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* Babar Azam,Kushinagsr, Uttar Pradesh killed by fellow Muslims for celebrating BJP victory.

* Beerbhum, West Bengal, 6 women and 2 children, all Muslim, all brutally burnt to death allegedly by a Muslim mob.
Have no wish to provide such hideous examples but there is an absolute conspiracy to draw a veil when the perpetrators are Muslims.

* This selective reportage is now supported by a well-oiled #Islamaphobia machinery. Their job;
* Highlight every little incident, including a Muslim boy slapped with the same intensity as when reporting murder.

* Blank out, don't report at all Birbhum-like cases or fact-check ONLY to disprove any Hindus were killed.
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"Censoring Kashmir Files Is Attack On Freedom": New Zealand Ex Deputy PM"…
Mired in controversy" ...and what is that?

Muslims who are day and night engaged in a propaganda to build a false narrative of #Islamaphobia are offended by the stark truth of the genocide of Kashmiri Hindus being finally revealed to the world.
It was a massive conspiracy of silence to hide the fact that 400000 Kashmiri Hindus had been driven out by fanatic Muslims from the only Muslim-majority Stste in India, Jammu & Kashmir.

Not just that, a great canard was set afloat by Leftist-Islamists, the
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@AsianOSINT Please don't forget first automn 2020 islamist attack in France, on September 25, was done by Pakistani Zaheer Hassan Mahmoud radicalized by #TLP propaganda fueled by @ImranKhanPTI repeated hate speech against #France 🇫🇷…
@AsianOSINT @ImranKhanPTI Then came the beheading of Samuel Paty by Abdoullakh Abouyedovich Anzorov a Chechen "refugee" on October 16.…
@AsianOSINT @ImranKhanPTI Finaly was the triple stabbing of Nice Christian Basilica by Brahim Aouissaoui, from Tunisia on October 29.…
The major origin of these crimes is in Imran Khan🇵🇰/Erdogan🇹🇷 months of calls for violences.
I.K. made Pakistan an international pariah again.
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#Islamaphobia ... a term created to stultify #FirstAmendment #freedomsofspeechandpress.

-phobia added to a prefix doesn't refer to well-grounded and sensible concerns or fears.
You know, like the fear that might fester in your mind if you see a person in an airline pilot's uniform throwing back three or four shots before walking into the airport?
A sensible passenger hopes for a sober pilot, and evidence that the pilot is on a bender makes the rational person rightly fearful for their safety.
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#Islamaphobia: an irrational fear of Muslims.

Do #gays suffer from #Islamophobia because they rationally analyze the commands of #Islam and #conduct of its #adherents?
Is it #irrational #fear to see the lunacy in the eyes of a #religious #teacher who tells his #aptpupils that #homosexuals are what they are because #Allah allowed #Satan to #finger the #anuses of the male babies of #infidels?

I mean, #fundamentalist #Christian #adherence to a #literal #sevenday #creation has been the #mockworthy material of the ilk of @billmaher forever!
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Watching this has made me think- despite the horrific acts of today- the deparvity of these monsters Inshaa Allah has granted the dead the status of martyrs.
There is some irony in this attack.
I have gone from extreme sadness to extreme anger today. There is a sense of numbness now. The reason being that the cards were on the table, from the constant Islam bashing, the linking of anything bad to Islam & Muslims, the media frenzy to demonise Muslims & humanise
Non Muslim “attackers” (not terrorists) to finding excuses for them, mental health, lone wolf etc whilst instantly labelling anyone with any link to muslim as a terrorist. Never thinking how can a club going, alcohol drinking drug taking man be a extreme Muslim when he can’t
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