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📌This is the current and parent contract for Indue Ltd to run the #CashlessDebitCard program. The initial $7,859,509 million stand alone contract (#CN3323493) has now blown out to $70,340,628,60. It has been amended or altered nine times since 2016.

#auspol #induecard
📌And here is a link to view all the rest (24) of Indue Ltds CDC contracts:…
One contract showing Indues #Basicscard booths contract is included.
Then there's the $70.8M cost of #Basicscard extensions to 2020 in 2019 - that has doubled to $140M now the programs run concurrently until 2022.

Do note the lovely "NFP" on future CDC costs too. Everyone who voted for this, voted with NO knowledge on its current or ongoing cost.
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Here's the SN7's last statement to the Aus Senate. Dec 7th. Continuation Bill 2020.

(Apologies sound qual, their webex was shoddy)
#auspol #cashelssdebitcard #induecard #auspol2021 #LNPDisgrace #LNPCorruptionParty #STOPTHECARD
I still cry hearing that, knowing it was completely ignored and here's Kathryn from @notowelfarecard 's first speech:

#auspol #cashelssdebitcard #induecard #auspol2021 #LNPDisgrace #LNPCorruptionParty #STOPTHECARD
Here is my response to a follow up question:
"Legislating Segregation":

#auspol #cashelssdebitcard #induecard #auspol2021 #LNPDisgrace #LNPCorruptionParty #STOPTHECARD
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Getting to this point has taken 6yrs & a lot of effort. Keeping ALP accountable to commitments will be everyone's job if they are elected. At this time, after multiple meetings, we consider their direction sound & intention to live up to this commitment to be genuine.
When we asked about their understanding of "voluntary" ALP's disclosed that a program based on Free Prior and Informed consent, run by gov, not private corporation will be made available to those who ASK for it.
And while it might surprise some, the reality is, some micro communities and individuals DO ask for this support. The ALP position if supported by Aus Greens through the HoR and senate, will end forced third party income management in Australia.
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📌Addressing this misinformation as this is the most common response we receive from people who are ignorant about the #cashlessdebitcard. This is not to attack this person, it is to inform them and others of the basic facts that LNP, supported by Aus media, have withheld. 1/
2/ Age and service pensioners are already on the #cashlessdebitcard in one CDC trial zone and the AP is now in the Act as a restrictable payment, passed into law midnight Dec 10th 2020 under Continuation Bill 2020 See its inclusion in that bill here:…
3/ The #IndueCard is forced upon anyone on a Social Security p'ment working or not, in a region nominated for roll out. No assessment is undertaken of individual needs before this occurs. All ages 16-67 are on cards & all p'ments incl non working age except DVA are "on the card".
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Indue Ltd staff gaslighting MI forced cardholder mum stuck in Brisbane due to lock downs. Another conveniently "lost" exit application after six times loading. Another mum who can't pay her rent or buy nappies. 1/
Indue and Dept staff using her inability to USE her income - the card wont work - as 'evidence of her being "unable to manage her own money" - she is rightly upset and crying and they are using that against her now as well.
Live:… 2/2 #auspol
The dept and @Anne_Ruston need to realise we are first port of call when YOU stuff up and every consenting report given us will end up here in public and on our pages until people DO get it...that this card is HARMING PEOPLE. LNP's conscious cruelty in action has to STOP.
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In a meeting with @notowelfarecard and federal ALP this morning, ALP have confirmed both #BASICSCard and the #CASHLESSDEBITCARD will end if they are elected to office. A purely voluntary system will be put in place instead.
📌ALP Pensioners task force FB here: LINK:…
#ACTION_ALERT: Send Scott Morrison and the Liberals & Nationals a message - we will not be silent!

Click here to sign:…

#auspol #cashlessdebitcard #induecard #cashlesswelfare #Politas #Vicpol #SApol #QPol #WApol #NTpol
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It takes a lot to front press and admit your dereliction of duty, lack of care and general incompetence. We should mark this moment for exactly what it is don't you think #auspol ?

#cashlessdebitcard #induecard #LNPfail #LNPCorruptionParty #lnpdisgrace Image
📌🍂REPOST: "Why no one can believe Anne Ruston and the LNP when it comes to the Cashless Debit Card"
#auspol #cashlessdebitcard #induecard #incomemanagement #DV #LNPfail #lnpdisgrace
Yes, this is sarcasm. A response to the number of LNP's out there right now lying about age pension being on the card, ignorantly running around making public admissions to press & voters everywhere that they have been so myopically focused on 'winning' they didn't read the bill.
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📌Parent in SA, denied an exit today for " school attendance" - for absences incurred through taking her disabled kid to occupational therapy and other disability related health appointments. 1/
Her 4yr olds PRESCHOOL records have been used against her, child excluded from special ed as class is full. We are supporting her to AAT appeal. This is a child who cannot SWALLOW a clear case of disability discrimination. @SenatorWong #auspol
This mum already has to pay for private OT etc and Indue won't cover it and there are NO public services in her region. She meets all criteria otherwise, it is the necessary absences that are being used to keep her on the card. @Anne_Ruston exploiting PWD for profit. #auspol
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*correction CSA not CPS.
#Kalmum Needless to say, if anything happens to this mother because @Anne_Ruston did not make the call & get off this card so she can flee the area there is going to be more than a maladministration case for her to face. @KalgoorliePol MUST be compelled to DO THEIR JOB.
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Updated Trigger and Restrictable Payments lists.
June 2021.


#auspol #cashlessdebitcard #indue #induecard
📌PTN: Default setting on restrictable payments is meant to be 80% 'on the card' however in practice 100% of advances & rent assistance, which is not even on either list has gone 100% on the card incl all EOY FTB refunds. The dept has not been sticking to the legislation .
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Matt O'Sullivan, the senator for Mindaroo, on media today lying to the public about the card, and going on and on and on about getting people off "welfare and into a job" while @keithjpitt uses VETO POWER to can a NT windfarm that was GOING TO CREATE JOBS for people! 1/
He just announced they wont be waiting for consultation with communities before imposing this latest $30M " work program", a largess payment to LNP selected "services" in "trial sites" that of course wont be tendered 2/
Calling us " inner city activists" when urban centers are on cards & our admins are from every card zone, every part of Aus including remote regions communities.
As usual, he is lying about impacts on the ground ignoring all cardholder voices from the last 6 years. 3/
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PEOPLE need to EAT
PEOPLE need safe places to SLEEP
This entire fight is about governments LEGAL obligation to provide adequate social security payments that support the lives and well being of PEOPLE!
#auspol #jobseeker
Believe it or not there is actually a LEGAL and CONSTITUTIONAL *obligation* upon every Australian government to provide social security payments that **meet the basic needs of PEOPLE** regardless of their economic output! Social Security is a RIGHT *not* a privilege. #auspol
If you dont know what those rights are or where they came from, head to the Attorney Generals office, they are right here in black and white :…

#auspol #auspol2021 #jobseeker #BTPM
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