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Many #SK families are worried re: return to school Jan 3. How safe are our kids & school staff?

Omicron in Regina and Saskatoon is surging. We'll continue to see record case numbers for weeks.

@SKGov, what's your plan? We NEED to know.

A 🧵 on safe schools, below. (1/n)
Let's begin with other provinces who are RIGHT in the storm of their Omicron surges. Quebec has delayed opening of 'everything' to Jan 17. Ontario has delayed opening till Jan 5 to try to distribute HEPA filters & N95s for staff (not students). (2/n)…
A respected colleague in Toronto, @drmwarner, reasonably argues for a 1-2 week delay IF a delay will increase booster doses for school/daycare staff, improve vaccine uptake for ages 5-11, & solidify distribution of HEPA/N95s/RATs in schools. (3/n)

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Modelling released by @SKGov predicts DRAMATIC rise in cases, hospitalizations, & ICU admits w/ #Omicron if no additional measures to reduce contacts (i.e. gathering & capacity limits).

Briefing today: NO measures to be implemented at present. Wait and see.

Here is ICU / non-ICU modelling data. Not great, as you can see. Also not being taken into account - scores of HCWs taken out of circulation as a result of widespread community transmission.

Who will look after all the patients? Many HCWs have already moved on.

Once again, there is an appeal to personal responsibility for #SK citizens to make good choices, do the right thing.

No surprises here. Get vaccinated, improve ventilation, use your best mask, etc.

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"Hi Alex. With #Omicron in Canada, what's the optimal 2nd dose interval for kids b/w 5-11 who have 1 dose?"

VERY different space w/ Omicron now vs 4 weeks ago when NACI guidance was released.

We'll try for 3-4 wk interval in #SK for our 5 year-old, NOT 8. Here's why. (1/n)
Let's start by acknowledging that we have no real clinical data in this space right now. We don't know HOW protected kids b/w 5-11 are with 1 dose vs different variants like Delta or Omicron.

Kids immune systems are ++ robust, so 1 dose definitely confers some protection. (2/n)
That said, NACI guidance on 8 week interval was developed before we knew about Omicron. Extending dose intervals makes 100% sense to optimize long-term protection and minimize risk of heart inflammation events, etc. (3/n)
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Private surgery in #saskatchewan will transfer public dollars into private pockets. It will add a layer of costs.

Increasing capacity of our public system would be more efficient. #covid19sk #skpoli @drkyle @ShellyRiffel1 🧵/ 1
Setting up private surgery within public health system is likely a step towards full privatization where patients would pay directly for for-profit surgery in contravention of the Canada Health Act. #covid19sk #skpoli @hinz_tamara / 2
This potentially explains Moe's bizarre flirtation with separation / separatists. It's not about a distinct “Western Canadian” or #SK’s “distinct culture,” it's about defying federal jurisdiction in order to advance their privatization agenda.#covid19sk #skpoli @SUNnurses / 3
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A LONG explanatory 🧵 on ICU 'capacity' & 'flow' in Saskatchewan & why we need MULTIPLE interventions to avoid compromised care for ALL #SK citizens & triage.

I'm going to use an analogy of ICU capacity = bathtub. Patients = water. Health care system = house.

Water is running into the bathtub. That's all the patients who need ICU care in Saskatchewan. Some have COVID, some don't. The patients have now overflowed our ICUs.

To cope, we've built walls up on our bathtub to hold more water. That's our 'surge' capacity.

We can only build walls up on the tub so much, because there's limits on what can be done safely w/ availability of specialized staff, especially nursing & respiratory therapists (who support ventilated persons).

We've reached that limit w/ ~120 pts in #SK ICUs.

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Summary 🧵 of last night's SHA "town hall" for MDs:

- Overall #SK test positivity ~14%
- Cases declining, but so is testing
- #SK has HIGHEST current case & death rates of all provinces
- HIGHEST ICU census per capita of ANY province at ANY point in pandemic.

Vaccine & mask mandates have helped, but not enough. #SK remains in exponential growth & cases NOT coming down at this point.

Public health experts @SaskHealth recommend gathering restrictions, including limits on household gatherings, capacity limits, etc.

As of 0730hrs yesterday AM (Oct 21), 117 persons in ICU. 57 persons on high-flow oxygen (Optiflow) normally in ICU, cared for on regular hospital wards.

ICU census now forcing out-of-province transfers, widespread service slowdowns, and informal triage.

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This is an explanatory 🧵 on ICU capacity in Saskatchewan, the different levels of ICU care & support provided across #SK, and why freeing up ICU beds in Regina & Saskatoon is SO important right now for us.

Put plainly: "not all ICU beds are equal"


Not all ICU "beds" are created equal. There's different capability levels to provide support for complex patients depending on the expertise of available doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, and specialist support. (2/n)

Let's divide "care levels" into 3 buckets:

✅ 1. BASIC = ventilatory support, cardiac monitoring, IV blood pressure management, sedation, high-flow O2 support

✅ 2. SPECIALIZED = BASIC + continuous renal therapy, complex ventilatory support (eg. proning)


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Some data slides released today @SKGov w/ accompanying discussion via Dr. Shahab.

Short 🧵 w/ commentary.

First, being unvaccinated in #SK = 28X risk of ICU admission, 13X risk of hospitalization, and 6X risk of getting COVID vs. being fully vaccinated. (1/6)

Second, ~50% of all persons admitted to hospital in October had 1st positive COVID test on/after being admitted. This informs approach to early therapy, monoclonal Abs, etc.

Earlier testing & identification of illness clearly ideal. (2/6)

Overall #SK ICU census numbers continue to rise dramatically, shown by the graph on the right, attached. This is what's killing us right now.

We need relief through combination of public health measures, more ICU staff, and out-of-province transfers. (3/6)

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Kudos to ALL #SK MLAs who have shown support for masks, vaccines & #SK HCWs via #SKMLAchallenge.

This 🧵 CELEBRATES our #SK MLAs by compiling their posts.

It's BOTH REFRESHING & EFFECTIVE to see unified public health messaging from our elected leaders. Thank you!

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#COVID19 in #SK still feels "abstract" to many. People angst about inconveniences to life, further restrictions, masks, mandates, etc.

I want to highlight the HUMAN impact of the pandemic in #SK. Warren & Ali. The burnout & suffering of #SK citizens.

🧵 below.

1/ #COVID19SK ImageImage
It's Labor Day in Canada, let's begin with our frontline HCWs. Amanda (@basicwitchRN) is an ICU RN in Saskatoon.

Below, she shares the struggles & heartbreak of her daily work. We can't expect people to carry on like this without burnout.


@carolynstrom is a vocal, passionate public health RN here in #SK. She contact traces, vaccinates, does it all.

You can see the pain in her eyes as she encourages #SK citizens to make safe decisions. She's so tired. We're ALL so tired.


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Our pandemic response in #SK is completely broken.

❌ Lowest vaccine uptake in 🇨🇦
❌ Zero restrictions
❌ Overrun testing/contact tracing capacity
❌ Critical care capacity nearly maxed out

Our 4th wave has just begun. We're in BIG trouble.

🧵 👇

To begin, #SK has the lowest vaccine uptake in Canada.

Despite similar political / geographical considerations as #MB, we're 8% behind in 1st doses, 12% behind in 2nd doses.

The only real difference b/w the 2 provinces? A functional vaccine certificate program.

On July 11, we were the 1st place in NORTH AMERICA to remove all public health restrictions, including mandatory isolation for COVID+ persons.

#SK has no province-wide mask mandate. Schools are inconsistently masked.…

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Wow. Tonight's Doctor's Town Hall. Yep, it's bad, #SK.

This 🧵 will highlight 3 of my #Saskatoon colleagues being blunt & honest.

SUMMARY: no public health measures + unideal vaccine uptake + no staffing capacity in hospitals = #SK hospitals/ICUs in big 💩.

We'll start w/ @WheatNOil below.

Delta is ++ contagious. We haven't vaccinated enough people. So hospitals ARE going to be overwhelmed, #YXE facilities already in trouble.

Don't get sick in #SK for next 2-3 months - there won't be space.


Next, @hinz_tamara below.

Community transmission MUST be lowered via:

✅ Vaccine / testing for HCWs/teachers, access to large venues, etc.
✅ Indoor mask mandates
✅ Consider passports for non-essential events.
✅ Reduced gathering sizes.


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Important, IMO. @LynnGiesbrecht shared school guidance document from local #SK MHOs dated Aug 13. Re: masks:

"Public Health at this time STRONGLY RECOMMENDS mask use for all students, staff and visitors."

Yes! UNIVERSAL masking in #SK schools is a no-brainer!

Also in the document:

✅ Public health preventive measures demonstrably effective in last school year SHOULD be continued this school year.
✅ Everyone eligible, get vaccinated.
✅ Self-screening & iso/testing critical w/ contact tracing.

More in the document:

✅ Private transport or walking to school ideal. Buses unideal, assigned seating important for contact tracing.
✅ Masks in school buses 100%.
✅ Hand hygiene critical.
✅ Enhancing cleaning of high-touch surfaces.

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"Hey Alex, why does #SK have more cases in persons fully vaxxed compared to persons only partially vaxxed? Doesn't full vax protect you more?"

Yes, it absolutely does. #VaccinesWork.

@AlexanderQuon explains it well. I'll simplify.

1/ #COVID19SK…
Let's start with where #SK is at right now with vaccine doses. Using Alex's numbers from his article (from mid-week) & based on overall population of 1,173,000:

0 doses: 402,000 (34.3%)
1 dose: 93,000 (7.9%)
2 doses: 678,000 (57.8%)

A MUCH LARGER number & proportion of people in #SK have 0 doses or 2 doses at this point since our vaccine rollout has matured.

While persons who are fully vaxxed have a much lower chance of acquiring infection w/ Delta, it's still 15-20%.

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Minister Merriman: #SK kids minimally hospitalized, not having bad outcomes (ICU, death). Agree.

As a parent, my HUGE concern: given Delta & its contagiousness, discussion w/ #SK kids must move FAR BEYOND hospitalization & death.


1/9 #COVID19SK…
Without mitigating measures in schools + day cares, large number of #SK kids will get COVID-19, especially those under 12 who can't get vaccinated.

Yes, virtually no #SK kids will die directly of COVID, but there are so many other potential impacts of concern.

2/9 #COVID19SK
The disruption of having a sick or disabled child on #SK families is significant. The impact of medical trauma on #SK kids will likely be significant and long-lasting & won't easily recognized or treated.

Even ONE child intubated/ventilated is one too many IMO.

3/9 #COVID19SK
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Auspiciousness personified

Right Ingredients, Right Procedure prescribed if followed; will result in correct shade of red (aruṇa) of the kuṁkumaṁ

(1/6) Image

1) Pasumanjal(பசுமஞ்சள்)/Fresh turmeric- (alternatively dried):1 unit
2) Lime juice:1 unit
3) Venkaaram(வெண்காரம்) (Borax):1/10 unit
4) Padikaaram(படிகாரம்)(Alum):1/10 unit
5) Pure ghee:1-2 tsp
6) Cotton cloth:unused

Use Stone/Porcelain/Clay/Tin coated vessels
(2/6) Image
Cut the Pasumanjal into small pieces. Finely powder the padikaaram and venkaaram (available in Ayurvedic medicine shops).

The later two items are to be mixed with the lime juice.

Add pieces of Pasumanjal to this mixture.

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Good morning, all. Before going in this AM, wanted to share some high-level thoughts re: #SK situation with #COVID19. Will try to go into more detail as time allows, but these are some immediate thoughts. My opinion only, please remember. 🧵 begins... (1/n) #COVID19SK
#YQR curve and R0 seem for now to have peaked and are coming down. Hospitalizations & ICU admissions have stabilized. #YQR ICUs still running with ~180% capacity but more beds available now, critical elective surgeries proceeding, etc. (2/n) #COVID19SK
Still widespread community transmission throughout southern SK but has seemed to mostly peak at this point and some places like Moose Jaw are decreasing steadily too. (3/n) #COVID19SK
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My colleagues Lori & Jeff explain the SUPER BAD situation in #YQR ICUs. 2 COVID+ pts / room to maximize nursing & RTs. All ICU beds full in #YQR, city now on ICU/CCU bypass (including cardiac pts). Staff @ breaking point.😢 (1/4) #COVID19SK…
I have tried to maintain equipoise but feel I need to say this again: we CANNOT vaccinate our way out of this without losing many lives & overwhelming our ICUs, forcing triage. We NEED definitive & immediate mandated measures to help bend our #SK curve quickly. (2/4) #COVID19SK
We are vaccinating 'easy' folks quickly in #SK. Soon, we will hit road blocks: persons who need improved access & hesitant persons who will need their concerns addressed / questions answered. Nobody can be left behind if we are going to achieve herd protection. (3/4) #COVID19SK
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Hi everyone. I thought I would try to explain what all these 'variants' of COVID-19 are, and are they really that bad? I feel this has relevance to #SK & Canada because we are seeing growth of all three key VoCs at once. Start w/ graphic below. (1/n) #COVID19SK
All viruses mutate (change) over time. Most of these mutations are meaningless, but sometimes the virus changes in ways that allow it infect cells or reproduce itself more effectively. This confers a "fitness advantage", and over time more "fit" viruses become dominant. (2/n)
When certain mutations confer advantages such that the virus can grow and spread within populations & infect people more quickly and/or make people sicker, these are termed "variants of concern". Several are well-described now. We'll focus on the 3 relevant in Canada. (3/n)
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We don't think guidance around AZ vaccine will change soon, if at all. Evidence is mounting to suggest association b/w AZ vaccine & VIPIT is real. VIPIT occurs mostly in younger persons. It is rare but often fatal - it can't be ignored. (1/n) #covid19sk…
The risk-benefit calculation of administering AZ vaccine still strongly favors its use in older persons, because such persons are far more likely to die from COVID-19 infection. We need to administer it as much as possible in populations who remain eligible. (2/n)
Even with VoCs circulating which are more dangerous, the risk-benefit calculation of AZ vaccine in younger persons remains unclear. This is not a decision that Trudeau or Dr. Tam have the jurisdiction or expertise to make on their own. (3/n)
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Hi everyone. Coming off 2 weeks of call tomorrow AM. So sorry to be #debbiedowner but holy cats, #YQR hospitals are full of #COVID19 patients either intubated or requiring high-flow O2. Frontline providers are worried, anxious, and scared. (1/n) #COVID19SK
Hypothetically, if 1/3rd of current ward patients in #YQR requiring high-flow O2 deteriorate tomorrow AM and need ICU support, there would not be an obvious place for them to go. ICU beds in #YQR, including surge as of today, would be completely full. Yikes. (2/n)
One challenge we face with these critically ill #COVID19 patients is that they are so sick for so long, there's just no turnover of ICU beds where people improve and can be moved to the wards quickly to make room for new patients. (3/n)
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Just finished a series of weeks in the ICU in #YQR @SaskHealth. #covid #b117 is real and is affecting younger individuals (lots under the age of 50, most with no serious medical comorbidities). We as a province need to take the risk of covid-19 seriously and stay safe... (1/6)
... this holiday weekend. Please do not gather even if outdoors unless can guarantee 6 m apart and no sharing of food or drink. #B117 is extremely contagious and does not differentiate between old, young, higher or lower socioeconomic status.... (2/6)
Regina ICUs have surged into high capacity in response to the increasing number of #COVID19SK admissions to the ICU. We are not yet at the peak. Staying safe this holiday weekend will help ensure that we keep covid numbers manageable across Regina and the province (3/6)
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Hi everyone, just home. Sorry - has been very busy last 2 days. Still many dramatically sick persons in #YQR hospitals. The impact of watching young healthy persons struggle and die from #COVID19 is having a profound impact on myself and my colleagues. #COVID19SK
This is unlike anything that #SK has seen so far with the pandemic. It is not differentiating between young and old, rich or poor, etc. It is everyone. #COVID19SK
The phrase I am hearing most from frontline colleagues? "I wish people could see what is happening here. Maybe if they could see this, see these people, they would do things differently."

Please, #YQR & #SK - make the best choices. Let's take care of each other. #COVID19SK
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