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"L'orrore per l'uccisione di #ShireenAbuAkleh è giustificato e doveroso. Ma è anche tardivo e ipocrita.

Ora sei sconvolto? Il sangue di una famosa giornalista, per quanto coraggiosa ed esperta fosse, e lo era, ⬇2
non è più rosso del sangue di un'anonima studentessa delle superiori che un mese fa stava tornando a casa in un taxi pieno di donne in questa stessa #Jenin quando è stata uccisa dagli spari dei soldati israeliani. Così è stata uccisa #HananKhadour. ⬇3
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@ZounaidOsman I wonder who knows the secrets of many of the world's politicians...
@ZounaidOsman Who could apply pressure in just the right places to oust leaders and promote their agenda?
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Extracting false confessions on non-existent crimes by torturing Palestinians, including kids has always been the zionist occupation standard.
You can watch a decent documentary on the subject in the link below.…
Deranged, yet unsurprising.
The problem has NEVER been the government, which zios especially liberal ones claim.
It is in fact the people themselves.
As the "israeli" president admitted
“It is time to honestly admit that Israeli society is sick”

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Setelah 9 hari bergelut dengan kematian sebentar tadi penembak tepat tentera Zionis yang ditembak di kepala oleh seorang lelaki Gaza diumumkan meninggal dunia. Selamat menuju ke neraka jahannam. Pelurumu telah banyak membunuh rakyat Palestin & mencederakan mereka. #IsraeliCrime
Kejadian tembakan minggu lepas di sempadan Gaza. Ketika perarakan memperingati peristiwa pembakaran Masjidil Aqsa.

Rakaman saat saat tembakan dilakukan oleh lelaki Gaza tersebut.

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Pihak @IDF kembali mengganas. 4 orang pemuda di Jenin, Tebing Barat telah ditembak mati pagi tadi dalam sebuah serbuan. Berapa ramai lagi nyawa rakyat Palestin akan terkorban sebelum dunia bertindak atas kekejaman Israel? #IsraeliTerrorism #IsraeliCrimes ImageImageImageImage
Rakaman menunjukkan ambulan datang bergegas untuk menyelamatkan salah seorang penduduk yang cedera ditembak tetapi nyawanya gagal diselamatkan. #SavePalestine
4 orang pemuda yang terkorban :

- Salih Ammar
- Amjad Husainiyyah
- Raid Abu Yusuf
- Nuruddin Jarrar

Mereka terkorban ketika mempertahankan tanah mereka daripada pencerobohan.

Semoga Allah menerima mereka sebagai syuhada di sisiNya. #SavePalestine Image
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132 Jewish illegal immigrants stormed the Al-Aqsa courtyard mosque today.

They do whatever they want in Palestinians land 😠

#savebeita #savesilwan
Zionist police raided the Batn al-Hawa neighborhood in the city of Silwan, shortly after Jewish illegal immigrants attacked Palestinians there.
Jerusalem: It is not enough to detain Palestinians, their donkeys are also 'detained' by the Zionist army.

The Israeli military claims the donkey should be arrested for being used by Palestinians to ‘endanger’ the Jewish population.

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The Zionist regime demolished a school built in Dahiyat Al-Salam, northeast of Jerusalem.

Source: Quds News Network

Don’t stop spread awareness!😔

They just not destroy Palestinians children’s childhood, they also close the chance for the kids to have education 😢

Source: Al-Qastal Twitter
I don't #loveisrael forever
#israeloftheday koyak ImageImageImageImage
The training atmosphere of the new Izzudin Al Qassam Brigades Phase three at the Palestinian Liberation Front Front Vanguard Training Camp

Palestinians children and teenagers are truly different from others. They have strong heart and undefeatable spirit 🔥
#FreePalestine ImageImageImageImage
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Where is the world's 1st Counter Terrorism Think-tank JUST when we need it

A job for #MaajidNawaz

“No idea is above scrutiny and no people are beneath dignity.” ...

Prevent from nursery
Intellectually terminates 'isms'
Make theocracy a taboo like racism & homophobia
He had a toolbox travelling internationally to groom us on 'isms'
& was for 'how to spot radicalisation from nursery '

Jewish extremism, supremacy & radicalisation never benefitted from his expertise

We see #IsraeliTerrorism daily, young girl shot in the back in her own home
Media Megaphones who blast on 'isms'
are mute as we see the classroom radicalisation of Jewish kids to hate Arabs to the fruits of such teaching young kids:
national anthem of 'Death to Arabs' & 'May Your Village Burn ' chants in a brutal Apartheid State on Flag March
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The Walla Israel website reports the Israeli regime has vowed to launch the Iron Dome after receiving Sinwar’s warning.

Is #Israelkoyak ?

I don't want to #visitisrael
I don't #supportisrael
I don't #loveisrael forever
#israeloftheday torn
Allahuakbar 😢

The Gaza Detainee Information Office reported that Zionists detained a Palestinian youth, Wajdi Nayef Atta Al Jaradat in a raid in Sa'ir City, Hebron at dawn this morning

May Allah protect our sisters and brothers in P$lest1n ameen🤲🏻🤲🏻


Muna Al Kurd, an activist and also a Palestinian resident in Sheikh Jarrah who is famous on social media for fighting Zionist aggression has just been arrested by the Israeli police at her home in Sheikh Jarrah.

|A thread|
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Palestinian life has no meaning or consequence for #IDF recruits. They know, even in a foreign country, they cannot be prosecuted because they can return to Israel under a different name. This lady has killed many people including children.
We have Zionists crying on prime time news channels that they feel unsafe when their union stands in #Solidarity with #EthnicCleansingOfPalestine . @BBCNews you need to get a grip of yourself and stop conflating retched Zionists with anti-semitism.
Here we have a young woman and her father shot for daring to go outside to see what atrocities were happening on Israeli streets against Palestinians. Both shot as they went inside. Zionists try to convince us this is OK. All Palestinians are terrorist. Never OK #IsraeliTerrorism
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As a #ceasefire took hold in #Gaza on Saturday, authorities began to count the cost of Israel’s 11-day war, which has resulted in at least 248 #Palestinian lives lost and hundreds wounded
#Israeli bombardment destroyed nearly 17,000 homes and businesses, 53 schools, 4 hospitals, 4 mosques, and 50% of #Gaza water supply infrastructure
#Gaza's financial losses from #Israeliattacks is estimated at $150 million, says Naji Sarhan, an official at Gaza’s Works and Housing Ministry
#IsraeliWarCrimes #IsraeliTerrorism
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I haven't cried in ten years, but I could not hold back the tears as I watched this, about children in Gaza...
And America provides the bombs and missiles that commit this carnage, free.

#BLM #IsraeliTerrorism #HumanRights
It's on Netflix. And it's as much about children's amazing resilience as about the appall/ing things that are being done to them. Please watch it.
Perhaps the greatest tragedy is that the perpetrators of this monstrous crime of Israel were people who used the obscenity of the Holocaust and its suffering as a cover for their own gangsterism and Nazi-like lust for power and wealth.
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Sekarang ini 𝗥𝗔𝗞𝗬𝗔𝗧 𝗦𝗘𝗗𝗔𝗡𝗚 𝗧𝗘𝗥𝗟𝗔𝗟𝗨 𝗠𝗔𝗥𝗔𝗛 dengan kerajaan lebih-lebih lagi pada Perdana Menteri yang melakukan sidang media mengenai isu di Palestin pada hari ini.

Sebenarnya rakyat sudah menunggu berhari-hari akan sidang media khas kerajaan dalam isu yang meletus di Palestin kali ini.
Pastinya apa yang diucapkan hanyalah sesuatu yang menyakitkan hati kerana seolah-olah sidang media kali ini tiada nilai tambah pun; tidak buat sidang media pun tiada beza.
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Support for Gaza 🇵🇸
from Jordan 🇯🇴

Shua'fat 🇵🇸 ✌🏽

Jabal Al Mukaber 🇵🇸 ✌🏽

#PalestinianResistance #FreePalestine 🇵🇸
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وبعد سنوات، وبعد أن ظننا أنهم استوعبوا الدرس، إذا بهم يعودون إلينا بانتفاضة مسلحة عام 2000 ، أكلت الأخضر واليابس، فقلنا نهدم بيوتهم ونحاصرهم سنين طويلة، وإذا بهم يستخرجون من المستحيل صواريخ يضربوننا بها، رغم الحصار والدمار ، فأخذنا نخطط لهم بالجدران والأسلاك الشائكة..
وإذا بهم يأتوننا من تحت الأرض وبالأنفاق، حتى أثخنوا فينا قتلاً في الحرب الماضية، حاربناهم بالعقول، فإذا بهم يستولون على القمر الصناعي "الإسرائيلي" (عاموس)؟ ويدخلون الرعب إلى كل بيت في "إسرائيل"، عبر بث التهديد والوعيد،
كما حدث حينما استطاع شبابهم الاستيلاء على القناة الثانية "الاسرائيلية".
خلاصة القول، يبدو أننا نواجه أصعب شعب عرفه التاريخ، ولا حل معهم سوى الاعتراف بحقوقهم وإنهاء الاحتلال.

عنوان المقال: "اسرائيل" تلفظ أنفاسها الأخيرة
الكاتب: آري شبيت
المصدر: صحيفة هآرتس العبرية
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Via @kurd_muna on IG
People of AlQuds. A HUGE amount of settlers in #SheikhJarrah are armed and backed with the IDF thay are carrying heavy weapons such as guns, knifes and tear gas bombs.
#Save_Sheikh_Jarrah Image
"Settlers are armed and in protection of the illegal occupation forces" She's asking Palestines who can go to #SheikhJarrah to go there immediately. #Save_Sheikh_Jarrah #FreePalestine #IsraeliTerrorism Image
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Good evening from The Holy Land, Palestine, where tonight Israeli killer army have executed Palestinian Samir Ahmed Hamidi on his own land

70 years of israeli terrorism continues c/o US & UK terror policies in ME

Goodnight world

#Group4Palestine 🇵🇸 Image
Israeli "soldiers" at it again, beating kids so badly they murder them
Palestinian teenager Amer Abdulrahman Snobar, 18yrs, has died after being brutally beaten & tortured by the Israeli killer army this morning nr Turmus-Ayya, village Ramallah
#Group4Palestine 🇵🇸 Image
Israeli killer army have shot & executed Palestinian dad Bilil Rawajih this morning at an illegal zionist military checkpoint near Nablus
@IntlCrimCourt ImageImageImageImage
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1 to 20. Israel's regime is the biggest threat to peace in the world 🤨👇🏼…
21. Israel's regime is the biggest threat to peace in the world 🤨👇🏼…
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1 to 20. Israel's regime is the biggest threat to peace in the world 🤨👇🏼…
21. Israel's regime is the biggest threat to peace in the world 🤨👇🏼…
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1 to 20. Israel's regime is the biggest threat to peace in the world 🤨👇🏼…
21. Israel's regime is the biggest threat to peace in the world 🤨👇🏼…
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1 to 20. Israel's regime is the biggest threat to peace in the world 🤨👇🏼…
21. Israel's regime is the biggest threat to peace in the world 🤨👇🏼…
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1 to 20. Israel's regime is the biggest threat to peace in the world 🤨👇🏼…
Will Bibi’s War Become America’s War?
by Patrick J. Buchanan
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1. Israel's regime is the biggest threat to peace in the world 🤨👇🏼
2. Israel's regime is the biggest threat to peace in the world🤨👇🏼…
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1. Israel's regime is the biggest threat to peace in the world 🤨👇🏼
2. Israel's regime is the biggest threat to peace in the world🤨👇🏼…
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