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Saat ini sedang terjadi eskalasi krisis kemanusiaan di Palestina, berawal dari krisis panjang di perkampungan Syeikh Jarrah, bentrokan di Al Aqsha, dan berlanjut dengan perang di Gaza.

Bagaimana peta percakapan publik di Indonesia tentang krisis ini?

Bagaimana netizen di Indonesia menyikapi konflik Israel-Palestina ini?

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Perkampungan Sheikh Jarrah di Jerusalem Timur banyak dihuni oleh warga Arab Palestina. Mereka dipaksa meninggalkan rumah oleh Israel. Konflik meluas ke Al Aqsha, dan sekarang perhatian penuh ke Gaza.
Read 42 tweets #SANGE_AAAAAAAAAAH #sangekberat apaan nihh!!! Duta Ibunya Gubernur Jawa Timur #IsraelTerrorist #morningseks apaan lagi woyy!! BESOK SENIN Tidur Tionghoa Nusa Tenggara Barat Emak Dukung Kebijakan Otsus Lombok mei 98 Whyudi kata gubernur khofifah #SANGE_AAAAAAAAAAH #sangekberat apaan nihh!!! Duta Ibunya Gubernur Jawa Timur #IsraelTerrorist #morningseks apaan lagi woyy!! BESOK SENIN Tidur Tionghoa Nusa Tenggara Barat Emak Dukung Kebijakan Otsus Lombok mei 98 Whyudi kata gubernur khofifah #SANGE_AAAAAAAAAAH #sangekberat apaan nihh!!! Duta Ibunya Gubernur Jawa Timur #IsraelTerrorist #morningseks apaan lagi woyy!! BESOK SENIN Tidur Tionghoa Nusa Tenggara Barat Emak Dukung Kebijakan Otsus Lombok mei 98 Whyudi kata gubernur khofifah
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En ce moment, Netanyahou en live en conf de presse sur la chaîne @AlJazeera dont il vient de bombarder les bureaux à #Gaza Image
Netanyahou: "nous remercions USA et les 25 pays qui ont exprimés leurs soutiens à #Israel.

Nous allons continuer à bombarder, tuer...peu importe le temps qu'il faut
Netanyahou: "tuer des civils et les cibler ne peut pas être autre chose que le terrorisme"

Il vient de désigner en live #Israel comme état terroriste!

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History of Illegal Annexation of the Palestinian State by Israel. This is a thread

In the medieval Europe, largely Europeans believed that Jews practiced witchcraft and abducted kids to sacrifice them in black magic ritual. The anti-Semitism Europe made the Jewish religion classify as heresy or paganism. This lead to Jews massacre, especially by the crusaders.
The jews were expelled, massacre and executed all across the Europe in that era (13th - 19th century CE). They travelled across Mediterranean and went to holy land to seek protection from chaos at Europe.
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What is happening in Palestine? Let's clear things up. (1/12).
#GazaUnderAttack #GenociedinGaza
It started a few days ago, when Israel announced that it wanted to steal the houses of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in Jerusalem and give them it the settlers, and of course this is illegal... (2/12)
#GazaUnderAttack #GenociedinGaza
As this violates the Fourth Geneva Convention which provides for the prevention of forced eviction of Palestinians, but it is not new for Israel to violate international law. (3/12)
#GazaUnderAttack #GenociedinGaza #IsraelTerrorist
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You stand for justice against oppression #savesheikhjarrah equality over #Israelapartheid those that dont follow should ask would they have stood with the great nelson mandela who said "our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of palestinians".
Right from wrong is manifest clear. Palestinians need us to be the voice of the voiceless. This is not a war but a massacre by an occupying israeli force over the people under its oppression. Children killed, civilians targetted, UN facilities, schools #GazaUnderAttack
Whole neighbourhoods raised to the ground, medics attacked, ambulances blocked. Just some of the countless atrocities, violations & crimes committed by #IsraelTerrorist let alone the lynchings,settlers that are killing arabs in lod, sheikh jarrah, silwan, jabal zeytoon, alsawhara
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Nak boikot produk Israel? Nak boikot yang mana?

Anda tahu apa itu gerakan BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions)?

Jom baca thread ini.

BDS ialah gerakan yg dijalankan oleh rakyat Palestin untuk menuntut kebebasan, kesaksamaan, dan keadilan bagi masyarakat Palestin yang dizalimi.

Kempen BDS terdiri dari 3 komponen:

1. Boycott - Boikot
2. Divest - Lupus
3. Sanction - Sekat
Ketiga² usaha ini dilaksanakan dgn menyasarkan syarikat, institusi, dan mana² badan yg mendapat manfaat keuntungan dan sokongan dari perbuatan mencabul hak² rakyat Palestin.
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just watched @SkyNews's report on israel and palestine, and the level they go to equate the actions of each is appalling. they said that 100 have been killed in gaza, and 8 killed in israel: including 2 children and 1 soldier. WHAT ABOUT THE 31 PALESTINIAN CHILDREN?! 1/6
no, they don't note that, because that stops their casus belli from being made. israel are defending themselves from palestinian attacks, and anything that deviates from that will be ignored. they described it as 4 days since israel began their retaliatory strikes. 2/6
RETALIATORY?! israel started this! they attacked people praying in their holy month, they tried to evict people from their homes, and that's only a couple of things: there are 100s! these are not retaliatory, they are offensive, and to think britain stands by as israel 3/6
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You are not unique in framing this ethnic cleansing as an issue of poorly behaved #Palestinian youth,
@ReutersUK @ReutersCommods have the same approach with their embedded CIA operative calling the shots.

And to crown off the last 3 days, the Zionists will March through #Palestinian areas shouting abuse and death threats. What a shambles our corporate media and most political representatives are in the U.K. and USA
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Good evening from The Holy Land, Palestine, where tonight Israeli killer army have executed Palestinian Samir Ahmed Hamidi on his own land

70 years of israeli terrorism continues c/o US & UK terror policies in ME

Goodnight world

#Group4Palestine 🇵🇸 Image
Israeli "soldiers" at it again, beating kids so badly they murder them
Palestinian teenager Amer Abdulrahman Snobar, 18yrs, has died after being brutally beaten & tortured by the Israeli killer army this morning nr Turmus-Ayya, village Ramallah
#Group4Palestine 🇵🇸 Image
Israeli killer army have shot & executed Palestinian dad Bilil Rawajih this morning at an illegal zionist military checkpoint near Nablus
@IntlCrimCourt ImageImageImageImage
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