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I was in my first months as an aide when this vote went down. The pressure from the Speaker, a Democrat, to NOT support more significant investment in transportation was intense. It was a glaring example of lack of courage and lack of vision from the leadership team. #mapoli
This #mapoli history is worth unpacking a bit. It was the most important political debate of it's mini era and helped define the political consciousness of a set of staff and legislators. Here's a thread:
Typically the kind pressure Kaufman describes is implicit. More "we'll exclude you socially" than clear quid pro quos. It's only explicit for the Speaker's top priorities. So in this case, a smaller tax package and smaller transportation investments were a top priority.
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Had to spend the last hour or so writing additional comments to the #MBTA board (with a copy to my state rep). Meeting recap tk in a few minutes.
Ok, here we are with the recap of today's #MBTA board meeting. Absent today were vice-chair @MonicaTibbitsN and director @BrianLang123; present were chair Aiello, directors Kornegay and @BrianShortsleev, and transportation secretary @Steph_Pollack.
The meeting started at 12:07 after some greetings and chat among the large number of politicians who were at the meeting. (While this was going on, I met @JanetWuNews, now of Bloomberg. The fellowship of people who regularly attend these meetings is a small one.)
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Ok, so on with the recap of today's incredibly long (five hours!) #MBTA board meeting. As always, these are done from my handwritten notes taken at the meeting, so if I missed someone's name, sorry, them's the breaks.
Directors @BrianLang123 and @BrianShortsleev were absent to start the meeting; Lang joined at 2pm. Present for the whole meeting were chairman Aiello, vice-chair @MonicaTibbitsN, director Kornegay, and secretary @Steph_Pollack.
In a departure from usual practice, the meeting started with a presentation from Toronto's MetroLynx, an agency of the provincial government. They are in the process of a redesign and refranchising of the GO commuter rail network.
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1/ Frustrated and stuck on the @MBTA? Here’s a thread for your morning commute, and a reminder of why the transit system’s main funding source has fallen far short of expectations:
2/ The @MBTA has relied on the “penny on the sales tax” since 2001. At the time, the state thought sales tax revenue would continue to grow by 3 to 8% per year as it had. In 2007, 3% was still “worst case scenario”.
3/ Actual growth of sales tax has, in fact, averaged 1.5% — half what leaders expected. This is partly because of changes in what people buy. Further, the “penny on the sales tax” portion that the @MBTA gets doesn’t include meals.
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For @cogwbur, I wrote about yesterday's MBTA derailment and how incidents like this have created a transportation crisis in Massachusetts. #mapoli #mbta…
Fixing the T will require voting out politicians who refuse to take Boston's transportation crisis seriously. It will involve amplifying folks like @wutrain @cdempc @transitmatters @MikeConnollyMA and others who've offered tangible solutions. #mbta #mapoli…
After this week's MBTA derailments, #TransitEquity must become a new litmus test for Massachusetts lawmakers. We can keep re-electing politicians who don't give a shit about equitable transportation, or we can hire better leaders.

It's our call.

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Since I’m sitting on the delayed #GreenbushLine, I’ll tell a little story. I’m lucky enough that I have a great job in #Boston, one with flexibility. I can work from home if needed, and I’m not penalized for being late to work. But once upon a time, I worked in retail as (1/6)
a store manager. Over half my staff took the @MBTA to get to and from work. My stock room guy was one of these employees. He was chronically late to work, not because he was a bad employee or didn’t budget enough time, but because he took the #RedLine and it was regularly (2/6)
late. He had to log in and out each day in our POS system, and at one point my regional manager rang me up and said I had to fire him. He had too many late arrivals and was labeled an unreliable worker. I pleaded his case for him. It wasn’t his fault. Here’s a young man (3/6)
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Where are we on improving the #MBTA? @BruceMohl asks MBTA chair Joseph Aiello. “Still at the very beginning.”

“We were in as dark a hole as you can imagine.”
Aiello defends the T’s plan as a “radical transformation,” esp on the Red Line, where the goal is to get to service every three mins by mid-2020s, almost doubling capacity.

He also said (as officials have before) that past estimates on repair backlog of $7.3b are probably low.
Aiello adds the $7.3b backlog is about replacing the T’s existing infrastructure, not improving it. Those Red Line improvements, for example, are more expensive than just replacing “like for like.”
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<Thread> It's Labor Day. So I'm thinking about work, the economy, management, and the #MBTA. Nothing you'd rather read, right?
2/ This isn't reporting. Just thinking out loud. Your feedback/thoughts/are most, most welcome. I'm thinking about how we measure the
3/ value delivered by the MBTA. And how (if) we should codify that value into the other metrics we use to evaluate the T.
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