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This means that the spin’s final outcome is decided the moment you press the spin button, and stopping the reels or doing anything else will not change it from that point on. #news #kpop
It is true that slots are not completely random since computer science has not yet come up with a way of creating a true random number…
However, the RNGs used by slot machines, both online and offline, are as close to random as they need to be to ensure that no player is ever cheated in any…
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Foto yang disebar sama yang menyebarkan rumor bilang kalo itu Kim Garam. Tapi sama fans bilang kalau itu bukanlah Garam, melainkan orang lain. Fans nemu bahwa garam tidak memiliki tahi lalat dibagian pipinya, tatapi yang disebar oleh OP memiliki tahi lalat dibagian pipinya.
Coba liat foto ini, foto-foto dari yang disebar OP sampai foto predebut garam yang asli, foto kecil hingga foto garam yang sekarang. Dilihat dari situ ada tahi lalat dibagian pipi dengan letak yang sama.

(Pict by: kim garam fact)
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#FactsFirstPH: As we approach the elections, we find an unlikely ally in combating disinformation online and encouraging civic participation – celebrity fan groups. Let’s take a look at how these fandoms mobilize. #PHVote

#KPop fan ka ba, o #Kathniel fan?

Today’s #FactsFirstPH research briefing highlights how fans turned to social media to criticize and demand action from celebrities based on the findings of Cherish Aileen A. Brillon and Gerard Martin C. Suarez. | via @rochelbernido
Brillon: Fans tayong lahat ng celebrities, ng pelikula, ng sports team, ng mga musikero o banda. Interesting for us to look at them in a different light. | via @rochelbernido

#FactsFirstPH LIVE:
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We are LIVE tweeting the panel discussion “East of Eden: Unleashing the Content Subcontinent” with @ianuragthakur, Bela Bajaria, @MadhuriDixit, @shekharkapur, @saadmohseni and @authoramish

Stay tuned for updates!

Join us for the session LIVE here:

#Raisina2022 #RaisinaDialogue #TerraNova
.@ianuragthakur: To exist and to stay relevant, we need hard power and to form relations beyond boundaries, we need #softpower.

#Raisina2022 #culture #content
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“Trigger” (2022), CRAXY. There’s something funny going on in CRAXY’s latest single. And by “funny,” I mean not so good. You know by now that this not-so-good English is going to crop up in the chorus. Let’s take a look:


#KpopEnglishProject #CRAXY #Trigger #kpop #lyrics

“Pull the trigger like you loaded”

What’s wrong with that? Maybe it’s just me, but when I hear “loaded” in that line, I think of two things:

Pull the trigger like you’re drunk

and then

Pull the trigger like you’re rich.

Clearly, neither one is the intended meaning.

Then again, the intended meaning is a bit of a stretch. Because what they mean is something like “Pull the trigger as though you, yourself, are a weapon” or “Pull the trigger as though you are powerful.” As it is, the line makes me laugh.

How to fix it? I have some ideas.
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“Close” (2021), AB6IX. One recurring English phrase in this stylish and propulsive song threatens to gum everything up. Well, no, it’s not that big a problem. But it is a really bad line.

It shows up in the chorus:


#KpopEnglishProject #AB6IX #Close #ABNEW #kpop #lyrics

“And close your eyes
눈을 감아 그냥 내게 맡겨 널 [Close your eyes, just leave it to me]
Like a blind
불빛 하나 없는 [No light at all]”

And it shows up here (and in a similar context):

“Close your eyes
그냥 날 믿고 [Just trust me] like a blind”

“Like a blind” doesn’t work at all. “A blind” doesn’t mean “a blind person.” And even if it did, would the line work? Don’t know. But I do know that, as written, it’s a no-go. It’s the kind of not-quite-there English lyric that English-speaking K-pop fans learn to ignore.
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On FB, Yiren Wang is a notorious faceshamer, bodyshamer, slutshamer, and cyberbully on various kpop girl groups including cyberbullying other stan accs even on their selca days. Yiren is reportedly a Blink, MY,& Teume
#kpop #everglow #drama
Unbeknownst to the victim, Yiren Wang has been using the victim's pictures without consent nor knowledge since 2020. Stealing the victim's photos from her fb highlights for malicious intent by posting negative captions to trigger Yiren's target audience which are the other stans
This has finally reached the victim on June 4, 2021 from a colleague who is a stan and also a member of a kpop fb grp. Shocked and upset, the victim asked help to mass report Jangjen's post (one of Yiren's many accs) to take it down. Other stans asked if the victim is rlly Yiren
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Greeting #Kpop pickers!

Scottish Breakdown 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 all devices 📊

#OrkneyIslands hodling at🥇178.6 devices per 💯k population, ZERO change from last quarter! 🤔

#Stirling still🥈@ 126.5, +3%

#EastLothian 🥉@ 118.6, +4%! 🦈

#NahEileananSiar still 4th @ 100.7, also unchanged!
#Orkney, #Stirling, #EastLothian #WesternIsles #ArgyllandBute all remain* in the 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 "💯 Club"** with #Highland soon to join (+3%, 98.1)?

* total number of devices can go DOWN as well as up, remeber?

** Local Authority areas with ≥ 💯 devices (of all kinds) per 💯 k population.
Down? Yes. @DfTstats used @zap_map stats for publicly available charging devices at all speed "operational at midnight" of the 1st day of the Quarter,

Users likely disproportionately report unsuccessful charging sessions and not all CPOs report "network status" to override this Image
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I've been doing a bunch of @coursera courses, some of them totally random. For the joy of learning, I thought I'll share them here. #Mooc

*Introduction to Ancient Egypt and its Civilisation*…
*Wonders of Ancient Egypt*
also from UPenn. #coursera…
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Why do (international) fans (or critics) expect #kpop to somehow espouse strong social positions?
1). Koreans get their pointed social criticism in music from independent Korean music. Being independent means you actually can express your ideas as you choose, right?
2). Idol pop performers are often young and working incredibly long hours-- they may not have time to stay up to date on issues and make an informed statement. That issue may mean the world to you, but they're under so much pressure with their job, and their job is performing.
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K-POP fans y ciberactivismo.

¿Dónde nace?

Esta movida digital nació en medio del Black Lives Matter en el 2020, año en el que colapsaron aplicaciones de la policía y limpiaron hashtags racistas, igual que llevan toda la semana limpiando hashtags en Colombia.

#KPOP #Colombia
La estrategia de compartir de "fancams" (vídeos, gifs, imágenes) de #kpop funciona perfectamente para contrarrestar mensajes de odio y no permitir que otras personas callen movimientos sociales.

KPOP fans y ciberactivismo en el #ParoNacional5M #Paro5M
[2020] En Estados Unidos: La app de policía que abrieron en Dallas en el 2020 para reportar gente en las marchas de Black Lives Matter, identificaba rostros con inteligencia artificial. Pues las #kpop fans llenaron la app de contenido kpop y la colapsaron.

#Ciberactivismo ImageImage
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Hi. I’m an anonymous representative for K-pop lyricists. As a fan who loves K-pop, I was asked by some K-pop lyricists to make a public post on Twitter. Please understand that this has to be done anonymously due to the risks of being accused of defamation.
There is not a single lie in what I’m about to write below. These are all facts. #Kpop Did you know that most K-pop lyricists have a main job apart from participating in the works of popular singers? This is because it’s impossible to maintain a living only by writing songs.
It is also true that those who didn’t participate in writing the song are often registered as its lyricists. Such structural issues naturally ruin the quality of K-pop and the enthusiasm of those who are a part of it.
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안녕하세요. 저는 익명의 케이팝 작사가들 대리인입니다. 케이팝을 사랑하는 한 명의 팬으로 케이팝 작사가님들의 부탁을 받아 트위터에 공론화 글을 올립니다. 사실적시 명예훼손 때문에 익명으로 쓰는 점 양해 부탁드립니다. 아래 적는 글은 한치의 거짓도 없는 사실입니다. #케이팝 #kpop
유명한 가수들의 곡에 참여한 케이팝 작사가 대부분이 본업을 따로 갖고 계시다는 사실을 알고 계시나요? 작사만으로는 생계 유지가 불가능하기 때문입니다. 작사에 참여하지 않은 이가 작사가로 등록되는 일이 빈번하다는 것도요.
결과적으로 케이팝의 퀄리티와 참여하는 이의 의욕을 깨트리는 일이 지금 구조에선 당연하게 일어납니다.
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1/ NEW on @reveal:

On the show this week, we’re talking about the secondary ticket market, where sports fans and concertgoers sometimes feel ripped off— and rightfully so.…
2/ @ByardDuncan tells us about his bad experience buying tickets to an NBA game.

The ticket seller took his money, sent a confirmation email but didn’t include what he actually paid for: the tickets🤔 Illustration by Max Erwin
3/ We talk about other people's experience falling into the ticket trap, too. Sharon Valentine found herself tricked by a website she thought was the official box office for a theater where she lives.

Turns out, it was a website where tickets get resold for much higher prices.
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WJSN 2020 Season's Greetings 'Day of WJSN' Planner Scans SEOLA (1) #WJSN #SEOLA #KPOP #SCANS
WJSN 2020 Season's Greetings 'Day of WJSN' Planner Scans SEOLA (2) #WJSN #SEOLA #KPOP #SCANS
WJSN 2020 Season's Greetings 'Day of WJSN' Planner Scans XUANYI (1) #WJSN #XUANYI #KPOP #SCANS
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¿Cómo puedes recapitular un año como 2020?

Al reflexionar sobre cómo lo superamos todos juntos en Twitter. #EstoPasó2020
Si bien este fue un año de incertidumbre, también lo fue de gratitud. Así, vimos cómo los Tweets de agradecimiento incrementaron 20% a nivel mundial.
Cuando el actor @chadwickboseman falleció, el mundo se unió a través de Twitter para lamentar la pérdida.
Su Tweet con la noticia se convirtió en el Tweet más citado, Retwitteado y con más 'Me gusta' 💙 de todo el año. 🗓️

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Meanwhile in #France,
"the peak of this second wave is over"

(according to the President in his Adress to the Nation):
Wait... "the peak is over" doesn´t mean "it´s back to normal"!

Confinement will only fall on December 15,
if there´s less than 5.000 new cases a day.
(today it´s ~9.000).

France is disappointed.🙁

Although they certainly can make it happen.
Meanwhile in #Switzerland:
(excess mortality of the second wave is significant)

Good news: fastest decrease in infections happens in the worst hit areas now.
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Tw// rape, sa etc
#woojin #KIMWOOJIN #kwj #kpop #KpopTwitter

**As a victim of sa and a stay I'm requesting you all to read this**

An expose thread on woojin's scandal 👇:
We all know woojin's controversy started w @a1b3c4s9. Now I'm gonna expose everything about woojin's scandal.

1) who's Rafa: rafa @/kihyuniez is a Brazilian STAY who shared op's story after 16m of op tweeting her story when op hinted at woojin after 1h of her initial tweets ImageImage
you can also see she already had mutuals w that acc. She also tweeted @/whoisortolan & @/captainchrisb are friends with the op (pic 3) Image
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Methinks schoolgirls *were already leading* school-based protests around the country from the start, not only “emerging” now. Yes, more school girls are speaking at large protests. They are finally being recognized as leaders now. #WhatsHappeningInThailand…
I discussed girls’ participation in student protests in this thread.
Schoolgirl protesters profiled in Thai-language press.
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El uso de animaciones en los hashtag (similar a lo de la Bola del Dragón) en Twitter tiene nombre :
Se llaman hashflag , y Tw los presenta desde hace años
De hecho es un producto comercial de Twitter para la publicidad
Los primeros usos de hashflags?
2016 Coca Cola Y Spotify
Me refiero con primeros usos a campañas. Los hashtag “tuneados” ya se usaron en 2010 durante el campeonato del Mundo de Fútbol
Recuerdan cuando se tuiteaba #Esp por ejemplo se traducía en un icono con la bandera española
Los hashflag por tanto tienen caducidad y son controlados por Twitter durante un periodo determinado
Algunos ejemplos ?
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For #Australia psychic reading client: This isn't about culture. I have been shocked by the #Kpop and #Kdrama fans that are vicious in their commentary, who attack, & defame without hesitation. Pushing creatives to take their own life isn't acceptable, under any circumstances.
cont. for #Australia psychic reading client: You can admire the creatives talents and become fans, but when you cross a spiritual line to use rumors as justification for online attacks, that's abusing free will of the individual. I only found out about this after watching kdrama.
cont. for #Australia psychic reading client: I noticed how a lot of #kdrama has a lot of stories about suicide. Knowing how many spiritual beings suffer from the act of taking their own life, I can't sit back and ignore the spiritual sickness of strange fandom online frenzies.
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No to offend anyone or to defend anyone re. #cancelkorea but have you asked these questions first, a thread:
1. Has anyone of you done thorough research re. the social media user/s who made those distasteful comments against us? Are you sure that they aren't trolls/bots? 1/3
2. Have you also examined the possibility that it is a way to create unnecessary division/confusion pitting us against one another using our personal biases #KPopFans #KDramas #KoreanFood towards #SouthKorea as a whole? 2/3
3. If the alleged people involved refuse to apologize, will/can you permanently #cancelkorea? Do you prefer a prominent #Kpop artist/star to do it instead to make amends? By the way, are you also equally offended by #China's aggression? #WPSIsOurs 3/3
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1/3 La terrible explosion survenue à #Beyrouth 🇱🇧, hier vers 18h, a massivement fait réagir les twittos du monde entier (la #France = 4% des tweets dans le monde), pour de l'#INFO mais aussi pour de la #solidarité, puisque plus de 10% des tweets concernent des appels au dons ⬇️ Carte représentant les zones de concentration liées aux tw
2/3 Ces publications sont celles qui suscitent le plus de réactions car portées par de jeunes fans de #KPOP (pop coréenne) et parfois des #ONEDIRECTION (british boys band). Comme quoi les "ados" savent aussi utiliser les #reseauxsociaux pour la bonne cause... #HOSEOK #socialmedia
3/3 Les #anonymous ont quant à eux réalisé des actions de soutien coordonnées via le hashtag #OpHelpLebanon afin de valoriser des cagnottes de dons : argent, sang, vivres, etc mais également pour localiser des victimes #helpBeirut #HelpLebanon #Beyrouth #Liban 🙏 @YourAnonCentral
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Desenvolvimento importante: a filha de Park Won-soon, o prefeito de Seoul, disse que ele deixou um recado "similar à um testamento"

Considerando o episódio das Fadas Celestiais e a bomba relógio que é a questão do fundador da Samsung, pode ser algo bem sério
PS: O filho do fundador, mas o responsável pelo crescimento da empresa. Em suma, desde 2014 ele está supostamente hospitalizado, ninguém sabe se vivo ou morto, pois sua morte pode complicar toda a relação de poder entre a empresa, o Estado e a família…
Ei, jovem, você que gosta de #BTS, #KPOP, #doramas e #ThankYouJin, chega aqui e ouça o melhor podcast de política internacional e com a melhor cobertura sobre a política na península da Coreia, tanto ao norte quanto no sul

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