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#EXCLUSIVE : UAE Cabinet reshuffle appoints new ministers and merges departments in push for agile government - (details in English via @TheNationalUAE )…
Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid merged several ministries and departments in a Cabinet reshuffle on Sunday in a drive to create a more agile government. (Thread)
“Our goal from the structural changes are for a government quicker in its decision-making…effectively adjusts with changes …better in seizing opportunities in dealing with this new phase in history –an agile government and quick in solidifying the achievement of our nation,”
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#Exclusive China has captured 60 sq km of Indian land according to Government Sources . #laddakh #ChinaIndiaFaceoff
Government sources conservatively estimate that the PLA has captured more than 60 square kilometres of Indian-patrolled territory in the last month -- equally divided between the northern bank of the Pangong Lake and the Galwan River sectors.
Chinese troops now block access to several Indian 'Patrolling Points' (PPs) along the LAC, which Indian army patrols have regularly visited for decades to assert their claim over the area.
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#Exclusive | Plot behind Delhi riots unearthed.
Conspirators identified by cops & 'Gang of Leftist-Islamists' tracked.
Incriminating 'proof' recovered & revealed how riots were incited.
It was all timed to @realDonaldTrump's visit. | #DelhiRiotPlottersTracked
@realDonaldTrump #Exclusive | Sinister plot behind Delhi riot unearthed as key 'conspirators' identified & tracked down by cops.
Incriminating material seized that proves conspiracy & sabotaging peace ahead of Trump's visit was real aim. | #DelhiRiotPlottersTracked
@realDonaldTrump #Exclusive | Delhi riot conspirators identified.
Special team was created to aggravate communal tension.
Fear of persecution behind campaign against cops now. | #DelhiRiotPlottersTracked
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Starting Day 30 of #COVID19 in Iran.

I started the threads mainly to:

1- Warn the rest of the world (early on) what was coming
2- Raise awareness on the dire situations in Iran

On the first one, whether I succeeded or not, the world has seen enough examples by now...
... not just from Iran, sadly now from Italy and Spain and just now in US.

On the second, situation has eased off in hotspots. If this stays and trends improves, there would be no reason to carry on - so will monitor.

Picking up from yesterday:
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#BREAKING Global News has learned that tomorrow the Government will introduce legislation that gives sweeping powers to Finance Minister Bill Morneau, including the power to unilaterally raise, lower, change taxes without Parliamentary approval #cdnpoli #CoronaVirus #COVID19
#Exclusive Global News has seen a copy of the legislation that the Liberals will introduce tomorrow giving sweeping new powers to Fin Min Morneau to tax and spend without Parliamentary approval. Story by @amandacconn & me… #cdnpoli #CoronaVirus #COVID19
Finance Minister Bill Morneau's proposed new powers to tax and spend without Parliamentary approval, including the ability to raise taxes, would be in place until December of 2021 under the proposed legislation #cdnpoli #CoronaVirus #COVID19
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#EXCLUSIVE: VP Pence vowed that all Grand Princess cruise passengers would be tested for #COVID19 after arriving at Travis AFB. But 2/3 of 858 passengers there have declined to be tested & they say federal health officials are actually DISSUADING testing…
Spoke to passengers who declined testing & they say would have done it if available when 1st arrived. But there were not enough tests, not enough trained personnel & not enough protective gear...getting tested now, they say, could jeopardize release date…
White House said they offered #COVID19 testing to all passengers, but can’t force testing. Two law professors disagree. Say feds have legal power to compel testing based off Supreme Court ruling about forced vaccinations during smallpox outbreak in 1908…
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🔔 A newly revealed database exposes in extraordinary detail the main reasons for the detentions of hundreds of #Uighurs in the #Xinjiang region of #China 🇨🇳
📑 This is the third leak of official Chinese government documents that shed light on crackdowns on the #UyghurMuslims in #China.

Our Beijing correspondent @ChPilgrim breaks down some of the findings ⤵️
@ChPilgrim In #China’s northwestern #Xinjiang region, more than one million ethnic #Uighurs are believed to be held in internment camps.

France 24 was able to gather rare testimony recounting the horror of the camps in this #exclusive report ⤵️
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FULL Jamia CCTV with testimony of a student who was INSIDE this library. He spoke to me on condition of anonymity. This part of the footage was NOT earlier released. This answers a lot. Read this #THREAD to know how.

Full Video👉

With the release of this CCTV & my conversation with student who was inside answers the following-

1. Were students inside Jamia library since 2 pm or did they come in the evening after rioting outside?

2. Why some had masks on?

3. What triggered the panic?


1. A student who was inside the library tells me, "At 27 seconds in this CCTV, a student showed us a clip he was whatsapped. Clip showed cops inside #Jamia. The clip was a SOS call by another student. We panicked. We decided to block door with desk for our safety"

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#EXCLUSIVE: Two far-left extremist websites are offering detailed instructions and maps on how to sabotage rail lines and other critical Canadian infrastructure. #cdnpoli…
One of the websites gives instructions on how to create thermite, a chemical mixture used to weld metal that reaches high enough temperatures to destroy steel rails.
Another website gives instructions on how to avoid leaving fingerprint or DNA evidence.
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#Breaking Global News has learned Conservative leader Andrew Scheer is about to resign #cdnpoli #CPC
Global News has learned that Scheer is resigning after it was revealed he had been using Conservative Party money to pay for his children's private school education. #cdnpoli #CPC
#CPC sources tell Global News that members of the Conservative Fund are outraged and demanded Scheer's resignation when they found out party money was being spent on private schooling. Sources say the expenditures were made without the knowledge or approval of the Fund #cdnpoli
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Tonight an #Exclusive on @GlobalNational: @globalnews has learned RCAF 01, the Prime Minister's plane and our version of Air Force One, is grounded till Aug 2020 after a runaway plane incident at CFB Trenton left the plane with a crushed nose and damage to its right engine #CAF
@GlobalNational @globalnews The plane was being towed from a ramp to Hanger 10 by a tractor through an area it does not normally use. When the civilian contractor ground crew realized that the tractor wouldn't fit in hanger, they went to hook up another and that's when the plane took off #CAF #RCAF
@GlobalNational @globalnews The ground crew had set chocks in front of the wheels to prevent it from rolling and put the parking break on. Neither stopped the plane, which rolled over the chocks, struck a tractor with the right engine and careened into the far wall of the hanger #CAF #RCAF
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#exclusive Global News has learned that @LeonaAlleslev will be announced as Deputy Leader of the Conservative Party tomorrow morning. Multiple conservative sources say Alleslev was told today. #cdnpoli #cpc
@LeonaAlleslev Leona Alleslev crossed the floor from the Liberal Party in September of 2018. She is a former Air Force officer and GTA MP. #cdnpoli #cpc
@LeonaAlleslev Alleslev is relatively new to politics, she was elected for the first time in 2015. For the Conservatives she brings the key element of being from the GTA, is generally seen as a progressive in the party, and she is a woman. #cdnpoli #cpc
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🔴⏬ Here I start a thread about some Oracle Database concepts. We will see how far it goes - all questions/comments welcome.
🔴⏬ A database (or DBMS - database management system) stores (for short and long term) and manipulates (from many concurrent users/devices) your #data.
🔴⏬ #data is logically structured (tablespaces, schemas, tables, columns, datatypes, constraints,…). The structure is described by #metadata.
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WORLD #EXCLUSIVE | India has immense potential. You have so many people looking at technology: @BillGates, Philanthropist & @Microsoft co-founder, tells Rahul Shivshankar on INDIA UPFRONT. | #BillGatesBacksRisingIndia

@BillGates @Microsoft WORLD #EXCLUSIVE | Certainly (India can turn into a $5 trillion economy by 2024): @BillGates, Philanthropist & @Microsoft co-founder tells Rahul Shivshankar on INDIA UPFRONT. | #BillGatesBacksRisingIndia
@BillGates @Microsoft WORLD #EXCLUSIVE | Digitally enabling health and education is unique to India: @BillGates, Philanthropist & @Microsoft co-founder tells Rahul Shivshankar on INDIA UPFRONT. | #BillGatesBacksRisingIndia
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I’m going to make a thread the the articles I personally loved writing and the stories I personally loved covering in the past 2 years. This might be a slightly long thread, so don’t hate me for it
Where I wrote about Pakistan’s 5th column warfare: The senate report on how to widen faultlines in India and how the media happily plays the role of Pakistan’s OGW happily…
2. Illegal Kabab vs Legal Sharab

Where Yogi Adityanath shutting down illegal slaughterhouses created an outrage, but the actual ban on legal alcohol by Nitish govt was accepted without a peep…
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1/ #EXCLUSIVE This is big: Documents I obtained show #Baghdadi compound in Barisha had internet connection.

Internet installed on 1/2/2019. Connection username: mhrab. Until 12hrs before U.S. raid, residents of compound were connected. I also got docs with IP addresses.

٢/ حصري: حصلت على مستندات تظهر ان المجمع الذي اختبأ فيه ابو بكر #البغدادي في باريشا كان مزودا بشبكة إنترنت.

الاشتراك بشبكة النت بدأ بتاريخ 1/2/2019 وكان اسم المستخدم: mhrab.

استعمل سكان مجمع البغدادي النت قبل 12 ساعة من الغارة الامريكية على المكان.

3/ Internet connection in compound where ISIS chief #Baghdadi died was organised by the owner of the house, Abu Muhammad al Halabi.

2 yrs ago Al-Halabi purchased that compound. Documents I obtained show the internet subscription there started on 1st February 2019.

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1/ #EXCLUSIVE The Syrian photographer/cameraman of a pro-Turkey Syrian group who recently filmed executions in NSyria, traveled in 2015 as a refugee to #Germany where he applied for asylum. He stayed near city of #Halle, in monastery "Kloster Helfta" in town Lutherstadt Eisleben.
2/ His name is Alhareth Rabah, group he is with: Ahrar alSharqiya.

On his own Instagram account Rabah posted 25/12/2015: “Nothing comforts me except my dua, my look at sky &outside of my window. #mypicture"

Location is clearly monastery "Kloster Helfta" in Lutherstadt Eisleben.
3/ In this December 2015 article, monastery "Kloster Helfta" in Lutherstadt Eisleben tells local media they took in 48 refugees from Syria in October 2015.…
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Kurdish Human right activist & The secretary-general of the Future Syria Party,Ms #Hervin_Khalaf ,has been raped & then stoned to death by #Turkey backed Jihadists near #Hasakah during Turkey's ethnic cleansing operation against #Kurds in Syria. @brett_mcgurk #amnesty
@brett_mcgurk "This happened almost precisely 3 years ago:Kurdish forces raised the US flag in Tal Abyad, while US soldiers were threatened by Turkish-backed rebels.

The President
could learn something about honour & loyalty from these fine men & women"
via @MsJulieLenarz
@brett_mcgurk @realDonaldTrump @MsJulieLenarz On Fox News:
No nation will ever have a reason to trust America or turn to US for support since they are abandoning the Kurds. Kurds done hard fight against ISIS but now they feel betrayed. US government will bury human rights if they have a deal with Islamic Republic dictators.
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#Breaking #EXCLUSIVE: Ottawa cuts reimbursements for military health care, hospitals on the hook for millions - National |… #cdnpoli #CAF
Min @HarjitSajjan blames hospitals and provinces saying they overcharge troops “As it stands, when a member of the Canadian Armed Forces gets care in a hospital, they are charged more for the same service than a Canadian because they wear a uniform. That is wrong.” #CAF #cdnpoli
Full statement from the Minister’s office to @globalnews on the military cutting how much it pays hospitals for care, same sentiment as from military healthcare sources that military being gouged. Fed govt must pay for troops care (in law) but are charged out of province rates
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#Breaking Global News has learned that the Director General of an intelligence unit at RCMP HQ has been arrested and charged under the secrets act involving espionage by foreign powers. Sources tell Global News this was an extensive national security investigation #cdnnatsec
Global News can identify the senior RCMP member charged as Cameron Ortis. This is a very serious and rarely used charge #cdnnatsec
He was arrested yesterday in Ottawa
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Global News #Exclusive Taxpayers footed bill for $4.5M in trips by MP spouses, partners over last four years… #cdnpoli
More on MP spending to fly spouses: Jody Wilson-Raybould (now an independent) topped the Liberal cabinet for claims… #cdnpoli
Some of the Liberal Ministers at the top of the list for spousal travel expenses: Lawrence MacAulay ($46, 357.22), Seamus O'Regan ($45,659.61), Bill Blair ($30,540.39) and Bill Morneau ($20,852.37). #cdnpoli
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MOTHER OF ALL: 5000-YEAR-OLD GENOME OF WOMAN DEBUNKS ARYAN INVASION THEORY #Exclusive interview with Prof Vasant Shinde, VC Deccan College. Harappan's were the Vedic people. No Aryan invasion/migration took place #watch #thread 1/n
Ancient DNA from the Indus Valley Civilization was found in this individual buried at India’s Rakhigarhi archaeological site. 2/n
The geographical span of the Indus Valley Vedic Civilisation.
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Tonight on @GlobalNational #Exclusive details on how Master Corporal Patrik Mathews ended up on the radar of three different national security agencies and triggered a covert military intelligence investigation to find out if he was working alone
@GlobalNational #Exclusive details on how Master Corporal Patrik Mathews ended up on the radar of the CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency), RCMP and Canadian Armed Forces #cdnnatsec #cdnpoli
@GlobalNational Sources tell Global News Patrik Mathews frequently drove across the Canada-US border. We don't know what he was doing in the US or who if anyone he was meeting. #cdnpoli #cdnnatsec
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#Breaking Former Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould tells @TheWestBlock that she has been contacted by the RCMP over the SNC-Lavalin affair and had discussions with the police. @Puglaas says the RCMP reached out to her in the Spring #cdnpoli #SNCLavalin @globalnews
@TheWestBlock @Puglaas @globalnews In an #Exclusive interview with @TheWestBlock Jody Wilson-Raybould reveals the contact with the RCMP for the first time. We will have more tonight on this story on @GlobalNational with @DFriesenGlobal
@TheWestBlock @Puglaas @globalnews @GlobalNational @DFriesenGlobal Full story on what Jody Wilson-Raybould revealed about the RCMP reaching out to her and her discussions with the police over the SNC-Lavalin affair in her exclusive interview with @TheWestBlock (to air in full on Sunday) here:… #cdnpoli #SNCLavalin
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