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#Astronomía #astronomia #Ciencia #BigBang #FelizMiercoles #05Sep @ELSEISDOBLE
(2/14) En astronomía existe una relación entre distancia y tiempo cuando de observación se trata. Si vemos una galaxia que está a 13.400 millones de años luz, la vemos como era apenas 400 millones de años después del Big Bang, que creemos ocurrió hace 13.800 millones de años.
(3/14) Este es el caso de la galaxia GN-z11 en dirección de la constelación de la Osa Mayor. Esto nos lleva a hacernos la siguiente pregunta: ¿si pudiésemos ver más allá de esta distancia, acaso no podríamos ver el inicio del universo? La respuesta es: NO.
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#Astronomía #astronomia #Ciencia #BIGBANG #FelizMartes #3Sept
(2/25) En esta primera entrega de la teoría del Big Bang expondremos algunos asuntos y consideraciones que se deben tener en cuenta si se quiere comprender como es que los científicos creen que fue creado nuestro universo, que no solo nos rodea, sino del cual formamos parte.
(3/25) Como ya vimos, el astrónomo Edwin Hubble observó que las galaxias se estaban alejando unas de otras y mientras más lejos miraba mayor era la velocidad con la que las galaxias se alejaban. Esta era la segunda prueba observacional de que el universo se estaba expandiendo.
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#BigBang as the origin of time, space


1/ The universe began as an incredibly hot, very dense, single point in space roughly 13.8 billion years ago.

The entire observable universe was the size of a peach and had a temperature of over a trillion degrees.
2/ Cosmologists use sophisticated space missions, ground-based telescopes & complicated calculations 2 paint a clearer picture of th early universe &its formation.
3/ A key part of the evidence comes from observations of th cosmic microwave background, which contains the afterglow of light&radiation left over from the Big Bang.
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#UniverseOrigins (#OriginsoftheUniverse)

@gkarani1 @TTawonga

The Universe consists of 3 types of substance: normal matter, 'dark matter' & 'dark energy'. Normal matter consists of the atoms that make up stars, planets, human beings & every other visible object in th Universe.
@gkarani1 @TTawonga In the currently scientific understanding of the Universe, 70% is dark energy, 25% dark matter and 5% normal matter.
@gkarani1 @TTawonga 3/ Hydrogen is the most common element found in the universe, followed by helium; together, they make up nearly all normal or ordinary matter.

After defining what a universe is, lets move to how it all started.
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The Seungri / burning sun scandal Thread : there are many people who don't seem to know much about this complicated scandal so I'm just making a thread to update what we know till now.

#Seungri #BIGBANG
On January 28 a CCTV footage came out of an assault happening at Burning Sun, owned by Seungri of Bigbang. A man came forward claiming to be the victim of said assault. He revealed that a woman was being harassed and asked for his help. He got beaten up by the security guard-
-when he asked him for help. He provided pictures of his injured face & his treatment pics as proof and the video of him getting dragged by his hair and beaten by the club's director. He also said that he was handcuffed and taken to police station and assaulted there as well
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When #Muslims say scientific knowledge in #Qur’an proves its Divine origin, #atheists laugh. Share this #thread with them 👇 they’ll quickly stop laughing! 😆/1
So let’s begin at the beginning shall we? The #BigBang, for starters /2
Scientists like Fred Hoyle themselves could hardly believe that all matter along with all laws emerged from nothing…/3
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