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There is a big and obvious thing that happened in #LocalElections2019 - a surge of support for #remain parties - and it is real.But there is a smaller thing creating a more confusing picture. A theory .... 1/n (picture source @guardian ) #Brexit
The smaller thing is that Labour is doing better in areas that are remain and worse in its strong areas that are #leave. This is a paradox as you would expect the opposite if this was driven by a #RemainBacklash.
And the Tories are the opposite. They are being punished in their areas that are remain. Is this just a plague on both your houses and reveal nothing about voters and #brexit? I don't believe so. And here's my theory.
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Anfield Analysis #LocalElections2019 Turnout down 252 @LiverpoolLabour vote down 329 (-6,7% share) Swing to Greens 5.7%. Still considered safe Labour seat with 73% positive vote. @LiverLibDems fail (4th place) losing 37 votes ( 1,1% share drop) @LiverpoolGreens now in 2nd place.
Belle Vale Analysis #LocalElections2019 Turnout down 143 @LiverpoolLabour down 460 ( -11,9%) Swing to UKIP 11.2% Still must be safe Labour seat with 70.7% share Greens increase vote to 5.7%. Another Lib Dem Fail Vote down to less than 1%. UKIP now in 2nd place with 10.4% of vote.
Central stats #LocalElections2019 Turnout down 52 @LiverpoolLabour down 152 ( -7.8% share) Swing to @LiverpoolGreens from @UKLabour 9.3% Still in safe territory but Greens maintain position as opposition with 22.4% of vote.
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Been holding off on posting this #Thread regarding the #LocalElection2019 going on in England and Northern Ireland, but the results are fascinating to me here in Scotland for sure. There is a clear #RemainBacklash going on and this is HUGE, shall go into more detail on why.
Clearly, the #LocalElections2019 is one of the biggest elections in history for the Lib Dems and the biggest night for the Green Party, there is been a massive shift towards these two parties over the usual Tories and Labour, but why is that? Clearly, #Brexit is a big part of why
How the Tories and Labour have handled #Brexit is nothing short of embarrassing, both these parties have refused to support a #PeoplesVote and give us a second say on leaving the EU. Yet Lib Dems and Green Party have been consistent since the get-go as remain parties.
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The success of the Lib Dems in #LocalElections2019 points to big problems ahead for Change UK. The yellow bird has taken flight again to become the vehicle for protest votes against the two main parties. They have a better brand, campaigning nous and local infrastructure.
Whether Change UK likes it or not, the parties occupy the same intellectual space and are speaking to the same voters, esp as coalition memories fade away. The Lib Dems’ growing councillor base will prove very handy if we have a general election later this year.
Failing to do a deal for the Euro elections will hurt both, but Change UK is likely suffer more because it doesn’t have the infrastructure or recognition. If CUK fails to get into double digits in two weeks, a pact with the LDs becomes ever more critical for its survival.
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An update on some of the patterns we have been seeing in our @SkyNews ward data... Labour's vote varies little across Leave/Remain areas...
@SkyNews In contrast the Conservatives are doing relatively better in Leave-voting areas...
@SkyNews The Lib Dems are doing marginally better in Remain voting areas, but there have secured some curiously large swings in strong Leave voting areas as well....
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Enjoying this election night coverage so far, loved that recent graph of our gains so far in Sunderland (well done @LibDems there 💪🏼). Hearing good things from lots of parts of the country...

Here's my view in the studio. Live on BBC One now.
#LocalElections2019 Huw Edwards and Laura K in studio
Happily I have found a charging socket! So my tweets and Insta story (jo_swinson) can continue!
I hear that Jacob Rees-Mogg will now have a Liberal Democrat Councillor... 🔶️😂
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