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Une lycéenne palestinienne touchée par une fusillade à Jénine succombe à ses blessures.
Hanan Khadour, 18 ans, rentrait des cours lorsqu'elle a été prise dans un tir croisé lors d'un raid israélien. /1
« J'espère que quelqu'un enquêtera sur la façon dont une telle fille peut sortir pour étudier et ne jamais revenir", déclare le père de Hanan, décédée 2 semaines après les blessures par balle infligées par l’armée israélienne. /2
Des centaines de personnes se sont réunies pour assister aux funérailles de Hanan dans son village de Faqua.
Encore une vie palestinienne brisée par Israël, et tout un village endeuillé par cette perte tragique. /3
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Berdiri Di Atas Kemanusiaan, Aburizal Bakrie Kutuk Serangan Brutal Israel Ke Masjidil Aqsa, Palestina…

#PalestineUnderAttack #PrayforPalestine #Golkarpedia #AirlanggaSolusiEkonomiRakyat #FreePalestine #SolidarityWithPalestine
Bulan Ramadhan seharusnya menjadi bulan yang penuh khidmat, bulan penuh kultus dan ibadah. Tetapi di belahan bumi lain, tempat Nabi Muhammad SAW pernah melakukan Miraj ke Sidratul Muntaha,

#PalestineUnderAttack #PrayforPalestine #Golkarpedia #FreePalestine
Tempat Nabi Sulaiman putra Nabi Daud AS pernah membangun Bait Allah dan di sana pula kawasan yang menjadi tempat Nabi Isa AS hidup, kekacauan demi kekacauan terus terjadi.

#PalestineUnderAttack #PrayforPalestine #Golkarpedia #FreePalestine
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Ce qui se passe à #Jérusalem est grave. Après l’attaque de ce matin à l’intérieur de la mosquée Al Aqsa, les forces d’occupation israéliennes sont en train de tabasser les palestiniens. Voyez la violence avec laquelle est frappée cette femme qui ne représente aucun danger. /1
En plein #ramadan, ils tabassent tous les palestiniens se trouvant sur l’esplanade des mosquées, ici des coups de pieds à un palestinien au sol, qui ne représente aucun danger non plus. Faut se rendre compte du niveau d’injustice d’#Israel. Voir ça me met tellement en colère /2
Ce matin les forces d’occupation israéliennes sont carrément rentrées dans la mosquée sacrée #AlAqsa et on tiré et lancé des grenades à l’intérieur. On attend l’intervention du roi du Maroc, Président du comité #AlQods qui s’est empressé de normaliser ses relations avec Israël /3
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Saat ini sedang terjadi eskalasi krisis kemanusiaan di Palestina, berawal dari krisis panjang di perkampungan Syeikh Jarrah, bentrokan di Al Aqsha, dan berlanjut dengan perang di Gaza.

Bagaimana peta percakapan publik di Indonesia tentang krisis ini?

Bagaimana netizen di Indonesia menyikapi konflik Israel-Palestina ini?

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1. Palestina
2. Palestina AND Hamas

Perkampungan Sheikh Jarrah di Jerusalem Timur banyak dihuni oleh warga Arab Palestina. Mereka dipaksa meninggalkan rumah oleh Israel. Konflik meluas ke Al Aqsha, dan sekarang perhatian penuh ke Gaza.
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Eigentlich halte mich mit Kritik an anderen Medien zurück, haben alle eigene Hausaufgaben. Diesmal geht das nicht.

Die #Bild-Berichterstattung zum #Nahostkonflikt ist für mich journalistisch eine Katastrophe & verantwortungslos. Dazu ein Thread.

#Israel #IsraelUnderFire #Gaza
"Berichterstattung" ist falsch gewählt, denn es ist eigentlich keine. Würde es eher als einseitige Abhandlung beschreiben.

Eine Dimension des Konfliktes – die zivilen Opfer & die Folgen der Luftangriffe in #Gaza – fehlt gänzlich bzw. ist kaum sichtbar.

#Israel #IsraelUnderFire
Es gut & wichtig, dass sich Medien entschlossen gegen #Antisemitismus positionieren.
Das befreit uns jedoch nicht von der Verantwortung, den Menschen zu erzählen, was passiert. Einseitigkeit kostet nicht nur Vertrauen, sie spaltet die Gesellschaft.

#Israel #IsraelUnderFire #Gaza
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I am getting this question a lot from different media outlets: What are Palestinians after, why are they protesting?

Let me try to simplify it in a way people around the world may be able to relate to.


Palestinians want what @NelsonMandela and #SteveBeko wanted: #Freedom.

Palestinians want what #MalcolmX and #MLK fought for: #Dignity & #Equality

Palestinians are struggling for what #Gandhi & #FrantzFanon fought for: #EndingColonialism

Palestinians are struggling for… 2/
Palestinians are struggling for what Simone de Beauvoir & Sojourner Truth fought for: #EndingSubjugation

Palestinians are struggling for what George Washington and Simon Bolivar fought for: #PeoplesRule #EndingAuthoritarianism

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A thread for the Palestinian-Israeli conflict highlights:
We have three Abrahamic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The place of origin for the three religions is in the middle east as per the three holly books. (1)
Judaism started in 1400 BC, Christianity started in 1st century and Islam started in 7th century. As the place of origin for the three religion is the middle east, up until 1910 the three religions co-existed together. (2)
Specifically to Palestine, it had the majority of its population of Jews up until the 5th century, people either converted to Christianity or more Christians moved into Palestine after the spread of the religion. (3)
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Members of #Congress need to see this — men from the Israeli lynch mobs attacking Palestinians appear to be brandishing similar “Punisher”symbols to those the Proud Boys & others who attacked the US Capitol wore. @AOC @RashidaTlaib @IlhanMN @CoriBush 1/3
The ideology of ethno-nationalism is a threat to democracy and human dignity everywhere. We need to understand the context of attacks on Palestinians as an extension of these dangerous beliefs. 2/
Many ethno-nationalists see #Israel as a model of the type of government they want to create in the US. I hope this allows members of Congress who came under attack 4 months ago to empathize with what Palestinians are facing today. 3/3

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It’s out of a movie: Israeli drone dropping tear gas canisters at protesters in El-Bireh, West Bank right now.

100s are in the streets protesting, but it is dystopian as we are besieged with modern weapon art.


#GazaUnderFire #Palestineunderattack
These weapons will soon be sold to authoritarian regimes everywhere, as means to shut down popular protests. They experiment them on us. Another reason to impose sanctions on Israel: It’s not just about our freedom, it’s about making oppression unprofitable. #PalestineUnderAttack
P.S. These videos are from about an hour ago. Connection to 3G was being jammed and no tweets loaded — it was impossible to go live on any social media platform if you have a Palestinian cell phone. So a bunch of content is coming online now.

Sorry for confusion.
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It’s a dystopian movie: Israeli drone firing teargas canisters at protesters in El-Bireh in Palestine.

We’re besieged by walls and colonies trying to do our part in rising up for Jerusalem and Gaza.

It’s a brave act, but we are sitting ducks. (Thread) #PalestineUnderAttack
Soon these weapons will be sold to other authoritarian regimes across the world, to silence popular protests.

A reminder about why it’s key to sanction Israel, not just for Palestinian rights but to protect other vulnerable communities. 2/
Let’s remember Israel was a key exporter of weapons to the apartheid regime in South Africa and to the Myanmar military now.

The struggle for freedom is collective, just like those oppressing us cooperate — we must work together too. 3/
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Nak boikot produk Israel? Nak boikot yang mana?

Anda tahu apa itu gerakan BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions)?

Jom baca thread ini.

BDS ialah gerakan yg dijalankan oleh rakyat Palestin untuk menuntut kebebasan, kesaksamaan, dan keadilan bagi masyarakat Palestin yang dizalimi.

Kempen BDS terdiri dari 3 komponen:

1. Boycott - Boikot
2. Divest - Lupus
3. Sanction - Sekat
Ketiga² usaha ini dilaksanakan dgn menyasarkan syarikat, institusi, dan mana² badan yg mendapat manfaat keuntungan dan sokongan dari perbuatan mencabul hak² rakyat Palestin.
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just watched @SkyNews's report on israel and palestine, and the level they go to equate the actions of each is appalling. they said that 100 have been killed in gaza, and 8 killed in israel: including 2 children and 1 soldier. WHAT ABOUT THE 31 PALESTINIAN CHILDREN?! 1/6
no, they don't note that, because that stops their casus belli from being made. israel are defending themselves from palestinian attacks, and anything that deviates from that will be ignored. they described it as 4 days since israel began their retaliatory strikes. 2/6
RETALIATORY?! israel started this! they attacked people praying in their holy month, they tried to evict people from their homes, and that's only a couple of things: there are 100s! these are not retaliatory, they are offensive, and to think britain stands by as israel 3/6
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By USA tax dollars Children are killed with their families under the rubbles of their homes in Gaza by Israel random airstrikes
Here is a father who finds his daughter killed with here kids
Gaza is under the Israeli siege since 2005 nothing enters/leave Gaza without Israeli permission even food is counted by calories!! The handmade rockets by the Palestinian resistance in Gaza CANNOT be compared with warplanes, drones, missiles, tanks, ... used by the Israeli army
Israel is repeating the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and is proud of it!! They bomb residential towers and infrastructures in #Gaza
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Las grandes mentiras del actual conflicto ISRAEL VS HAMAS.

Sale #hilo

#PalestineUnderAttack #PalestinaLibre #IsraelUnderAttack Israel y Palestina #GazaUnderAttack #HamasTerrorists
ISRAEL COMENZÓ LA ESCADA IRRUMPIENDO EN #ALAQSA. FALSO: Israel incluso prohibe a los judíos rezar ahí (lugar santo judío también), solo entró cuando empezaron los disturbios. Orquestado previamente por los fanáticos palestinos que profanan el lugar llenandolo de piedras y armas.
ISRAEL COMENZÓ EL CONFLICTO EXPULSANDO PALESTINOS DE SUS CASAS EN #SHEIKHJARRAH. FALSO. Se trata de propiedades Israel expropiadas por Jordania cuyos inquilinos palestinos dejaron de pagar el alquiler y están en juicio por eso. Problema de morosidad, nada de nacionalismo.
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So sad—A 13-story residential building in Gaza collapsed after it was hit by an Israeli air strike, reports @Reuters. #PalestineUnderAttack #Gaza
2) We don’t know the exact death toll from the residential building collapse.

Please stop the bombings. #Peace…
3) not sure if this is okay to rationalize it that “they knocked on the roof” by bombing the roof a few times to warn.

You still bombed a residential building.

You still collapsed a residential building where families had lived.
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Jewish Voice for Peace - Health Advisory Council #WeeklyHumanRightsHero & Violation for Nov 18, 2019

HEROES: Students at Harvard University who walked out on a speech by Israel's Consul General in protest of settlements.

Image via @AJEnglish…
On November 13 Dani Dayan, the Israeli consul general who himself is a settler gave a talk at @Harvard_Law School on the "legal strategy of Israeli settlements." As he began the talk, two thirds of the room got out of their seats, were silent, and
Student held up signs saying "Settlements Are A War Crime" in protest. They walked out of the room en masse. Dani Dayan was left to complete his talk to a largely empty room. More via @Mondoweiss:…
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