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Not endorsing what she said on @FoxNews @TuckerCarlson about Sharia Law in America, but there're reasonable questions on @JoeBiden's embrace of political Islam by participating in an event on July 20th sponsored by @EmgageAction, a partner organization of @CAIRNational

@CAIRNational was co-founded by known Hamas sympathizer, @NihadAwad. There is a great deal of info on CAIR’s ties/links to extremist and terrorist groups.……

Also, @JoeBiden further embraced political Islamists narratives by quoting the Hadith "Whoever among you sees a wrong, let him change it with his hand. If he is not able, then with his tongue. If he is not able, then with his heart.”

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Important thread with facts that will help us understand Joe Biden’s support for Muslim Brotherhood (#MB) political agent @soltanlife. It all goes back to President Obama’s Mideast strategy & #Egypt policy with the embrace of the Brotherhood according to PSD-11 & PPD-13. 1/
The 2011 upheaval in #Egypt initiated a shift in U.S. strategy from support for Mubarak to intensive engagement with the Islamist opposition groups. This change in U.S. strategy derived out of Presidential Study Directive (#PSD)-11 issued by president Obama in August 2010. 2/
The comprehensive policy review of U.S. strategy in #MENA region by the Obama administration led to the conclusion & acceptance of #MB as a legitimate, peaceful & moderate Islamist political opposition in #Egypt with whom they could work. @brhodes said this to me in West wing. 3/
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#Turkey is a terror state
#Qatar is a terror state

Qatar population is by 88% foreigners and only 300k are natives.

Qatar spends only 1% of her GDP for defence while she is depending on

❗USA military base(10k troops)-AUAB
❗Turkey's base(5k troops)

👇🇹🇷s mil. bases Image
#Qatar instead uses #AlJazeera as a weapon to deal with her enemies, constantly reporting against #Israel and #KSA
while there is no mention of #Qatar bloody actions.

Supporting #MB is a key element between open cooperation betweel #Qatar and #Turkey Image
Another "weapon" #Qatar uses is the @BrookingsInst think tank by supporting it financially(24 milllion $) by arguing for #MuslimBrotherhood

So by taking example of how #Qatar "works", keep in mind what @bellingcat does by using propaganda, they try to blame #Greece .
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Last year, @IlhanMN attacked reporter @AartiTikoo re: #Kashmir, using the narrative favored by shady org @standwkashmir. Aarti's ensuing investigation showed Omar's Islamist friends (@ICNA @HelpingHandUSA @IslamicRelief @InterActionOrg) have a lot to hide.…
Also to read more about @InterActionOrg & their network of #JamaatEIslami & #MB terror connected charities, see here:…
For more on #JamaatEIslami’s top western franchise, @icna and their self-declared “Sister organization,” @HelpingHandUSA see here:…
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버닝썬 승리와 정준영 몰카사건으로 장자연 사건을 덮으려고하는 정체를 트위터에 퍼트리고자 합니다
타래로 천천히 글 나름
#버닝썬 #정준영 #몰카 #심마담 #최순실 #디스패치 #네이버 #YG #박근혜 #강남경찰 #최진실 #장자연
네이버에서는 심마담 관련 글 전부 삭제, 네이버에서 심마담 검색하면 접근제한됨
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(1) I do not know what to think of the #Obama Iran scandal.

It simply does not make sense. Obama is a Sunni apologist and a supporter of the #MB which is a #Sunni Islamist movement.

Shi'a ideologues in Iran politically and religiously oppose Sunni ideologies.
(2) Obama's alleged father in Kenya and his family (purportedly from the Luo ethnic group - despite that he looks like a Somali) were/are adherents of Sunni Islam.

The majority of Obama's Muslim backers in the US and abroad - are Sunni, not Shi'a. And for those of you who ....
(3) are not familiar with Islam, the ideologues of the two different belief systems have polarized/juxtaposed positions in most all cases. They also have an inherent religious loyalty or "backbone" which is inflexible.

Consideration of the other "avenue of belief" is ....
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Lieber @Karl_Lauterbach, Herr @jensspahn, @BMG_Bund, @hausaerzte, #Twankenhaus Kollegen:

Ich habe die Nase voll, als Arzt öffentlich als fauler Tunichtgut dargestellt zu werden. Seit 2017 arbeite ich mit 1/2 Gehalt, um von der Klinik-Führungskraft zum Landarzt zu werden.

Hier mal der Wochenplan der Praxis, deren Nachfolge ich antreten werde:

8 Uhr Unterlagen/Labore/Anforderungen
9-12 Uhr Sprechstunde, geht gut mal bis 13 Uhr => dann Unterlagen
13-15 Uhr Hausbesuche
16-18 Uhr Sprechstunde
18-19 Uhr Unterlagen und Labore sichten

8 Uhr Unterlagen/Labore/KK-Schreiben etc.
9-12 (13) Uhr Sprechstunde
14-18 Uhr Hausbesuche
18-19 Uhr Hausbesuche dokumentieren, Anordnungen, Rezepte und alles mögliche als Aktion ableiten

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Canada is not "a melting pot in which the individuality of each element is destroyed in order to produce a new and totally different element. It is rather a garden into which have been transplanted the hardiest & brightest flowers from many lands" #JohnDiefenbaker PM 1957-'63
In 1963 Lester Pearson's Liberals defeated Diefenbaker. Liberals introduced official bilingualism & biculturalism. Diefenbaker strongly opposed the idea of Canadians melting into the English or French cultures. He preferred multiculturalism a term coined by Professor Paul Yuzk.
Yuzk's parents, Cdn pioneers, born in #Ukraine Yuzyk is claimed by 2 provinces #SK & #MB Winnipeg is where he authored "The Ukrainians in Manitoba: A Social History." Diefenbaker appointed him to the Senate & promoted Yuzyk's concept of #multicuturalism…
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