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#Israeli jets bomb Syria’s main hub for earthquake aid deliveries

Aleppo airport has been one of the main channels for the flow of humanitarian aid into #Syria after the earthquake killed over 6,000 and left hundreds of thousands homeless.…
“The impact of this closure impedes humanitarian access & could have drastic humanitarian consequences for millions of people who have been affected by the earthquake,” a UN statement issued on 8 March reads,…
The UN statement issued on 8 March highlighted that Aleppo is “one of the worst earthquake-impacted governorates in Syria.”…
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#Jordanian parliament votes to expel #Israeli ambassador

A diplomatic crisis is brewing between Israel and several of its Arab partners due to the actions of Jewish supremacist officials…
The Jordanian parliament on 22 March voted to expel the Israeli ambassador from the kingdom in protest of Israeli Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich‘s incendiary statements and actions towards Jordan and Palestine.…
“We in the House of Representatives call on the govt to take effective measures towards the occupation government’s finance minister’s use of a map of the so-called Israel that includes the borders of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan & the occupied Palestinian territories,” Image
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Ministry of Transport: All flights diverted from #Aleppo Airport to #Damascus and #Lattakia airports
After the technical teams evaluated the damages caused by the #Israeli aggression that targeted #Aleppo International Airport on Wednesday at dawn, it was found that there were damages to the runway and some navigational equipment,
which caused the airport to be out of service till finishing the repair work, according to the Ministry of Transport- the General Organization for Civil Aviation.
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🇮🇱 🇵🇸 A week ago in #Jenin, undercover #Israeli forces killed four #Palestinians including a 14-year-old boy.

I conducted an #OSINT investigation into the targeted killings and geolocated some of the events that took place that day. ⤵️…
🔍 Key resources included using a combination of @googlemaps, Google Earth Pro, and @suncalc_net. But the most important in determining the location was @mapillary. Sources from @telegram and @Twitter accounts sharing content was also vital. #OSINT
.@mapillary was very useful to @bellingcat in unpacking the shooting of Shireen Abu Akleh, a prominent Palestinian-American journalist working with Al Jazeera outside #Jenin in 2022.…
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WATCH! The groom hysterically dancing with 2 knives pretending to stab Palestinians is now the #Israeli Security Minister's Chief of Staff, Chanamel Dorfman, who now has dangerous power over police!

The bride's dad says if they spot an Arab "he'd be seeking the nearest hospital"
2\ Israeli media reports that Chanamel Dorfman, a Hilltop Youth leader (extremist settler group), has a very dangerous influence inside the Security Ministry.

He was once banned from entering the West Bank & monitored by the Shin Bet division dealing with Jewish terrorism.
3\ “My only problem with the Nazis is that I was on the losing side,” said #Israel's Security Minister's Chief of Staff.

He also calls Israel's police “the most antisemitic in the world” for occasionally arresting settler terrorists

Now he has enormous influence over the police
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EU urges immediate probe into 'Israel's' killing of Palestinian child

EU yesterday demanded an immediate investigation into the murder of 16-year-old #Palestinian child Omar Awadin by #Israeli occupation troops in Jenin, north of the occupied West Bank,
Omar was killed alongside 3 Palestinian youths by the Israeli occupation forces during an Israeli raid on Jenin on March 16.
Omar is the 17th Palestinian minor killed by the Israeli occupation forces in occupied Palestine since the beginning of the year, as per the Palestinian Health Ministry.
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#France boycotts upcoming visit of extremist #Israeli minister

Bezalel Smotrich is set to arrive in Paris on 19 March to attend a Jewish National Fund event…
The French foreign ministry declared on 13 March that Paris will boycott the upcoming visit by Israel’s Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich, who is set to arrive in France on 19 March to attend a Jewish National Fund (JNF) event.…
French government officials have unanimously agreed to avoid meeting with the Israeli finance minister. The foreign ministry has confirmed that it has yet to receive any word from Smotrich regarding his upcoming visit.…
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#Syrian people of occupied #SyrianGolan: We are deeply rooted in our land… Occupation’s schemes doomed to failure
The #Israeli illegal occupation has carried out the most atrocious ethnic cleansing project in the occupied #SyrianGolan since 1967, destroying 131 villages & 112 farms, forcing more than 130 out of 138 thousand people to leave their homes,
in addition to changing its geographical and demographical identity and establishing about 35 illegal settlements, profiting from the Occupied Syrian Golan’s abundant natural resources.
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Possible #Russian Breakthrough North of #Bakhmut | Avdiivka Front Update | -2h,1 2/03/2023
#Russian Soldiers Pushed Into #Bakhmut City, Destroyed New #Nazi #Monuments | March 11, 2023… Image
Blind To #HumanitarianCrises, #Israel Strikes #Syria And #Lebanon | Mar 10
- On Mar 5 Israeli soldiers breached the #BlueLine, which was set by the #UnitedNations for the #withdrawal of the #Israeli forces from Lebanon in 2000.
Vid… Image
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Three army personnel injured in #Israeli aggression on some sites in countryside of Tartous and Hama provinces, #Syria Image
“At about 7:15 a.m. on Sunday, the Israeli enemy carried out an aerial act of aggression with bursts of missiles from the direction of N Lebanon,targeting some sites in the countryside of Tartous & Hama provinces,& our air defenses intercepted the missiles & downed some of them.” Image
The source added “The aggression caused the injury of three army personnel, in addition to some material damages.”
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The resumption of #Saudi-#Iran relations has triggered what I believe to be exaggerated reaction about #China’s emergence as a #MiddleEast powerbroker and a strategic shift of #Riyadh away from its traditional partners. 1/17
Some context: in an October meeting in #Jeddah, a #Saudi leader at the highest level explained his strategy was to defeat #Iran through growth. The fact that KSA is the fastest growing G-20 country, w/trillions invested in everything from tourism to mining, supports this. 2/17
But growth takes time - and growth can be sidetracked through insecurity, whether from #Houthi missiles or the threat of nuclear blackmail. To protect the long-term strategy, he said, KSA needs security. 3/17
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Trade Union Of #Czech And #Moravia Stresses Support For #Syria In Defense Of Its Sovereignty, Territorial Integrity… Image
The Trade Union of Czech, Moravia and Silezko has affirmed the support of the Czech progressive trade unions for Syria in defense of its sovereignty and territorial integrity and called for non-interference in its internal affairs.…
In a statement to SANA correspondent in Prague on Saturday, the Union’s Executive Secretary Martin Bec stressed the need to stop the #Israeli attacks on #Syria and end the #US illegal occupation of parts of the #Syrian territories.…
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1. How does Russian propaganda work in #Germany.
“In Germany, they recognized that the inhabitants of Artemovsk (*Ukr. #Bakhmut) are waiting for Russia to liberate them.
The chief correspondent of the German newspaper #DieWelt, Steffen Schwarzkopf, said that many Ukrainians in⬇️
2. Artemovsk are ignoring the evacuation announced by #Kiev and are waiting for the Russians.
Those who remain believe that #Russia will take care of them, as it took care of the residents of #Mariupol"

This nonsense is thrown by Yakov Kedmi (#Israeli pro-Putin propagandist,⬇️ ImageImage
3. Ukrainophobe). You must understand that we are talking about the population of the city, in which before the war there were more than 72,000 people, and now there are less than 5,000. But this is presented as on behalf of all residents.@Bundeskanzler #Stoprussianpropaganda Image
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On #Russia, #Iran and #Israel

Yesterday evening, #Putin held an urgent meeting via video call with representatives of the leadership of the security and military blocs. The reason for the urgent meeting was the message in the report to the president that, supposedly,...
#Israel's military operation against #Iran would begin in the near future. #Putin has recently provided "invaluable" assistance to Iran in promoting the development of a "nuclear program", thanks to which Iran has come close to obtaining nuclear weapons.
In return, #Russia received weapons, not in the volumes that #Putin expected, but still, it was a significant help in the war against #Ukraine. Now, given a possible #Israeli strike, #Iran's "nuclear program" and Tehran's very possibility of helping Russia with arms and...
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#Israeli blitz on #Aleppo airport causes ‘drastic consequences’ for #Syrians in need: #UN…
The UN issued a statement on 8 March, saying that #Israeli airstrikes on #Aleppo International Airport are impeding the delivery of life-saving humanitarian aid to the victims of last month’s catastrophic earthquake.…
“The impact of this closure impedes humanitarian access & could have drastic humanitarian consequences for millions of people who have been affected by the earthquake,” the statement reads, highlighting that Aleppo is “one of the worst earthquake-impacted governorates in Syria.” Image
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Three Palestinians killed in Israeli forces fire south of Jenin city

The #Israeli illegal occupation forces killed three #Palestinian young men Thursday morning in Jaba’ town, south of Jenin, in the West Bank.
‘The occupation troops stormed the town, deployed snipers on the rooftops, and opened fire on a car with three young men on board, killing them’, Wafa News Agency said.
On Tuesday, the Israeli occupation committed a massacre in Jenin camp in the West Bank, claiming the lives of six people.
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World Federation of Trade Unions (#WFTU), calls for putting pressure on #US administration to lift blockade imposed on #Syria
Participants in the annual meeting of the Presidential Council of the WFTU called on the governments of the world to put pressure on the #US administration to lift the unjust siege & stop the unilateral coercive measures imposed on the #Syrian people.
In its closing statement on Saturday, the Council condemned the practices of the #Israeli occupation in the occupied Arab lands, the illegal presence of the #US and #Turkish forces on Syrian lands, and their plundering of the #Syrian people’s wealth.
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#Syrians in #Golan reiterate rejection of #Israeli scheme to build wind turbines on their land
Syrian citizens in the Golan, occupied by “Israel” since 1967, said on Saturday that they would not bargain over their rights or abandon grain of land in the Golan, as they considered an integral part of Syria.
During a protest in Al-Marj area located between the villages of Masada and Majdal Shams, the people of Golan reiterated their categorical rejection of the occupier’s new proposals through which the plan for wind turbines is trying to pass.
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1/8 Russian Oligarch Files: Roman #Abramovich

A morally #corrupt high-profile Russian billionaires because of the success of football club Chelsea FC, Roman Abramovich was sanctioned later than some others, because he is less obviously influential than other #Putin allies.
2/8 His influence in the Kremlin is limited, he is more #Putin ‘s bitch than his friend, but is tolerated by Mr Putin (as long as he pays). Abramovich has made corrupted money out of the relationship, through #putin awarding him contracts for the #FIFA 2018 World Cup in Russia.
3/8 #Abramovich denies having close ties to Mr Putin or the Kremlin, but the UK portion of his estimated $12.4bn fortune is now frozen. At the start of the war he was forced to put Chelsea up for sale for £3bn. and his £150m house in London's Kensington Palace Gardens in London.
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#UN human rights official condemns #Israel after #Nablus massacre

The #UN's High Commissioner specifically condemned #Israel's use of 'explosive projectiles' on civilians, killing 11, injuring 102 others…
Volker Turk, the #UN’s High Commissioner for Human Rights, condemned #Israel’s recent use of “explosive projectiles” against #Palestinians during a massacre on 23 February, resulting in 102 injuries and 11 deaths in the #WestBank city of #Nablus.…
“I am deeply concerned that scores of #Palestinians, including a boy & 3 older men, were killed & hundreds injured in the #Israeli operation in #Nablus & by airstrikes & rocket attacks between #Israel & #Palestinian armed groups in the #Gaza Strip.”
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Who is Igor Lopatonok and which disinformation does he spread?
“Fact Check: Russia Claims Massacre in Bucha 'Staged' by Ukraine”

#russian #Disinformation #Bucha #Ukraine️
“As the world reacted in horror to images and videos of death and destruction left behind in parts of the #Kyiv Region after #Russian forces withdrew from those areas,…
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Purported annexation of occupied #Palestinian territory would was decreed yesterday by #Israel, subsuming functions of its military government into the metropolitan government and applying its internal law and institutions to occupied territory.

Following are the details: Image
Recent changes to #Israel’s Basic Law: The Government created a ministry within the Ministry of Defense responsible for the military government of occupied Palestinian territory. Handed to Religious Zionism leader, Bezalel Smotrich, it gives effect to the coalition agreement...
1. All “civilian affairs” in the West Bank will come under the authority of the Minister (Smotrich), and be delegated to the Deputy Heads of the Israeli Civil Administration (Deputy ICA), a non-uniformed political appointee of the Minister, from within his political base.
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Solidarity act with Palestinian prisoners in front of the ICRC headquarters in Damascus
The Islamic Jihad Movement in 🇵🇸, the Muhjat al-Quds Foundation, the International al-Quds Foundation & the 🇸🇾 Arab People's Committee to Support the 🇵🇸 People & Resist the Zionist Project
today convened a act of solidarity in front of the headquarters of the International Committee of the Red Cross ICRC in Damascus.
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#UN 🇺🇳 official worried over the #Israeli 🇮🇱 aggression against #Syria 🇸🇾
The UN Resident Coordinator & Acting Humanitarian Coordinator in Syria, Mike Robson, was worried over the recent Israeli aggression on Syrian territory, stressing that it is absolutely not permissible to launch attacks against civilians.
Robson, in a statement posted by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) on its website, said that he is deeply concerned about the latest attack that targeted a neighborhood in Damascus, hitting a residential building,
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