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99 hours of voting to go,
99 hours of votes!
So call up your Mum and say
‘Vote out the scum!’
There are 99 hours of voting to go.
98 hours of voting to go,
98 hours of votes!
This Saturday at six
Polls will close on these pricks!
There are 98 hours of voting to go.
97 hours of voting to go,
97 hours of votes!
Oh how Shane Bazzi fought!
And Dutton got screwed in court!
With just 97 hours of voting to go.
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1/🧵#Robodebt origins, background & myth/lie buster
This thread will bust the offensive & ignorant lies that have linked Robodebt to Labor.
“One thing that stands out... distress, including suicidal ideation and in some cases suicide”
- Federal Court Justice Bernard Murphy. Scott Morrisons Robodebt machine led to suicides and cost th
Scott Morrison settled the class action the day prior the court case. We never got to hear the truth.
Justice Bernard Murphy who presided over the settlement has very scathing comments to make, including “It’s a very sorry chapter in Australian public administration” Robodebt “One thing that stands out... distress, including
First up, let’s deal with ‘Data Matching’, there are literally dozens of data matching activities occurring in Centrelink. The list below from a 2012 Aust Inst of Criminology shows some of them. In yellow is the data matching program that became RoboDebt Scott Morrison Robodebt Suicides must never be forgotten
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Didn't recite Labor's comprehensive 6-pt plan👇word-for-word on cue👉media goes ballistic

Didn't call Sogavare, dropped ball, China moved in, threatened nat sec; also called a 'buffoon' by an SC👉 media goes meh
#auspol #ausvotes #AusVotes2022 #insiders
If you would like to read Labor's NDIS policy....

You can find it here
#auspol #ausvotes #AusVotes2022 #AusVotes22 #AlboForPM #insiders #QandA…
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If this government aren't planning a MAJOR expansion of #IndueCard , WHY have they advertised TWENTY new jobs on SEEK in the last 2 weeks?
Many Senior Project, IT, Financial Compliance 😬 and "Quality Assurance" positions. #auspol #AlboForPM #MorrisonMustGo #rorts
Appointment of senior project positions in major centres (Bris, Syd & Melb), ALWAYS proceeds recruitment of numerous underlings.
This coincides with a funding expansion in the Budget & ability to sign off on actioning an expansion just *moments* before the election announcement
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1/ 103 Advertising/Propaganda contracts.
This year alone the Liberals have issued 103 advertising contracts worth $68M.
The chart below shows the start & end date for each contract. #Auspol #FederalICAC #AlboForPM #ScottyFromMarketing Image
Assuming each contract expends its money evenly over the contract duration then we see 'peak propaganda' being reached just prior to the election being called and dropping off at the end of financial year. #ScottyFromPhotoOps Image
💰Many contracts are likely unpublished, so the real numbers are likely significantly higher
💰The data was taken from Austenders using the keyword advertising
💰The daily burn rate was derived by dividing total contract value by the number of days in the contract.
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1/ How good is bypassing democracy.
The Liberals made 33 changes to laws over Christmas & made them 'exempt from disallowance' (Can't be challenged or stopped)
The LNP led senate committee for 'scrutiny of bills' said NOT 1 of them was justified.
#Auspol #FederalICAC
2/ The bypassing of democracy is scandalous, the exempt from disallowance provisions are meant for administration or critically urgent.
When the LNP⬆️debt limit to $1.2T it was done using delegated legislation & the exempt from disallowance power👇
The abuse of the
exempt from disallowance issue has been repeatedly raised by the Senate committee for the last 2 years.
From Jan 1st 2020 to July 30 2020 the Liberals used it on 48 of the 249 legislative instruments made in those 6 months.
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1/🧵FAIL: RC-National Natural Disaster Arrangements
🌊Big disasters-no longer 'unprecedented'
🌊Upcoming floods-more than just houses inundated
🌊Shane Stone is remarkable
🌊Key new departments: 'Australian Climate Services' & 'National Resilience & Recovery Agency'
2/ The 2 new departments and the existing EMS make up the Liberal governments design for disaster management. Shown in the freshly minted disaster management document (1st created by Labor in 2012 as part of the 1st ever COAG disaster agreement).
3/ A bit more on that document.
Who updated a key document in the middle of 'storm/xmas season'. The document does not appear to have been given to or endorsed by the states.
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1/ Did Scott Morrisons' secrecy cost lives?
Flooding of Lismore was a workshopped scenario, this 1 slide is in the BOM annual report (pg 43)
However @MurrayWatt is repeatedly told 'Cabinet in Confidence'&'PIA'
Would lives have been saved if the Lismore documentation was public?
2/ @Senator_Patrick was successful in getting some documentation👇, did the government do more disaster scenario planning & redact those pages?
The Morrison government secrecy costs millions & in this case it prevents Murray (Shadow Minister 4 emergency mgt from doing his job)
The games Scott Morrison & the Liberal & National party play by abusing "Public Interest Immunity" & "Cabinet in Confidence" is obscene & anti-democratic. Every Coalition MP should reflect on the harms caused by their abuse of parliamentary processes
#Auspol #AlboForPM
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🧵1/ INDUE- Cashless Debit Card
"A card by any other name would control as much"
📺A video showing the both the Liberal & National party support for a nationwide Cashless Debit Card
📖A small thread to provide background/context for this crucial issue.
#Auspol #AlboForPM
2/ In 2007 (Liberal's Attempts 1.0) The Liberals pushed for a big bang approach, putting all government services onto one card. It was given the name the “Access Card”.
In 2016 (Liberal's Attempt 2.0) the creeping control began with the first trial of “Indue”
3/ The “Access Card” aimed to put all government services onto one card.
The legislation was created & tabled in parliament.
Imagine how easy it would be to privatise our social services if they are all on one system.
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1/ A report into the past reports.
Over 20 reports, from takforces, senate inquiries, consultancies and reviews.
The Royal Commission even reviewed all pastr reviews & reports
The 1st report was titled 'NEGLECT'
Our elderly don't need another report
#Election2022 #AgedCareCrises
Just another ludicrous waste of money, waste of time and deadly delay.
The Senate committee completed yet another review into Aged Care work force issue. Then one year later the Liberals paid for another strategy on workforce issues.
It gets better...
Just when you think this parody of a government couldn't get any more comical. Liberals create another grant that looks at the 2017 & 2018 reviewed and make a plan to do what was in those previous reviews. Naturally the plan hasn't resulted in any actions.
#Auspol #AgedCare
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I think Australia is on a precipice.

This election is the most important of my lifetime.

We have scraped the bottom of the barrel with Scott Morrison, quite literally.
Never before has any man been so wholly unsuitable or ill-equipped to be Prime Minister. His legacy is testament to that fact.

He doesn't hold a hose.
He doesn't give a RATs.
It's not his job.

Jenny has to explain the most fundamental things to him. He's clueless.
Anthony Albanese is the change Australia needs. He is a good man. He is an honest man. He's humble, intelligent, authentic. He will make a great PM & we will be lucky to have him

I know, as an Australian, I deserve better than Scott Morrison & his rabble of a Govt.
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The Aust. people have been simply magnificent during this crisis. Calm in the midst of turmoil, looking out for each other in tough times.

If I'm elected prime minister of this great country of ours, I see it as my deep responsibility to repay these sacrifices.

To reward these efforts. To prove worthy of the generosity and bravery of the Australian people. And that means building on the lessons of this pandemic.

1 - A strong, properly funded public health system with Medicare as its backbone is vital to every aspect of our lives.
2 - the rise of insecure work has undermined too many families' confidence in their future.

3 - stripping our TAFE and training sector of investment over the last decade has led to crippling skills gaps and worker shortages.
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🧵1/ NDIS, some facts to help with the "Blame NDIS" deflect and distract talking points.

I had wanted to do a comprehensive NDIS thread, instead I'll post this as MYEFO is out tomorrow and 'leaks' to News Corp have begun already.
When Labor was developing NDIS it was fully costed. The initial productivity commission work was revalidated by the government actuary (to appease the Liberals). The table below is from the actuaries report showing $22B cost in 18/19.
So costs were known
More than known, the Liberals made a point of saying the big bad number in their parliamentary speeches.

The costs in 18/19 were lower than forecast, but this was because of liberal incompetence making the rollout go slowly AND then used to create the 'back in black' surplus
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🤥Trying to Join Labor & Greens
🤥Independants are just fronts for Labor & Greens
🤥"Fundraising" if LNP but "Bankrolling" for rest
🤥Integrity Commission- Labors Fault

Summary: One of many propaganda pieces to link Labor with Greens and delegitamise independants

As for the $100M funding for an Integrity Commission. Given they were expecting 0 staff, I think its safe to assume that is just more 🐂💩
Nov 29: We can also remember when #AlboForPM dared #ScottyTheLiar to table his legislation. vid👇

Dec 1: Then #ScottyTheLiar beats his chest and tables it, then #AlboForPM dared him to debate it. vid👇

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Nancy Pelosi was repeating what Scott Morrison had said. Nancy was NOT making any assessment.
Shame on @smh for your deceitful headline (Included on tweet 4 if you aren't aware)
Who will tell Nancy Pelosi she met #ScottyFromMarketing

#Auspol #ThisIsNotJournalism
Also worth noting, Nancy wasn’t making a ‘special’ statement, it was near the end of a press conference to with a focus on tax changes and supporting women.
The full transcript is here…
If you have been lucky enough to not see this deceitful propaganda piece, here it is. Image
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I know for as fact that so many Western Australians discussed #walabor & @MarkMcGowan`s response to #Covid19WA with their neighbours, workplace colleagues
I also know as fact that most of the speak was about how the @LiberalsWA tried to undermine McGowans #covid19 response
What came up with the far greater majority of people of all political persuasion was how federal @LiberalAus had demeaned all States {except NSW} handling of #covid19Australia
The trial by both High Court & The Federal Court concerning Constitutional rights of States
was the final nail in the LNP/PHON coffin

The names Morrison/Porter & Palmer had reached pariah level in WA long before the election #WAVotes2021
The Qld election #QldVotes2020 also showed a similar disdain for the LNP &PHON that @QLDLabor gained 4 seats increasing their
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Trainwreck interview between Labor's Tony Burke and #AfternoonBriefing's Patricia Karvelas, who was attempting to push a #FakeNews policy narrative announced by Christian Porter.

Burke wasn't having it. 👍

#journalism #ThisIsNotJournalism #auspol
lol. Patricia Karvelas is now trying to steamroll Labor's Stephen Jones with Christian Porter's #FakeNews about 'portable entitlements' on #AfternoonBriefing

Karvelas is on the Morrison spin team.

#journalism #ThisIsNotJournalism #TheNarrative #auspol
And now it's segment #3 trying to push the same Christian Porter #FakeNews narrative, this time with Australian Industry Group lobbyist Innes Wilcox.

#ScottyFromMarketing's narrative is getting the rolled-gold treatment.

#TheNarrative #journalism #ThisIsNotJournalism #auspol
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