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The secret $100 billion fund amassed by #Mormon church…
Pope Francis welcomed top officials of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to the Vatican.
“We talked about our mutual concern for the people who suffer throughout the world and want to relieve human suffering".

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Republican Senator David Farnsworth is convinced that the #Arizona Dept of Child Safety, is involved the "global sex trafficking" of children that they remove from homes.…
Arizona Politician, Paul Petersen
Aressed for running a baby farm

He faces 30 or more felony charges, spanning 3 states.
Arizona, Arkansass, Utah.
This should be front page news but the #FakeNews
is to busy with a fraudulent #impeachment…
Former Arkansass State Senator, Linda Collins-Smith found dead in her home, by a single gunshot to her head.…
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Did Q tell us a #Mormon would be attacked by a #Cartel Army today?

Trump's tweet is at 8:28 which maps to Q2028: "Information comes in many forms"

Let's rearrange the /form/ of information in this drop:

One #Anagram for the phrase in Q2028 is:
"Sic Mafioso Infantrymen Mormon"
There are many different alternatives here - we need more information to truly decode.
Some other #Anagrams are:
"Mormon IC Mafioso Infantrymen"

It has been theorized that the Mormon church is in league with the #CIA

Are Mormon's the Intelligence Community (IC) "infantrymen"?
I'll update if I find info allowing a full decode.

Given a cartel attacked a group of mormons, I do not think it a coincidence that many #anagrams contain:
- mormon
- mafioso/mafiosi (cartel)
- army
- infantry/infantrymen
- sic (attack)
- mason/masonic
- IC / (intel community)
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There is some much to unpack here, I don't even know where to begin:

@LDSdiscussions @McconneyMichael

First thoughts: #LDS church is spending a lot of resources on keeping members from questioning its narrative & on casting those who do in a poor light.
I found it particularly interesting how they stigmatize reading or listening to 'exodus stories' of people who leave the church. This are clearly a concern for the brethren. This specifically targets @mormonstories, @wardlesspodcast, etc, and asking loved ones why they left.
If you listen to those 'exit stories,' you will quickly learn that many who leave did everything they could think of to maintain their belief. They did not want to lose their faith in the #Mormon truth claims and tried their hardest to save their testimonies.
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Father’s Day and what I learned from the Mormon Church oh Jesus Christ o... via @YouTube
Maybe the @LDSchurch should look into this video most of all. It talks about an early #Saint from the #Atkin family.
Do you think the #LDS #StakePresident would have something to say about the video in the thread. Well @StakePresident what do you have to say?
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Okay, let's do this.

A tweet thread that tries to place this week's #Mormon temple changes in historical context. Featuring gifs and images, just for fun. /1
First, I should note that I have not personally seen the new changes, and am going by what @religiongal has written for the @sltrib. /2…
And second, I'll try to be careful not going too far into detail concerning some details that the faithful consider sacred. However, the line is often blurry and different for everyone, so some will think I went to far and others that I didn't go far enough. /3
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FACT: Suicide is the number one cause of death of all #Utah youth; this is not the case nationally. More alarming, the teen suicide rate in Utah has doubled since 2011. #LGBT #UTpol #LDS #Mormon #BYU
Another Fact: Teen suicide is lower when there is an #LGBTQ supportive environment. #Utah is notorious for its lack of support for and acceptance of the #LGBT community. #LDS #Mormon #UTpol #BYU
Relatedly, studies show that in areas where homosexuality is tolerated, mental health outcomes for #LGBTQ are the same as non-LGBTQ people. Elevated risk of suicide correlates w/ elevated risk of mental illness that is prevalent among LGBTs living in areas hostile to them.
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