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The Trump card is being played right now. It’s much simpler than you all realize. Under section 3 of the 14th amendment of the US constitution, “No person shall be a senator or representative in Congress, or elector of president or Vice President, or hold any office... 1/10
...civil or military, under the United States, or under any state, who having previously taken an oath, as a member of congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any state legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any state, to support.. 2/10
..the constitution of the United States, should have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof.” Election fraud would be a serious felony under normal circumstances, but under an active state of war it would.. 3/10
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La propuesta, cual invitación similar a los desafíos Olímpicos, es canalizar e integrar las energías de la Verdad y real Luz en nuestras vidas. Así aceleramos y recibimos bien todo lo lo bello y luminoso que esta llegando.
Conectándonos y en comunión con nuestro yo superior, y hermanos mayores. Pedir y solicitar un caudal constante de Luz que llegue a nosotros, recibirla y la integremos a nuestro cuerpos y chakras.
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Hello everyone! I wanted to propose you a game and challenge for this beautiful process of change of the Aquarian age

#aquariuschallenge #aquariusage
#Spiritual #ligthworker #starseed #twinflame #twinflames
#gaia #consciousness #awakening #enlightenment
The proposal, which is an invitation similar to the Olympic challenges, is to summon and integrate the energies of Truth and real Light in our lives. So we accelerate and welcome everything beautiful and bright that is coming.
Connecting and communing with our higher selves, and older brothers. Ask and request a constant flow of Light that reaches us, we receive them, and we integrate them into our systems and chakras.
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Den einen oder anderen mag es verwundern warum ich mich so intensiv mit aktuellen kosmischen Ereignissen beschäftige aber ich weiß, dass die Konstellationen, die wir durchlaufen nicht von ungefähr sind. Ganz im Gegenteil sie haben Einfluss auf uns ! #Bewusstsein #AgeOfAquarius Image
Der Mensch ist untrennbar mit dem #Kosmos verbunden. Aus diesem Grund spielt sich dort draussen nichts ab, was nicht auch Einfluss auf uns hätte. Das mag uns im Alltag nicht auffallen aber in einer Zeit wie jetzt, rücken solche Zusammenhänge wieder etwas mehr in den Vordergrund.
Seit einigen Wochen ist die Taktung solcher kosmischen Ereignisse relativ eng. Ein #Vollmond am 30.11. der mit einer Mondfinsternis aufwartete, eine Portalöffnung, die uns ab dem 12.12. bis zum 21.12. begleitet, und ein #Neumond am 14.12. der mit einer Sonnenfinsternis glänzte. Image
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Introduction avec TIARA KUMARA
Morphogenesis Program…
Regardez « Morphogenesis » sur #Vimeo

Ce programme se concentre largement sur l'ouverture des «sceaux cristallins» biologiques à travers une série de mécanismes de déverrouillage synergiques destinés à changer la perception et à activer le codage de l'ADN dormant.
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"Notre nouvelle fondation pour une vie durable. Un moyen d'envoyer une lumière transformatrice au Monde entier."
"Cette grille est une matrice de conscience vivante qui est encodée avec le plan ou l'ensemble d'instructions pour l'évolution spirituelle de l'humanité."
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Tout invite à passer à un état éclairé de la conscience.✨
De plus en plus de gens comprennent que l'éveil est un processus qui va bien au-delà du processus individuel.
Je trouve extraordinaire de voir toujours plus de messages empreints de bonté et de bienveillance.
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BIPOC psychologists have written extensively on racial trauma & healing. See #RadicalHealingSyllabus and other resources I'll drop in the thread. @DellaVMosley @DoctorBry @JioniLewis @HYAdames @NYChavez @GACspeaksout…
Early seminal piece by @drthema on racist-based incident trauma. Image
Robert Carter's seminal work on race-based traumatic stress Image
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“‘Allegory Of The Cave’ & Hinduism”.

I do not know how many r familiar with Plato’s Republic.

‘Allegory Of The Cave’ is a very famous passage from the Republic where Plato’s explains the story in the context of education.

#hinduism #cave #plato #education #awakening
The lesson from this allegory has wide spread applications & interpretations in the current day but I would like to apply it to the existential crisis of Hindus in this 21st century!

#propaganda #left #western #Sanatana
The story goes like this –
Imagine a group of prisoners in a underground cave who have been chained there since they were kids and they are tied in such a way that they can’t move. All they can see is in front of them – the back wall of the cave with the entrance behind them.
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I’ve seen angry comments all over the place lately; “@OnEdgeOfWonder says this, @Jordan_Sather_ & @david_wilcock says that” back and forth, forth and back.
Enough already!
What is the number 1 thing they all have taught us over the years?
To👏 think👏 for👏 ourselves👏
...And to form YOUR OWN opinion.
Not just about Corona, about every little thing.
We are not supposed to follow these people blindly, nor are we supposed to take everything they say and just believe in it without hesitation.
...They have ALWAYS encouraged us to do our own research, form our own opinion and to think for ourselves!
So if you feel anger towards any of these people, maybe you should look into yourself a little bit, ask yourself:
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1. Nothing is real until language makes it so

Language defines reality. Language describes how you will perceive, evaluate and make decisions about your world.
The masters of reality are those who declare the language.
2. The rest of us run around describing the world that another has declared. It is all declaration and agreement. The government and media declared the Corona virus and informed us in how we must act.
3. That set the paradigm that we are busily describing through our words of fear, concern and hardship. We are not trapped by the virus but the paradigm of our own descriptions.
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We're talking with @dessalen about #metoo in the #workplace workplace right now! It's fascinating to see the agreement and differences in how people respond to changes in #workplaceculture.
@dessalen You can join the #virtualevent in progress right here:…
@dessalen Figuring out what is acceptable behaviour and what isn't can be difficult – without training!
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“You have no need to travel anywhere. Journey within yourself, enter a mine of rubies and bathe in the splendour of your own light.” ~ #Rumi

#quotes #wisdom #life #light Image
All this time
The Sun never says to the Earth,

"You owe me."

What happens
With a love like that,
It lights the whole sky.

#Hafiz #Hafez #poetry #sky #clouds #love 💗🌎💗 Image
“All animals, except man, know that the principal business of life is to enjoy it.” ~ Samuel Butler (1835-1902) British poet

#quote #quoteoftheday #life #wisdom #dogsoftwitter #dog Image
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I walk a fine line between illuminating the path and impinging upon your free will to find and travel it in your own way and time. I communicate in response to a common cry for help navigating the darkness turning out world upside down. Take it or leave it as you will.
There is much in our world that is troubling, from the conduct of our common affairs to the horrors of war to the challenges of living without means while others seemingly live in luxury, oblivious to the harm they do to get it while others suffer the consequences.
Discontent with the status quo is like a burr under a horse's saddle, making if difficult to live in peace and joy while such conditions continue. It is this discontent which leads you to awaken, to find meaning for the struggle and hope where there appears to be none.
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How do we find #peace in the midst of political strife, impeachment, coup attempt or whatever?
External events, especially those seeking outcomes that either attract or repel us, can trigger fears and desires that steal our #peace and lead us into conflict.
Political conflict results from a fear of an unknown future, and belief that fighting can allow us to control the outcome - which in reality is, for most, beyond influence or control.
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New Release:
“The Sound of Awakening”
🎨 by @Melis_Strategic

Parabolic storytelling piece for #TheGreatAwakening patriots & saints worldwide.

Completed Sundown
Yom Kippur 2019.

Original 24” x 30”
Acrylic & Gold Leaf Canvas
Original & prints for sale.

Profound story...
This painting has an intricate and profound timeline and themes associated with it. A ten year completion cycle, a prophetic swirl, with several cool puzzle pieces that came together. I’m going to do my best to tell this story in the thread following. Gathering thoughts, brb.
“Surely the day is coming; it will burn like a furnace... “ says the Lord Almighty. “Not a root or a branch will be left to them. But for you who #REVERE My name, the Sun of Righteousness will rise with healing in its rays... ” Malachi 4:1-2
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IMPORTANT to watch - this is why the DS is pushing so hard to divide us so this can happen under our noses.

Yes, I am pro-life. I believe it’s murder so I’m passionate about dispelling the lies. I believe in #2A and dispelling those lies.
I’m a huge supporter of @POTUS See? Who doesn’t have a strong opinion on those 2 things. The very things that are pushed on us daily using their assets to stir the pot. ALL the lies will come out & while people are in shock, amped up on anger & censored, they will strike.
If you think they won’t & all this build up has been for naught, your #wakeup moment will hurt. I’m just saying live your life prepared like those of us who were taught early to do. Remember the whole delayed gratification concept? Work first, relax later?
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...This thread will focus on some of the things covered in a little known FB group called:

"Ethiopian Enoch 1 , Flat Fact Square Earth Truth. Ae Pizza Fe Lie ."

This group differs from other #FLATEARTH groups in the following ways:
* Advanced FE information is presented & shit posting is discouraged.
* Promotion of the "round map" or "debate" are forbidden.
* Redundant experiment, observation & recording of data is encouraged.
* The book "1 Enoch" is the main reference text, (Richard Lawrence Translation)
The main work--started by a man named Sam--is focused on Enoch due to Sam having matched what's described in 1 Enoch Ch. 72, 73, etc, with observable reality. Deeper exploration of the Enoch text gives clues to other occulted knowledge about this realm we call "Earth".
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Whether APC/PDP both wings are still learning how to value the people and do their will. Power has proven to always come at the cost of the Change promised. The hope should be in the level of consciousness and enlightenment of the critical mass of ordinary people. #Awakening
The political puppet show will get clumsier. The coalition will bring together a constellation of known formidable parties whose combined shadow will eclipse the APC and obliterate its relevance come 2019. No matter how blood sucking the admin is they won’t survive the tsunami.
Still, the power to bring the needed change lies in the hands of the people. There’s nothing like a Messiah. We have to take our place as Citizens of Nigeria & demand accountability from those we stampede to power. None of these politicians will prioritize what we don’t monitor.
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