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In this THREAD you'll see video of agents provocateur smashing windows, holding the Columbus Doors open with a pole, and PUSHING protestors inside

But what happened AFTER #January6th is even more shocking. 1/n…
If not for @elonmusk you would not know this.


The two men seen violently assaulting the Capitol on #January6th in the video above are but two of ONE HUNDRED TWENTY individuals at the forefront of the violence.

Yeah, we found more.


There were THOUSANDS of people in and around the Capitol on #January6th.

What makes these guys so special?

What makes these 120+ #insurrectionist unique is that the FBI has chosen not to include their images among the others being sought on the #J6 "Most Wanted" list

3/n Image
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DOJ and FBI are clearly overwhelmed. Almost two years after #J6 and they have charged less than 1,000 people. Thanks to their incompetence this insurrectionist will get away with probation only b/c they failed to charge him with a violent offense.
It's taken almost two years to get less than 500 convictions. Just today, a judge granted DOJ's motion to dismiss a case. No reason given. They apparently just let him off.…
As you can see on this spreadsheet only 160 individuals have actually been sentenced to even a single day of jail time. Another 71 have been sentenced to home detention. The other 80 have been sentenced to probation only.…
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1/ And even after the riot and congressional certification of Biden’s win, he said, Ward continued to maintain that the slate of fake electors contained “the rightful and true presidential electors for 2020.’’…
2/But yet our local fake elector and Chairperson of CCRC and appointed Fire Boardman, Robert Montgomery, claims that it’s “It’s all Democrat talking-points bull.”…
3/Meanwhile, BOS Peggy Judd who discussed election conspiracy w/Ward via FB (at least) is now “considering”a hand count of ballots this November…
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Back in federal court today for closing arguments in the trial of January 6 defendant and international underwear model John Strand. He is wearing some excellent shoes—silver loafers with a red stripe up the back, bare ankles. Not a look you see much at the defense table!
The case has now gone to the jury. It’s possible we could have a verdict today. It seems clear Strand will be convicted of something but not clear what. Much will depend on how much of a dumbass the jury thinks he is. His own lawyer called him a “poseur” in closing.
Strand is charged with 5 criminal counts, but one is a felony that carries a max 20 yr sentence if he’s convicted. That’s obstructing an official proceeding. Given his presence at the front of the mob at the door to the House chamber, he’s probably at risk here.
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John Strand on trial - faces 20 years in prison for being on the Capitol grounds on #J6.

Gov. just rested its case - charging Obstruction of Justice.

Strand is one of the only defendants refusing to take a plea deal.

Strand took the stand.

Comes from a Navy family, homeschooled.

Defense highlighted Strand’s struggling actor/artist background in Hollywood leading him to take on jobs as a CA licensed security guard.

Strand describes meeting Dr. Simone Gold…
Strand describes his relationship with the significantly older Dr. Gold as one that evolved from professional to more personal. Describes relationship as “imbalanced” and subject to bullying.

Traveled with her to her speaking engagements as personal protection. Including on J6.
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[THREAD] 🧵Last week the FBI arrested five different people on the FBI wanted list for #J6

Ian Horvath (aka #NotGrizzly) was BOLO-492 and turned himself in…
Kaleb Diller (aka #SmokeyInsider) was AFO-166 on the FBI list and was turned into the FBI by multiple individuals in his church group. He has been accused of assaulting federal law enforcement which is what Jesus would have wanted.…
Joseph Leyden (aka #GooberKnocker) was AFO-386 on the FBI list. That "AFO" stands for "Assault on Federal Officer". #SeditionHasConsequences #SeditionTrack…
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[THREAD] Five Florida militia members associated with a former GOP congressional candidate have been arrested for their role in #J6. Totally normal.
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1/ This #McAfeeAfterlife drop #1239 calls attention to another SOLAR STORM #StormIsComing. We had one also on guess when? 8/8 #MarALago. Today's CME will hit in waves 8/18. #RadioBlackout. More+🔻…
2/ "Getting The Shivver[z]????" = RICKY SHIFFER, possible cohort of RAY EPPS. #FBI #FalseFlags

#McAfeeAfterlife #McAfeeQ
"Ultra Nuclear Maga Q"

Authorities are looking into Ricky #Shiffer's self-proclaimed connections to [#J6].
3/ "An Earth-directed #CME – associated with the filament eruption from AR3076 – is estimated to reach Earth today (August 16) or tomorrow. There are at least two additional Earth-directed blasts...."🔻…

Hearing on the FBI affidavit is to be heard (Aug 18)
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Just a reminder, I love & respect #Trump but they did this to 100s of Americans over the last 18 months and America was silent. These Americans loss their jobs, bank accounts, ability to freely travel and don’t have millions to fight it or live through it. I’m disappointed that⤵️
America needs name recognition, blue checks and fame to finally be outraged that an American Citizens home was violated by the @fbi because of a political attack. If this pisses you off, you’re probably one of the people I’m disappointed in. Regular every day men & women stood⤵️
For your constitutional freedoms. Where have you been? Yes, I’m a target of #J6, yes I’m a combat veteran, yes I was a highly decorated Detective, Yes I have awards from Congress, the #fbi, yes I was awarded the Medal of Valor. Yes I have a right to be disappointed.
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In the South before the Civil War, white women couldn’t vote. They couldn’t hold office. When they married, their property technically belonged to their husbands.

But, there was one thing they could do. They could buy, sell, & own enslaved people.
This is for others to understand when you use things like the handmaid tale and talk about Gilead something fictional that removes our existence in the story it's so offensive. Because y'all participated in forcing us to give birth as your exchange of currency.
participating in the control of the bodies of others but demanding to have rights like your husbands?!! Just think about that. That's why you can't just say all women. We are not all seen as fully human and have the right to even move freely across this country right now.
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They called Joe O'Dea a "moderate."

Here's the problem with that.

#copolitics #cosen
Consider how far we've fallen:

➡️Trump does violent attempted coup
➡️Stop-the-steal still going
➡️Democratic norms trashed
➡️34 new laws in 19 states restrict voter access
➡️120 election-related criminal penalties in 26 states
➡️Election interference laws emerge, like in GA
➡️@BrennanCenter says election interference laws were GOP priority this year, with versions passed in 6 states
➡️Voter-fraud police unit championed by FL’s DeSantis, though voter fraud's rare
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HAPPENING NOW: Judge Metha holding pretrial conference re Oath Keepers seditious conspiracy trial now set for Sept. 26. Defense seeking to delay it due to House #Jan6. Haven't got to that yet. Discussing jury selection
Mehta re questionnaire: 'Brevity is better here….nobody wants to have a 2 week jury selection.' Also he says he thinks open-ended Qs about media consumption may be unhelpful (doesn't mention if they're improper).
Rhodes lawyer Linder says defense recently had a three-day 'work weekend' for several defense attys in Dallas where they worked on questionnaire and stipulations. Linder: 'We are making big striders to getting ready...I don't think we can realistically be ready in Sept.'
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The Dept. of Injustice continues its extraordinary #J6 vendetta against President Trump and his supporters.

Ordinary Americans who simply showed up at the Capitol have had their lives ruined, forever branded "domestic terrorists..."
A few are now charged with serious crimes. But in reality #J6 was an UNARMED protest that escalated in part due to provocation & non-MAGA agitation. Dems peddle a lying, unfactual, & purely political "insurrection" narrative...
#Trump urged rallygoers to the Capitol peacefully & patriotically. That's #freespeech! That some entered the Capitol unlawfully CANNOT be blamed on his standard rhetoric. Meanwhile the DOJ/FBI & MSM persecute Trump while protecting Joe & Hunter Biden...
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What's the most compelling case for #RayEpps being a knowing or unknowing Federal Asset?

Thread 🧵
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COURT RESUMING at Bannon trial: This morning we learned Bannon won't testify and defense doesn't plan to put on any case. Judge now hearing defense presentation about why they needed Jan. 6 panel chairman Bennie Thompson or other members as witnesses
Judge Nichols again reminds that he threw out Bannon's main potential defenses because he thought they are precluded. Nichols: 'I was bound by D.C. Circuit precedent that I’m not even sure is right.'
Schoen now trying to explain why Bannon needed Thompson and perhaps other #J6 committee members and the 1 panel staffer witness (Chief Counsel Kristen Amerling) wasn't sufficient
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NEW: Judge vows Bannon trial won't become 'political circus' after defense argued to jury that all evidence in case may be tainted by politics. No discussion in court of Bannon railing outside against #J6 committee & trial decisions. w/@kyledcheney
@kyledcheney Prosecution has finished questioning House #J6 counsel Kristin Amerling and cross-examination by Bannon's lawyers just began. Def atty Evan Corcoran begins by asking her to confirm this case doesn't involve any claim that Bannon took part in events of 1/6/21.
Corcoran just asked if committee used typewriters or computers to prepare subpoenas. Guess the answer? Then we had this riveting exchange: Q: Did you type in that date? A: I don’t recall, sir.
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HAPPENING NOW: Bannon trial back underway. Prosecution, apart from jury, is asking judge to stop Bannon's lawyers from arguing that the case is motivated by politics.
We covered that here: AUSA Vaughn says defense evading pretrial order not to raise political bias claims other than about specific witnesses: 'I think there is a clear record now that the defendant plans to skirt this court’s order.'
Def atty Corcoran: 'That’s not our intention.' So far, no discussion of Bannon's tirade outside court yesterday afternoon towards House #J6 committee and against alleged unfairness of trial, imploring panel members to show up and testify.
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NEW: Bannon contempt-of-Congress case bogs down over evidence, prompting judge to consider delaying opening arguments. Jury pool stews as lawyers & judge wrangle. w/@kyledcheney
@kyledcheney We're back in session now. Defense says that, given rulings admitting the House J6-Costello letters at least in part, Bannon says whole letters would come in.
This means that jurors would see the thrust of Bannon's executive privilege arguments but would be instructed by Nichols not to consider the substance of those.
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@tribelaw @JoeNBC Two points:
1. When DJT took the Oath of Office on Jan. 20, 2017 he established a Sacred Covenant with the American People to protect and defend the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic. It is that Sacred Covenant which gives a President the right to govern.
@tribelaw @JoeNBC It's NOT the Election nor the Electoral College that gives a President their power.
There's NO PRESIDENT until the Oath is both administered and accepted.
The People speak through Elections and the Electoral College to tell the ELECTED they're willing to enter into an agreement.
@tribelaw @JoeNBC The ELECTED take this Oath to demonstrate their willingness to enter into this Sacred Covenant. The ELECTED can not hold nor weild the inherent powers of the Presidency unless they have willingly and forthrightly proclaimed their commitment to serve and defend the Constitution.
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Reporter Jim Hoft: "Today we have the truth, today we have a whistleblower who stepped forward. This whistleblower released documents from the Kansas City Proud Boys; they were infiltrated on J6."

Per TGP, the infiltrator was working with the FBI: "His name is James Knowles."
Hoft told Bannon that the FBI infiltrator "wrote a report, turned it over to the FBI, and he exonerated the Proud Boys, he exonerated Trump supporters...he said they were not planning anything; this was not a conspiracy."

This completely counters the entire leftist J6 narrative.
Hoft continued, paraphrasing Knowles' report: "They went into the US Capitol and after 30 minutes they told their supporters, 'hey, let's pick up the trash and get out of here.' They listened to the police; they did not break through any barriers.

This is all in his statements."
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🧵NYT: (to long to publish) so here it is.
The untold... When Mr. Trump issued his Dec. 18th tweet inviting supporters to Washington DC for an "it will be wild" event on Jan. 6th he did so with an as yet unaddressed level of malice. Mr. Trump and...…
...his seditious co-conspirators anticipated thousands of supporters. As expected Citizens traveled from across the Nation to gather for speaches and a final rally on the Ellipse. There is little doubt that most who traveled to Washington that fateful day knew...
...what what they were actually walking into. This in no way excuses any of the horrendously violent actions of the unwitting who allowed themselves to be incited to violence by Donald Trump. Nor does it excuse those who allowed themselves to be swept up by the rabid...
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Well, well, well. Here’s an email from October 2016 discussing VA voter fraud. Both Ken Klukowski and Ginni Thomas are on this email, meaning that she most likely knows Klukowski. #January6thCommitteeHearings #January6thHearings #January6th #J6 Image
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When will we admit that “clash of civilizations” of Islamophobia narrative is not only false but dangerous. “War on Terror”=waging war vs Muslims but #J6 & #BuffaloMassacre reveal terror is not one religion. When Muslims are “legit” targets…that supremacist hate spreads further. ImageImageImageImage
Who was it “okay” to torture? (assumed is a terrorist?) Whose civil liberties disappeared 20 years ago? Muslims.

“But you all ‘deserve’ it” we’ve heard &: Why didn’t you stop terrorism? Why haven’t you apologized about x & y?

Now: consequences of that…
The “Great Replacement” is an extension of “Clash of Civilizations” that conflict/war is “inevitable” between “different” humans defined by race or religion. It dehumanizes some humans as “less than” or “threat.” Once you label as such, violence follows.…
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John Eastman's statement headlined "OMG, Mrs. Thomas asked me to give an update about election litigation to her group. Stop the Presses!" includes this email from Ginni Thomas, apparently released under Judge Carter's order. "Is your mailing address for Christmas cards still..."
Eastman released it through his Substack.… It confirms what at this point was obvious: Ginni Thomas is the "high-profile leader" of of the group referenced in Carter's order.
Judge Carter ordered Eastman to release only 10 of the 30 emails he reviewed from Ginni's group. Eastman's May 19 brief actually gives us a glimpse of three emails that Carter ended up shielding from the #J6 committee.
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