambia the bulk of the material requested, but denying its request to depose a Facebook representative. 2/30
I previously tweeted about the party arguments in this litigation last year when the parties were filing their briefs. Those summaries can be found here: . In many respects, the federal magistrate judge has accepted #TheGambia’s arguments. 3/30
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