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Even before clicking on the NYTimes take, I’m curious how they’ll spin #Israel as the devil.
So the NYTimes version of the implications of the Israeli operation on #Iran’s nuclear facility is what you’d imagine: A bad take punctuated with worse analysis. Here’s a few examples...…
Uncertainty? This is an #Israeli gift of even more leverage the US can use with #Iran in negotiations. Iranian threats are now less powerful. We don’t need to rush into a bad deal as we currently are. Team #Biden however is allergic to leverage. There’s a reason for that:
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1/ Remember this NYT-Administration
Collaborative leak on the #Saviz
"Israel-Iran Sea Skirmishes Escalate as Mine Damages Iranian Military Ship"
It is so dangerously wrong & stupid on many levels. The Administration official who outed Israel...…
2/ Administration official who "outed" Israel gave legitimacy to Iranian retaliation & regional escalation.

NYT called #saviz a "military" ship. It was registered and presented itself as a civilian cargo ship. A more correct description would be "pirate" ship.

The official...
3/ The NYT/official said the #Saviz sabotage was timed to coincide with the US resumption of the #Irandeal negotiations in Vienna.

Balderdash! If #israeli naval commandos were responsible, such a mission 1500 km from Israel would have had months of planning, a ship/sub in ..
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CIA, Mossad and “the Epstein Network” Exploiting Mass Shootings to Create an Orwellian Nightmare
Epstein, known for blackmail through the sexual abuse of the underaged girls, also had “damaging information” on prominent figures in Silicon Valley.…
Operation Parachute reminder: Harvey #Weinstein & Black Cube 'a select group of veterans of elite units in the #Israeli intelligence community, combined with financial and legal experts' based in London, Tel-Aviv and Paris.… Image
It took 30 years of rape before this guy was arrested!
Epstein-linked French modeling agent with office in Tel Aviv charged with rape of minors… #KGB #Mossad #Chutzpah #Brunel #Epstein
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The #UAE is trying to enter #Yemen through the occupation, under the cover of legitimacy. Abu Dhabi imposed its will on #Yemen’s sovereign decision, in order to enable it to exploit the country’s resources, and beyond that, the
violations became continuous and did not stop all day.
Mahriya satellite channel published the #Emirati role on #Socotra Island. The UAE pays tempting offers to the residents of the Socotra Archipelago to concede to the Emirati occupation, but it was faced with strong rejection and made it one of the countries hostile to the
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Die globalen Handelsrouten sind in Aufruhr.
Erst blockierte das riesige Containerschiff #EVERGIVEN den #Suezkanal , nun kommt die nächste brisante Meldung aus der Region.
Israel meldet einen iranischen Raketenangriff auf ein Frachtschiff.
Doch vieles ist unklar
Ein Thread👇
Laut israelischen Medien wurde im Arabischen Meer ein #Israeli Frachtschiff der Reederei XT Management mit Raketen angegriffen.
Dahinter stehe der Iran, so die Meldungen aus Israel.
Das Schiff habe Schäden bekommen, habe jedoch die Fahrt fortgesetzt.
Das israelische Militär untersuche nun die Schwere des Vorfalls.
In der Vergangenheit soll es bereits zu ähnlichen Vorfällen gekommen sein.
Damals flog Israel nur kurze Zeit später Luftangriffe auf iranische Objekte in Syrien.
Mehr dazu hier 👇
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#Breaking: Fear of another attack on #Israeli-owned vessels.
Following the attack on the ship of businessman Rami Unger at the end of February, there are reports of damage to another Israeli-owned ship. The details are still vague.
Network reports claim that a ship named "Lori" that sailed in the #IndianOcean on its way to India was hit by #missiles. The ship is owned by ECT. Nahul Ltd. (XT MANAGEMENT LTD) from #Haifa. According to reports, no casualties & minor damage was caused to the ship.
The ship, LORI (IMO number 9631125) has been sailing for the last few days. The ship left the port of Dar es Salaam in #Tanzania on March 20 on its way to the port of #Mundra in India. The vessel performed a sharp & strange maneuver off the coast of #Oman btw 3:50 and 4:55 pm.
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1/8 Hell yeah, let’s redefine #antisemitism in such a way that everything not mentioning explicit #Jews or compares #Israel with the worlds worst atrocities is NOT #antisemitic.

Ripping The Jerusalem Declaration on Antisemitism (JDA) apart.
2/8 -12: Criticizing or opposing Zionism as a form of nationalism. Sure. Where is the bond between #Judaism & #Zionism? Forgotten and completely whipped of the table. I even suspect that the eternal bond between #Jews and #Israel is completely ignored.
3/8 -13: Racial discrimination. Settler-colonialism. Apartheid.
Nice sum-up. This implies that all 3 occur in #Israel and is an open house for the #Jew hating bunch.

Racial discrimination. Any country where it’s not? Hint – black face a worldwide phenomenon. BLM movement?
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Israeli TV news channel 21 live broadcast from #KhanAlAhmar, where Israeli electoral candidates @naftalibennett, @gidonsaar, @bezalelsm, among others, line up to pledge the forcible transfer of #Palestinians and their supplanting with settlers - following tomorrow's elections.
If pledging to commit multiple grave breachs of international law in front of a camera, and against the backdrop of the community who will be victimized by these actions, is not sufficient for the international community to infer bad faith on the part of Israeli politicians (...)
and do away with calling on Palestinians to enter intro negotiations with these would-be criminals, I'm not sure what will.
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#Zionist leader Benjamin Netanyahu cancels flight plan through Saudi airspace to #UAE in fear of #Yemeni missiles

#Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hinted on Saturday that “missiles over Saudi Arabia” prevented his plane from crossing #Saudi airspace in order to
go to the #UAE.

In an interview with Channel 13, Netanyahu spoke of “missiles in the skies of #Saudi a week ago,” referring to attacks on a Saudi oil facility in #Dammam last week, which was claimed by the #Yemeni Armed Forces.

“I don’t want to go into details,” #Netanyahu said.

Although the direct flight between #Israel and #AbuDhabi was opened across #Saudi airspace, Netanyahu ultimately decided to fly by helicopter from Ben Gurion Airport to the #Jordanian capital of #Amman, and from there by
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#YEMEN:#UAE transports 500 recruits from #Socotra sons for training in #AbuDhabi .

#SOCOTRA, March 15 (YPA) – The #UAE occupation forces have transported 500 recruits from Socotra province’s sons for military training in #AbuDhabi

According to the sources on Monday,
the #UAE regime’s steps aimed at strengthening its grip on the archipelago of #Socotra.
The sources said that the “UAE regime is making arrangements to transfer a new batch of recruits loyal to the so-called southern transitional council to take military training in the

The #UAE has intensified its acquisition of #Socotra Island and brought in dozens of #Israeli and European officers over the past few days.

During 2019, the UAE had recruited and trained a number of women in the island, and them in Abu Dhabi, in addition to
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The secret war on oil smuggling to fund Hezbollah
The #smuggling axis and the money laundering- hundreds of millions of dollars that pass through 🇸🇾Syria to the #terrorist organization (#Hezbollah) in 🇱🇧Lebanon. This is how the "oil war" is conducted.
1/25–Part 1
#Iran's oil smuggling into Syria is not a new issue. They have been in place for several years, even before the #Trump administration imposed sanctions on Iran and on Syria.
The question facing Western intelligence was how #Syria pays Iran for the oil it receives. 2/25
As of May2018, when the #Iranians were barred from transferring funds in the international financial system, they had trouble getting the proceeds or payments for the oil they smuggled to China, North Korea, Syria & other countries like Turkey where oil was smuggled inland. 3/25
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🇷🇺Russia fears economic collapse in Lebanon and Syria! Russia is expanding its movement in the ME. Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is touring the Gulf states. & before that, the #Russian-#Syrian meetings were continuing. Needless to say, Russia is strongly present in Syria. 1/25
🇷🇺And Russian-#Israeli communication is not interrupted. As well as the Russian-#Iranian relationship. But Moscow fears the repercussions of the new 🇺🇸US policy in the Middle East. 2/25
And it is affected like some Persian Gulf countries, especially the Kingdom of 🇸🇦Saudi Arabia. It is expanding its movement, trying to strengthen its position vis-à-vis 🇺🇸Washington. 3/25
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🇮🇱Israeli Military Intelligence publishes "Hassan #Nasrallah's file.
“Very central, excluding others, & preoccupied w/ himself. He is a very sharp person, very intelligent. But he is very narcissistic." This is how #Israeli Military Intelligence, summarized the personal & psychological characteristics of #Hezbollah's Sec Gen, Hassan Nasrallah. 2
This is what was included in excerpts published in a Heberw newspaper from a report that will be published in full on Friday, Friday, entitled “Nasrallah's File." 3
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#Iran guided 🇮🇱Israeli embassy blast through local module, upsets India.…
The bomb that went off outside the #Israeli embassy on Jan 29 was not a crude device. Investigators have found that it was triggered by a local module using a remote & could have been put together using the deadly PETN or ANFO.
India’s central counterterrorism agencies have drawn up a list of suspects, with their investigations concluding that the #Iranian Quds force was behind the terror plot but that the bomb was planted by a local Indian Shia module, according to people aware of the developments.
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How the 🇮🇱Israeli defense deals with the threat of #Hezbollah's precision missiles.
In its annual report, the Institute for National Security Studies placed the probability of war in #Lebanon in the first place, higher than the Iranian threat. 1
The latest name given by experts to this war, in publications and exercises, is "First Northern War" - assuming the war does not remain #Lebanese. #Syria (and possibly #Iraq) as well: 2
Syria itself may act against Israel to retaliate against Iran and Hezbollah for the generous assistance it provided during the civil war, and missile rockets may be fired from #Shiite militias from Iraq, and perhaps even by the #Houthis in Iran. 3
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#ICC prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda, says she will begin an investigation into war crimes perpetrated in the #WestBank, E #Jerusalem, & #Gaza. While this is an encouraging step...…
in terms of broadcasting the #Israeli #military’s HR abuses on the intl stage, it is important to remember that #ICC rulings do not have any power w/o the cooperation of other states; #Israel and the #US have made it clear that they will not in any way support these proceedings.
While the investigation and potential subsequent trials might be meaningful in a symbolic sense, it is real people like our #international friends and partners who need to do the real work of connecting with their representatives.
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On Monday, two Good Shepherd Collective members headed to #Ofer #military court & #prison to stand in #solidarity with Sami Huraini of Youth Of Sumud / شباب صمود and his family on the day of his trial.
Although we were unable to join Sami in the #courtroom, we sat with his family and dozens of other #Palestinians awaiting their family members, imprisoned and/or awaiting #prosecution in the #military #court system.
In Sami’s case, his trial was postponed, granting momentary relief despite a continuation of the bail conditions which prevent him from participating in #protests—essentially, keeping him from exercising his most basic right to #free speech and #resistance to #oppression.
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Today, #Israel🇮🇱 has more #Arab allies than #Turkey🇹🇷 or #Iran🇮🇷. Premature to write off moderate Arabs. That could be what #Obama administration wanted by supporting extremist takeover in Middle East. The opposite has happened. Now there is a push back. Israel & Arabs favor it.
Erdogan's charisma, Islamist allies, & Turkey's soft power make him a key player. Iran's expansionism is based on weaponizing non-Iranian Shia communities. Both examples represent forms of religious extremism. Israel & Gulf offer a new model for the future of the Middle East.
#Turkey is a #NATO ally, a leading #Muslim success story as long as it steers clear of extremism. Half of #Iran cabinet are #US graduates, but it's model is not attractive in the Middle East, promoted by shady money and guns. A third model is presented by #AbrahamAccords.
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The "launches" to the campus, the monitoring of the improvement efforts & the #redline that must not be crossed in the quality & quantity of armaments: this is how the 🇮🇱Israeli defense deals with the threat of #Hezbollah's precision missiles. 1
This is probably one of the few threats that the Israeli public is not fully aware of. A significant strategic threat, which could lead #Israel to launch a pre-emptive strike, even though the pretext is not nuclear weapons. This is also the hottest issue: #Hezbollah missiles! 2
Immediately after the 2ed Lebanon War, ignoring Security Council Resolution 1701, which imposed a full #embargo on arms transfers to #Hezbollah, Hezbollah embarked on a huge logistical op, with billions of $ in #Iranian funding, equipped with tens of thousands of rockets. 3
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#Reflection // Is the missile attack on the #Israeli cargo ship, part of the #Iranian negotiations for the nuclear agreement?! Why do you think it happened now? This is not the first attack, It is the 4th attack this week! 1/6
#Iran could sink the ship. It didn’t happen as the Iranians have a ladder of ranks, they are in a trap, if they raise flames they will snatch. Meanwhile they must say that their honor hasn’t been trampled in vain. They are facing the White House, it is part of negotiations. 2/6
#Iran spoke in an event English, not Hebrew. In the last week they attacked three #American bases in Iraq. The message to @POTUS is: If you do not be flexible, we will strengthen #terrorist acts. Go back to the previous deal then can we get the money & remove the sanctions. 3/6
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1/15 Self-loathing (self-hating) #Jews and the existence of #Israel. After WW2 a lot of #Jewish survivors denied their #Jewishness all together. Converted to Protestantism, became hardcore socialists or even communists. Pretending to by one of the many, instead one of the few.
2/15 Examples in my little family. Another hiding place was to marry non-Jews. Male Jew & non-Jewish woman broke the bloodline. Female #Jew & non-Jewish male was a reason to not follow Jewish traditions. No Brit Milah, no Bar/Bat Mitswah, nada. Also examples in my little family.
3/15 Remember this was in the early 1950/60’s and the man of the house decided most. The deeper thought, no, the huge fear that something like the #Holocaust could happen again was the reason for this. Don’t show the outside world you’re a #Jew, you could be round up next time.
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The presence of the #terrorist & intelligence arm of #QudsForce on Turkish soil. How #Turkey enables Iranians to operate as a central base country, for the logistical & operational operation of QF & #Iranian intelligence vis-à-vis target countries in Europe & the Middle East.
Iranian intelligence sees it as #Iran's "operational backyard" vis-à-vis the Middle East and Europe, as #Turkey has a number of clear advantages, including:
- proximity to Iran and relatively easy mobility of operatinal it and through it (air and land)
- Iranian citizens do not need a visa to enter the country
- This geographical location central and attractive holding secret meetings with #terrorist organizations throughout the world (Middle East, Europe, South East Asia)
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1,900 year-old controversial #Aramaic document known as the #TalmudofJmmanuel #TJ was discovered in 1963 by #IsaRashid & #BillyEduardAlbertMeier just south of the Old City of #Jerusalem, written by #JudasIschkerioth and found to be the source of the #BookofMatthew
After more exploring inside the #tomb-site (which Meier learned later had been the tomb of #JosephofArimathea), Meier & Rashid noticed something buried underneath a flat rock and it turned out to be the #TalmudJmmanuel scrolls along w/a few small artifacts
The #TJ #scrolls had been wrapped up together in animal skin which was in turn encased in resin, by then dry and crumbly
There were four rolls, each of which contained many leaves (each 30 by 40cm in size) of #Aramaic writing, obviously old and fragile but the writing was legible
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Intelligence sources revealed to @alhurranews channel about activities carried out by #Iran in the eastern region of #Syria extending on the border with Iraq, especially at the Albu Kamal border crossing.
The activities are under the supervision of Hajj Mahdi, and his assistant, Hajj Kamil, who is responsible for administrative and logistical matters, and both of them belong to the #QudsForce of the #IRGC and work under the command of Hajj Ghaffari.
Hajj Ghaffari, was responsible for the attempt to launch an attack against #Israel by drones in the Golan in August 2019.
These activities are characterized by the smuggling of heavy & counterbalance weapons in the Middle East, which raises Israel's concern in the region.
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