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[Cultural Revolution 2.0 in #Hongkong]

1. @mingpaocom reported, pro-#CCP lawmaker Junius Ho sent #China’s Liaison Office’s new directive to #Beijing loyalists’ chat group, urging for a “struggle against the three big mountains in #HK - legal, education & social service”. Image
2. For legal struggle, CCP reportedly calls for “more influence in judge nomination” & “requiring judges attending pro-China courses”. Edu struggle means sacking pro-democracy teachers & cancelling liberal studies, while struggle in social service demands NGOs supporting gov.
3. Twenty-four hours after Beijing’s directive of “new struggles” was leaked, CCP mouthpieces blasted the city's chief justice, #GeoffreyMa, for just reiterating the principle of judicial impartiality and refusing judicial reforms in the city. Image
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[#AntiELAB Movement vs #UmbrellaMovement: are #HKers walking on the old path?]

1.1/ #HK's protests have indeed reduced due to the #COVID19 and the #NationalSecurityLaw. #HKGov mass arrests protestors, and crackdown on the education, mass media, medical and judicial industries. Image
1.2/ But, NO, we're not walking the old path of division between different sides in the pro-democracy bloc. In fact, we're winning. Here's why: Image
2/ In 2014,
- 70% of polls call for the occupation to stop
- Division within Pro-democracy bloc
- Average results in the District Council Election
- Pro-Beijing bloc gained 57% seats in Legislative Council
- #CCP's economic diplomacy is doing well
- Few countries support HK Image
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[When even reporter's daughter was under #Beijing threat]

1. Really horrified to know the intimidation former #ABC reporter #MatthewCarney faced. #Chinese cops summoned even his 14yo daughter for investigation & threatened to detain her in a secret place…
2. Since 2016, Matthew was repeatedly harassed by Chinese authorities. After he decided to cover #Uyghur #ReeducationCamps in #Xinjiang, he and his crew were surrounded by 20+ security police. Cops even suddenly knocked on his door and asked about daily activities at midnight.
3. One night when Matthew woke up, he found his phone was remotely hacked by someone who accessed, thoroughly searched his email account and found an email concerning #TankMan footage from #TiananmenSquareMassacre.
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[First judge resigns amid #nationalsecuritylaw]

1. Appalled to hear that our prominent #Australian judge James Spigelman resigned from #HK appeals court over #NSL, days after #Beijing claims there is no separation of powers in HK…
2. Spigelman is the first senior judge to resign under #NSL, which allows city leader to select judges to handle national security cases. It sends an alarm signal to the world about the erosion of autonomy and judicial independence that this international financial hub relies on.
3. #HKers can also be taken to #China’s courts w/o legal access, just like #12hkyouths now detained for nearly one month. Their family-instructed lawyers are reportedly forced to quit the case under #Beijing's pressure.
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#Day27 [Right of visiting 12 detainees declined]

1/ While #CCP may claim that the group is not under consular protection, the right of visiting 12 detainees by consulate is an absolutely legitimate & reasonable demand, especially for a🇵🇹 #Portugese national & 2 #UK #BNO holders.
2/ But it looks that the #Portuguese Consulate office has yet to intend to visit the detained Portuguese national in person. Earlier his lawyer worried that efforts of the Portuguese authorities are 'far from satisfactory'.…
3/ Not a day goes by #HK people worrying about the situtaion of them. What makes the situation so dire is that they are completely disconnected with the outside world. God knows how does the #Chinese authorities treat them in detention. #Save12HKyouths @save12hkyouths
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[HK judge hails pro-#CCP assailant while he stabs activist and throws death threat at me]

1. A pro-#Beijing assailant, Wong, was hailed by #HK judge for his “passion to society” while Wong stabbed democracy ex-lawmaker “Long Hair” Leung Kwok-hung with a pointed metal chisel. Image
2. Wong said if he has a gun, he will use it to shoot Leung. He even publicly threw death threats on court, saying "Joshua Wong & Ted Hui must die”. But without slamming his reckless words, judge praised Wong for being “willing to contribute to society" and released him on bail. Image
3. That’s another case that #Hongkong judges biasedly praise pro-#Beijing assailants. Earlier in April, HK judge hailed another assailant for having "noble sentiments” after he slashed three #HKers with beef knife, causing one's lung collapsed and wounds on their necks and backs. Image
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[#Portugese 🇵🇹 & #UK’s #BNO holders 🇬🇧 detained in #China for over 3 weeks]

1. Of the 12 #HKers detained in #China, one is reportedly #Portuguese passport holder while another two are #BNO holders. They are held w/o legal access, sparking growing concern of inhumane treatment. Image
2. It is worrying, under #nationalsecuritylaw, foreign passport holders are deprived of basic rights of access to family-appointed lawyers, which is claimingly promised in #China’s law, esp when 4 lawyers were forced to quit the case due to unusual pressure from #CCP authorities.
3. The twelve could be in China custody for a long time, without any trace. This worse scenario may unveil a new form of Chinese hostage diplomacy under growing tension between #EU & #China
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[Thread] Sept 8, 2020: POP releases popularity figures of CE and Secretaries of Departments
The latest popularity of the HK CE and Principal Officials remains low. #HongKong #HK #HKGov #CarrieLam
1/ CE #CarrieLam:
Popularity rating = 28.1 marks, 50% participants give her 0 rating
Net popularity = -48 percentage points
These figures have not changed much from half a month ago
2/ Secretaries of Departments:

Chief Secretary for Administration Matthew Cheung
Popularity rating = 28.5 marks
Net popularity = -39 percentage points

Financial Secretary Paul Chan
Popularity rating = 35.5 marks
Net popularity = -18 percentage points
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[From elected lawmaker to exiled freedom fighter, in four years time]

1. Four years ago today, my former colleague @nathanlawkc was elected as the youngest lawmaker in #Hongkong's history. Four years later, he is forced into exile. Image
2. At that time it was like a miracle when the final result was announced. Everybody cheered with joy at the central counting centre, with hopes in our eyes to make some changes in the rigged system that had lost its touch with the people completely. Image
3. Four years ago, no one would believe what had happened in #HK, with #policebrutality, arbitrary prosecution, draconian #NationalSecurityLaw, censorship, disqualification, election cancellation and media meltdown, with 9000+ #HKers arrested and 12 youths now detained in #China. ImageImageImageImage
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It's a Saturday & long weekend in #Thailand. Yet high school students have worn their uniforms & gathered at #bangkok #education ministry to protest & make their demands heard. Pupils from more than 40 schools are said to be present. #หนูรู้หนูมันเลว @BadStudent_ ImageImageImageImage
The students had protested at same location of #Thailand #education ministry in #Bangkok about 3 weeks ago demanding educational reforms & freedom of expression inside schools. Education Minister @Boston_Nataphol had met with some protesters then to engage them #หนูรู้หนูมันเลว ImageImageImageImage
#Thailand high school students protesting outside #Bangkok #Education Ministry wanting to engage with minister @Boston_Nataphol again & wanting to see real change in education system #หนูรู้หนูมันเลว. This just a day after prominent protest leaders jailed…
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[Cancelling separation of powers in #HK]

1. #Carrielam claimed today there's no separation of powers in HK after #HKGov’s recent textbook censorship. Even the next Chief Justice that she appointed, Andrew Cheung, said in 2008 that separation of powers is enshrined in Basic Law. Image
2. More ridiculously, education bureau once published a slide in 2011 on its website citing Court of Final Appeal judge that HK practised separation of powers. But in order to fit the new narrative, #Hkgov just deleted the slide today. ImageImageImage
3. In fact, the city’s Chief Justice of the Court of Final Appeal, Geoffrey Ma, had once rebutted the "no separation of powers" narrative in 2014, but #Carrielam insisted today that local courts have to be responsible to #Beijing. Image
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[Religious talks via #GoogleMeet allegedly surveilled by #CCP security agency in #HK]

1. @hkcnews_com reports the HKCCCC church held an online talk on Christianity in #China via #googlemeet on Aug 30, illustrating the history of religious policies in China.
2. Although the internal event was exclusively for members, three unknown users, respectively called “HK branch of China’s national security bureau”, “China’s national security bureau” and “Shenzhengovernment” made requests to join the talk soon after the talk started.
3. When the pastor tried to report the issue to all the participants, he was repeatedly removed by a third-party entity from the chatroom, more than 10 times, which making the talk forced to be suspended.
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@SecPompeo, save #HK kids pls!

“Today is 8.31 anniversary. #HKers came to Prince Edward Station to present flowers. At about 5 pm, #police searched a number of residents, including a #minor, whom was taken back to Mong Kok Police Station.”

#831MongkokAttack #StandWithHongKong Image
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[First anniversary of #831 #PrinceEdward attack]

1. In the past year, everything worsens in #HK, with a draconian #NationalSecurityLaw imposed, textbooks censored, #hkprotesters forced into exile, and the fate of 12 asylum seekers now left unknown during detention in #China. Image
2. Recently #hkpolice just started to rewrite the history of #PoliceBrutality, turning lies into truths. From tomorrow on, #HKgov will impose a citywide DNA collection, which is considered as a prelude to more sophisticated surveillance regime in #Hongkong. Image
3. However, despite #Beijing's tightening grip, #HKers will continue our fight for democracy and liberty, because it is the only way to bring justice to the city’s next generations.

Photo: 非凡人物 Image
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[Say no to digital authoritarianism,
Boycott universal testing]

1. Defying doubts, #HKgov will impose universal testing in #HK, a citywide DNA collection viewed as a way for more surveillance. Medical experts repeatedly raised concerns below that are completely ignored by gov:
2. No inflow curb: test can only be achieved w/ full border seal, stay-at-home order & full population testing in short time. All don’t exist in HK. As #Hkgov now exempt tens of thousands ppl from quarantine, main factor for #HK third wave, the test is deemed to failure w/ leaks.
3. High false-negative rate: #COVID19 studies suggest that false-negative rate of current testers ranges from 20% to 100%. This unreliable testing result will create a misleading virus-free perception, which will further worsen the outbreaks in the community.
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[HK asylum seekers could be sent to #China's secret courts]

1. Twelve #HKers, all involved in #hkprotests, were detained by #China’s coast guard today when fleeing to #Taiwan for political asylum. All of them are now detained in #China. Image
2. It reportedly includes Andy Li, who was previously arrested under #nationalsecuritylaw, on the same day when pro-democracy media mogul #Jimmylai was arrested.
3. The news broke out after #hkpolice's recent move to rewrite history and arrest pro-democracy lawmakers, visa denials of foreign correspondents, disqualification of young runners, election cancellation and censorship of textbooks in schools.
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[New clampdown on #HK press freedom]

1. While Beijing claims #nationalsecuritylaw won't affect #PressFreedom in #Hongkong, #HK Immigration Dept just denied w/o reason the work visa for a @HongKongFP reporter, who has been closely following #hkprotests…
2. As the journalist is a non-American national working in a local news outlet, clearly nothing to do with #US-#China tension, it shows an alarming acceleration of #Beijing’s clampdown on the city’s media freedom, soon after the arrest of the pro-democracy media mogul #Jimmylai.
3. With the flow of information further blocked, #China is now effectively decoupling this international financial hub, as well as the major global media centre in the region, by weaponizing its visa system to stifle critical voices.
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[US consulate staff in #HK was assaulted by a Chinese national]

#BREAKING: When #US and #China made some progress on trade, an American working for the US consulate general #Hongkong @USAinHKMacau was assaulted by a Chinese national from behind.…
2. The attack took place near the main entrance of the consulate today. The assailant approached the victim from behind & punched twice in his head, right at the moment when the victim left the consulate. The consulate is located in an area regularly patrolled by #hkpolice.
3. It's the first time that consulate staffs fall victim to physical attack in this international city where personal safety is claimed to be protected by the law.
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When Chinese MSS approached Alexander Ma back in the 90s, their real target was CC#1, the unnamed co-conspirator. From the traits given in the complaint, I found that all signs pointed to David Ma, an ex-leader of overseas Chinese democratic movement.…
According to the FBI complaint, CC#1 worked for CIA in 1971-1982 and was posted overseas. In 2001, he met with Chinese MSS officials in #HK, took USD50k and provided classified intel. He also allegedly identified multiple suspected US human assets for the Chinese.
Investigation found David Ma matched CC#1 in age, place of birth, work history with the US gov't, place of residence, criminal record, current health status, and most importantly, his membership of an anti-communist organization.
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[I was tailed by an unknown car with China-HK license even on Sunday]

1. Today when my friends and I visited Victoria Peak Garden in #HK, I was tailed by an unknown 7 seater car with a #China-HK license plate.
2. Clearly, that is not a coincidence, since a middle-aged woman had already been there before we reached the park, holding her phone videotaping us. It implies that those people were not only following us, but also conducting a wide-area surveillance operation on dissidents.
3. Six of them surrounded my friends and me and continuously provoked me with verbal abuse. That is the common tactic that they use to arouse targets' anger, smear them with everything filmed and cherrypicked, and justify their arrests.
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[#China blocks MPs from meeting pro-democracy figures]

1. #Beijing exerted pressure on #Canadian MPs, urging them not to meet #HK democracy figures, incl recently arrested media mogul #JimmyLai and me during their tour to HK in 2017, per @globeandmail.…
2. The craziest thing was, when one of the MPs, @GarnettGenuis, raised human rights issues in #China during the meeting, Chinese officials “lectured” him at length for more than 45 minutes, from the end of the meeting and all the way through the dinner.
3. It is horrifying when the then-MP @LindaDuncanAB’s Ottawa office received from the Chinese embassy, who dissuaded her from meeting Dalai Lama, when she travelled to northern India in 2019.
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[Detainee faces indefinite detention & tortures in #HK]

1. A detainee from #India on hunger strike was brutally beaten by officers at Castle Peak Bay Immigration Center (CIC, aka "black prison"), before unwillingly sending to hospital for forced injection, per @appledaily_hk.
2. The victim, Vikramjeet Singh, was severely assaulted in a place not covered by CCTV cameras, with multiple bruises on wrists, arms and legs, as well as broken bones in chest and back. Impatient with Singh’s hunger strike, officers even scolded him, “go to die!”
3. Although #hkpolice claimed they would investigate the case, Singh has not given any copy of statement for more than 4 days since August 18, nor any case number. Worse still, #police prohibited Singh’s friends from taking pictures of his wounds for no reason.
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[Vanishing free speech - Universities at the forefront of China’s propaganda war]

1. Universities are one of prime targets of #China’s overseas propaganda campaigns, as a way to stamp out overseas #CCP critics like @DrewPavlou & critical studies on China…
2. From growing unexamined ties with China, censored articles to expelled students, It is worrying that autonomy of Australia's universities now faces intensifying erosions.
3. Without public scrutiny on funds from #Beijing government and directly funded bodies, it is worrying that those CCP funds have become China’s new leverage, which would clearly undermine the educational independence of receiving universities.
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Major turnout at @FCCThai with a discussion on the ongoing #Thailand pro-democracy/anti-government protests. One of the key organizers of the protests @fordtattepRuang is speaking while others arrested earlier today still making their way from court to the event. #ประเทศกูมี ImageImageImageImage
@fordtattepRuang at @FCCThai now says need to "escalate" protests given the continuing harassment as seen with the arrests of pro-democracy/anti-government protesters. He's also calling on media to not exercise "self-censorship". #ประเทศกูมี Rest of speakers have arrived. ImageImageImageImage
@thapanee3miti Veteran #Thailand journalist at @FCCThai says mainstream media under "alot of pressure" in covering pro-democracy issue & anti-government protests. Believes there's still media "freedom". Says she's "committed" to reporting issue but constraints exist #ประเทศกูมี ImageImageImageImage
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