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The @chrf_hk volunteer lawyers team has issued a report on its work. Since 6/9, 80 lawyers have helped 870 arrested protesters , incl 90 minors. 170 were injured & sent to hospital. These lawyers are among the many unsung heroes of the #HK freedom struggle…
.@chrf_hk is 1 of several providing legal & financial aid to arrested & injured protesters: 612 Humanitarian Relief Fund, Spark Alliance, @HongKongPLG, Arrested Persons Concern Group, Civil Rights Observer & Sue the Abuser, among others.
Thanks to them, the #HK freedom struggle has tremendous resources to support protesters in need. If you’re looking for groups to support, these are worthy. They’re part of a whole infrastructure behind the protests that’s allowed us to persevere & be self-sustaining.
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Interesting results from latest (10/8-14) @mingpaocom poll conducted by CUHK on protests:
Unsurprisingly, 71.4% of the 751 respondents oppose the mask ban (19.3 support it). 63.3% say it's counter-productive, 21.2-has no effect, 15.1-will calm situation…
Who's most responsible for the violence?
52.5%- govt
9.6-protesters (down 3.1% from previous poll in mid-September)
After the mask ban, should govt implement more measures under Emergency Regulations Ordinance?
76.6%- no
17.7 - yes
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Livefeed of protests across all 18 districts of #HK. They’re just getting started now, many in malls.
Just spray painted on the floor of apm mall, Kwun Tong: ‘#LiberateHongKong #RevolutionOfOurTimes
It’s completed with ‘#HK people, resist!’ & dates marking police crimes of omission & commission. #香港人反抗
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1. We disagree @Apple and @hkpoliceforce 's claim that HKmap App endanger law enforcement and residents in Hong Kong.

#HKmap #HKmaplive #HK #Censorship
2. There is 0 evidence to support CSTCB's accusation that HKmap App has been used to target and ambush police, threaten public safety, and criminals have used it to victimize residents in areas where they know there is no law enforcement.
3. HKmap App never solicit, promote, or encourage criminal activity.
4. HKmap App consolidate information from user and public sources, e.g. live news stream, Facebook and Telegram
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There were at least 39 distinct demonstrations in #HK from 10/4-7; 800,650 participated (but most of the demos have no crowd counts).
The total number of #HK demonstrators since protests began is now 10,256,316 in a total of 540 protests.
The biggest demonstrations over the long weekend were the 2 marches on Sunday, on #HK Island (650,000) & Kowloon (150,000). These turnouts are extraordinarily large considering they were unauthorized & much of the MTR network was closed.
Together, w 800,000, they are the 4th biggest protest so far after 2mil on 6/12, 1.7mil on 8/18 & 1.03mil on 6/9. That fact's been lost in the #CCP, #HK govt & media fixation on the 'violence' associated with them. In fact, the vast majority of Sunday's protesters were nonviolent
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#HongKong’s Chief Executive has instituted a #MaskBan on #HKProtestors by invoking a draconian emergency ordinance.

In solidarity w/ #HK’s people, now I have put on MY mask. Continue your peaceful fight! We #StandWithHK.


Idea credit: @JackRice.
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Andrew Nathan's study of #CCP thinking on #HK is probably the most serious attempt yet to get inside its head. If accurate (& I imagine it mostly is), it shows how deluded the CCP is & how badly it misunderstands the situation. See points below.…
1) #CCP believes what truly ails #HK are economic problems, not political ones.
Yes, but gross income inequality & unaffordability are long-standing, not new. & increasingly HK see they are caused by no democracy: elites collude w CCP & HK govt to retain economic privileges.
2) #CCP thinks #HK political problems are caused by a) its colonial legacy & b) western (ie, US) interference.
Actually, #UmbrellaMovement & current protests show HK people overcoming our colonial mentality (acquiescing to being run from elsewhere) & demanding self-determination.
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(Warning: thread ahead)

A salute to the people of Wan Chai (& by extension, all of #HK)

Of all the attacks by police I’ve experienced in nearly 4mo of protest, the one in Wan Chai yesterday (10/1) was the most intense; this, because of the tactics the police adopted.
The situation was a replay of many similar scenes before, with an important difference. Originally, when police wished to clear protesters from Admiralty, they would push them down Queensway past police HQ with teargas barrages…
…then after that, they would slowly & deliberately continue to push them down Hennessy Rd toward Causeway Bay, in the hope that doing so would eventually cause most to disperse. But they saw this method caused an insufficient number of protesters to disperse.
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At West Kowloon Court where 96 protesters arrested in Admiralty on 9/29 are expected to be formally charged with ‘riot’. In terms of number of defendants, this is the largest trial in #HK’s post-handover history, bigger than the other mass riot trial of 44 arrested 7/28.
Hundreds of family & supporters (incl fellow protesters) are already gathered, far too many for the courtroom & lobby area outside it. Today the defendants’ll be formally charged & apply for bail. On past experience, most should be granted it. The hearing’ll probably take all day
Court has adjourned until 11:30, at which time, the defendants will begin to be processed in batches, in the new ‘assembly-line justice’ the #HK govt is using to prosecute large groups of protesters. It will be a very long day in court indeed.
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"Your app contains content - or facilitates, enables, and encourages an activity - that is not legal ... Specifically, the app allowed users to evade law enforcement."
@Apple assume our user are lawbreakers and therefore evading law enforcement, which is clearly not the case.
@Apple This is getting way more feedback than I expected. To make it clear, I still believe this is more a bureaucratic f up than censorship.

Everything can be used for illegal purpose on the wrong hand. Our App is for info, and we do not encourage illegal activity.
Read this if you don't know how "illegal assembly" works in #HK

Just like Waze, people get notified of traffic cam ahead, so they can slow down. No one is breaking any law.
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Hong Kong Protest continue on the 70th Anniversary of the
Rise of Communism in China 🇨🇳

LIVE: Unauthorised march takes place in Hong Kong on National Day of China via @YouTube @Ruptly


@beldandolo @AutistMember @PhillyQ_ @mbees39 @Rainncloudy
Procession of Flags


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By 11:30pm, police told some media that over 100 protesters had been arrested on 9/29. That would be the largest single-day number of protest arrests since 148 on 8/5 & put arrest total over 1,656. No word on number of arrests Friday evening yet.
Many of the 9/29 arrests occurred in 2 swoop&grab police actions: 1 on Harcourt Rd a little before 5pm in which at least 37 were detained & 1 on Queensway at about 5:30 involving dozens of detentions.
4 were arrested outside of Sogo, Causeway Bay before 2pm. People Power leader Tam Tak-chi was also arrested there just after 2. W Ventus Lau's arrest at 6am today, now 18 #HK protest & political leaders have been arrested 21 times (Andy Chan, Keith Fong & Ventus Lau 2x each).
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I was moved by the speeches of ordinary #HK people this evening. In HK, the opportunity to speak truth to power is very rare & these brave, forthright people took full advantage of it. For non-Canto speakers, here are many of their main points. #香港人加油…
As expected, the CE had nothing to offer in response to these speakers besides the usual platitudes & repetitions of things she's said many times before. The only news: She promised arrested protesters would no longer be sent to the infamous San Uk Ling detention centre.
Incredible:Lam's rumored to still be in stadium more than hour after forum's end. Why didn't police spirit her out of there immediately? Protesters've occupied Oi Kwan Rd in back of stadium & blocked known entrances & exits. If she leaves now, police'll have to use massive force.
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1. #Snowden's book,#PermanentRecord,will be out tomorrow My views: It's beautifully simple: the story of a nice guy who does nothing to appear special when in fact he is
2. #PermanentRecord highlights some of the unsung heroes: @4TheRefugees who had the courage to shelter #Snowden in #HK when in fact they are among the most vulnerable on this planet(please help them),#FidelNarvaez who finally lost his job,and most of all, #SarahHarrison
3. no one did what #SarahHarrison did for #Snowden and NO editor/media organisation did what Julian #Assange and #WikiLeaks did to help him: they will have extremely serious legal troubles for life
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@joshuawongcf has arrived at @HumboldtUni. Room is packed. His speech is in about 20 minutes. I'll be live tweeting.

"Summer of discontent" has become "year of discontent" says @joshuawongcf. Have to "confront Emperor Xi instead of President Xi".

#HongKong no longer even "one country, one and a half systems"
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Livefeed: Across #HK this morning, secondary school human chain protests are taking place, calling on the govt to meet all 5 demands. Most are occurring between 7 and 8 am.…
#HK secondary school human chain protest in Ho Man Tin, not far from Mong Kok police station where protests have been held every evening since the 8/31 police attacks on commuters in Prince Edward MTR station.
#HK secondary school human chain protest in Shatin. Many alumni, often dressed in black, are showing solidarity with the students by participating in the protests.
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“831, you beat someone to death. 721, you disappeared.” Protesters are condemning police beating people up on August 31 while on 721 when triads beat up passengers, police were nowhere to be found.
“Killers, rapists.” These are two of the common accusations against the police.
Amid a sea of US flags, there is one lone German flag held by Carlos from Germany. He thinks Angela Merkel should use her time in #China to voice more concrete support for #HK.
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Yesterday, 9/2, at least 74,700 protesters took part in dozens of protests around #HK: secondary & university student strike rallies, general strike rally, medical workers at several hospitals, students at dozens of schools, Mong Kok police station. Not bad for a rainy day.
In all now, 7,889,781 demonstrators have taken part in at least 83 demonstrations in the #HK freedom movement of the summer of 2019.…
That's a conservative estimate, given that there are no precise head counts for 19 of those protests & they're therefore not included in that total of 7,889,781. Just since last Thursday, hundreds of thousands of #HK people have participated in 7 major protests.
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A possible theory about the whole #HK #antiELAB. I believe it’s all about money. The #ELAB, was for that purpose: /1
1. China financial health is currently under serious stress, and needs money, in the level of trillions, quick. Who has that much money #China can access? Hong Kong /2
2. Passage of #ELAB law will help China 2 arrest anyone #China like, & in the process call confiscate all their wealth. Public options believe #CCP only interested in #Xi political rivals. But if u need a lot of money and u have decided 2 support Mao policies, why stop there? /3
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With the 1.7mil turnout in #HK today, the total number of demonstrators in anti-extradition/anti-govt protests has now surpassed the total population of HK:
So far, 7,564,440 demonstrators have participated in 61 demonstrations.
Astounding: Where else in history have you had the total number of participants in demonstrations exceed the size of the total population where the demonstrations occurred? #HK is truly in a class of its own.
The 1.7mil turnout today is even bigger than the 1.03mil turnout at the 1st mass march on #June9 & rivalled the 2mil on #June16. If anything, in the past 2 months, the movement's grown stronger.
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Ever since #HongKong's protests began, I often got asked why the city's tycoons have stayed silent.

Today, HK's richest man Li Ka-shing has published two separate msgs on front pages newspapers across political spectrum.

Here are some interpretation on the 91-yo's wisdom:
The colour msg is more direct. It says “violence” with a cross through it, flanked by slogans calling for loving China and HK, and “stop anger and violence in the name of love”.
What not to miss is that it also says "the worst fruit [result] could be bore from the best cause".
The black-and-white msg is what left people guessing. It begins with: "As I have said before", & 8 Chinese characters: “The melon of Huangtai cannot bear the picking again.”

Li has used this line in addressing contentious political issues before. This is the story behind it:
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HKD running for the exits before beijing’s planned massacre. Investors have lost trust...and history tells us what happens next #bankingandcurrencycrisis #HK #china #monsters
On a more technical note, spot and forwards have inverted without rates inverting. The currency is trading on an exodus regardless of where the monetary authorities set rates. #MassExodus #hk
HKD “EMERGING MARKET BLOW UP” Typically, a higher HKD/USD rate spread would result in high points, but lower spot. However due to the emerging tail risks, spot and points are moving in the same direction – a correlation typical for emerging market blow up scenarios. #HKexit
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#HK CRACKDOWN WATCH UPDATE: Of the 49 arrested in Sheung Wan on #July28, on July 31, 44 were charged w 'riot' & 1 w illegal possession of an offensive weapon. Of the 4 others, 2 were released on bail & 2 released unconditionally.
Before these 45, only 1 of the 199 arrested in relation to #HK protests had reportedly been charged. The 44 'riot' charges is a very significant development. It is clearly part of the #CCP & #HK govt & police strategy for ending the 8-weeks-long protests:
First, ban as many protests as possible (2 so far). Second, #CCP, #HK govt & police speak out in unison about 'violence', 'rule of law' & 'the bottom line'. Third, arrest people in large numbers & immediately charge them with serious offenses w potential long prison sentences.
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#HonKong Thread: Hong Kong protesters abandoned Facebook for other platforms - "Facebook is not a useful tool for the movement except for those celebrities and parties, on which they make announcements and deliver statements."…
The 2014 Hong Kong generation was dependent on Facebook. Now, "most young people don't use Facebook anymore & turned to Snapchat or Instagram." At the core of the issue is Facebook's algorithm, which prioritizes posts triggering an intense debate in the comments.
"In 2014, Facebook amplified the disagreements between the various "school of thoughts". EconReporter wrote. "In 2014, the movement had no experience and leaders did not know how to handle it and promote democratic decisions within it," Han Mei said.
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