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The #Egyptian government has arrested at least 10 journalists since the #coronavirus was detected in the country, a local human rights group said, accusing authorities of seizing on the pandemic to accelerate a long-running campaign against dissent.…
The wave of detentions comes even as authorities across the world release inmates in a scramble to curb the spread of the virus in prisons, where social distancing and other preventative measures prove impossible, said @anhri the Arab Network for Human Rights Information. #Egypt
The #Egyptian government has not released political detainees to prevent an outbreak, and instead put an end to family visits in prisons as a precautionary step. #COVIDー19
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አፈሩን ጠርጌ ሳር ቅጠሉን ሁሉ ግንድን አጋግዤ:

እግረ መንገዴንም:

የዛፍ ሥር አፍልሼ አብሽቄ አናድጄ ሰውን አሳድጄ:

ይህን ባደረኩኝ ለዚህ ውለታዬ:

እየተሰዋልኝ ኮርማና ጊደሩ በግና ቀይ ዶሮ:
የወን ዞች ሁሉ አውራ::
አዝማች ፊትአውራሪ ሆኔ ስኖር ድሮ:

ታዲያ ምን ይደርጋል

ልማረክ ነው ዛሬስ ወይ ጉዴ ዘንድሮ!!

በግርማ ሞገሴ ደግሞም በቁ መቴ ሙገሳው ሳያንሰኝ:

አሉና ተስማምተው በቃ ተረጋጋ:

ሀይቅ እናድርግህ ብለው ጀግኖች እጄን ያዙኝ:
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Dear The British public first my condolences for the loss of life due to Covid19. It’s a great tragedy that touch us all.
For the past half a century you have been supporting the Ethiopian people through aid, handouts or technological innovation which we’re grateful.
I am writing this article for your support in our efforts to be self sufficient which I know as nation you, encourage individuals and nations. I brought this to your attention because of colonial era of your government involvement in thea
1929 anglo-#Egyptian treaty which covered many issues related to the Nile River and its tributaries. Of particular relevance to the present discussion is that it granted #Egypt annual water allocation of 48 billion cubic meter & Sudan 4 BCM out of an estimated
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1 @Number10press Dear Sir/ Madam regarding The Anglo-#Egyptian Treaty covered many issues related to the Nile River and its tributaries.Of particular relevance to the present discussion is that it granted #Egypt annual water allocation of 48 billion cubic meter &
Sudan 4 billion cubicM out of an estimated average annual yield of 84 billion cubic meters. In addition, the 1929 agreement granted Egypt veto power over construction projects on z NR or any of its tributaries in an effort to minimize any interference with z flow of water1.2
into the Nile. This agreement excluded #Ethiopian one of tributaries supply about 86% of the NR water. As you are aware In 2011, #Ethiopia began constructing the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (#GERD) on the Blue Nile in a place called Guba, approximately 60 km from 1.3
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How many journalists is the Sisi regime planning on arresting? All of them?

#Egyptian security forces Sunday detained Lina Attalah, editor in chief of investigative media outlet Mada Masr, the latest arrest amid a wider crackdown on dissent…
Lina Attalah was arrested outside #Cairo’s Tora prison complex during an interview with Laila Soueif, mother of jailed activist Alaa Abd El Fattah.

Soueif was briefly arrested in March along with 3 others after they staged a protest to demand release of prisoners amid #Covid19.
Alaa Abdel Fattah served a 5yr prison sentence for violating #Egypt’s protest ban. In Sept, not long after his release, he was arrested again amid a crackdown that followed small protests demanding current President Sissi step down-although he did not participate in the protests.
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#Egyptian vice police have arrested TikTok Star Mawada Eladhm, 22, on charges of “violating family principles and values.” She is the 2nd Egyptian woman to be arrested for posting videos deemed in violation of societal principles and values since April.…
On April 21, Haneen Hossam was arrested for “inciting debauchery” and “promoting human trafficking” through her use of TikTok. #Egypt
Attention is power. When you command it, you command power, and so patriarchy swoops in and punishes you.

From The Seven Necessary Sins For Women and Girls: Attention
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“While some govts worldwide pardon prisoners during the time of #COVID19, Egypt is determined to keep its prisons full of journalists instead of letting them cover the pandemic &other news events freely”

#Egypt arrests journalist in accelerating crackdown…
Committee to Protect Journalists @pressfreedom linked Haisam Hasan Mahgoub’s arrest to a clampdown that has accelerated in the shadow of the #coronavirus pandemic, noting that Mahgoub had recently covered human interest stories about the health crisis.
Mahgoub was questioned by prosecutors Wednesday and detained on charges of joining and financing a “terrorist group” & spreading “fake news” that threatens national security - a vague accusation to silence and jail critics. #Egypt #COVID19
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#Egyptian actor Hisham Selim revealed on TV that his child who was assigned female at birth had transitioned has been applauded on social media. He and his trans son Nour have been interviewed together.… #LGBTQ
"Honestly, when thinking about it I thought, 'Thank God, it's not the other way around,'" Hisham Selim told DW Arabic.

Patriarchy always tears its fucking head:

Hisham Selim confessed that“his reaction might not have been the same if his son had wanted to identify as a woman”
Read this important analysis of the way Hisham Selim and #Egypt have reacted to the news of his trans son Nour: A ray of hope for the trans community, yet will we start seeing the forest for the trees?… #LGBTQ
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#MuseumsUnlocked is full of fascinating yet frozen in time & place #Egypt

This #Egypt is exclusive & imagined. One you only see behind #Museums' glass display cases or digital screens

Not the vibrant full of contrasts #Egypt living in & within ancient & modern Egyptians 👇
Egypt is a multi-layer of living histories buzzing with changing power, people, and places. Too complex to be captured in a still brushed image of "iconic monument"...
It has the pharaohs but most importantly the ordinary people whose sweat & blood built it...
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Thread :
The Expired #GNA is a predecessor of a list of #Tripoli based govs that backed,founded,& funded #terrorist orgs in #libya,#Turkey
Such as the #Benghazi shura council; that attacked the US embassy in 2012
Many fighting against the #LNA in #Tripoli
The #Binghazi shura council
is a military coalition in Benghazi composed of Islamist and jihadist militias,including Ansar Al-Sharia, Libya Shield 1, & several other terrorists groups such as #ISIS & #AlQeada
This coalition by the #MuslimBrotherhood was created to fight the #LNA
Who are BRSC?
Benghazi Revolutionary Shura Council was formed in 2014 by Ansar AlSharia (#AlQaeda) leader Mohammed AlZahawi & Wissam Bin Hmaid.
The group fought alongside #ISIS in Benghazi in an attempt to stop the Libyan Army #LNA liberate #Benghazi.
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As we're days just away from the FIRST TIME #HillaryClinton will sit for or a sworn deposition in connection with her use of a private email acct & #Benghazi while Sec. State, I thought we could look back on the list of things she could not recall in her 2016 #FBI interview.

☑️ When she received security clearance
☑️ Being briefed on how to handle classified material
☑️ How many times she used her authority to designate items classified
☑️ Any briefing on how to handle very top-secret "#SpecialAccessProgram" material

☑️ How to select a target for a drone strike
☑️ The number of times her staff was given a secure phone
☑️ Why she didn’t get a secure Blackberry
☑️ How the data from her mobile devices was destroyed when she switched devices

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1/11 How can a country quickly implement emergency #CashTransfers when hit by a shock like #COVID19? Options include increasing the value of existing transfers, expanding coverage, or by setting-up interventions based on existing structure. See image from @ValentinaBarca_ et al.
2/11 Tayssir, a #CCT managed by the @MarocEducation covering 2 million students in both rural & urban areas, is the only large-scale social #CashTransfer programme in #Morocco. However, the emergency benefit for #InformalWorkers didn’t rely on Tayssir to respond to #COVID19. Why?
3/11 In part because Tayssir doesn't have its own targeting mechanism. It also uses RAMED'S proxy means test to determine eligibility in urban areas. See So, was the main reason to use RAMED cards because of its good targeting performance? Not really…
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I'm an #Egyptologist trained at @unibirmingham specializing in #Theban #tombdecoration of the 1st millennium BCE. For the past 9 years, I've shifted my focus to #Nile travel journals in late C19 and early C20. @nelcuw @ebadiary #dayofdh2020
I work with undergrad interns who help me #transcribe #primarysource material written by travelers to #Egypt including #archaeologists, #artists and the #hiddenwomen...wives, mistresses, secretaries and administrators. Our work began with the unpublished diaries of #EmmaBAndrews
We spent a couple of years to transcribe all 19 volumes into #plaintext which we then #encoded in #XML using @TEIconsortium guidelines which we use as the basis for #NamedEntityRecognition of people, places, boats...our #XSLT script returns an alphabetized index of all this info
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We’ve offered #DH undergrad and grad internships at Newbook Digital Texts since 2011 and have collaborated with around 200 @uw students during that time. #dayofdh2020 @nelcuw @ds_uw @SimpsonCenter @SvobodaDiaries @ebadiary @UWArtSci @uwcse @UW_iSchool
I collaborate with Prof. Walter Andrews and Dr. Mary Childs, amongst others. Our projects range from #Ottoman and #Georgian poetry to C19 travel journals from #Iraq and #Egypt.  
Our work is #opensource, and interns work on all aspects of the projects, including...
#Transcribing unpublished #primarysource material such as these diaries from C19 #Iraq @SvobodaDiaries @nelcuw
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I teach introductory no-prerequisite classes in #DH to undergrad and grad students. We focus on building sustainable, well-documented digital projects #dayofdh2020 @nelcuw @ds_uw @UW_iSchool #MLIS @SimpsonCenter
We use a variety of tools in class to explore humanities datasets and build exhibits including @omeka, @OpenRefine, @VoyantTools, #GaleDigitalScholarLab, @knightlab #StoryMapJS @neatline amongst others.
A few class highlights: Summer 2019’s online survey course through @UW_iSchool introducing students to concepts/methodologies of working with, and analyzing primary source texts using digital
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1. @khamenei_ir's statement needs to be seen in the context of the "Battle for Dominance" of the Islamic World between Iran and Saudi Arabia

Riyadh's position as the leader of the Muslims has been under threat from Tehran right after the Islamic Revolution of 1979
2. The genesis of this war is a war of ideologies among the two sects of Islam ; 'Shia' and 'Sunni' with Sunnis being the dominant population in the Middle East , North Africa , Pakistan , Indonesia , India and Malaysia.
3. The Muslim populations of most of these countries look towards Saudi Arabia (Custodian of Mecca and Medina) or Iran for support and guidance on issues of religious conflict , regional conflict , social trends and laws. It is a dotted line relationship.
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On this #WorldHeritageDay we are celebrating the World Heritage Sites. 🏛️

I've been lucky enough to visit 133 of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 31 countries!
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The Egyptian philosopher ʿAbd al-Rahman al-Badawi (1917-2002) is perhaps one of the most underrated thinkers of #ContemporaryArabThought - a major #Heideggerian_existentialist #Sufism and #IslamicPhilosophy specialist who studied at Fuad I (later #Cairo) University 1/
Many of us who study #IslamicThought know him for his editions of #ArabicAristotle #ArabicPlato #ArabicPlotinus as well as editions of the work of #Avicenna #IbnSabin #SiwanalHikma and others - without his efforts we would not have editions of the #PlotinianaArabica 2/
In the 1930s he studied in Cairo and obtained his PhD in 1944 supervised by #AlexandreKoyré (1892-1964) on the notion of 'existential time' that engages with #Heidegger - this like his other early works was published by #DaralNahdaalMisriya 3/
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As we mark 100 days since the first case of what we now call #COVID19 now was notified to WHO, here is the timeline of key events and efforts taken to stop the #coronavirus from spreading.

31 Dec 2019: #China reported a cluster of cases of pneumonia in Wuhan, Hubei Province.

1 Jan 2020: WHO activates an Incident Management Support Team at HQ, regional & country level, putting the organization on an emergency footing for dealing with the outbreak.

4 Jan 2020: WHO reports on social media a cluster of pneumonia cases – with no deaths – in Wuhan, Hubei province, 🇨🇳. #COVID19 #coronavirus

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I am done with voting for one dumpster fire over another? FUCK IT. A vote for no one is a vote for everyone.STOP LOOKING TO SO-CALLED LEADERS to do anything REAL or LASTING to improve society. IGNORE THE POPULARITY CONTEST and #SHUTITDOWNNOW. #KEEPITSHUTDOWN #NoOne2020
#FuckIt Time to start to use their tactic of #ShockDoctrine to catalyze Revolution AKA How to use this crisis to everyone's advantage.
I know shit is bad. It's going to get worse, before it gets better. We know that. MUCH WORSE. We are going to have to accept that many of our friends and relatives won't make it through this shit show. We need to bite the bullet and make sure we #KEEPITSHUTDOWN #GeneralStrike2020
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Quelques situations du coronavirus en Afrique le dimanche 29 mars 2020 :
1. #Covid19 :Le #Benin ne dispose pas des ‘moyens des pays riches’ pr prendre des mesures de confinement strictes dans la lutte contre la propagation du coronavirus, a déclaré dimanche le président, Talon.
2. #Covid19 :Le président sud-africain Cyril Ramaphosa a levé dimanche la quarantaine imposée à une centaine de ses ressortissants rapatriés il y a deux semaines de la ville chinoise de Wuhan, berceau de la pandémie meurtrière de coronavirus #coronavirusafrica @AfriqueTweet #OMS
3. #Covid19 :Les Maliens ont commencé timidement à élire dimanche matin leurs députés lors de législatives à fort enjeu, organisées malgré la persistance des violences, la propagation du coronavirus et l'enlèvement du chef de l'opposition #coronavirusafrica #OMS @AfriqueTweet
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TODAY's #US Numbers as of 10:58 AM
CASES 50,212 DEATHS 606..
#Recovered 333 (see Importance below)
By Rick Noack, Lateshia Beachum, Kim Bellware,
Marisa Iati, Siobhán O'Grady, Adam Taylor and
John Wagner
10:51 a.m. PDT
MAR24 #COVID19 #MDTHREAD 2: Here from my AM MD Threadlet.. SOMETHING POSITIVE about it all..
The Importance of our #RECOVERED .. with #Immunologic data from @NAChristakis .. LINK in my TWEET 1.
Please read esp #Medicals who will understand. @maddow @CNN
MAR 24 #COVID19 #MDTHREAD 3: Here is link to Yesterdays's MAR 23 ...36 TWEET THREAD..
AND ICYMI: Last WED. March 18 #US NUMBERS...
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#COVIDー19 crisis response is another area where the performance of Prime Minister #ImranKhan's cabinet is inadequate & late resulting in a rapid surge in #coronavirus cases+infections. His TV address was unimpressive. @ImranKhanPTI can learn from @realDonaldTrump & @NYGovCuomo.
Unlike #USA+#Europe, #Pakistan is right next door to two epicenters of #COVIDー19 spread: #China & #Iran. China was initially late but later took impressive steps to contain the spread, incl quarantining #Pakistani citizens. Unlike Iran where Pk citizens visited in large numbrs.
What steps did PM #ImranKhan take for a #CoronaFreePakistan when it was obvious #Pakistan faced #COVIDー19 spread threat from #Iran; & when it became obvious that almost every neighbor incl #Iraq+#Turkey+#Gulf traced 1st cases to Iran & when #Tehran failed to warn neighbors?
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OUTRAGEOUS. #Egyptian prisons are disasters waiting to happen during the #CoronavirusOutbreak. Instead of saving lives and releasing prisoners, the regime has arrested 5 activists-Mona Seif, Leila Soueif, Ahdaf Soueif, Rabab al-Mahdi-who staged a protest calling to #FreeThemAll
A few days ago, @hrw published this report: In crowded, unhygienic prisons, the spread of #COVID19 presents a serious threat. #FreeThemAll
#Egyptian prisons are notorious for being overcrowded, dirty and unhygienic. Last November, UN experts said that #Egypt’s abusive detention conditions “may be placing the health and lives of thousands [of] prisoners at severe risk.” #COVID19
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