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Weekly Summary - May 4th

Here's another weekly summary for all of my investments. Week-over-week has seem some nasty returns over the last few weeks with this market, but hopefully we'll see a turnaround and some pumps now that we're in May. Check it out!

2/ First is @tombfinance and the returns on $Tshare / $FTM LP. There's A LOT going on with the $Tomb. The LP APR and $Tshare price declined a lot last month, but there is a lot of utility being released this month. April's total however saw an increase from March, so good news! Image
3/ @HectorDAO_HEC continues to be boring, which worked quite well for them during the downtrend. Price is relatively stable. The team is really investing a LOT in the market downturn, which will pay dividends nicely in an upturn. I'm liking how the team is building and investing. Image
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Pretty jazzed, took advantage of $Thor price slump and was able to accumulate enough $Thor to get another #Odin node this week. Best part, is I was able to use the rewards from all of my other projects and not a #penny extra was spent out of pocket. Here's what I did:
2/ If you follow me, I have pretty good exposure to each major blockchain (except #Ethereum because I hate it with a passion). I'm earning passive income on #FTM, #BNB, #AVAX, and #COSMOS. My goal is to eventually get to a point where I can dip into rewards and buy downtrends.
3/ Since starting this in February, this is the first time I was able to make a substantial dent in increasing my daily/$$ amount all from aggregating funds from the different chains onto one chain. In this case, the destination chain was #AVAX
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Weekly Update - Happy 4/20!

Hope you all enjoyed your brownies yesterday. Per usual, here's our weekly thread for the data that came in. Some good, some ugly, no rugs <-- that's always a win. Here we go, enjoy!

2/ First for @tombfinance. $Tomb has seen some prints in the last week, so slowly adding my $Tshare and letting it sit. I really miss using @Reaper_Farm to grow my LP position, but ultimately I want to accumulate $Tomb and then add it to the $Tomb / $MAI LP Pool. Image
3/ Next we have @HectorDAO_HEC, where $Hec is seeing healthy and steady growth. The protocol has it's legs under it after rebranding and now starting to see life. APY is still pretty decent considering, as long as the price holds/grows. Image
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Weekly Update - Week of 4/13

Had a busy week w/ work so I'm a few days off of my usual Wednesday thread. But here's the numbers for the week from a variety of investments. Have a few new tables to show you as well! Enjoy!

2/ We'll start w/ @tombfinance. Price of $Tshare has stabilized and the $Tomb printer has started again, which I've been anticipating w/ the fall of $FTM. Moved my money out of @Reaper_Farm (which I love BTW) and back to @tombfinance. Going to start adding to $Tomb / $MAI pool.
3/ Next we have @HectorDAO_HEC which is still slow and steady. Price has been rising though so the affects of the DEFI tools are starting to come to realization. Not paying a ton of attention here, just leaving it and seeing what happens.
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Weekly Summary for the Week of March 16th

It's that time again. Last week was rough on prices, but some price jumps at the beginning of this week. Let's take a look at @tombfinance, @HectorDAO_HEC, @nemesis_dao, @osmosiszone, @ThorNodes, @VaporNodes, @AngelNodes

2/ First up is @tombfinance. Rough week for the price of $TShare, mostly driven by decline in $FTM. Think bottom is close, so adjusted strategy to take advantage of $Tomb printing once it starts back up again. Shifted $TShare / $FTM LP back to @tombfinance.
3/ Next is @HectorDAO_HEC. Project announcements really jumped the price, we'll see if it holds. Jury is still out on the performance of $HEC, but might turn a corner soon.
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4-Week Summary on daily tracking. Have good data now for 1,2,3, and 4 weeks now. Also added tracking for the #NodeLife investments. Data from last week is not perfect since I was in Dubai, but extracted decent averages so numbers are fairly accurate.

2/ First is @tombfinance, staking through @Reaper_Farm. Considering I bought $Tshare at ATH, the LP staking has seen the most consistent APY and returns so far. Still down, but the LP amount is growing, which is all I care about for the first few months. Image
3/ Next is @HectorDAO_HEC. Price has seen a hit the last month but is stable now. They cut the APR a lot and released a lot of #DEFI utility. I have no idea how this will affect the price of $HEC, but the last month has only produced ~$20 in value. Might exit once even. Image
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Ā”Diez cosas que siempre quisiste saber sobre los #vikingos y nunca te atreviste a preguntar!
Ā”Adentro šŸ§µ!
#Arqueologia #Arte e #Historia de este pueblo de la #EdadMedia escandinava. ĀæSalvajes guerreros, intrĆ©pidos exploradores o refinados comerciantes?
1āƒ£ Es posible que os baile la cronologĆ­a vikinga. Tradicionalmente se usan como inicio y final del periodo dos fechas:
793-Saqueo del monasterio de Lindisfarne (Inglaterra)
1066-Derrota de Harold el Despiadado en la batalla de Stamford
Por tanto, se ubican entre los s.VIII y XI
2āƒ£ No constituyeron un estado unificado, sino que les unĆ­an la lengua (noruego antiguo), la cultura y las creencias religiosas. Suele hablarse de #vikingos daneses, suecos y noruegos, segĆŗn su ubicaciĆ³n original.
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šŸ’„and so it begins..šŸ’„
It's time, my friends šŸ¤©šŸ¤©

[Thread] #ProjectOdin
new quantum-based internet #ElonMusk #QVS #QFS #ProjectOdin
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Se acerca el Dƭa del Padre en Argentina y queremos saber quiƩn es el gran #PapƔMarvel definitivo!! ImageImageImageImage
CuƔl de Ʃstos #PapƔMarvel te identifica mƔs con tu viejo o con tus hijos?
Vota en esta encuesta y dale RT!!
#PapƔMarvel #UCM #MCU #Marvel
#diadelpadre #FathersDay #TonyStark #Yondu #Odin #TChaka
#IronMan #GotG #Thor #BlackPanther
TambiƩn te invitamos a que comentes con el HT #PapƔMarvel a cuƔl te gustarƭa volver a ver en el #MCU
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Today we are excited to announce the launch of 8kun, the HIGHLY anticipated anonymous imageboard. (Our reveal video for 8kun has been viewed around 500,000 times across social media.) While the big tech monopolies seek to clamp down on user expression and...
employ invasive data-collection policies, we strive to preserve the original spirit of the Internet. #8kun is data minimalist and doesnā€™t require you to sign up. 8kun will never ask for a scan of your phone number, driverā€™s license, facial recognition, or anal probe, etc
Quick Rundown
Clearnet address:
Lokinet addresses:
Duke : http://pijdty5otm38tdex6kkh51dkbkegf31dqgryryz3s3tys8wdegxo.loki
Dune: http://s5swbfcf4joom9tzf8w7ss5fptywwpnnfop3pxcf5ebjnz8ioksy.loki
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SerĆ­a muy interesante armar el maratĆ³n de #MCU alrededor de #Avengers, pero acomodando todas las escenas de todas las pelĆ­culas en una sola lĆ­nea temporal. No incluyo las series por que serĆ­a sumamente largo y complicado.

Abro #hilo y me explico.
Actualmente hay dos formas (bueno hay un chingo) en que puedes ver todas las pelƭculas del Universo CinematogrƔfico de Marvel:
1.- En el orden cronolĆ³gico de lanzamiento, es decir comenzar con #IronMan (2008), hasta llegar a #AvengersEndgame (2019).
2.- ViĆ©ndolas en orden cronolĆ³gico de tiempo de los eventos, es decir, comenzar con lo que sucediĆ³ primero con #CaptainAmerica: The First Avenger y terminando con #AvengersEndgame. Esto sin contar los "flashbacks" con los que comienzan algunas como #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy
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