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Brian Cates @drawandstrike
How do we know Trump is running deception operations? Because he's already brought several to successful conclusions.

I discuss one of them here:…
It's amazing how many reporters in the media, even after further details come out later, never go back & question the original cover story.

We now know Trump wanted Kelly as his Chief of Staff all along!
Here's another BIG detail we *now* know about that we didn't before the election last year: JARED KUSHNER was the *real* campaign manager, handling the strategy in deep background.
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Brian Cates @drawandstrike
When #FusionGPS payments to media outlets to publish stories crafted by Fusion on behalf of their clients as 'news' rather than the blatant propaganda it was are revealed from the financial records, some DNC Media outlets will never recover from that revelation.
Here was one blatant example of this caught by @LeeSmithTWS, where THREE different major media outlets essentially published the exact SAME story about the change in Saudi Arabia's internal politics:…
The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal & Reuters ALL published essentially the SAME story on the SAME day. Each took the same prepackaged story from a political comms shop, either #FusionGPS or another firm.
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🇺🇸Renton🔱Covfefe @rentonMAGA
Thread for @dolly_ste

1) There are lot of rumors flying about. Something massive in D.C is about to go down.
I can't say for certain whats going to happen but the process has already started
and it cannot be stopped. #THESTORM - Here is time line of recent events.
2) @realDonaldtrump oct 5 "This is the calm before the storm"
Initally thought to related to north Korea - Trump was intentionally vague only saying "you'll see". #Thestorm
First reported october 17th Basically a rehash of peter schweizer's clinton cash book Part of which recounts the #UraniumOne events. Later picked up by @seanhannity and #FOXNEWS. #Thestorm
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Stealth Jeff @drawandstrike
Daat, you're not muted or blocked. I get @'d at about 10,000x a day.
Congress doesn't have to worry about f'ing up an actual prosecution
Sessions or anybody at the DOJ running an investigation isn't going be trying their case in the media at this point.
That's what POLITICIANS do. Sessions is now the country's top LEO. He's not going to jeopardize prosecutions for good press.
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Brian Cates @drawandstrike
1) This started either before Trump announced his run for President, or soon thereafter. Someone who knew what happened told him.
2) SOMEONE in the IC, likely military intel, sat Trump down & laid out the entire #UraniumOne bribery scheme.
3) How all across the breadth of the Obama Administration people in high offices took massive bribes to facilitate sell of uranium to Russia
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Stealth Jeff @drawandstrike
[Humungus] Look around you.
DNC is tearing itself to pieces
HRC is under criminal investigation for hiding #FusionGPS payments on dossier
Hollywood has been rendered null & void as a messaging tool for Dems in 2018 and likely into 2020
DNC Media is in shock as prominent reporters/funders are outed as sexual abusers. Not just Halperin. The New Republic guy, Corn, others.
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Stealth Jeff @drawandstrike
All the *signs* are there to show what's really happening behind the scenes, but the media can't READ them.
The media want's their own narratives to be TRUE very, VERY badly.

Trump & Co. actually USE this to blind them.
They will never in a million years believe Trump & his team are smart enough to feed them deliberate disinformation.
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Stealth Jeff @drawandstrike
#UraniumOne has been reopened. The FBI's informant is now ungagged. HRC/DNC's money trail to #FusionGPS was uncovered, Congress investigates
Podesta being revealed as a target of the Mueller investigation on Monday has some people realizing someone's been digging doing a good job.
If they got Podesta, & they are serious about rolling up the people who took the bribe $ in #UraniumOne, & roll up those involved in dossier
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Stealth Jeff @drawandstrike
An investigation DEEP DIVING into Clinton/DNC #UraniumOne bribery & #FusionGPS dossier malfeasance was opened up months ago.
What were both sides doing while that went on?

DNC Media: passively waiting, chortling over a forthcoming Trump impeachment
Alt Right New Media: Screaming for Mueller to be fired, wailing over McMaster's coup, calling for Trump to dump Jared & Ivanka.
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Stealth Jeff @drawandstrike
I never claimed to be a lawyer. FBI informant on reopened #UraniumOne investigation has been ungagged. This is public knowledge.
What's also public knowledge? HRC/DNC's fingerprints all over the Russian Trump Dossier. Someone investigated, found the money trail.
Which HRC/DNC tried to HIDE by running through a law firm. It got traced anyway.

Stellar job by somebody.

Do you know who it is?
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Stealth Jeff @drawandstrike
Somebody watched what DNC Media did to Ken Starr in the 1990's.

"If we win, what's the most IMPORTANT thing for the 1st 4 years?"
and the answer was "We've got to drain the biggest part of the swamp: the illegal lobbying/bribery networks that have sprung up in DC."
You can't bring real change to DC until the people selling US policy/influence to foreign powers for dirty $ has been rendered powerless.
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Stealth Jeff @drawandstrike
1) After a brief period of shock in which they asked themselves "Why did Trump just hire one of the DIRTIEST, most CORRUPT people in DC..."
2) " be, of all things, his CAMPAIGN MANAGER?!", Democrats, swamp dwellers & DNC Media quickly decided they'd USE this against Trump.
3) Manafort was bait. I'm convinces Kushner was actually running this thing behind the scenes.
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