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What a fun 2-3 years this is going to be watching all this get hashed out as the prosecutions unfold. #FusionGPS #unmasking #Subcontractor

When #FusionGPS's bank records reveal it was actually being PAID as a subcontractor by the FBI to run Section 702 queries to unmask names of Trump team members from raw SIGINT provided to it by the FBI, my God the FUN we're all going to have, eh?
Goddamn, the stories are practically going to write themselves, aren't they?…
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Hey @brhodes why did the @FBI deny your security clearance? Looks like it worked out though, Obama just pushed you right through to top secret clearance so you could get to work on the #IranDeal meanwhile all #MSM wants to talk about it Kushner’s security clearance🔍 #Hello2018
Of course @johnpodesta knew, well someone turned a blind eye would be oh so curious to know if the #FBI ever changed their mind and if so, who's name was on the report #wikileaks #ticktock…
WAIT, BEN?! Was blaming #Benghazi on a YouTube video your idea!? You were the head speech writer, you were the foreign policy expert. Look at this garbage you wrote yet #SusanRice and HRC marched right out and parroted it all. #NeverForget #TickTock #BenRhodes
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1) The #dossier
The content was bs.
It was used to obtain FISA warrants to spy on / #unmask Trump, and the campaign.
The #DNC /Clinton paid for it.

Peter Strzok, you're a key player.

I actually see this playing out.

Peter Strzok, will be the #fallguy ...
2) remember the FBI never had access to devices from Hillary Clinton, The #DNC or John Podesta.

This is the basis of the "Russia" claims.
3) October 26th Hillary Clinton had "NO IDEA" about the #dossier then the story gets published that, in fact the #DNC and Hillary Clinton herself, funded it
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