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Senate inquiry kick off ten minutes! Please note it is live AUDIO coverage.
Listen Live here:…
#auspol #cashlessdebitcard #induecard #rationcard
Absolutely powerful start. Tysm to Bianca and Kerryn, Shelly , Phillip and Greg . Notes will be on our FB later this evening. @notowelfarecard up at 2pm.
Apologies video won't be available either until the end of session due to the way parliview works. x
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🧵📌Rebuttal to Anne Rustons' latest Senate speech:
#auspol #cashlessdebitcard #induecard #cashlesswelfarecard #auspol2022 #rationcard

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We have HAD so many damn inquiries, last one 128 against the card to just 6 for it = all gov and Andrew Forrest allied groups . Without announcement without calling peaks they pull this stunt! Submissions by 10 August! SIX DAYS! SIX DAMN DAYS!…
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This is a dog move by the JJ's and LNP. A complete waste of time energy and money. There are ppl on cards who are already struggling to make Sept. They - and me btw, wont be around if this bill does fail. Not that any of the listed above give two damns...they never have.
Time people did start emailing David. Be respectful please but let him know how YOU feel about the CDC program.

#cashlessdebitcard #waronthepoor #Induecard #auspol #AusPol2022 #Auspoll
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📌Debate resumes. Sukkar continues on his tirade of inconsistent realities.
Now its going to be a 'tsunami' of DRUGS and ALCOHOL! was waiting for him to bring that one young fulla from Kal up. Here is a legitimate documented voice from #Kalgoorlie…
Another cherry pick, as services themselves in the evaluation say it isn't working more women are suffering violence, and a 30% increase in DV related intakes after card roll outs in #Cednuna The eval showed Services repurposing CDC money to programs that actually work.
D&A fueled violence hasn't stopped, and nor has DV or any other social harm. THAT is the point and the ANAO and Eval data showed that. All @MichaelSukkarMP is doing is marketing a failed program. banned drinks registers remain in 7 vulnerable communities even after NT decision.
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Such a shame that in their continued elitism and ignorance as to the realities and needs of people living on the #cashlessdebitcard the LNP's @PaulFletcherMP does not consider it acceptable for a time limited bill to ensure their economic security be called 'urgent'. How foul.
It's not just after pay either Mr Bourke, its rents, its loan repayments, it's child care and medical bills, it's hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt notices, in late fees at risk if this bill does not progress - costs no family living in poverty on this card can afford.
It is clear the #cashlessdebicard bill will not progress today, though we are confident that the House will do so tomorrow, so it can pass to Senate for the next sitting session.

#cashlessdebitcard #induecard #rationcard #auspol
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New Tiktok account. @thesaynoseven esp for this bill push week. #DuttonLied #cashlessdebitcard #auspol #Induecard #rationcard
📌The Bill, short summary.
*NSW, WA, ACT QLD and SA all have compulsory #Basics income management programs too.
#cashlessdebitcard #induecard #rationcard
📌PTN:All the powers described in this CDC bill already exist in the CDC legislation. Having capacity to determine who stays/goes off Basics/IM as well, is necessary if ALP are to be empowered to begin the process of making that program voluntary come Oct 22.
#auspol #induecard
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This is really shameful & embarrassing. Jacqui is admitting she has not read the $2.5M eval that showed more rises in DV in all trial regions & a 21% rise in DV East Kimberly region - AFTER the CDC rolled out. Her ignorance is willful & politically motivated.

Here is it is Jacqui:…
See the clips below if you give a damn about PEOPLE LNP forced onto this pogrom.
#auspol #cashlessdebitcard #induecard
Child safety and wellbeing, same report:
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A reminder Indue Ltd are paid $80 per month for every open account. Recent question on notices #QON show 5651 #cashlessdebitcard accounts are being held open that are completely empty.
#auspol #induecard #cashlessdebitcard #rationcard #whitecard #LNPNeverAgain
A reminder of the human impacts, the evaluation data that LNP rejected and refused to review/include. These and multiple deaths and homelessness are some of the real world costs of this program that LNP did everything they could to hide from you.…
A reminder of our total cumulative costs tally, not including pork; a sum we have calculated easily exceeds $321M in total 2014-2022 including $80M for Indue ltd alone ( 12% of their annual income per year).…
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Seven years of telling the truth, sticking to the facts, this has taken a huge weight off my shoulders as a person facing this card, as a researcher and policy analyst, as a person carrying ten thousand stories.
#MessageStick delivered.
A reminder this is a review of the mechanics of the CDC program. The only part of this audit that had anything to do with the PEOPLE on it - the Evaluation, the Dept have disagreed with the Auditor Gens recommendation to conduct a review - incredibly telling in itself.
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Dept still hasn't answered why so many Indue accounts transacting only in interest payments (WE pay btw) are still open. If you didn't know, Dept has already told those exited that their accounts will be kept open for 7 YEARS. Indue receive $80pm per open account. #ausvotes
Question on notice no. 14
Portfolio question number: DSS SQ22-000142
Budget estimates
Community Affairs Committee, Social Services Portfolio
5,651 accounts generating $80pm for Indue, with absolutely NO social security entitlements going into them. $452,080.00 per MONTH
Let that sink in..

#ausvotes #AusPol2022 #auspol #cashlessdebitcard #induecard #LNPMassiveFail #LNPCorruptionParty #LNPliarsCrooksThieves
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Our little team joins today's #MayDay2022 rally in Brisbane, fighting for the basic rights of all Australians including workers, the majority of whom are still unaware that the #cashlessdebitcard program applies to them too. Workers are already on the card.
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If this government aren't planning a MAJOR expansion of #IndueCard , WHY have they advertised TWENTY new jobs on SEEK in the last 2 weeks?
Many Senior Project, IT, Financial Compliance 😬 and "Quality Assurance" positions. #auspol #AlboForPM #MorrisonMustGo #rorts
Appointment of senior project positions in major centres (Bris, Syd & Melb), ALWAYS proceeds recruitment of numerous underlings.
This coincides with a funding expansion in the Budget & ability to sign off on actioning an expansion just *moments* before the election announcement
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My name is Noeleen Cox @Coxy26094374 and I am sharing about the recent and ongoing experience of my pregnant granddaughter who was recently diagnosed with covid19 in regional country SA. I am disgusted and angry 😡with SAHealth and the SAGovt and how they have treated Aboriginal
country covid patients who have been flown to Adelaide to be quarantined in a covid Medic hotel.
My grand daughter is 3 months pregnant with her first time pregnancy. She was held overnight in a health facility in Ceduna and then flown in the morning from Ceduna with 8 other
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