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In this first photo, #OathKeeper Ken Harrelson can be seen holding protestors back from @CapitolPolice officer @libradunn. Dunn was highly agitated and carrying an M4 rifle. Harrelson and other OKs took up a de-escalating posture between Dunn and the more hostile protestors.🔽
This defensive action by the #OathKeepers was captured by multiple cameras. In officer @libradunn's first @FBI interview, he confirmed this event, as evidenced in the initial @January6thCmte report. 🔽
Despite ample video evidence corroborating officer @libradunn's May '21 @FBI interview, someone compelled Dunn to change his story before his 2nd FBI interview in Aug. '21. In that subsequent interview, and under oath before the @January6thCmte and... 🔽
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Take away from last night. 1) 25% of the people in the room raised their hand that they were at J6. 2) They know that they are “losing” 3) Should only support candidates who think election was stolen 4) Don’t disparage opposition in primary.
#Manatee County #Florida GOP
5) Campaign pitch for Oath Keeper Jeremy Brown. Brown, currently being held without bond for his role in J6 and for possession of Secret Government Documents and grenades according to his indictment. Brown is running for #Florida State House 62 from the Pinellas County Jail.
Manatee County Commissioners attend campaign session for #OathKeeper Jeremy Brown. Brown is awaiting trial without Bond for his role in J6.
They include. Vanessa Baugh (Upcoming Ethics Trial in Florida Court). George Kruse (Indicted last week for Drunk Driving)
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1/ (thread) #EXCLUSIVE: In part two of a three-part investigation into @Hillsdale, @kathrynajoyce examines #HilldaleCollege’s multifaceted and far-reaching role in shaping and disseminating the ideas and strategies that power the right.…
2/ In 2011, @Hillsdale president Larry Arnn began offering snippets of the institution's curricula to the public with a series of free online courses on subjects like the Constitution, the Bible and, more recently, "American Citizenship and Its Decline."…
3/ Imprimis, #Hillsdale's publication, churns out essays adapted from speeches given at school events, including topics on "gender ideology," "the Great Reset" and "The January 6 Insurrection Hoax" (which includes a defense of an #OathKeeper arrested for the Capitol assault).
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Listen to and read these segments of #OathKeepers interviews.

Justice Department cited some as incriminating.
We found, analyzed, and present several more.

Shows militia members' expectations on morning of #January6th, disappointment in Trump following.…
2. Oath Keepers were prepared for insurrection on morning of Jan. 6.

Were poised to act in concert with Trump to try keep him in power.

Oath Keepers' leader Stewart Rhodes was disappointed Trump did not carry out full powers (eg invoke Insurrection Act)…
3. #OathKeeper on morning of #January6th:

"We have a little bit of inside information with ... the powers that be, but this is a tinderbox. It just is a question of what is the precipitating event.”

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Why SEDITIOUS CONSPIRACY charges against the #OathKeepers significant? I compiled some fodder, a thread packed with video and info...
My 📸 via @SipaUSA
One stack of #OathKeepers entered the East Doors. Rioters made way for them. I decided to follow them. The yellow arrow is me. I was spun around, unknowingly finding myself next to Joe Biggs. Rejoined w the Oath Keepers in the rotunda.
Included in the #OATHKEEPER indictment.

January 5th Posts on TheDonald
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BREAKING: 9 #OathKeepers indicted for conspiracy, including 7 members of the tactical "stack" seen entering #Capitol in combat gear.


This is a major development! The conspirators come from:

-Ohio: Donovan Crowl, Jessica Watkins, Sandra Parker & Bennie Parker
-Florida: Graydon Young, Connie Meggs & Kelly Meggs
-North Carolina: Laura Steele
-Virginia: Thomas Caldwell
Purpose of the #OathKeepers conspiracy:
"to stop, delay, & hinder Congress'scertification of the Electoral College vote."

Manner & Means:
-equipped selves
-geared up
-moved in military formation,
-stormed #Capitol
-used comms
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BREAKING: at least six men that provided security for Roger Stone entered the #Capitol during the siege, per a @nytimes visual investigation.

All six are associated with the far-right #OathKeepers militia.


2/ On January 5th, Stone appeared at the Supreme Court, glad-handing and being driven in a go-kart. Later he attended a rally near the White House.

As the @nytimes team shows, his security entourage featured a host of #OathKeepers...
3/ In the morning of the 6th, Stone stood outside the Willard InterContinental hotel, again flanked by men associated with the #OathKeepers.

Some of them, like Rob Minuta, have been named in prior reporting.

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