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1. #Spoilersahead: As much as I love the potential for #minorityandfemalerepresentation in future #MarvelCinematicUniverse films, I still think the way that #Falcon (@AnthonyMackie) got the #CaptainAmericashield is a #copout by @Marvel /@MarvelStudios, since its previous
2. representations of him (including #EndGame) have been less than ideal (a secondary character who got knocked out of fights all the time, paving the way for the observation / reservation that this #passingofthetorch was not earned). And the fact that #SteveRogers (@ChrisEvans)
3. only gave up his shield for his love (#PeggyCarter / #HayleyAtwell), though a nice sentiment in itself, leaves room for his return in the future. Thus, giving @Marvel / @MarvelStudios the option to #swaywiththepoliticalwinds. While #TonyStarks (@RobertDowneyJr) sacrifice was a
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@Imlandris1 Also ich habe nochmal versucht, #Wiedergut zuzuhören, kann aber nicht viel damit anfangen. Wenn Sie viel von ihm gelernt haben, dann können Sie mir vielleicht sagen, (1) was Wiedergut unter 'Dimension' versteht (es gibt viele Dimensionsbegriffe), (2) ob er irgendwo irgendwelche..
@Imlandris1 ..zumindest halbwegs nachprüfbare Messdaten präsentiert (mündlich oder schriftlich), die die von ihm mit Überzeugung behauptete Existenz von 'fünfdimensionalen, und im fünfdimensionalen Bereich agierenden Zwergen mit hohem Wissenspotenzial' auch nur ansatzweise belegen? Z.B. ..
@Imlandris1 ..sagt Herr Wiedergut ab 2h41m19s in folgendes (Transkription von LGcommaI):
»Sicher [!] ist, dass, äh, sie---also dass diese Wesen, die denen sie was, was zu tun haben, irgendwie äh mit dem #Zwergenreich vernetzt sind. Is a irgendwie naheliegend, ne?
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#IssacKappy #thor
Omega was developed by Prof. Tim Sheard of Portland State University's Computer Science Department as a language with an infinite hierarchy of computational levels (value, type, kind, sort, etc.)
#IssacKappy #Thor
Project Monarch Hollywood Omega
OMEGA. The Omega programming is designed to make people prone to self-destruction, which is both a general social engineering principle and an emergency brake for Monarch agents in politics,
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How did #IssacKappy really die? This was no Suicide Attempt 🤬🤬 #Thor he exposed #HollywoodPizzagate #Pedos fam names SS, TH, SC, BC 42, & more. @realDonaldTrump @madmandave1011 @StormIsUponUs @TipsyPianoBar @DeepStateExpose
Not how #THOR actor died Issac Kappy
I remember him had YouTube channel.. anons dig!!…
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La dernière saison de #GameofThrones convoque un hiver très long, des zombies, des #dragons et même un dragon zombie. Rien de nouveau sous le soleil : c'est déjà la recette du Ragnarök des mythes nordiques médiévaux. Un thread ⬇️ ! #histoire #MedievalTwitter
L'article du jour a été écrit par Jules Piet, doctorant à l'Université de Strasbourg (@unistra) et à l'Université d'Islande. Spéciale dédicace à la @GuildePerouges puisqu'on s'était rencontrés en octobre lors de Fest'Ain d'Histoire !
Le grand poème mythologique Völuspa, conservé dans un manuscrit de la fin du XIIIe siècle, annonce que le Ragnarök commencera par le fimbulvetr, un atroce hiver de trois ans, durant lequel les familles s’entre déchireront dans des guerres. #winteriscoming
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Now it's Monday (@Russo_Brothers said we can finally talk about it today.) Here's my reactions via gifs seeing @Avengers #endgame the nightof 4/25/19 #spoilersendgame #spoliers
Me, when the song #DearMrFantasy by #Traffic plays from when @MarvelStudios logo comes on into showing Tony and Nebula still stuck in space way after #thanos snap. #Endgame
Tony bonding with Nebula.Teaching her how to play paper football.Tony getting weaker, trying to share the last food and water with Nebula. And Nebula not needing to eat, letting Tony know she's fine and that he needs it more. #Endgame #spoilers
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Sería muy interesante armar el maratón de #MCU alrededor de #Avengers, pero acomodando todas las escenas de todas las películas en una sola línea temporal. No incluyo las series por que sería sumamente largo y complicado.

Abro #hilo y me explico.
Actualmente hay dos formas (bueno hay un chingo) en que puedes ver todas las películas del Universo Cinematográfico de Marvel:
1.- En el orden cronológico de lanzamiento, es decir comenzar con #IronMan (2008), hasta llegar a #AvengersEndgame (2019).
2.- Viéndolas en orden cronológico de tiempo de los eventos, es decir, comenzar con lo que sucedió primero con #CaptainAmerica: The First Avenger y terminando con #AvengersEndgame. Esto sin contar los "flashbacks" con los que comienzan algunas como #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy
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11 years and 21 films later, #AvengersEndgame is just a few days away. So, here’s presenting the #UltimateMarvelMarathon, where we watch every film in the #MCU, in the greatest Marvel Studios throwback you’ve seen.

Join us, won’t you?
Here's what we are watching on the first day of #UltimateMarvelMarathon.

Which one is your favourite?
#UltimateMarvelMarathon | And so we begin with #IronMan !

"I can’t help but think about how Tony Stark's Iron Man suit has evolved over time. In every film sees the suit change subtly. In #AvengersEndgame it looks like the sleekest it has ever been" | @pradeep_smenon
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En este hilo les voy a hacer una guía muy resumida sobre lo que debes saber para disfrutar #AvengersEndgame sin haber visto previamente ninguna película 🤓 También es útil para ese familiar/amigo que no entiende nada y quieres llevarlo al estreno 😅 ¡Abro hilo! 👇
Hace millones de años, el Universo creó SEIS GEMAS poderosas llamadas "Las Gemas del Infinito" 😱 Cada una de ellas controla un aspecto de nuestra realidad:
⏺ Tiempo (verde)
⏺ Espacio (celeste)
⏺ Mente (amarillo)
⏺ Realidad (Rojo)
⏺ Poder (violeta)
⏺ Alma (naranja)
Estas seis gemas son buscadas por diferentes razas alienígenas que desean concretar sus planes. Entre ellos, #Thanos del planeta #TITAN. Este ser vió cómo su planeta se destruyó por culpa de la superpoblación.
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THREAD: My Comic of the "Mr Rogers Meets Thor" Meme by Matthew Wisner #Thor #mrrogers #wholesomememes
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Major incident at the #ConEd plant right by my house just now. Sky is lit up like the 4th of July. #Astoria #Queens #NYC
Everyone is safe and sound over here. We have all gotten a kick out of reading thru the mentions. Thanks for the entertaining night, Twitterverse.
I'm sure we can all chalk this up to @Noahsyndergaard coming back to
#Queens using the Bifrost. #Marvel #Thor #Mets #ConEd #Astoria
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(1) THOR'S HAMMER #QAnon #Zuma #TheStorm

It's the #SkyFortress.

It's been called "The Rods of God".

Think about a "man-made (and GPS-guided) meteorite" for a possible metaphor.

It's the #Zuma mission payload, it's a SPACECRAFT - it's a WEAPON.
(2) Here's what it is, and what it does:
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