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When voting this morning please remember:

👍 You don't need ID,

👍 You don't need your polling card unless you are on the register anonymously (for security reasons) - If you are then your polling card will not have your name on it but will have an alphanumeric code instead,
👍 You can bring your dog with you and in rural areas you can tie your horse up outside,

👍 If you make a mistake on your ballot paper then put a cross through the paper and return to the clerk and advise them you've made a mistake and need a reissue,
👍 Take your child with you if you wish but make sure you are the only person marking the ballot paper as it is your vote and you must be 18 or older to vote in this election in the UK,

👍 If you need help then just let the clerk or presiding officer know,
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While @yougov was the outlier in the 2017 General Election, it was also the closest to picking the final result, mainly because they picked the upswing in turnout among young people. /2
While the latest UK poll results vary wildly (especially wrt #EuropeanElection2019) the trend is clear - disastrous for @Conservatives, worsening for @UKLabour and miraculous for @brexitparty_uk (aka @Nigel_Farage). /3
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1/ Bad start to the journey to #Prague... I seem to be breaking #Germany 🤣💔🇩🇪 DB train delayed (again!!) by 45 mins & the escalator broke when I was on it... Let's hope I make it to the @PulseofEurope event eventually!! 😬🇨🇿🇪🇺 #EUsupergirlTour #TheFutureisEurope
2/ Yesss! #EUsupergirl finally makes it to #Prague! And I was met with a splendid pro EU event in the centre of the old Town! Music and speeches - everything we could want to promote Europe before #EuropeanElections2019 🇪🇺 #ThisTimeImVoting #EUsupergirlTour #TheFutureisEurope
3/ I met a lady who has been part of a pro Ukraine demonstration today, she told me the threat the country is under from Russia & how they aspire to become an EU member state 🇪🇺 Europe is an ASPIRATIONAL vision! #TheFutureisEurope #EUsupergirlTour @PulseofEuropeCZ
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Remember why we want to stay in the heart of the EU where we belong making decisions and developing the project with our partners? Here are some things we have achieved together

Euratom works for all of us to deliver treatment in our times of great medical need
A small detail but extremely useful to keep our friends and families and businesses just a click away when we are travelling within the EU
Our biggest benefit, FOMis a personal freedom we can’t get anywhere else in the world. It’s so envied across the globe that other trading blocs in the world are trying to adopt similar schemes for their own citizens.
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In #Milan ahead of European elections #LePen tells me if she and #Salvini succeed in plan to change European Union into Europe of (independent) Nations, she‘s sure UK will change mind about Leave want to join #EuropeanElections2019 #Brexit /1
In Milan today #LePen and #Salvini will announce a new Parliamentary group ahead of Euro elex - „putting citizens first“ she says „protecting them against being „swamped by illegal migration“ „toughening security of citizens“ „protecting them from globalisation and islamism“ /2
I asked #LePen if she’d changed her mind about the EU (she once wanted Frexit. Now campaigns for a new pan-European party to sit in EU Institution .. Her answer was to list for me countless reasons why she still dislikes EU. Then added she could keep going for another 3 hours /3
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Dear MAGA friends, QAnons and European Patriots. What is your take on Steve Bannon? I just researched a little bit and find it more than interesting what is unfolding right before our eyes:

Bannon rivals George Soros

(2) From the beginning: In August 2010 Andrew Breitbart told, that he was "committed to the destruction of the old media guard." Former executive chairman: Steve Bannon.

(3) On 28 Feb 2012 Andrew Breitbart tweeted "How much longer until they kill me...?" Which was only two days (!) before his death. Coincidence? Steve Bannon would then become the head of Breitbart News.

#QAnon #pizzagate
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At CDU event in Berlin ahead of #EuropeanElections2019 Their slogan: „For Germany’s Future. Our Europe“. Lots of warnings about „populism“ and mentions of CDU legend Helmut Kohl - a true EU believer - who said „the evil ghosts of the past had not been silenced for good“ /1
Event rather lacklustre. CDU activist Gabrielle told me the party risked a reputation of being fusty dusty. She takes seriously rumours that European elections could unseat Merkel‘s government if centre-left coalition partners perform badly, then leave to go into opposition /2
Vanessa - 26yrs old -admitted to me that she’s the only CDU supporter amongst her peers but says all of them think EU is their future, they just prefer other political parties. She brought her parents along tonight to encourage them to vote in #EuropeanElections2019 /3
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I ❤️ that EU membership:

- gives me the right to work, live, love, holiday in 27 other member states.
- demands higher standards protecting consumer rights
- has improved environmental protections
- protects my rights as a worker
- improves animal welfare
...created hundreds of thousands of jobs in manufacturing and services thanks to FOM, CU and SM
- increases living standards, prosperity and opportunities
- allows for students to experience other cultures and opportunities through its Erasmus programme
- invests in culture, infrastructure and regeneration programmes benefitting all
- provides security through cooperation and data-sharing protecting us all
- allows for unparalleled innovation in science, medicine and research through numerous agencies sharing expertise
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@Badgerflaps1 10 years and still same #fakenews on #TommyRobinon
EDL had black,asian,white,lesbian,gay,Jewish,sikh,etc... sections!
Their banners said "black and white unte"
Tommy was accused of punching his own, he wasn't! He was kicking a Nazi out of the #EDL!…
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This is why Nigel Farage's Brexit Party is going to deepen the divide in British society. #EuropeanElections2019
I respect Brexit voters WAY more than Trump voters.
There's nothing racist about leaving the EU, but due to the racism of its leaders, many non-racist Brexit voters were called racist.

HOWEVER, Trump said racist/sexist/bigoted things, so they voted for a racist sexist bigot.
The Brexit Party has no manifesto. So the top authority on what that party actually is, is the leader, who's a racist (SEE PROOF BELOW OR SHHH!).
So a vote for the Brexit Party is a vote for racism.
Yet non-racists are going to vote for him anyway because it's the "Brexit Party".
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Nigel Farage shouldn't be allowed to say he wants to "stop discrimination against people from India etc" (migration) when his Brexit campaign was about stopping people coming from Asian countries even though they had NOTHING TO DO WITH BREXIT!
#Ridge @SophyRidgeSky @RidgeOnSunday
COME ON! We have 2 weeks to save the UK from becoming the "Farage country" in the eyes of the world. If he wins the #EuropeanElections2019
a) We're leaving with May's deal
b) Millions of Non-Racist Brits will have voted for a racist party so the conversation will get MUCH worse
I am a nobody who went from zero to 160,000 because I exposed what this man is. It's in the media's INTEREST to do the same.
So do it!!
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"If you're interested, & I'll fund it somehow, I think you're the perfect guy, what we'd like to do is help knit together a populist nationalist movement throughout the world."

Bannon talking to @Nigel_Farage re alliance with Orban, Sisi, Modi & Duterte.
“Paradoxically, this generation of populist nationalists leads the way on international political cooperation.”

@Elif_Safak adds more to #Bannon’s list: Erdoğan in Turkey, Abascal in Spain, Salvini in Italy & far right parties in Poland, France & Austria.…
This was filmed in 2017 & is taken from the new documentary about Bannon, @TheBrinkFilm.

There's a moment in this clip when Farage looks towards the camera, clearly thinking: "I'm being filmed conspiring with a far-right extremist. If this ever gets out it won't look good."
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A final take on the ward-level data we collected for our @SkyNews coverage of the local elections... Using ward-level data (units of around 5,500 people) gives us more fine-grained insights than looking at council level...
As we have added results to our data, the general pattern has remained the same: the Conservative vote down substantially overall, but especially in Remain voting areas (in 2016), and Labour down slightly overall, but with a far weaker link to the Brexit vote.
These results don't fit cleanly with a Brexit 'backlash', inasmuch as the Conservatives did better in Leave-friendly areas (so weren't disproportionately punished by angry Leavers) and Labour still did better in Remain-voting places.
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There is a big and obvious thing that happened in #LocalElections2019 - a surge of support for #remain parties - and it is real.But there is a smaller thing creating a more confusing picture. A theory .... 1/n (picture source @guardian ) #Brexit
The smaller thing is that Labour is doing better in areas that are remain and worse in its strong areas that are #leave. This is a paradox as you would expect the opposite if this was driven by a #RemainBacklash.
And the Tories are the opposite. They are being punished in their areas that are remain. Is this just a plague on both your houses and reveal nothing about voters and #brexit? I don't believe so. And here's my theory.
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If you voted Brexit because the political class has failed to give a crap about the struggle of life in your area for decades...
A man who says he doesn't mind if Brexit makes you poorer is not your friend.
If you voted Brexit because you care deeply about the NHS, because you know it's one of the best things about the UK, as it shows we all care about each other enough to give a little so everyone is OK...
A man who wants to scrap the NHS is not your friend.
If you voted Brexit because you could see the UK needed fixing...
A man who responds to a nurse who's panicking about the impact of Brexit on the NHS staffing crisis by saying "Brexit was never gonna solve any of our domestic problems" is not your friend.
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He chose not to respond so allow me:
Due to the fact that EU countries make laws together and have a system of mutual recognition in areas where the EU hasn't made laws...
Anything made in the UK is automatically legal to sell across Europe* without costly adaptations or checks.
Can Chinese companies sell anything made legally in China in the EU? No Can the companies of every other country in the world do that? No

So what does that say about anyone who said all countries have access to the Single Market?
The Single Market isn't just some fancy term the EU invented to describe its economy. It means that if you're in it, you can trade with EU countries as if you were trading within your own SINGLE country. The same laws apply so no adaptation costs.
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If the only insult you have for the @LibDems is based on a decision that was made 9 years ago, by a leader that is no longer in politics, then you need to get out more. Seriously.
This isn't about voting for a government. It is not about decisions made, many years ago. It is about making a remain statement in the #EuropeanElections2019
Look, I was NO fan of the coalition. I think people praise it when I think it started us on the path we are on today. It's austerity is STILL not over. But I also accept that 1 LDs were juniors and 2 every govt has a stick you can beat them with.
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#BBCQT #EuropeanElections2019 #T4TM

Tommy Robinson is running as an independent MEP candidate for the EU elections

1/x My THREAD on Tommy and who supports and funds him. Why does he exist?


It's backing from far right 🇺🇸 necons 😠

Please read this article about John Bolton's GATESTONE INSTITUTE on Islamophobia and their spreading of misinformation.

Wild claims about European cities losing control - shared by networks to magnify.…

Wikipedia describe Gatestone as -

"An anti-Muslim[a] THINK TANK with a focus on Islam and the Middle East. The organization has attracted attention for publishing false articles and being a source of VIRAL FALSEHOODS"

How does this relate to Tommy R?
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You can't argue that we should vote to leave the EU on the basis of getting a proper trade deal, and then complain that we haven't left the EU without one.
That includes you Nigel Farage.
When you passionately defended the idea of leaving the EU and staying in the Single Market, you lost the right to say we should leave without a deal.
In fact, you made it morally disgusting for yourself to do so.
#BrexitParty #EuropeanElections2019
That includes @DominicRaab.
Dominic Raab said the idea of leaving the EU without a deal was scaremongering.
He wasn't even talking about the damage from no deal; Dominic Raab said the very concept of leaving without a deal was Project Fear
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Correct me if I'm wrong but shouldn't the "Brexit Party" at least say which Brexit it wants?
Some say No Deal but prod for even a sec and they say No Deal's only temporary.
1) You're arguing for No Deal on the basis of getting a deal, which is 🤪
2) How has "getting a deal" gone so far? Will we be stronger if we're the only economy in the world with no local trade deals?
I don't know about you but a party which doesn't define its central and titular objective, but seeks your vote anyway, and is led by this man.... seems like one we should be a little worried about.
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When #NigelFarage left #UKIP he started to re-invent himself. He's not talking about immigration any more. He's talking about being the saviour of democracy, and leaving UKIP to be the extremists. He's trying to attract a more moderate voter. The polls seem to show this working
I wonder, if he does well if the #EuropeanElections2019 and the #Brexit mess in Parliament continues, it might give some #ERG members the confidence to cross the floor. Will they have confidence that they can re-elected on a #BrexitParty ticket.
That would then likely cause a general election as the government would not be able to pass anything. The #Conservatives would not have time to sort out a new leader so #TheresaMay could end up leading them into it. They could get slaughtered.
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Nigel Farage thread:
#EuropeanElections2019 #BrexitParty
He lied about immigration to win the Brexit vote and only came clean after:
Nigel Farage admits he doesn't really mind if Brexit makes British people poorer.
Nigel Farage: "Brexit was never going to solve any of our domestic problems"
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