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I'm so sorry to my colleagues in Minnesota. I am so fearful of when (not if) these headlines will be in Canadian papers, likely MB and AB first.
Don't know what else to say or do.
This described the situation in #COVID19MB on Nov 17, 2020:…
And this is the situation in AB today. The exact upper limit of beds total & for #COVID19 is apparently a moving target but Dr Hinshaw has always said there are 70 allocated ICU beds as ICU beds are needed for other things too (heart attacks, trauma etc). 56 ICU today.
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The Premier and his government have once again been back-tracked on their response to the surge in Covid-19 cases in Saskatchewan. Only a few days ago Premier Moe stated no new measures were being contemplated. #COVID19SK #skpoli
Last Friday the Health Minister announced masks would be mandatory in certain communities but not others. Today the mask order is now mandatory for all of Saskatchewan. The inconsistency and lack of clarity is constant and disruptive.
The premier also acknowledged today that previous measures have been confusing. Unfortunately, that continues to be the case. Families, communities and businesses need certainty in order to follow the rules and keep people safe. Constantly shifting the goal posts is not helpful.
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Here are measures effective Nov. 19.

Mandatory masks province wide.

Long-term care visits restricted.

Private gatherings now 5.

Party buses/limos prohibited.

Work from home encouraged.

All are in effect for 1 month. #skpoli #covid19sk
Premier Scott Moe: “Our numbers in this province are not good.”

“Each and every one of these numbers represents a Saskatchewan person.”

Moe says “some will die.”

Calls it a “slowdown” not a lockdown.

Moe says the hospitalizations and ICU are going in the wrong direction.

Dr. Shahab calls it a “first sustained wave” and that it’s “rapidly accelerating.”

Says on average every case has 5 to 8 close contacts.

Calls this trend “not sustainable” #covid19sk
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Today’s advice:

Please start having some serious conversations about Christmas gatherings.


Today the limit of people gathering in Saskatchewan, in 1 house is 10. There are to be no exceptions.

It is against the law to have more than 10 people in a house (unless it is one single family unit).

By Christmas that number may be less.

🤷🏼‍♀️ depending how bad things get.

Based on what I see daily at work, the increase in cases of COVID-19, it’s not looking good right now. 😔

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Clear, cogent communication is a critical component of crisis management. I realised today that my mental health is poor in large part because of a cognitive dissonance I experience between what is happening and what I hear from our leaders. #covid19sk
This is what I would like to hear:

Saskatchewan, I know this is scary. We went through most of the pandemic with very little exposure to COVID. Although most of us struggled with the financial costs and mental & physical health toll of the pandemic, very few of us got sick.
Today, in the face of weeks of rising numbers and crisis-level numbers in our neighbouring provinces, I'm here to tell you how we're going to get through this together.

First, let me reassure you that across the Province, we have many people committed to keeping you safe.
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Nov 13 update

#COVID19 cases, deaths

#Canada, provinces
•Comparison to country peers (high income, pop >20M)
•Longterm care, retirement homes
•Weekly, daily % changes (7-day avg)

See thread

Data: @covid_canada @NoLore @RyersonNIA @CIHI_ICIS @OurWorldInData
#COVID19 DEATHS/100K (+% daily growth rate)

QC 10+4%
MB 9+7%
AB 4+5%
ON 4+3%
BC 2+3%
SK 1+19%

#COVID19 CASES/100K (+% daily growth rate)

QC 711+3%
MB 697+6%
AB 575+4%
ON 359+3%
BC 327+4%
SK 251+6%

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There are 37 new cases of #COVID19SK to report on November 4, 2020, bringing the provincial total to date to 3,408 cases. Of the 3,408 reported cases, 799 are considered active. A total of 2,584 people have recovered.

Learn more at….
The new #COVID19SK cases are located in the Far North West (1), North West (1), North Central (1), Saskatoon (13), Central East (6) and Regina (14) zones.

Learn more at….
1 case reported today has pending residence location. 1 case with pending residence location reported Nov 2 has been assigned to North Central. 2 cases with pending residence locations reported Nov 1 were determined to be out-of-province residents &removed from provincial counts.
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There are 81 new cases of #COVID19SK to report on November 3, 2020, bringing the provincial total to date to 3,373 cases. Of the 3,373 reported cases, 842 are considered active. A total of 2,506 people have recovered.

Learn more at….
The new #COVID19SK cases are located in the Far North West (1), Far North East (1), North West (14), North Central (16), North East (3), Saskatoon (29), Central East (6) and Regina (10) zones.

Learn more at….
One #COVID19SK case reported today has pending residence locations. Nine cases with pending residence locations on November 2 have been assigned to the North West (3), North Central (4), North East (1) and Regina (1) zones.

Learn more at….
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There are 74 new cases of #COVID19SK to report in Nov 2, bringing the SK total to date to 3,292 cases. New cases are located in the Far NW (1), NW (5), North Central (22), NE (1), Saskatoon (18), Central West (1), Central East (1), and Regina (14) zones.… Image
Eleven of cases reported today have pending residence locations. One case reported October 21 has been assigned to the North West zone.

Of the 3,292 reported cases, 858 are considered active. A total of 2,409 people have recovered. #COVID19SK
More at…
34 people are in hospital. 27 people are receiving inpatient care; 2 in the NW, 7 in the North Central, 1in the NE, 11 in the Saskatoon and 6 in the Regina zone. 7 people are in intensive care; 2 in the North Central, 4 in Saskatoon and 1 in Regina.
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Yesterday we posted about the number of schools with confirmed Covid cases in them. Do you know where to find that information? NOT from @SKGov. (A thread 1/4)
Instead, families and community members are forced to rely on leaked letters from the SHA and journalists are forced to press school divisions for confirmation of rumours of Covid cases in schools. (2/4)
Other provinces have mandated school boards to publicly disclose all Covid cases (with steps taken to maintain patient privacy) - why won't Saskatchewan? (3/4)
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CONFIRMED: Félix Le Chat daycare is closed today. In a letter obtained by CBC, parents were told a second person who regularly frequented the daycare tested positive to #COVID19. The daycare is located in the Haultain neighbourhood in #Saskatoon. #covid19sk Image
Just reached the spokesperson for the daycare. She tells me no comment for now. I will keep you updated as I learn more and as the story unfolds.
The daycare is located in the same building as the École canadiennne-française school. I was on site today and can confirm that students are in school today at ECF. #skpoli #covid19sk
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THREAD: Saskatchewan is lagging behind the rest of the country in testing.

Fast access to #COVID19SK testing is essential to safely sending kids and teachers back to school. If kids, teachers, or school staff get sick, we need fast and reliable access to testing – period. (1/10)
Any delay in access to testing means kids in #sasked could be out of class for days, with their parents having to stay at home with them, only to find out they have a simple cold. (2/10)
Or worse, that an outbreak will happen but we won’t identify it until it’s spread far more than it would have if we’d tested and traced quickly. (3/10)
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Lindsay Sanderson is a Saskatoon mom who says she won’t send her son to kindergarten come September. She’s protesting in front of Education minister, Gord Wyant’s office. "I’m angry. We’re not going away."
#safeschoolscanada #skpoli Image
Sanderson wants smaller class sizes, more funding for janitorial services in schools, alternative learning options for immunocompromised students. She joined other Canadians who are pushing back against their provincial governments back-to-school plans. #safeschoolscanada #skpoli
Spotted in front of Gord Wyant’s office in #Saskatoon. School starts in two weeks. #safeschoolscanada #yxe #skpoli Image
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As the date for schools reopening approaches, I am hearing from several Saskatchewan parents concerns about the province’s back-to-school plan creating inequalities between families. #skpoli #covid19sk
Some say they will be able to homeschool, while others, living in poverty say they won’t. #skpoli #covid19sk
See this piece by CBC’s Jessica Wong.…
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🇨🇦 Health Regions Dashboard Aug 19 10 pm
#Edmonton is now under provincial watch. Weekly cases per 100K high at 25.6 with 52 new cases.
More ⤵️
#CovidCanada #Covid19 #Covid19Ontario #Quebec #Covid19AB #Covid19MB #COVID19BC #COVID19SK… Image
The west remains the growth region with Manitoba climbing close to Alberta in weekly cases per 100K. Image
Red regions have over 21 weekly cases per 100K. Image
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Thread. A look at 📈trends in western province weekly cases per 100K. (7 or less is generally considered low.)… #COVID19AB #BCpoli #Covid19MB #COVID19SK Image
BC's cases are rising, the strongest wave since March. It reported 78 new cases yesterday and 392 for the week. The weekly per 100K is now at 7.9. Vancouver leads the current wave. Image
#Alberta's weekly per 100K is highest in the country at 15.7. PHU's reported 76 yesterday and 675 for the week compared to 582 last week. Edmonton is leading with 23 per 100K. Image
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Parents, teachers and kids are worried, and they are looking for a plan that gives them the confidence they need to return to school. Instead, they got the worst plan in Canada from this Sask. Party government…
...and a minister trying to pass the buck to school divisions that were already struggling with tough budget decisions. This government needs to take responsibility and come up with a real plan, instead one that’s failing the test and passing the buck. #skpoli #covid19sk #sasked
Sign our petition calling for #safeschoolsnow:
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Some thoughts on the #saskparty plan for reopening schools. #covid19sk
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Where are Jim Reiter and Gord Wyant?

The Sask. Party Ministers for Education and Health have been conspicuously absent over the past weeks. Yet, I’m hearing daily from parents and families how apprehensive they are about back-to-school. (1/3)
Where is the plan to get schools the staff and funding they need to open safely? Where is the leadership from these Ministers?

If they won’t step up and lead, they should at least follow the guidelines we’ve laid out... (2/3)
... which are based on conversations with teachers and families, about what a safe school reopening plan needs to include. #skpoli #covid19sk (3/3)…
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This government wants everything to happen behind closed doors, including conversations about whether they plan to be accountable to the people of the province. People deserve better.

Thanks to @cathysproule for penning this letter. #Covid19Sk Image
Behind the paywall of the Wall Street Journal, Scott Moe’s handpicked economic advisor, Stephen Harper, has said tax hikes and cuts to services like healthcare and education are “inevitable”.
Cuts and privatization are always the Sask. Party playbook. We will fight it every step of the way.…
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1/ Les points de contrôle dans le nord de la Saskatchewan continuent d'opposer la province aux communautés autochtones. "Nous sentons qu'il y a deux Saskatchewan en ce moment. Nos gens sont frustrés" déplore le chef du Conseil tribal de Meadow Lake, Richard Ben. #rcsk #covid19sk
En point de presse, le premier ministre @PremierScottMoe réitère que les points de contrôle vont demeurer jusqu'après la longue de semaine, au minimum. La province tente de trouver un terrain d'entente avec les chefs du nord depuis plusieurs jours. #rcsk #covid19sk
Selon des chefs autochtones, les points de contrôle minent au déplacement des résidents de communautés où il n'y a pas de cas de la COVID-19, menant notamment à des pénuries de nourriture, de médicaments et de désinfectants #rcsk #covid19sk
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Le porte-parole du Nouveau Parti démocratique en matière de finances, @WotherspoonT, demande au gouvernement saskatchewanais d'aider les municipalités à absorber l'impact économique de la COVID-19. #rcsk #covid19 #covid19sk Image
- le NPD réclame du financement additionnel entre la province et Ottawa. Pas de détails sur l'argent réclamé
- vent des prêts sans intérêt aux municipalités.
- demande la suspension de la taxe provinciale sur la vente sur les projets de construction. #rcsk #COVID19 #covidsk
3/ Je rappelle que la Ville de Regina @CityofRegina prévoit un manque à gagner de 20 millions de dollars en raison de l’impact économique de la COVID-19. La Ville de Saskatoon @cityofsaskatoon s’attend à un manque à gagner de 20 à 43 millions de dollars #rcsk #covidsk
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DERNIÈRE HEURE : 34 nouveaux cas de COVID-19 en Saskatchewan. C'est le plus grand nombre de cas enregistrés en une journée.
97 cas actifs dans l'extrême Nord de la Sask, une augmentation de 29 cas depuis hier.
35 cas actifs dans le Nord, augmentation de 4 cas #COVID19 #rcsk ImageImage
17 cas actifs à Saskatoon
5 cas actifs à Regina, 2 cas de moins #rcsk #covid19sk #COVID19
Le ministre de la Santé de la Saskatchewan, Jim Reiter, affirme n'avoir jamais dit que la situation dans le nord était "sous contrôle" dans le passé. Le chef du NPD @ryanmeili a critiqué des représentants de la prov. pour avoir utilisé ces mots. #rcsk #COVID19 #covid19sk
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Some thoughts on Saskatchewan's response to COVID-19 so far, and the need for a plan that puts people first. #COVID19SK #skpoli

Saskatchewan people have stepped up to protect each other through this pandemic. We’ve shown incredible spirit. We’ve shown what Saskatchewan is made of.

And it’s working. Our COVID-19 case numbers are among the lowest in the country.
We all want to get back to normal life. The last few weeks have been hard on all of us. Kids home from school, unable to visit friends & grandparents. People off work & worrying how they’ll pay the bills. Business owners wondering if they’ll be able to open their doors again.
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