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.@RepAdamSchiff is pure evil. I wish I could say he was the only one. Unfortunately, there’s a Schittload more #InvestigateTheInvestigators
House intel transcripts show top Obama officials had no 'empirical evidence' of Trump-Russia collusion…
“The transcripts show a total lack of evidence, despite @RepAdamSchiff personally going out saying he had more than circumstantial evidence that there was collusion,”
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1) @GatewayPundit updates @Comey prosecution potentials as reported by @jsolomonReports.

Followed by a a far less optimistic report on #Comey's future incarceration by #PJMedia.

"Unfortunately, Solomon is reporting that #DOJ prosecutors under #AGBarr have decided not to
@Comey 3) #FoxNews ==> #Comey feuds with @RepMarkMeadows over IG probe…

Coming in mid-September, the next #IGReport from #Horowitz, will be far more damaging 2 @Comey, then the previously noted troubling information of the fraudulent #FISA process he ran...
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Ok I’m buggin out over the last couple Q drops and @ReIncarnatedET insight ➡️ a,b,C,D,(e) comms.


Now just before, #Q dropped ⬇️

Exculpatory: A description of evidence in a criminal trial that serves to justify, excuse, or introduce a reasonable doubt about the defendant's alleged actions or intentions
And after @ReIncarnatedET shoutout, last drop 3544 is about (E)pstein

Consider the highlighted portions of what his attorney says specifically

“If he goes on trial, everyone he’s been in contact with will ultimately be fair game”

#qanon #GreatAwakening
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The democrats demanded an investigation, spent $40 million taxpayer dollars, wasted 2½ years of your tenure, destroyed @GenFlynn @carterwpage and others reputation and finances and still aren't happy with their purchase.
@GenFlynn @carterwpage The panic and fear democrats have doesn't allow the Mueller report to be the final word. Some of us know WHY the democrats have been willing to destroy the country and your Presidency Sir ~ to cover up their crimes. #InvestigateTheInvestigators

@GenFlynn @carterwpage Of course they're rigged Mr President. Calling Hope Hicks behind closed doors so little Adam Schitt & toadies can falsely characterize her testimony, after she already fully cooperated with Mueller, is outrageous.
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Special Coup To Surface &Make Unexpected CYA Statement At 11am Be On The Lookout For 17 Angry Revenge Posse Dims Lead By Creepy Pitbull Thug #InvestigateTheInvestigators…
Never Forget SpecialCoup Tried To Eliminate Our Duly Elected President @realDonaldTrump & Targeted General Flynn Who Is Still Their Political Prisoner! Over 2 Years Creating The Crisis Of Our Generation & Dividing This Country All Because Hillary Lost! #HeMustTestifyUnderOath
SpecialCoup Cannot Be Allowed To Insinuate Obstruction Against @realDonaldTrump &Refuse To Take Questions Or TestifyUnderOath! Subpoena NOW! SpecialCoup Just Encouraged More Dem Impeachment Attacks Against @POTUS What A Broken Hack! Fight Back! @DevinNunes @Jim_Jordan @TomFitton
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What A Mess Redactinstein Now Slamming(BackStabbing)Comey When Redactinstein Is The Guy Who Created The Special Coup To Investigate Why @POTUS @realDonaldTrump Fired Comey! RedactinsteinSigned FakeDossierFISA #Perjury #WantedToWearAWire
In case you missed the video- But, Let This Sink In Head Of DOJ Redactinstein Slamming Head Of FBI Comey…
Now The Reverse Video/Article, Again, Let This Sink In Head Of FBI Comey Slamming Head Of DOJ Redactinstein… @realDonaldTrump @POTUS @GenFlynn @DevinNunes @TomFitton #InvestigateTheInvestigators Dirty Cops!
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Here’s The Letter (Page 1)From White House Lawyer Emmett Flood Slamming Special Coup Partisan Hack Dossier Addressed To AG Barr #InvestigateTheInvestigators #WeNeedIndictments
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Page 3
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